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  1. custer_14

    2,250,000 credits is the new Admiral Makarov

    I ended up with the FR25 this year out of 10 big crates. Wonder how many FRs are received as well this year.
  2. Yep, gonna see these stupid CV/BBs before we see West Virginia 44.
  3. custer_14

    Artificial Reef Picture - Amazing If Real

    Scale seems to be way off between the diver compared to the ship. Compare the size of bullnose and chocks on deck to the diver, something is off.
  4. custer_14

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.8

    Nope, sorry man, this is objectively worse than before. This is not subjective, these are facts. 1. Solo players cannot optimize/ pick certain ships for specific scenarios. 2. Players especially solo players now have to bring T8 ships or be bottom tier amongst more capable teammates or more powerful opponents. Before you were certain on the tier of teammates and the opponents. 3. If solo player did not like the op on offer previously you could avoid it, now strap in for “random” 3 in a row rounds of the Newport op.
  5. custer_14

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.8

    I was really looking forward to the old ops coming back like cherry blossom and Dunkirk. But this random chosen mission is garbage. I really enjoyed knowing what operation was in rotation and picking a ship I enjoyed playing in that scenario, if god forbid solo players could pick an op. I also enjoyed knowing what level of ships I could expect to see in an op as teammates and opponents. This brings all the fun of being bottom tier in randoms to ops now. This yet another intentional choice made to make the player experience worse.
  6. custer_14

    Need Citadels? (PVE Thread)

    If you need cits take out German CV with the attack planes with AP rockets.
  7. custer_14

    Leone - Torpedo aimer is not correct?

    The prediction only works if the targets remains on the same course and speed until the slow Leone torps hit. They are slow and long range, better to use them as area denial.
  8. custer_14

    Heard you dont like subs....

    So why not use a Marine uniform?
  9. custer_14

    Bearn Air Superiority Illustrated

    Or the enemy BBs can just send up a flight of depth charge planes into these areas to clear out the fighters.
  10. Cannot recommend Belfast 43. Gun reload and short smoke is too frustrating. Works best when you can div up with a DD who will smoke for you at a cap edge where you can have a real smoke and radar advantage. With your short smoke you get maybe 3 salvos off before you are exposed.
  11. custer_14

    PSA: Opt In Mission(s) & Community Tokens

    Where are the perm camo for the Belfast ships? Thought that was coming today too?
  12. custer_14

    Rarest flag in the game? Is it this one?

    Nope, it the coo of boom flag.
  13. custer_14

    Black nerf

    No it definitely would not but….that is the way WeeGee is going. So buy pixel botes with extreme caution or better yet don’t buy them anymore.
  14. custer_14

    Black nerf

    But could run cherry blossom if it ever comes back.
  15. custer_14

    Black nerf

    43 has shorter British DD smoke and longer reload by several seconds.