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  1. No worries guys! We will see Essex and Taiho and other removed odd-tier CVs as premius ships in no time. WIth absurdly expensive bundle prices. We are confident that WG would not waste their effort in modelling, aren't we?
  2. Stalingrad is very, if not extremely, OP, and its requirments for acquisition justify that in some degree, I guess. Sure, it has its weakness and undesirable tacs, but its advantage in sigma, AP penetration, frontal armor layout, and health pool give her more than enough. Well, the ship is named after the all-mighty genious super-duper leader Stalin (the city is named after him anyway) so no wonder the WG made the ship so stronk. I am more concerend of next Clan Battles season, as there is more than good chance that clans with Stalingrad(s) will have unignorable advantage over clans without her. Environment should be protected if WG want CB as truely competitive pvp end-game contents, and pool of ships for such content must be accessible to majority of playerbase, not by limited few. Stalinglad will be available in Arsenal for some time, if not forever, but it would take more than a year to acquire her if one started game today and he and his friend will experience couple clan battle seasons without her. Other PvP games of course have unlockable contents but majority of the contents could be un-locked outside of competitive mode, such as WoWS's random-like battle, and rewards from the truely competitive modes are mostly limited to cosmetics, for bragging rights for sure. I'm not saying she should be nerfed, removed, or whatever that is uncomfortable for owners as they earned Stalingrad with their hard work and skills. WoWS is an online game afterall, so people who spend more time (and money) should be rewarded and the trophy must not be easily accessed by newbies. However, if clans using Stalingrad would show obvious advantage over clans without her in next CB season, she must be banned or number of stalingrad in team should be limited to protect the competitive environment of Clan Battles.