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  1. Short version, was away from the game for awhile, came back, don't have access to the Beta Tester tag as far as I can tell (though I do have all the important in game bits still thankfully). I think I used to though it was a long time ago now and for much of when I played before I was a Supertester and thus used that tag. In any case, how would one go about getting this sorted? Seems like more of a forum admin thing than a support ticket thing but honestly I have been gone so long that I wouldn't even know who to talk to now. This is like the smallest of small issues since I'm unlikely to be incredibly active on the forums anyway but I'm one of those people that when I notice an issue it bugs me until I get it fixed. It's also entirely possible that I am just blind and missing the option somewhere in my profile but I don't think thats the case. Any help is appreciated whether thats pointing me to who to talk to or direct help from whoever I would be talking to.