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  1. Sure, just like Puerto Rico.
  2. False choice....spot early on.
  3. custer_14

    Basic target selection lesson.

    Only during unrep
  4. custer_14

    Basic target selection lesson.

    How about “Warlord 6 out” or “Warlord actual out”
  5. custer_14

    2 Tier 6 CVs have so many planes?

    It’s almost like they can continually spawn planes.
  6. custer_14

    Steel boats changed to Coal boats

    The reward for buying with steel or earning for free through ranked was to have it before all the rest getting it for coal. For years in some cases. Hope we will see Bourgogne for coal soon.
  7. custer_14

    British Battleships

    Vanguard I think is comparable to a Bismarck with better gun accuracy and great HE with worse armor, don’t go flat broadside. The biggest problem I think with her before was lousy T8 MM. If you think T8 MM is now improved? I got mine in a box for free and was worth every penny, would not pay serious cash for the vanguard, $20 sure.
  8. Success!! Now all you have to do is buy the Irian. Such happy.
  9. custer_14

    I finally got me an 'Awkins!

    How is this heap in the same tier as the Exeter?
  10. custer_14

    Any Good Jokes?

    You can earn a free Puerto Rico.
  11. custer_14

    Super Containers...

    Yeah...not so super huh
  12. custer_14

    Wasted 5700 Doubloons

    Crates have gotten a lot stingier over the past 2 years and noticeably so over the last year. Two years ago you were guaranteed to get at least a few ships in these Santa crates. The crates this year and assume into the future are just not with it at all.
  13. custer_14

    Love the Alaska....despise the Puerto Rico

    No, what you miss is the extra 5 sec on reload on DOY.
  14. custer_14

    I have a good reason to hate CV's

    My wife ran off with a CV...and took the dog too.
  15. custer_14

    Stream tomorrow!!!

    Zath is the warships podcast done or is that coming back too?