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  1. custer_14

    Carrier Command & Strategy

    I would go after the enemy ships and isolated stragglers stacking DOTs, rather than throw planes against red CVs initially who have fighters and good AA.
  2. Actually my Edin, I always run radar and use DD smoke in early cap contest
  3. custer_14

    Massachusetts back in the shop

    Hmmm...maybe ship price inflation?
  4. custer_14

    Massachusetts back in the shop

    I’d really like to see Mass in the tech tree for Dubloons... or any change in the tech tree premiums frankly.
  5. custer_14

    Top 3: Most Anemic Ships

    I certainly don’t t think they need to be on par with their T8 counterparts, but I would like to see similar results for the effort as a similar tier cruiser. Also think the reward coefficients need to be reworked as well for the low tier CVs.
  6. custer_14

    Top 3: Most Anemic Ships

    How about all the T4 CVs and many of the T6 CVs. Damage is terrible.
  7. custer_14

    X Salem or IX Jean Bart

    If you like Russian gunboats of flat arc rail guns. Why do you think you would like the Salem rainbow arcs?
  8. custer_14

    So, the was Cesare Stealth Nerfed...

    Would that work the same as the RN CL AP?
  9. custer_14

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Hence the reason you are not getting the scoop on when they surprise release ships like Exeter.
  10. custer_14

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Well let’s just see now that we have Soviet BBs if we happen to get a Russian Novorossiysk at T5 as a premium.
  11. custer_14

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Not as “broken” as other ships say Belfast. They gonna take away radar or smoke in Belfast, I suppose you would support that too?
  12. custer_14

    Easiest, cheapest Solo Warrior ever?

    Not sure I understand...looks like a BB camped and killed a DD while the reds rolled his team?
  13. My Kron at 750k is looking better all the time.
  14. custer_14

    Exeter For Sale in Premium Shop

    Exeter is not in the wiki for stats???