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  1. Oh good, I'm not the only one tired of this approach that certain youtubers take when it comes to ships.
  2. WG is aware of the f key spamming

    The eye of Wargaming sees all
  3. WG is aware of the f key spamming

    They WERE the top alliance in Eve. Those days are long gone after World War Bee. Don't get me wrong, they are a force to be reckoned with for sure. However, they are generally weaker in practical terms than Pandemic Legion and NC..
  4. WG is aware of the f key spamming

    As somebody who has... interacted with Goonswarm in Eve MANY times over the years I can confirm that they make it their goal to ruin the game for everybody else within the EULA and rules of the game. When they have crosses over this line (look up Mittani at CSM telling people to harass a player and tell them to kill themselves) CCP had handled them swiftly (Mittens was banned from ever being on the CSM again, had his account suspended, and had to publicly apologize). The kinds of things that players like Kyogre do actively push the limits of or directly violate the EULA.
  5. So I exchanged gifts with somebody and they got a Prinz Eugen while I got a Kutuzov. I'm beginning to wonder if gifted ones don't have better drops because WOW what a pair of ships to drop
  6. Could you use them to get Karma Koin from gamestop?
  7. Damn putting me to shame. If you want to justify the expense to yourself just tell yourself that this is just spending all the money you saved so far
  8. I got a rock... But in all seriousness, due to having poor impulse control and being flush with cash from college graduation, I bought 20 of the $5 boxes. I got: 1) 35x Restless Fire Camo2) 35x Restless Fire Camo3) 1500 Doubloons4) 35x Halloween 2016 Camo5) 35x Ocean Soul Camo6) 35x Halloween 2016 Camo7) 35x Ocean Soul Camo8) 35x Ocean Soul Camo9) 35x Ocean Soul Camo10) Anshan + 10 Point Commander11) 35x Ocean Soul Camo12) 35x Halloween 2016 Camo13) 35x Restless Fire Camo14) Gremyaschy + 10 Point Commander15) 35x Halloween 2016 Camo16) 35x Ocean Soul Camo17) 35x gamescom 2016 Camo18) 35x gamescom 2016 Camo19) 35x Halloween 2016 Camo20) Tirpitz + 10 Point Commander Worth overall, the ships alone basically make it worth it to me. The Anshan is not a ship I would normally buy but is solid, the Gremyaschy is a ship I wanted and cannot be obtained easily, and the Tirpitz has been on my list of ships to buy forever. I'd put the Anshan and Gremy at about $20-$25 value each with captains considered (and I think they came with port slots but wouldn't swear by it). Tirpitz I value at about $60 for same reasons. So the ships and captains are more or less equal to what I paid. Add to that a metric ton of camo and some doubloons and this was amazing value. Obviously mileage will vary here but I wanted to add my experience to the thread. Very happy and hope WG does this kind of stuff again; it's a goldmine for them and generally good value for us.
  9. Multi Title: How to Get

    Today I learned that I am not considered a Member and my memories of being a closed Beta Tester are apparently fake. The only titles I have are the ones currently shown.
  10. PvE Credit and Xp Income?

    Well that is my quota of cringe for the next year filled...
  11. Lert need to use this as his picture for threads like this
  12. By that logic many would swear the Tirpitz lacks a citadel as well as it almost never gets citadel'd.
  13. Arkansas beta no AA, no torps.. WHY?!

    Sorry, the way you said it seemed sarcastic. As in you were saying the Germans got submerged torps. My mistake.
  14. Arkansas beta no AA, no torps.. WHY?!

    No. No they didn't. Tirpitz has deck mounted torps. Same with all the cruisers that have torps. So I have no idea what you are talking about.