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  1. Finnkax

    I may be too old for this game.

    If someone is playing evenly very many ships they certainly has no 19 pts captains.
  2. Finnkax

    No PAYSAFE card options

    Electronic transfer via my pc is that danger point. Banks security is somewhat ok but banks are not so close as my closest market.
  3. Finnkax

    No PAYSAFE card options

    No one has explained why paypal is better? What I have to do -->drive to bank and make order to send money to paypal account. What I have to do to get paysafe card - buy it from local store. Local stores and banks distance difference is about 10 x And - do you REALLY trust your computer? I do not because I have worked in army and know not to trust any computer which is connected to internet. Do not mix bank accounts and computer. Even Finnish foreing ministeries computer are hacked all over. My computer security is poorer. Watch the world map and realize.
  4. Finnkax

    No PAYSAFE card options

    No PAYSAFE card options - certain items are not for Paysafe cards. And no - I do not definitely not use credit cards. And Paypal is too cumbersome to use. WG - it is your loss - not mine.
  5. Finnkax

    Is Cossack possible for Free?

    I now have 25 Guineas and pretty sure I do not get Cossac. WHAT WG really promised?
  6. Finnkax

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    My wifes average visit in a haircut and some colors.
  7. ISP disconections? Wows has a system to came back if ISP disconects. WG has even implemented some kind of protection system to ships which disconects.
  8. Finnkax

    PSA - DO NOT BUY - Le Terrible

    I have a terrible TEAMS not a terrible le Terrible.
  9. Jingles has lost his edge. I do not find his videos extremely entertaining anymore. Too much repeat? Or what? And please - I know well that many here do not like this salt mining spacemonkey here but at least WG has peace with Jingles.
  10. Invisible Transylvania? Has many experienced that? Zikasas can see it and put in fire. I can see fire moving but not Transylvania.
  11. Finnkax

    Triple Barrel Tuesday - Main Guns

    What a total CATITUDE! You felines cannot even urinate without proper sandbox! We dogs can urinate any place whenever it is needed or not needed!
  12. Somebody perhaps said this but now it is possible that cruiser captain is accidentaly trained to dd - i have such a situation.
  13. Finnkax

    CV Rework Feedback

    Not a slightest idea what is going on.Seen some videos, but they do not tell everything or even something. Expecting something similar happen what happened to World of tanks arty. Nerfed to oblivion.
  14. Ehh? I pressed "start mission and........ Вы уже принимаете участие в акции. --->You are already participating in the promotion.
  15. Finnkax

    What?! Girls play this game?

    There are very many ladies playing Wows but those sausage-storms keep them out of commenting. Not everyone are mooses testicle eating females. My finn name is feminine in english speaking worlds and omg those friendly males. I prefer Carl as my ingame name but you can quess what my original finn name is.