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  1. Played enough now to say the feel of the game has completely changed. It looks like more like tanks as everyone huddles up and hides behind rocks. DD's are basically useless. CV's... whilst I sucked at RTS format, I could at least do more than spot ships. Now, forget it. Plane control is not smooth for me. Aiming? My ordinance does not go to where it's indicated it will. My cruisers are only good as an AA picket for the BB's. And that's until the red BB's focus me down. This may have me mothballing my fleet. I'm just not having fun in the current meta. It gets worse with each match.
  2. aye. If I had just went full cv main vs trying to get all the botes in game, I'd be gewder. RTS style of play is so not my strong suit. It'd taken 3k matches to get used to that style. And likely a ton of coaching from my son who is very adept at RTS games. I'm holding out hope tho.. Or I could go hide in coop for a month grinding away until I relearn what I forgot and learn what the better cv drivers already know...
  3. I think that will suck. It's nice sometimes to have a cv just run their planes by a dd just to see it skitter out of visual range. But CV's do have a place in Ships. To eliminate the class would be a downgrade.
  4. For a sec, I was gonna hop on the hate train. Now that I've actually read the acticle, I'll be on standby. The 1st page of comments were indicating a loss of premie cv's, but I see this is not the case. I don't own any as I am not very good in the current meta to play above T6 cv with any kind of positive contribution to the match. But if the new cv setup works for me, I may be in the market at a later date for a premie cv. Could be fun!
  5. Hiya! Need some help here. Since 7.6 went live, my laptop gets excessively hot, not warm, hot, while the game is running. I don't even have to be in match. I've updated my driver for my gpu, I've replaced the cooling pad, I've put the graphics settings at all levels to see if there was a threshold where maybe I could play with out feeling like my fingertips were gonna get toasted. My laptop's gpu is a Invidia GTX 1050Ti. I'm running outta options gang. Thanks!

    I have Played Other Online Only Game's Before

    Ok, I'll go to full screen and see what happens. Tks for the reply Explorator.

    New Clan Wars doesn't pay Steel or Coal

    I play to wreck stuff. The freebies that come out in missions, crates, ect is just icing. Now owning 2 T10 botes in the new meta we're enduring, I'm adjusting my play to be somewhat more successful than wreckin' my bote in the first 30 seconds. My clan is casual. Some of us only get off the porch for CW or Ranked. We use the rewards as the goal to achieve. We grind it out. I know we will earn some steel. Will we make it to typhoon? Likely not, at least as long as I'm on the team yolo'n caps. Have fun with it. Or, like ya think ya need to do, as I did with a game called Seafight, put the ships in the scrapyard and walk away.

    I have Played Other Online Only Game's Before

    Interesting ya say that Explorator. Since 7.5, my laptop has been running hot, especially since the switch to 7.6. I'm not technically proficient enough to find how to ease the strain on my laptop so that it don't cook. Anyone who may have a suggestion outside of using a block of ice to cool it down, I'd sincerely appreciate it.