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  1. Deduction -. what?

    2 Signal flag additions with no battles ended...yet. Same time however combat missions refrershed. When I started battle there are no missions and there are now a lot of. (indianapolis mission yes but no others) edit - I have multiple combat missions finished but they still exists and no reward issued. I assume there are some issues with databases and rewards? edit 2 : battle ended and those strange missions also disappeared when battle results hit the screen.
  2. Deduction -. what?

    51.900 coal now. I have screenshot from that message but that not help because there are no other explanation.
  3. Play a lot more cautiously and hunt perfect oportunity.
  4. Deduction -. what?

    I have not bought anything with coal so message is strange. I will keep eye on coal now.
  5. Deduction -. what?

    After battle i saw message - deduction - coal What this means? negative coal? *Message was in notifications section.
  6. Do I need treatment because I like indiapolis? HEEELPPPP!
  7. Tnx saying this. I truly try to avoid credit cards. Even paypal has issues but why I truly like Paysafe it is most easiest way to transfer money. Using paypal is one step more and I have go to bank to do it. I even pay more if it is easy. I am old crappy grandpa which has now some(many) health issues. Reflexes gone - accuracy gone.
  8. Tnx for your post! I think I have not said any confidental info. There are no possible way to aquire illegally more money from paysafe card than cards value is. And those cards just work fine. Wg missed to add this paysafe card option in some cases so thank you if you remember this kind of paying method in future. Karl
  9. My wife calls one photography page Dpreview as sex and porn site. I am not sure if my hand shakes when I see sexy camera or telefoto objects...... But when I take picture from my wife and edited it propely 10 000 dolars camera gears is just nothing.
  10. Yes...YES ....YESSSS! You know 300 dollar haIRDRESSER IS NOTHING BUT MY 100 DOLLAR PURCHASE IS ABSURD IDIOTISM! You see the reality ? 10 grams of antiage cream is more worth than gold.
  11. Wg - please do not forget add PAYSAFE CARD as paying method. WG - you fixxed this issue so I bought Massachussets in second wave. Paysafecard is most best way for me to pay money. Easy - just bought it from local shop. Paypal - is - troublesome. Send money from bank to paysafe. Credit card - I avoid using it at all cost. Via phone - not possible - because my wife sees it. Paysafe cards biggest issue is they are fixed summs and some of WG:s offerings exceed 100 euros. And how many of newbies understand there are 2 different types/ variations of premium shops? Please make premium shops uniform.
  12. Problem is solved because I cannot buy Massachusetts because WG has forget to put Paysafe card option.
  13. Cold miserable winter is Finnish summer.