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  1. Exactly my thoughts. Recomend to hard grind one cpt in your favorite prem ship and BOJONG ,,,,, Everything becames more easy.
  2. Popular food you DON"T like?

    Sauercraut, alcohol, rotten fish, disgusting coffee - all famous ships food. What else food is as bad? Dried meat is too good to be bad ship-food. Over salty meat? That meat is washed before use. Smoked meat? Nah - also too good to be bad.
  3. Popular food you DON"T like?

    I mostly like garlic-sauerkraut and definitely cold. Ehh... is there english word to sauercraut? Sour-cabbage? My grandfather, Forsmann, was sailor and his method to supply c-vitamin need is onion - one good piece every moning gives to him enough vitamins. And those sailships era sauercraut was ...terrible. Died in Pacific Ocean(1925 something) - reason not known - RIP. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gustaf_Erikson
  4. Popular food you DON"T like?

    Those fishes has actually pretty smooth taste. I mean really smooth. Half rotten salmon is actually very good. And they realy eat these in warsips of sail eras. Sauercraut meine cameraden? Source of c-vitamins.
  5. Popular food you DON"T like?

    Kalakukko. Some of You said some strange food i never heard so I say one of my national food I hate a much and no one knows except locals. Soda strömning -well - everyone has heard of it. Rotten fish ( fermented actually) which all of us fennoskandians eats form or other. -Ehhh . what is difference between fermented and rotten? Fermentation is so strong it even kills harmfull bacteries?
  6. CV Rework Feedback

    Where we can play this new cv rework? Pretty impossible to make any real statement.
  7. Boy was I wrong about Boise

    Everything debends your MM , map and situation. 2 tiers higher and you are in a problem.
  8. I saved my nerves. Pay to win? Buy DOUBLOONS and ignore ranked = WIN WIN! If something is broken why I have to play it?
  9. Those reds are really close to the borders so I think it was a graphics card test actually?
  10. Totally red container & torpedo equipments. Gamut almost off the scale.
  11. Sell ARP and Dragon ships?

    Terrible thing to gather multiple bonuses in 300 % day. I have 9 Arp ships.
  12. Pensacola needs a buff

    Removing Cleveland and giving Pensacola in the place of Cleve is pretty depressive action from WG
  13. izumo get buffs yet?

    I quit whole IJN BB line because Izumo. Delete Izumo. WG - grinding bad tasting objects does not promote playing.
  14. I change game but this is not you asked.