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  1. Zip_Zip

    Premium Ship Review - Tiger '59

    It would be nice if they gave her the 6th equipment slot as well as the same speed maintenance in turns of the tech tree brit lights. Then she may actually be able to play as a mini-minotaur with her gunfire and dodge well enough to make open water gunboating an option with the fast turret traverse. With the slowing in turns, no way she could go open water. Too bad, I had high hopes for this one.
  2. Zip_Zip

    Småland is a fun boat!

    Liking my Smaland quite a bit. Agreed on overpriced but lots of fun. I know it would never happen but it would be so cool if WG added a new consumable to allow the Rb08 missles to be used once or twice. Not necessarily as a ship to ship missle but in the historic secondary recon configuration. It would be really cool to have a single direction recon drone that flies out to the edge of the map in a straight line providing temporary spotting. The missle would still be subject to be shot down and it would be fast and not loiter so more of just a quick look in one direction once or twice in a battle. Maybe a narrow sight range of 5km as well so direction of aiming (using torp tubes to aim) very important. just a thought, never hapoen but would be really cool.
  3. Zip_Zip

    Error Contacting Server

    I was logged in for a while then could not access armory. I closed game and tried to log back in but could not. My internet is solid and really fast right now.
  4. Zip_Zip

    Torpedo Acceleration on the Black?

    Haven't bothered with TA on my Black. I do have my torp reload down to minimum and I use them strictly in a fire and forget area denial fashion. I rarely fire at ships just at where I think ships will congregate especially at the edges of islands where DD's and CA's will pop out from then hide behind again. My fav tactic in those specific scenarios is to fire one salvo only, wait until the tubes are halfway through their reload cycle then fire my second salvo. Rinse, repeat. Eventually red will realize that they can't safely fight in the area without risking low speed, low manuverability blundering into my sea mines. I can usually count on at least a few torp hits per game when this scenario pops up. I really like the slowness of the torps. I dont waste much time or thought sending them out at ships since my main concern is getting into good position for spamming gunfire on bigger ships or contesting caps against DD's. Yet I usually get a surprising amount of torp damage every match just by targeting the sea lanes that red ships will be sailing through.
  5. Zip_Zip

    Le Terrible

    Agreed! The ship is not horrible played to its strengths. However I do find it needs a bit more survivability to be worth its price point. A brit style fast dissipating smoke charge would be enough. Make it run for 5 sec and dissipate in 10 sec. That would be enough to break contact and save some hit points to make the ship last longer into the battle. I've seen too many le Terrible's die before the halfway point. While I'm sure the best of the best can dominate the reality is the average player is struggling. Those same average players always wind up on green while the red DD's have experts. At least with the ability to break contact with smoke and to get to safety with speed, the ships survivability would make gameplay more comfortable.
  6. Zip_Zip

    Please buff radar

    So basically any dd pops out from cover in line of sight you can shoot it anytime regardless of distance.... Seems balanced and fair.
  7. Zip_Zip

    Gallant Nerf

    Agreed. Bought the Gallant to have a RN DD and now as she stands kinda regret it. She doesn’t feel the same as the family (played 3 tree ships thanks to RN event + Cossack). it would be nice if WG buffed the Gallant to bring her more into the family. PS. Would be nice if they gave the Haida the RN CL speed boost as well since she is a Tribal as well.
  8. Zip_Zip


    I too would jump at a shot at the Vampire, looks like a fun little ship. I was away from the game for a while and before I got up to speed on the new (to me) premiums she was out of the shop. I’d like another commonwealth DD to grind out my Haida captain (@17pts currently) to break the monotony though he does okay in Perth as well.
  9. Anyone know if there are any plans that WG has leaked or hinted about for a new British premium cruiser that can be used as a trainer. The Belfast having been removed from sale has been the only choice this far and having HE and no torps she wasnt exactly the best trainer for the line anyway. I'd like to go up the line but don't like the thought of having to use bb's or dd's as trainers since the skills dont exactly line up. Would WG ever consider making the commonwealth ships dual nation compatible so that the Perth could be used as a trainer for the Brit cruisers? The Perth has the HE but most of her other traits are in line with the brit cruisers.