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  1. Been getting this one recurring critical error since ver0.6.9 when I am playing with a division and we drop into a game from queue. Occasionally when clinking on things in the port when in a division something similar happens so I'm hopefully assuming this is similar to what is happening when dropping into a game. Neither of these things have occured while playing by myself, only when playing in a division. Generally what happens is the game freezes (without a sound loop thank god) and I have to bring up task manager to get to my taskbar to 'close window' as the frozen game stays up there as a black window and eats the screen and I can't get to the task manager to kill the game from there as Alt-F4 doesn't work either. Have tried reinstalling the game (twice now) and using the 'check and repair' tool in the wargaming launcher and this still happens. Got lucky and was outside of the game when it crashed and was able to screen-shot it as the black screen that would happen when in-game would cover the game error report.