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  1. Finnkax

    Shooting shells through Islands

    Samr here.
  2. Finnkax

    Boy, THIS was a miscalculation

    We Europeans will sxxx because it is our oil and USA just frack ..(fracture?) some more oil from old oilfields. Nothing eally happens i nelieve.
  3. Finnkax

    Magui Reportándose!

    What a woman! Ahem - do I also see a ship there?
  4. WG will not anymore give portslots easily so your game is over soon. Sorry to say that.
  5. Tier 5 to 7 prem ships mostly encounters 2 tier higher ships so there are no living-room to those ships. MM FORCES player to play high tier ships and now WG has player shortages in low tier battles.
  6. None interests me. I have most of those.
  7. My 2 Atlanta class cruisers will become even more worthless. First AA one and now dmg potential nerffed more.
  8. Finnkax

    Boise, My New Favorite Ship

    Wg tweaked MM so it is now very nice ship.
  9. Finnkax

    Loaded Torpedo wont launch

    Time to time guns wont fire - rare. I think it is some connection issues,
  10. Finnkax

    New summer sales

    I now fear EVERYTHING WG "offers"!
  11. Tnx! Another dog-person. I gave 3 dachshunds.
  12. So you also use fighter consumables.