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  1. Try Aslains, I think its under there. I would attach a screenshot, but I'm not too good at that
  2. So, If I downloaded a skin, could I use this to get it in-game? if so, where would it be located?
  3. So, I'm not entirely sure how to kill these. I've tried to range 'em, and I've tried closing. The only BB I really main is Dunkerque, and I'm trying to get my FXP for Nelson. If anybody can help me out, it'd be much appreciated
  4. I'm just used to skipping planes back in WoWp
  5. Yeah, that's what I call her. Seal-clubland
  6. what would you recommend, reload or range?
  7. That's all I play too. Thank god for the turret traverse buff
  8. Have I just been playing french cruisers for too long or is this ship horridly slow and immaneuverable for a light cruiser? Like really, only 30 kts?
  9. Does Ibuki offer up anything new over 203 Mogami? She looks like she has better AA, but other than that she seems very similar.
  10. The Fw 190 could, at least theoretically, compromise all of Graf Zeppelin's air wing. Fighters, that's easy. Then for the TBs, just use the F-8 with the U2 kit. For a DB, an Fw with a bomb on it. To my knowledge Fw's were never used as dive bombers, but I think it could work
  11. What is a Professional with Integrity? Does it have to do with that Kygore guy?
  12. But is there a mod that can show that? In another ribbon or something?
  13. I always thought there was a 'bonk' sound when you bounced. I mean shells that bounce on me
  14. Is there any mod that can give you a notification when you bounce a round? I know there's a noise, but I don't always pay attention to that. I just wanna see just how well my Dunk bounces shells
  15. This is very true