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  1. Another option if you have a lot of credits is to buy and dismiss 6pt captains for credits. This will get you about 9k XP for 1Mil credits and you can’t get from 19 to 21 for about 130M credits and a lot of clicking. It’s an option for those of us with many hundreds of millions in credits and no place to spend them.
  2. custer_14

    Premium Ship Review - Flandre

    Something to shove on the mega Santa crate “short list” this Christmas.
  3. custer_14

    Math behind secondaries nerf

    I think Smole range is still workable and she is still a capable ship despite 16km range. Flint is not workable any longer.
  4. custer_14

    Your favorite shipgirl?

  5. custer_14

    Strategy fans rejoice! Rome Total War Remastered announced!

    So what’s new about the game? Still a fav of mine but already own it, why would we buy it again?
  6. custer_14

    Need help picking a DD line

    Unfortunately smaland is gone, maybe for good.
  7. custer_14

    Premium German T10's

    I’m pretty excited for this CV, hope it comes out soon and for a reasonable currency.
  8. custer_14

    A thought....

    In addition to capping I think spotting damage should also have a better reward multiplier.
  9. custer_14

    Marco Polo for 228,000 Coal

    But no fuel smoke, unlike the rest of the line and low HP, barely above Lion and below most others by 10k HP. Got to boost the range and hang in the back slinging 16” SAP. Regardless still probably an instant buy for me.
  10. custer_14

    Post Your Biggest Port Queen

    Right now, it’s Flint.
  11. Yeah flint is unusable now as well.
  12. Agreed would have been more work/ money expended for a T6 ship. But it would have had more interesting and exciting play options. As it stands I think the Aigle is more compelling as a gun ship.
  13. I think you could balans these gimmicks of the exhaust smoke and SAP at lower tiers. It has a longer gun reload, slower less punchy torps, slower max speed. And above all the hard counter to these DDs is CVs which you see a lot more often at T6, especially double CVs.
  14. No SAP, No exhaust smoke. These are deal breakers for me on Italian DDs. I was hoping to get something more similar to Paolo Emilio at T6.