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  1. Honestly, I've played none of them. I'm some grumpy old guy sitting at a desk who cares only about calibre. I would think KGV would be underpowered at T7 with 356-mm rifles, but I guess not QE, compared to the Warspite, doesn't seem to offer anything new
  2. Does anybody have any pics of the new cruisers? Dallas, Seattle specifically I'm assuming that they're not completely invented by WG, and that they are based of some sort of plans
  3. If yo uask me, the entire RN BB line is messed up. I think that KGV should have been at T6 instead of QE, (Because honestly she's not that special) Nelly at T7 and Vangaurd at T8. Rodnol could be a prem, and DoY could as well Sorry for my excessive abbreviation
  4. With that AA? She looks fantastic! You've got to be KIDD-ing me
  5. im a bit OCD like that. Oh well, time to make a new skin for 'em. Y'know. So they match
  6. You know what really aggravates me? That the stripes on Duca are bigger and at a steeper angle than those of Cesare. I hope I'm not the only one who noticed this
  7. Hey bud, this isn't World of Warplanes. Ramming is a viable and only slightly frowned upon tactic here
  8. So, If I downloaded a skin, could I use this to get it in-game? if so, where would it be located?
  9. So, I'm not entirely sure how to kill these. I've tried to range 'em, and I've tried closing. The only BB I really main is Dunkerque, and I'm trying to get my FXP for Nelson. If anybody can help me out, it'd be much appreciated
  10. I'm just used to skipping planes back in WoWp
  11. Yeah, that's what I call her. Seal-clubland
  12. what would you recommend, reload or range?
  13. That's all I play too. Thank god for the turret traverse buff
  14. Have I just been playing french cruisers for too long or is this ship horridly slow and immaneuverable for a light cruiser? Like really, only 30 kts?
  15. Does Ibuki offer up anything new over 203 Mogami? She looks like she has better AA, but other than that she seems very similar.