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  1. RNG jesus forgets me? Not so many port slots aquired free. I have read there are players who has more than enough portslots? I have bought more than I got free.
  2. Rivets

    Rivets please! WW2 electrowelding macihes were horrible! Even 1970-welding machines were difficult times to times. Definitely rivets please if expert electro-welders are not available. If hullplates are electrowelded the hull itself must be calm so no grinding, no vibration and no hammering. And controlling molten metal with electrodes natural "push" is hard enough and roots of welding-joints are often faulty and porous. In tanks museum you can see many kinds of welding and most time result are uneven and have bad weldingwounds. I have welded a lot since 30-40 years ago. Mostly mining dumpers and etc. Material were 20 mm thick or more. http://www.visitfinland.com/mystay/product/guided-tour-tytyrin-mine-museum/1724/
  3. WG obviously heard me because MM offered to me many tier 6 battles and think those tastes just fine(actually good). But remember I usually meet 1-2 tier higher opponents.
  4. Aigle against tier 8 ships? Aigles torp range and detection range makes playing very very .... My typical battle is almost always against tier or two higher ship and high saturation of high tier so Aigle is ******* You only success against new tier 7 and 8 players. So if MM is against you you will suffer. If someone has tier 6 battle a lot then Aigle would be nice. Luckily port slot is perfectly nice. Did someone really paid for this ship? More like collection item. WG - drop Aigle one tier lover or give reasonably mediocre torps or fix gun rotation.
  5. Izumo why are u so Bad

    I do not play Amagi often because it leads to Izumo. I play FUN ships because I am OLD GRANPA with arthritis rheumatoides so bones joints are in bad shape. 600 mg Tramadols make my condition so good that I can play(and Neurontine 9 pills of 300 mg and Voltaren 150 mg and.....etc). What is your excuse to play bad?
  6. Lag issues since 7.2

    No problems. I live in Finnland Europe so pretty long lines.
  7. Please do not act like we european idiots do. A lot of bitter comments.
  8. Am I wrong or is Gascoine ultimate a very decent deal? Doubloons- Flags - 10 point captain - only wooden french bench is missing with pretty girl. Do not yet know what Gasgoine actually is but h**ell it works in current scenario battle. Prints credits very nicely. And tnx WG - current scenario is very very nice to play. In the end there is that chaos feeling i missed a lot.
  9. We/I understand problematics so please dont worry. May I still accuse you when Iii am dumb enough? Feels much better when someone else is responsible for my poor performance? Please?
  10. Wows survey = blank page. Wows like to hear my opinnion but result is nothing
  11. Game crashes randomly when it ends and it is time to change to game statistics. Everything is wiped out. Window freezes and it take long time to load port screen. I cannot find any battle. I started game and exp:s are still out. However 200 % exp bonus is also not used like game has not played at all
  12. New player having a hard time.

    It is most safe to act like he/she is truly beginner.
  13. New player having a hard time.

    Yes and no. Tier 9 and 10 you will find most stressed and rage stressed players with unpolite behaviour. Also same tiers 9 and 10 you will find most co-operative players. I suggest you should just enjoy that frenzzy battle feelings until you have played 500-1000 games. It is ok if you like to go higher tiers early but remember to enjoy game. Pick low to middle tier ships you like most and play with them many many battles and enjoy and do not stress too much. Personally i like most those chaos-bang-bang-more chaos battles.