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  1. How they evade cook-offs? They have to have massive airblow system and water cooldown. And NEVER allow shell or powder bags stay long in chamber.
  2. Finnkax

    360 Days of Premium

    Very decenbt offer - I used it.
  3. I think 360 day prem offer is very decent.--> 44 €:s And yes it is not prem for tank or airbattles.
  4. Finnkax

    What happened to DASHA?

    Real women thing is damm disturbing and horrible reality. Please just do not tell to my wife what i said..
  5. Finnkax

    My 2018 santa's mega gift results.

    It is excelent ship! Do not underestimate it.
  6. Finnkax

    Hello Everyone!

    Pleasure to see you!
  7. I know that but customers usuallu has right to express their feelings. I complained about Massachusets - WG fixed it and I bought Massachusets.
  8. WG- still missing payment options like paysafe Most of choices have but not all.
  9. Finnkax

    Santas crates - most decent gifts!

    Personally - it takes a long time to adapt ships playstyle. When I get it I can counter easily against tier 7 battleship in certain maps with marble. I find lack of aa most disturbing feature. I am slow learner and old as metusalem.
  10. Finnkax

    Santas crates - most decent gifts!

    Hmm? My Marbleheads winrate is almost 60 %
  11. It started pretty lame .... some flags. Then T-61 with 10 pt captain jumpped to my harbor! Herzliche willcommen mein Capitånen! I thought I am lucky Enough! 12 crates left - what I will get. Then Monaghan with 10 pts captain rushed ion to my harbor! Good enough I thought! Again little suprise - Krasnyj Krym entered to my harbor complaining something about Simo Häyhä. Well - we all have forget those issues Da comrade? I smiled. I thought all participants are collected but then I hear heavy knockin on the harbors door! Angry(birds) Musashi captain entered to my harbor and wanted explain at once! I replied hastily all the japanese wordsI know ...o-soto-gari-uchi-mata-te-guruma-ippon-sensei-chui! I do not know what he say but after all we all new captains sailed to beautifull sunset with hot sake and xodka and whiskey and sauercraut-beer! Personally I heavily recomend this years santa! I am smiling!
  12. Legendary module upgrades mission end date is absolute?
  13. Finnkax

    Glaciers are not calving!

    I cleary have evolved! Years ago people say they cannot understand me!! And nobody reacts to graphics animations? The more those sudden events the more game feels "real" . I think I have heard birds sound but where they are now or is it just my imagination?
  14. Glaciers are not calving! Promo video I can see bb and glacier which shatters and calves when hit by shell. Well - I have spotted multiple volcanoesa, geyshires and scientifically correct double lightninigs - starter lightning and counter one. Tnx for effects WG! Ahem ...those paradise maps with beach and girls? Proposition never go forvard? Aaand lets see how many negative points I now collect.