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  1. custer_14

    Ruin a War Movie

    Chicago blackhawk down
  2. So is Venice a hard counter to Smolensk? Any radar or hydro?
  3. custer_14

    Balance Smole

    Oh T10 ranked will be fun.
  4. custer_14

    Tonight we eat like kings!

    Sea dragon conducting AMCM activities with mine sweeping sled.
  5. The problem with the IT CAs so far is concealment. You can’t miss these things coming, you are not going to sneak up on a smole, DD or anything else.
  6. custer_14

    Which is the best tier 8 premium DD?

    Cossack hands down. Great concealment, great guns and fast reloading torps.
  7. custer_14

    Haida, well its garbage now

    Look I agree that OP is way off on his assessment of Haida...but Cossack is still way better.
  8. custer_14

    Haida, well its garbage now

    OP, Haida comes with 8km toros. If you have less range this is 100% due to your choice to have torpedo acceleration captain skill.
  9. custer_14

    Q about the 'Alaska B'....

    I thought the Black Friday crate ship drops last year were fairly common? Of course the crate drops have all gotten much stingier since last year and pst performance is no predictor of future returns.
  10. custer_14

    Best Free XP ship?

    Alaska B coming in a few weeks in crates for Black Friday. Might be worth it to get one there instead of FXP.
  11. custer_14

    Best Free XP ship?

    Musashi, Missouri or Kronstadt are really good.
  12. custer_14

    SO um yea.. Italian

    And doesn’t even have the barber pole. No sale.
  13. Up and forward to starboard, down and aft to port.
  14. custer_14

    252K Coal Thunderer or Yoshino

    The answer is always Smolensk. Already got it? Get another in case the nerf the first one.
  15. Just wait for the entire line of Russian CVs.