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  1. Tnx WG! And mission was decent if done persons vs persons mode.
  2. Game Freeze then Logout

    Here too.
  3. Vampire IFHE

    IFHE with british captain??? Is ap round with britisch ships behaving differently?
  4. Feedback about DC-3

    Sorry - one of the maps you can see it. You are not admiring landscapes! Also noted there are vulcanologist among developers. Very many details and even some hot springs. Norway villages with Norway mountains and Pacific "fire ring" with typical mountain formations and even some coral reefs with emptied magma chamber so center has sunk and vanished. One of the capture points is such. Arctic research teams with original planes with skies as landing on snow or ice covered by snow..
  5. Feedback about DC-3

    Well - that DC-3 is just a trap! First I saw it it has wheels not retracted. Just thought that developers made a mistake. And then it retracts wheels! Some parts are just full of details and I like it a lot!
  6. La Gallisioniere - nearly every shell breaks? Someone hates France.
  7. "Universal" server

    If I began to speak truth this thread will be locked very soon. In terms of truth I am half russian but ethnic group is ugri.
  8. "Universal" server

    Some day in the near future this server is possible when net providers has good connections and that connection is cheap enough to invest to good equipment. I am from Finland and I have played years ago in Australian server and time to time it worked very well. Some other time not so much. I remember time when wireless internet browsing was impossible and soon possible but slowwww and then soon everyone uses smartphones. Tax and governments policies are that other big problem.
  9. 0.6.14 Bug Reporting

    Pan asian can be seen only through filter? Just beside Mikasa. Take filter off and then take mikasa and magick vanishing happens? --- Now it appeared between british and french? My fault?

    Just note how Russia and China has made their own social media applications and other applications so world wide web is now perhaps generating more towards local controlled area and these FCC propositions accelerate progress even more. You are perhaps not allowed to play other continents servers. I have played games in every continent(incl Australia) but i am not sure i can do that anymore in future because of transactions.

    Pretty horror story in the worst case. In the USa? ....really??? Spacemonkey Jangles point of view(fallout) ... or is it saltminer jingles? https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevensalzberg/2017/11/26/when-the-fcc-kills-net-neutrality-heres-what-your-internet-will-look-like/#6a3fdb784c68
  12. NERF this cometguy person!
  13. Flooding ? How? They go right in to a bottom. One mission , 11 torp hits, 1st place, No flooding! Please dear targets - do not capture all my torps.
  14. Note also which way plane starts to rotate.
  15. Allow player to describe ships modules behaviors etc. And why? Some ships has agility-steering gears modules installed and some has acceleration modules installed. Some has aa modelled ships and some just plain shooting etc. I have dificulties remember how i specced them. Would be nice if that can put to main screens icons. Symbols perhaps? I am old and veins are waxed (or should be?) so i need some support to remember!