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  1. Drazyx

    Where is my 457mm conq??

    i played it all the time, as a personal challenge. It was the ship i got the legendary module for and found the ship to act like a t10 Warspite which we wanted all along, albeit a sub par contender at tier 10. im truly saddened losing the Conqueror 457, as ludicrous as the guns' dispersion was, greater than the GK even.
  2. why all this talk about changing the autobounce mechanic, that's far too much effort. The easiest parameter to change would be load time...26.4sec with 457mm, it's not like theyre terrible guns, theyre just a downgrade from the 419mm. Ive heard other company dev planners like to balance with making something over powered, then underpowered and then find the middle ground over time; but honestly how hard would it be to change the reload speed until it feels like a REAL decision between the 419mm and 457mm? like one number maybe? Afterall there are fewer shells AND powder bags to load with the same number of crew than 12 guns right? drop it to 25 seconds, then 24 seconds, then 23 seconds, then 22 seconds oh wait, too OP, ok back to 23...or something else simple like the AP damage number. It already sits as the highest damage gun in the game by like 100 damage over the Yamato's guns, but whatever, the guns are still worse and thus need an extra 100 more or something. PLLLLLZZZZ WG!!! halp!