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  1. French BB missions a dud?

    Getting Richelieu mission = almost 500k Free XP (because you will start the tech tree with fully researched Richelieu) Do you really think you were born under such lucky star to get that much of Free XP from limited number of free containers ?(26, IIRC) No, I did not. I'm really bad at LOTO, anyway. Well, you are right, you don't get other ships researched so not exactly 500k free xp, but I hope you get what I mean.
  2. Des Moines good?

    Average damage done is just for reference. If we truly want to determine how they are doing in offence-wise, we need average % of health they dealt per match instead of absolute numbers. Which WG rarely want to share with us, sadly. Des Moines is not weak, just require more knowledge and intellect of player to be effective as some already mentioned. I even believe US Cruisers aren't weak at all in every tier (yes, pre-buff Pensacola was decent ship, although I admit it was also very difficult ship to play) If you think she is rather weak T10 cruiser, you clearly don't know what to do with her OR have not faced good DM players in random/CB, truly fortunate for you.
  3. Based on my CV main comrade, Hakuryu's FT had quite disadvantages against equally skilled Midway's FT, and now Midway's strike capability is equal, if not more than, of Hakuryu (I believe everyone can agree here), so some kind of adjustment may be required. No, he didn't agree with down-tiering FT is a good way to address the issue. No, he didn't mention about Ranger, Lex and Essex, as he believes Saipan is dominating force in T7 CV anyway and the reform made the latter two rather weaker. No, I don't think removing the famous Bearcat from game is a good thing. Forget about the long-forgotten Banshee. Actually...hey WG, you could tweak F8F's stats instead of removing it if you really, really wanted to do something with Midway's FT. Stop being lazy. Seriously. I liked watching F8F flying around.
  4. 1. Smoke and minimap, as everyone tells 2. Just fire your gun once, and press Z or according key to use camera that follows the shell--it has very limited view angle, but still you can move it. before landing, you should be able to see the targeted ship close enough, you can see how its smoke moving much better from binocular view. 3. Intuition!
  5. 1. Revolution and NIkolai, They both sold in doubloon as they are premiums. 2. Only regular tech tree ships are sold in silver. (except MO and Musashi, as they cost 1 silver) 3. The notice shows discounts on silver, not doubloon. From 1, 2, & 3, We can conclude the notice indicated on the BB are regular tech-tree BBs.
  6. Dear BB If you want me to stop throwing HE and setting fire, please show me your complete broadside within reasonable distance for me. So I can grind you down with AP. From CA With Love
  7. For some ships propulsion mod have more interesting effect in terms of dodging. Some ships has short rudder shift time that trivialize -20% reduction (i.e. Benson. 2.7sec -> 2.16 sec...you really need it?) Some ships has turning radius too wide and reduced rudder shift time won't help much for evasive maneuver (i.e. Schors) Instead of swinging, slowing down and go back is another good way for dodging
  8. Kamikaze families are officially OP ships (and contract between camo designer expired, I think) that won't come back to prem shop in near future. If you can do the same regularly in, say, Mutsuki, it would be little different story, tho.
  9. Oh hi my kameraden, you're the lucky guy of the day as I'm rather rare encounter in the forum...
  10. Just give high tier IJN DDs Flecther's Mk16 Mod. 1 instead of Type93 mod3 That's everything what they need. I'd give up 25% of alpha damage per torpedo and 1.5km range for 30%-ish faster reload AND 0.3km torpedo detection range.
  11. What is the One Ship.....

    it is not the one, but several ships I wouldn't play again with them; 1. Colorado--it was just a pain. real pain. I played it before the buff...so, it was more painful. I'd rather use New Mex for T7-9 matches. 2. Karlsruhe--yeah, I played this ship before the buff, too. Colo and karlsruhe was the only ships I burned my cache of free xp to skip. 3. Emerald--or, more like, tier 2-5 RN cruisers. AP-only in the low tier was serious pain as there were literally no way to counter BBs except lucky torpedo hits.
  12. Alaska class why?

    I had a thought that Alaska would be Tier7 premium BB, just because...hey, look at Scharnhorst. But, because WG announced Stalingrad is T10 CA, I started thinking Alaska could be T10. For those who don't know detail of Starlingrad-class heavy cruiser, it planned to have 3x3 12 inch guns with 35kt speed. It sounds like the Alaska class, isn't it? Edit:typo
  13. No, they are in good shape in my honest opinion. I often see whining about Yamato 18.1in lolpen but, meh, I don't think there are any major imbalances between BBs at this moment. Yes, even infamous Conq is within range of decent balance in my viewpoint However.... USN and IJN BBs have been here for a while, and we now sees RN and KM, which have rather vivid appealing points (and gimmick) compared to the old couple. Although I don't know what it would be, sometime I want something flashy for IJN and USN BBs. I know there supposed to be some plain, simple, basic ships to be benchmark for other newcomers, but...oh well
  14. I would say reducing RoF and AP damage (and maybe sigma and dispersion) is more reasonable than reducing caliber size. Yamato's low alpha coming from less # of shells compared to 12-guns BB in T10 is considered fine because of its ability to lolpen, high sigma, and small dispersion. Tier 9s have only 9 guns mostly, therefore to fill the gap, both alpha and sustainable damage should be reduced. Reduced RoF (maybe 34-36sec reload?) and lowered sigma would reduce damage output in long term considerably, coupled with already-slow turret traverse. I don't know about alpha, though--reduced AP damage? or equipped with obsolete old shells? If reload is 40sec, I wouldn't ask for nerfed AP damage and/or sigma. 33% Slow-firing rate compared to regular T9s but hard-hitting and lolpen like T10 sounds ok to me...at least for now. Musashi is almost destined to have worst AA in T9 and rudder shift time but it would be justified by the best torpedo defense and most likely the highest health pool in T9....
  15. Well, this is not a humor I expected... This is what I (kind of) expected.