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  1. Sister_Mary_Gearchange

    Changing servers from NA to EU

    The player data will be stored server side, if WG have any sense. Storing it player side opens the chance of manipulation by the players. Given the way the port screen works, I can guarantee they store the info server side. That said, switching servers should be no more than a single data point change from one server label to another - unless the game runs fundamentally differently on different servers, which AFAIK it doesn't. Oddly, and this may be relevant for the OP, having started out on the NA server myself I have now moved out of the NA zone. About ~3 months after the move I started getting constant pop ups and (occasional) emails from WG asking me if I want to switch to the Asia server, which is the server I "should" be on.
  2. Sister_Mary_Gearchange

    CV flight deck amour VS 18in AP

    Very much an arcade game. And like all arcade games, it's designed to force you towards spending money.
  3. Sister_Mary_Gearchange

    Critical Error

    You're not "a volunteer". You're just another random player offering their thoughts. Which in and of itself is perfectly fine. What *isn't* fine is that you ALWAYS say the exact same thing: "It can't be WG's fault. Update your drivers, including your motherboard and BIOS drivers." And that's the thing: it is SELDOM the player's fault, there are no such things as motherboard and BIOS drivers, and it is almost always something that WG have changed or managed to break through an update. Like in the instance we've been discussing here.
  4. Sister_Mary_Gearchange

    Critical Error

    Oh look! Now I can log in and play again. Since the latest update. Why, it's almost as if what I was saying all along was true: WG changed something in the log in sequence for the last patch and screwed it up, and now they've fixed it. Gosh, what are the odds it was something to do with the events they added? But no. It just must be "my machine and drivers". Like the fictional "CPU driver" and equally unreal "BIOS driver" that some here constantly push while pretending they have a clue. What are the odds on that poster ever admitting they are clueless and wrong? I guess all we'll get is "I'm more of a hardware guy" and other ad hoc excuses when proven wrong repeatedly, eh?
  5. Sister_Mary_Gearchange

    Critical Error

    Wow. That is a laughably bad explanation of what a BIOS ir or does. It manages to be technically wrong and also makes clear that you don't actually understand the subject you're talking about. At all. That takes an impressive lack of skill. Well done.
  6. Sister_Mary_Gearchange

    Critical Error

    And you just keep repeating your mantra that it's not WG's fault. You can't possibly know where the fault lies. Why can't you admit that? The ONLY fact we have to go on is that THIS CAME UP SINCE THE UPDATE. What does that tell you? What can you rationally infer from that? That suddenly people all changed their settings after the update and it's not WG's fault OR that WG has changed something in the start sequence that causes systems to crash? What does Occam's Razor tell us about faults?
  7. Sister_Mary_Gearchange

    Critical Error

    Let me help you out here: there's no such thing as a "CPU driver", unless you want to call the BIOS itself that. But seeing as you differentiated by saying "CPU driver and BIOS" then clearly ..... you just don't know what you're talking about. You're right that it's not a server issue. I never mentioned WG's server. I can see EXACTLY what the server is doing, via pingplotter. No idea why you mentioned something that was never suggested - but then, you also think that a CPU driver is a thing, so I guess.... But, as to your last comment - yes, you're correct; I don't want or need your help: you clearly haven't got much of a clue what you're talking about on the technical side of things. And no, I'm not a computer tech. I just work for a software developer as a L3 diagnostics tester. What would I know, eh?
  8. Sister_Mary_Gearchange

    Critical Error

    A CPU driver, eh? Fascinating. And can you tell me where I might find a "CPU driver"? As I already said, my computer is as up to date as it can be. It's been stable for a good while and I don't have problems with OTHER games. It's ONLY WG products that give me trouble. I've only had problem with WOWS SINCE the update. The UPDATE is unstable. I'm guessing that either they don't test their updates very well or the coding is done by idiots. EOS. You can give up on this "blame anyone except WG" routine you've got going.
  9. Sister_Mary_Gearchange

    Critical Error

    No way you can assume either way. For me, since the last update and with the mini update today, I've had constant crashes *since* then. The game client crashes on initial load (9 times since the update) and it freezes and takes my entire system with it when trying to load into a game a dozen or so times since the update. Nothing else has changed on my end, so there is something going on with the update/s. I'm not going to bother submitting a ticket because past experience has taught me that the script readers at the helpdesk can't do anything. All they will/ever do is tell me to update my video drivers, even though no updates exist for my drivers except a single security update. When I've pointed out that there's only a security update, not an actual video update available, they just stat at the top of their script again. It's like talking to a wall.
  10. Same thing. Collecting containers rewards or adding/removing flags etc ** Containers: Screen comes up fine and can select type of cargo container, but when I collect "open" it just sits there and then pops up another message saying "Processing error. Please try again later". Doesn't happen with containers gained via missions. Those open just fine. It's just when selecting a 'type' container manually. ** Flags: Screen opens fine, but when selecting a flag to add or remove the same error message comes up.
  11. Sister_Mary_Gearchange


    WG, you might want to have a look at how you code, cos looking at it, it's sloppy AF. Did *no one* review the update code? At all? This sort of thing shouldn't happen. How can you delete a load module during update *without checking that it's still there after the update?!?!* Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BEX64 Application Name: WorldOfWarships64.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 606dcf12 Fault Module Name: igd10iumd64.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 5226210d Exception Offset: 0000000000004e93 Exception Code: c0000409
  12. Sister_Mary_Gearchange

    Server down?

    I've been getting the "authorisation" logo and then kicked for almost 2 weeks now. It seems intermittent. The other thing that has been happening for me for the same amount of time is that when in port if I click on "battle" I often get a "Server overloaded, try later or another battle mode" message. Trying other modes just results the same thing. The servers *can't* be overloaded: WOWS doesn't have the player base to overload the servers - unless they've recently economised and moved the servers to a re-purposed toaster.
  13. Select Battle, join the queue, get the icon for switching into the game, and then dumped out with a message saying the servers are over loaded and to try another game mode. Same result in every mode. There is no way the WoWS servers are overloaded - not unless WG are now only provisioning a 8086 based server on dial-up as the server for NA.