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  1. Aura_Reaver

    compensation page

    yes thank you so much
  2. Aura_Reaver

    compensation page

    i logged on to the game and a compensation window popped up and when i clicked it to see if i was eligible it took me to the site. i didnt realize i was not logged in when i clicked check so it sent me to log in. now i cant get back to page to check if im eligible. can anyone help or have the link to the page?
  3. Aura_Reaver

    Republique for Ranked?

    The repub is a great ship when you know how to use her but can be unforgiving if played wrong. ive had good results in ranked with her. the reload really helps and she hits hard. you can tank a yammy but its hard and requires you to maneuver just right esp when your around 10k away. its a great ship in the right hands and can turn the tide in a ranked battle as long as your picking your targets well, you aim right, and rng is on your side lol
  4. Looking to build up the clan and work it into clan battles. Looking for good, talented, active, and patient, players willing to learn, teach and be supportive. The clan is small now and im the most active player at the moment but im hoping to change that. Feel free to pm me on here or in game or on discord (link in my signature)
  5. Aura_Reaver

    Aiming at DDs

    i know for me it just comes playing. the more you shoot at them the better you will get at it. its also good to spread your shots around to try and predict there movements.
  6. Aura_Reaver

    Can we have Steven Seagal Back now?

    i only want them to add him back if they can make my ships im using him on sail like he ran in movies
  7. Aura_Reaver

    Logging in

    well be ready i wanna play now now now now lol! jk yes i figured that out
  8. Aura_Reaver

    Logging in

    thank you
  9. Aura_Reaver

    Logging in

    lol im so stupid i looked at the left side cuz it was bright didnt even notice the your time part
  10. Aura_Reaver

    Logging in

    i thought it was till 6? thats what it says at the top of the update 0.7.7 go navy post
  11. Aura_Reaver

    Logging in

    anyone else having trouble logging in on the NA server? i keep getting the server error message when i try to login