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  1. Are you still playing on the same MacBook Pro 15-inch 2009? Because it could be the reason of the crashes - really old GPU.
  2. What kind of processes had you killed before this issue with WGC?
  3. Do you have the same error after computer restart?
  4. Freeze during the battle or after it? Any battle? What ship/class/tier are you using?
  5. Please try to turn OFF Dynamic Lighting and Shadow Quality. It should help
  6. Should be fixed now. It was very strange issue =) Mac didn't want to start WoWs because of CR_LF (instead of LF) line endings in *.sh file =)
  7. This armory issue is common with a few Win players. Trying to solve it
  8. We are investigating this issue and trying to fix it ASAP. Have you played before 0.9.1 update without issues?
  9. Depends on who is an owner of them. WGC application or WoWs one
  10. Download from here: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/game/
  11. Coulkd you please try to update it to the latest version again? Because we didn't update wrapper last week, only WGC itself.
  12. All these 5 threads do not use almost anyting. Every process is needed to run different processes. Like WGMonitor, Cef browser and others
  13. You are playing on old wrapper version, correct?
  14. While we are investigating your problem please try to run your game through terminal. Try this command: /Applications/Wargaming.net\ Game\ Center.app/Contents/SharedSupport/wargaminggamecenter/Wargaming.net\ Game\ Center/wine ~/Documents/Wargaming.net\ Games/World_of_Warships_NA/WorldOfWarships.exe