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  1. Hello everyone! First of all, I want to thank you all for your really great support. You can be sure for 117% that the WoWs wasn't be as good as it is now on MacOS computers. Yeah, in some case still not good as it could be but playable XD Really! Some of you helped as SO MUCH so we were never be here without you. Special thanks to @awesomeartichokes, @JAKeller, @JohnPRyan, @Barleywine, @fourteenfour, @kishan99, @Dahak22 and many, MANY other members of WoWs MacOS community. Support of MacOS will be ended in 0.10.0 that will be realeased ay January of 2021, so you have about 3-4 months to find your own way how to continue play WoWs (or not. It is an option too, of course). I tried play WoWs in GeForce NOW and it was playable enough, but it has it`s own issues (especially with not updating the client on their side after new WoWs update). But! Whatever you choose WoWs team (Especially I am ^^) still be very thankfull to you for all these 5 years together. Wish you more interesting challenges and adventures in future!
  2. We did nothing... maybe something on wrapper side. For more stable game I can recommend you to try Geforce NOW (cloud gaming service).
  3. Looks like this message is totally out of date =)
  4. You need this amount of free space to install the game (because install files needed to be downloaded and unpacked)
  5. This is extremely strange! Because all WoWs files are signed with Wargaming keys and notarized from Apple side. It shouldn't have any issues with verification
  6. Nope, usual tests using wrapper. We are not using Apple dev kit for WoWs
  7. You could, just need to download WoWs for Mac from our website
  8. Rewrite the whole project to make it possible to run on MacOS systems :) This is extremely hard and expensive
  9. No reason, just a bug :( It depends from what folder you are running the script. Just "Documents" will work in case if you are in user active directory, but "~/Documents" should work no matter where are you because "~/" means "user directory/"
  10. Seems like patch "wows_0.\wows.na_0." is damaged Could you please try to install the game to another folder or even another disk? Because looks like something is wrong on your HDD/SSD side but I can't say for sure
  11. Please create report and send it to me: https://gyazo.com/b9be786b4abeac60c42bffa1dbb426c8 This error means: 2012 File access error during downloading and unpacking the patch Please check access to write/unpack. Maybe the file is damaged
  12. You can download and install the game from here: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/game/
  13. We are still fighting againt this crash... Another fix will be applied this thursday on PT#2 of 0.9.7 version