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  1. Friendly fire...isn’t.
  2. Were they crazy insane or insane crazy
  3. Have you tried drinking during the reload?
  4. Sonar pings in ocean port

    Think maybe this is the ships bell.
  5. Pardon the silly question, but how do you have 220 already? The event just started, correct?
  6. 20% win rate in 1st 25 games-Helena

    I love my Helena, I’m not a rock hiding type and I can kite well and shoot on the run with a favorable concealment. Got 59% in 70 games.
  7. Catapult fighter?

    I like it for spotting. It does not change the aspect of your targeting like the spotted plane does. I find the spotter plane view annoying.
  8. Thought that was just the Halloween event?
  9. Aigle

    Where is the Aigle park bench!
  10. Back in the early days of WOWS they used to list what the aircraft on ships were along with the ship stats. Does anyone know why they removed that info?
  11. Does this mean Cossack is coming out soon too?
  12. Bonus code naval legend playlist

    Where is the typical place you are finding these codes?