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  1. Hmmm I'm at a point where I don't know if I should stop playing US CV or keep up my stubborn streak for the Nation and Class I've spent the most time with.

  2. Google Chrom please work agian. Microsoft Edge is being all weird and mean to me.

  3. It's all going south man.

  4. In a few days Company of Heroes 2 British Forces comes out. I really can't wait.

  5. You know when you've hit a point of this isn't fun so why do I keep at it? Yeah I'm that way with US CV right now.

  6. Gadzooks, Kablooie, Yawn?

  7. Once more I won't be online for a few days due to being on timed internet. Have fun you lot :)

  8. Terraria's new update has me hooked :)

  9. Terraria's new update has me hooked :)

  10. Ah so this is what it's like when things start over.

  11. I'm on limited internet so sadly I won't be on much until our time rolls over.

  12. I have a cold :(

    1. laser0806


      Get well soon man

  13. I like DD :) glad I started playing them. I'm not very good though.

  14. WG don't you like me :(

  15. Finally I can get back online. Having a limit on your internet sucks.