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  1. Why do they give Saipan T9 fighters.

    I can give you worse than this. Just played a match that was Ranger and Hiryu VS Full AA specked Saipan and AA specked Kaga. We somehow won but not before our CV lost almost all of there planes. OP to answer your question though it's because the Saipan is a premium ship and she still has most of her stats from when she was a tier 6 CV. They had to give her something to make her special and usable by people who have never touched a CV before so they gave her really good planes.
  2. Free the Fuso

    To give a little update I have the Fuso fully kitted out now and she is one of the best ships I've played in this game Her torp protection seems to be awesome though. I played a match in her today and took 6 Mahan torps at point blank range which dropped me from 65/70% HP to 25/30% hp. I manged to kill a very panicked and confused Mahan as well Now I'm looking forward to the Amagi.
  3. What is this we you speak of If all the squadrons were the same size then the only thing that would make one nation better than the other would be stats. Why would you pick IJN anymore when is the same except for better AA and a few more spare planes. You can't really buff DB accuracy to much without them being an undogeable squad that can hit everything.
  4. To added a bit of my own advice keep an eye on your mini-map. When Playing the Langley and the Bogue it is VERY IMPORTANT that you know where every single enemy and allied ship is or was. You can turn on show previous locations from the gear above your mini-map. Try to stay with your team and be the first to turn around if it looks like your line is breaking. If you have 4 of your fighters against 4 IJN fighters you have a decent chance of losing that fight unless you have some decent AA support.
  5. Free the Fuso

    I have enough free xp to get the Fuso but should I get her that way or finish grinding out the rest of the price with the Kongo?
  6. People use US CV in ranked I would be surprised if they still use them in random after this.
  7. What about the Saipan?

    The Saipan is a premium and those have to be good plus people who have never touched CV can use it so they have to have some help.
  8. I didn't have my Midway planes melt against everything just everything US. It's still to early to be all doom and gloom though since the new patch isn't even out yet and they just announced a second PT.
  9. Great Time with Langley

    I found it easier against people. Half of them didn't even try to dodge while the others were unkillable ninjas. The Langley is a great ship to start out on and can be fun. Bogue is a bit harder since as of right now you don't have the DB in your stock loadout and it turns worse then most BB
  10. I would recommend both skills. Torpedo acceleration makes it easier to hit enemy ships and expert rear gunner can help with the float planes and somewhat with enemy fighters. OP as for your question besides a few core skills Captain skills are all ship related and up to your discretion on weather you want them or not. I would suggest having BFT and AFT since enemy CV get annoyed with AS builds rather quickly.
  11. BB aside Akashi is right we have no idea what is going to happen in the future and we won't just have a single loadout to use in the future.
  12. I can mostly agree with this. An AS Ranger if he is smart can wreck DD with his DB or keep a fire going on allied ships however the people who know how to do this seem few and far between. Most AS CV can't really do much to ships besides spotting them and praying to rng.
  13. It is a bit early to be celebrating right now don't you think? The PT just ended today for crying out loud.
  14. USN Carriers in 6.14

    You've never had a Yamato double gearing div on the enemy team have you. It's so fun when they alternate smoke and DF as well as spotting for the Yamato.
  15. Are there any planes to make an Operation where you escort landing craft and help them take a small island or two. I think it would be awesome to blast some forts and then watch some tanks and infantry rush up the beaches and take airfields and fortifications while were shelling the enemy tanks.