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  1. I always take manual secondaries for my yamato secondary build..... But sometimes i feel like this skill only makes my secondaries more accurate at missing the target lol. But hitting stationary targets like DDs sitting in smoke becomes a lot easier with this skill
  2. yeah... preventative maintenance doesnt apply to secondaries which kinda sucks. But still, its good for when engaging other BBs so you dont have your main guns temporarily disabled during crucial moments.
  3. yup.. go for manual secondaries... Basics of Survivability is not that good anymore due to its high cost.... manual secondaries are a must if going for secondary build anyway
  4. thanks for the info. Now i can rest easy.
  5. I think RPF is good, but certainly not game breaking for me as a BB captain.. other captains that specializes in different ships might think differently but for me, it feels like one should always assume there are torps inbound at all times when in a BB. But yeah, i guess RPF would be very convenient to have, but not something that should replace the players ability to just be situationally aware and maneuver every 15-30 seconds for possible incoming torps.
  6. So for the Tier 1 captains skill: Priority Target, it says that you can see how many ships are aiming at you with their main battery guns.... Does that mean that if a DD is aiming at me with his torps the priority target skill wont count those DDs???
  7. Simple but needed change to Graf Spee

    I like the Graf Spee.. but that is because I specialize in both BB and Cruiser gameplay.... Mostly a BB main though.... but yeah.. Grafspee honestly feels normal and well balanced for me. Just my opinion
  8. Forts are Overpowered

    If only my secondary gunners on my ship were as effective as these fort gunners...... That would be the dream
  9. Forts are Overpowered

    Forts are real mvp.... i was in my Yamato and i crapyou not.. those bloody bastards took 1/3 of my health by causing repeated fires on my deck.... they are sort of OP with their accuracy and damage, but still adds quite a bit of excitement and definitely makes its presence known. If the forts werent powerful, no one would try and take the forts out. It is because they are powerful that captains now have to come up with new strats and gameplay in order to avoid/destroy the forts.
  10. 0.6.0 is here! Let's discuss.

    yeah... secondary guns and aa guns dont benefit from the preventive maintenance. Only stuff like engine, steering, torp tubes, and main guns are considered modules and get to receive the almighty blessing of the PM.
  11. RPF isnt a game breaking mechanic in my opinion as a BB captain. Idk if other captains specializing in different ships feel the same, but for me, I feel like just assuming there is a DD around you at all times and maneuvering accordingly ( turn and accelerate/decelerate every 15-30 seconds) is good enough. It doesnt matter if you know or dont know in which general direction the DD is... If I cant see the DD, then my guns cant fire at it.... so dont obsess too much over knowing where an invisible enemy is, because the enemies that are right in front of your eyes will end up killing you first. Okay so lets say I had RPF and was able to generalize the location of a dd that is not detected, but then what? Do i constantly stare at the direction the RPF scanned the DD, waiting to see if the DD gets careless and comes within spotting range while im getting battered by other enemies... obviously not.... And if you are with your team, you can feel assured that there is no DD sneaking up within 10 km of your stern when you have teammates all around you. If you are isolated as a BB captain, then even with or without RPF, youre screwed no matter what. Just making sure to have visual awareness of surroundings, map awareness, constantly maneuvering to avoid imaginary torps, and staying with the team is good enough for a BB captain i feel. RPF is just something that is going to be taken for granted while the real veterans of WOWS can live without it and still be completely fine.
  12. 0.6.0 is here! Let's discuss.

    Im having anxiety issues and my OCD is acting up again as I struggle to find suitable captains skills for my Yamato and German cruiser build....
  13. RPF is a double edged sword... If a Yamato captain has RPF and manages to detect a dd somewhere, the dd is immediately notified it was scanned and will try to evade detection...
  14. Hey littlewhitemouse, I was wondering if you were going to make a guide regarding the new update to the captain's skill and all. If you did, I would definitely look forward to reading through it
  15. and yeah... priority target should be good enough... dont need RPF on yamato....... What im debating more is whether i should keep expert marksman or go with something else in that row for the level 2 line for my yamato