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  1. dall89115

    Unable to play game after last patch

    Same here. See trough ships and no way to see anything close. Video becomes weird shapes if I look low enough to have any part of my ship in the picture. Look high, use the map., etc. work fine. The port is perfect except the selected ship is invisible except for a few bits of trim. This is on a Mac Pro, 12 core dual 3.47ghz CPUs, 64 GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 w/ 2 GB VRAM, running OS 10.12.6 from a 500 GB SSD. (another 12 TB of HHDs for storage use.) Airport Extreme WiFi (3' from this Mac and with excellent signal) Cable Modem. Everything checks out and worked fine until the update today. Looks like their warned about lack of Mac support finally came out to bite us. I have OS 10.13.6 on an HHD and it has the exact same problems, just with a slightly lower frame rate. Parallels won't run WOWS. (Accesses video via a simulator and the stock Mac video and not the Nvidia so WOWS won't operate under Windows 8.1.1 through Parallels.) I do NOT want to screw up a hard drive trying to install Bootcamp. Guess it's time for the folks who did the original Mac ports of WOWP and WOT to step in and do their magic again. I remember playing both with the old porting and it worked great, but was unplayable for a day or so while the patch was modified each time the World of people updated. If "Studly" is still out there , he kenew the people to contact when we needed te patch rewritten. (I used to help him answer questions in the Mac problems forums for WOT and early WOWS before the "World of " people decided to handle the patch themselves in the Wargaming.net Game Center.)
  2. I downloaded what they claimed was the latest version at the WOWS site and it turned out to be 3.1 (same as I already had) rather than 3.1.12. I let it update and it eventually found and installed 3.1.12. I was having so many problems with WOWS getting to the "Play" button and then crashing that I pulled out my old Studly Utility ( A free download of the .zip is available at: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=57757) and uninstalled everything WOWS and while i was at it, everything WOT since I stopped playing it long ago due to the problems caused by the greed of the developers that luckily so far has not destroyed WOWS. I reinstalled WOWS and let it update to the latest and everything is working perfectly again. My Nvidia GTX 680 w/2 GB VRAM is getting old, so I have to run the graphics on low, but everything works fine. Frame rates occasionally go bad for a second or so, but I think that is more their server than anything else as it tries to handle the multiple signals hitting it at the same time. Something I noticed was a box in the game center app that wants to recognize the 32 bit version. I unchecked it, but I don't know if that was part of the original problem or not.
  3. I just had a routine security update to OS 10.12.6. (Sierra) Since it does everything I need, I haven't found the need to upgrade to a newer OS. Then went to test WOWS and couldn't get past the WG Net Game Center with a crash message that won't stay on the screen long enough to be read. I had this problem a year or so ago and ended up reinstalling everything, so I uninstalled everything WOWS and tried to reinstall. Loaded and installed the newest (from the WOWS web page) Wargaming Net Game Center [says it is 3.1 (3.1), which is the same numbers as the old one I replaced had] Exact same lack of start problem, so I can't even get to the game download page to begin the very long and tedious download. (My uninstaller said the old WOWS app and support files that I deleted was 55 GB!) Is there some fix in the works since it seems this latest OS High Sierra update, or the new Nvidia driver have broken something? I remember some time back it taking a couple of days for the Mac software people to fix some similar problems. I played numerous games last night with zero problems, so it is due to something that involved the updates today. I haven't had a game crash in at least 6 months. The only graphics problem I have had was some strange graphic lines that I cured by lowering the video levels for some of the video preferences. Those happened with update 8. 7 and 8.8 went through without mishap. I am at present installing the WIndows version (via Parallels) with no problems, so that tells me it has to be a problem with the Mac wrapper! (I doubt that I will be able to play the game without reducing graphic quality to minimums via Parallels due to the Parallels lack of Nvidia support.) Update: The Windows install crashes with the same error message as the Mac side did. I was afraid of that as Parallels doesn't support the Nvidia graphics card. I'll update later when I fix things.