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  1. Just had a good game in mine. 1 million credits 2700 base xp..
  2. table is removed during battle. i took this screen shot of one in battle.
  3. Missouri Easter Egg??

    Well in battle the table goes away also inside the bridge looks like theres a map and some other stuff Lots of detail.. I love it.
  4. Dont forget all the range finders on the turrets are gone as well.
  5. Is Missouri just a reskinned Iowa?

    well in this screen shot it dose not have the cattapults for spotter planes And the very most front turret is on its own now it dose not have the range finders on and it also has it own skin. And here you can see that the bridge windows are clear you can see the inside. also it shares the same secondary gun radars as des moines. So its a bit different then iowa in looks.
  6. Just had my first win of the day in bismarck got me Big roll. Have no clue how or why though..
  7. Multi Title: How to Get

    Hmmmmmmm weird....
  8. Your Most Memorable Match

    Most memorable was on trap. Towards the end of the match 2 montanas and a iowa went into B they all showed me a large broad side so i took advantage of it.. Almost got all three by my self. Yamato on my team cleaned up the mess after i sank.
  9. Yes they do. they also rotate along with the other bofors on the ship Here's the one on Iowa. looks cool also here's a close up on north cs
  10. 0.5.6 PT News from SEA

    Looks like Texas gets AA on two of its turrets
  11. Been using my Tirpitz Did 200k dmg awesome round.
  12. Same thing happend to me but it was my own ship Had tho restart my game and reload back into battle ............. Restarting the game fixed my problem i was back in the fight in no time