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  1. Finnkax

    Which new coal ship to buy...

    Captains or signals.
  2. Finnkax

    Which new coal ship to buy...

    None - everythin will be nerffed.
  3. Finnkax

    Explain this Wargaming >_>

    If I remember right , at very begining of the game, Wg explains how dificult is to find right vertical aimpoint and how impossible to adjust it with mouse is. Fraction of millimeters or even more. WG choose this solution. Everyone who understand perspective knows this. Photographers feels it directly even with mild telephoto lenses. Find somewhere how artilleryshells landingpaterns are and you understand this.
  4. Finnkax

    What's the Gift?

    Same here.
  5. Finnkax

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    What a solo-fixation WG has now? How about naval training center again and delete all progress?
  6. Hot shover and hard brush to flush my keyboard. ------------------------------------------
  7. Finnkax

    Catch Leprechauns and get Rewards!

    Ireland was basically vikings colony. So was Skotland. Have you ever heard Jorvik? Same as York. And I am not Viking - I am ugri which is curseword vikings give to us.
  8. During those times Italia do not hardly have good and robust machinery so even tanks are sloppy. Accurate machining needs 2x-10x stronger machinery to make constant shells. More heavy machine you have the more constant parts you can make. Vibration kills all accuracy.
  9. Finnkax


    What???? I do not believe that! This is my 4th gaming computer and all unplayed games are history! Planetside 2 is still working I think and also [edited] but I do not play them or installed them.
  10. Finnkax


    I am sure wg has a lot of new players so all recruiting new players is not worth to use time.
  11. Tier 9 is allowes in ranked?
  12. Finnkax

    Winners — Deck Poets Society

    åååå - what an beauty I see you first time So sharp you cut the wawes Never saw such an presission in your lines Your beauty simple sinks all opposition My I offer most delicate food I can porepare Well aged and fermented sour strömning Even Swedish King Gustaf desires it
  13. Finnkax

    Consensus on 2ndaries?

    Current best tanks guns are smoothbores and very accurate,
  14. Finnkax

    2 camos per crate?

    Russian origin is in vikings like Ruriks and they are sucesful traders so why they ssss now? I think ruriks gave name rus to they people.
  15. Finnkax

    2 camos per crate?

    Why russians do not make money? Overpricing just kill trade.