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  1. Lightknight16

    Forced changed country of residence

    My country uses USD and it changed me to United States, but before 50,000 Doubloons would cost me around $101, now they are $198. The currency did not even changed just the price. Great marketing technique.
  2. Lightknight16

    Forced changed country of residence

    Negative I guess that would be the easy solution but nothing guarantees that it will be changed, besides the damage is done i had a coupon and it expired,
  3. First and foremost this is a rant since my issue was already “addressed” by the player support. They change without my consent or knowledge my place of residence, I live in between two countries. The country of which I am a legal resident is the one I had always on my account. They changed my country of residence to the other country that I am in frequently, both of them are in the same continent, so this does not affect which server I am in. However, when I noticed a premium shop today, everything is literally twice as expensive as it was before, player support basically copy pasted a response that they cannot help me and that is it. I had a 100% coupon ready to be used, but since now it is double the price there is no way I am paying twice, i will take my cash elsewhere. I am not expecting anything to change or to my situation to improve due to the poor player support. Has anybody experienced this before?
  4. Lightknight16

    Halloween: Twilight Battle

    I don't want to be that guy... but what is in it for me to play these events? i know before we could get awesome camos, but now camos are worthless soooo what does this event give out?
  5. Lightknight16

    I no longer look forward to Super Containers

    I never expected to get a ship, so everything is a win, with WG I expect nothing so when you get a little that is still a win.
  6. Lightknight16

    Brawls are brawls

    There were a couple of maps where you spawn and are instantly spotted and also see the whole team, those maps if you are for example a North Carolina you can shoot anything from anywhere (meaning small maps) those are the most enjoyable, some tier I-III maps appeared there
  7. Lightknight16

    Recommended Ships for Coal?

    is spanish ship really going to be coal? if so im saving!
  8. Lightknight16

    I loved the CV brawls but...

    I encountered several "1111" players on both opposing and friendly, for some reason the characters did not appear just the numbers, but i assumed it was a non-alphabetical character. I hope I dont get rolled back
  9. Lightknight16

    Many Thanks Wargaming, for this CV Brawl!!!

    It was the absolute best! I have been waiting for a CV Brawl for as long as I can remember, always thought it was going to be a Tier X but glad it was at Tier VIII
  10. Lightknight16

    New code

    code works... whats it for?
  11. I loved the 3v3 CV brawl, not because I am a CV player or anything but because it was fast, fun and it was hilarious to find the other team always in B and literally brawl your way to the death, I did see a lot of players randomly putting out numbers and speaking chinese on the NA server, and I mean a LOT of players, but i did not mind this did not hinder the experience. However today i received this email. I am Half offended and half worried. Offended because I did no such thing, and if by abusing in-game economy meant to use the Blue and Red Economic Bonuses then I think we have a whole new other problem in our hands. I did not even did the Brawls on a Division, I finished all the missions and did a little more just because they were so much fun, I did finished grinding the German and UK CVs line, so imagine how many battles I did.... I was so happy ( and all my clanmates know) about this past brawl but this leave a very sour aftertaste. Worried because it means on their end for whatever reason I am abusing (which is not true) the game and might not be eligible to be picked for other events like the Halloween or the past Stars and Stripes. I am documenting this so that I may explain my case.
  12. Lightknight16

    Azur Lane: Fourth Wave

    Thank you, I saw that Eugen was available through mission, she and shokaku were the ones i wanted the most, ill gracefully take this 1/2 L and bolt out. I was so happy a new collab was coming and hopeful of some change to be able to purchase the commanders separately or at least in small bundles but alas, it was not meant to be
  13. Lightknight16

    Azur Lane: Fourth Wave

    I believe she is from wave 3 so its not on this bundle
  14. Lightknight16

    Exclusive Offer for Visa Card Users

    so what country must i be in to purchase this? I wanted to get some but apparently they do not want my money so... yeah, skipping this too
  15. Lightknight16

    Update 0.10.1 date?

    I actually want to know too, i am missing some Free Xp for smaland and I need to know if i can make it or buy doubloons.. which i probably will do at the end, and on which days do the patches are released? saturday? mondaY? not a specific day?