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  1. voted for yes. Ocean map is just such poor children (because there were 2 Ocean maps) of community, we should remember. We demanded the map with passion during CBT and we got it, and now it is removed because many of us hates it. It is US who brought the map into the game. We have responsibility....
  2. Hint: USN DD HE 5% + DE 2% = 7% KM DD HE(Gaede's 128mm HE) 6% + DE 2% = 8% RU DD HE = 8% Good comparison candidate, isn't it? Unless you believe DE has hidden effect not published nor discovered.
  3. Thanks to your test, I started suspecting RU DD which uses same shell as Khab's, or some particular ship (including Tashkent you used) may have hidden modifier in fire starting chance, and I just pointed out a fact you have missed on your last test. If you still believe what is published by WG, you can test it by using Gnevny and/or Minsk for single gun mount as they use same shells as Khab and Tash. You can use USN DDs as they have single gun mount as counterpart. I expected you wanted to prove your point, taking further research and experiment to strengthen your claim. However, seems like you just want to keep what you have right now and avoid criticisms and further testings. Sorry for the last post, it was my mistake, and my bad.
  4. I'm not doubting the test result, but I think you forgot a factor which need to be considered. "A section already has fire cannot catch another fire" Right, you moved to different section to hit once a section catches a fire and is very valid move. No, I don't think it is enough. Because in most case multiple shells hit same section, we have no way to know which shell initiated fire. For example, 4 shell hits a section and a started a fire, but how many of the shells triggered fire? Maybe RNG approved the shells and all of them started fire, but UI only show 1 fire started. The triggerd fire after the initial, displayed one would be wasted in this test. You cannot use turret with multiple guns for this testing if you want precise result. You must use turret with single gun and fire one by one.
  5. IJN BB Candidates list (only classes that are not currently ingame and excluded Kii-class) Ise-class BB : refitted as BBV and most likely they will be part of hybrid tree/prems WG has mentioned Kaga-Class BB : pre-refit of CV Kaga, basically slightly slow, more armored Amagi 13-go BC : Planing started right before WNT, nothing had officially decided until WNT kicks in and killed the project. Some journals issued during WW2 claims the ship supposed to had 46,000-48,000 tonnage, and 2x4 460mm guns, and 30kt. BC planned for replacing Kongo-class : 35000t, 3*3 or 2*4 or 2*2+2*3 400mm (410mm), 26-30kt. Plan was discarded because of LNT. B65: Well...this is basically IJN's Alaska class. Bazillion of A-140 plans : many discarded plans for Yamato....or Izumo's possible sisters. Modified Yamato: all secondaries are replaced with 100mm/65. Armor scheme got modified but basically, more torpedo protection at the cost of slightly thinner citadel armor. 460mm/50 instead of 460mm/45. Super Yamato: Yamato with 2*3 510mm/45, and all HA mounts got replaced with Type 5 dual 127mm/50 DPs. Nassau: IJN spoils-of-war for WW1 from Germany. Scrapped before IJN actually admit it. Oldenburg: Helgorand class BB, IJN spoils-of-war for WW1 from Germany. same as Nassau. Maybe WG gonna make up a tier 8 ship from one of A-140 plans (because Kaga-class BB would be too similar to Amagi and Kii) or they finally found a solution to introduce BBV into game.
  6. Yeah, I start thinking this could happen, too. I can't recall the detail, but I remember WG has mentioned they would eventually release Iwaki and Arkansas, without "alpha""beta" tags. Maybe my memory deceived me and the statement could be WG would never release them as normal premium...
  7. We can always have a hope! Not for random match but maybe a special game mode (like April fool) that everyone would join it as Kitakami...12 kitakami vs 12 kitakami. Would be fun to look at for a couple times, as well as would be a good way to teach everyone why Kitakami is not coming back. Oh, and that would be a benchmark for one's computer.
  8. Hope we can get something more than that. Just a day of free premium is little...lackluster, isn't it?
  9. Let's guess what we would get this year. Last year, aside from missions and discounts, we got bulk amount of Dragon Flags (+333% crew xp) based on number of battles and T10 ships we held in the port, which was extremely nice. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/b-day-coming/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/bb-wknd-wowsversary/ What do we get this year? Maybe a set of various dragon flags like last year? <- this is my guess Maybe a set of missions for long-discussed October Revolution? Maybe long lost Kitakami? Special anniversary camos? Permanent flags?
  10. (Truly confused why no one has ever mentioned about historic value of the name of Warspite)
  11. Poor devs. Once upon a time, people wanted wide, open, more historically-accurate battlefield. So, devs provided the Ocean map, for both high and low tier. Now, the map is hated and one of the most rarely-seen map in random, only available for highest tier (or, is it? Can't recall). Once upon a time, people wanted more vivid, flashy effects for splash and explosions. So, devs provided greater effects, which are vivid, flashy. Now, people widely saying they are just annoying and look for way to turn it off. Poor devs... (well, i know who want them and who hate them are different mass of people)
  12. OP, here is answer for you. There was only one official Kii. JUST ONE. The name "Kii" was only used for Kii-class BB, and as a name-ship. Yes, there are many Super-Yamato Class named as Kii in many novels and games, and even in some history books. However, Kii was just one of the (speculated) proposed names for one of Super-Yamato (or modified Yamato) class ships, and there are no official record mentioning Kii was assigned for Super-Yamato class. IJN had never assigned the name for other modern-warship. (however, some unofficial notes suggest 111th BB project, 4th ship of Yamato-class, could be named as Kii) So, technically, there were no real modern warship officially named as Kii. Only planned on the paper, and just one.
  13. Although I don't know exact number, but certain distance for sure. You won't get any warning right away for detected torps which are still miles away(detected by allies), but would hit you if you keep going straight. However, the warning distance appears not be 1-2km (especially warning on the HUD). Problem is, we sometime miss the warnings especially in a heat of battle, drowsiness, DUI, etc. Also, sometime well placed torp appears from nowhere when we are turning...
  14. South Carolina: Well, what do you expect from T3 ship? Personally better than Kawachi. Wyoming: Slow, but decent. Much, much better than Myogi. New York: relatively worse than Kongo and Kaiser, but New York herself is good. Other options are just better. New Mexico: Overall really good. You would enjoy her. Colorado: relatively worse than other T7 BBs. actually, Colorado herself is not good, either. North Ca: GODLY, especially when you drive her right after Colorado Iowa: little squishy but extremely good. Montana: although people claim Yamato and GK is better, I say Montana is great, too.