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  1. PT session will be active next week. Thursday, November 21st
  2. We want to try to fix most part of WoWs crashed on Mac in 0.8.11 version. If you have encountered WoWs crashes please install PublicTest client so you could check this fix on your side. PT session will be active next week. Thursday, November 21st How to install WoWs PT client: 1. Click on "Game Settings" button on WGC WoWs page 2. Click "Install additional game instance" 3. Select "PT" realm and isntall the game
  3. Please turn off Dynamic shadows in game settings (if they turned ON)
  4. If you tried my command your clients should be removed as well... Could you please send me screenshot of the error with free space?
  5. Strange. So, do you have these clients installed on you Mac or you removed them as well?
  6. Do you have client crashes or freezes only? Do you have any WoWs client left on your Mac? I could teach you how to import it into WGC. There is a known issue in Catalina with wrong free space calculation. CW team is trying to find a way hot to fix it from their side.
  7. Thanks a lot for the report. I will remove match penalty from your account. How many crashes do you have in battles? Is it become better than before? We have found that about 80-85% of all WoWs MacOS crashes are the same and we will try to fix this crash asap. It is not wrapper issue but WoWs issue. Bad news that almost all crashes do not have any usefull information in it so we will try some "blind" fixes in future versions.
  8. Please share screenshot of the WGC download error
  9. Voice commands work on our Mac. Please send me in PM your prefereces.xml that you can find here: Documents/World_of_Warships_NA/preferences.xml
  10. Do not use Launcher. It is extremely outdated.
  11. It is installing build. You need to wait some time and it will continue download after
  12. If you do not want to download WoWs again you need to do very complicated steps inside WGC files. I am not sure that such complicated steps would be better than downloading the game again
  13. Everyone who has faced the issue with this error "2023 / 3023 error (Game installation error other than specified / Unable to install the game. )"! You have downloaded bad WGC update that broke your application. Sorry, but there is no easy way how to fix it. Please do selected steps to fix the issue: Disable option "Get updates before the official launch" in WGC settings close WGC open Terminal application and paste this command: rm -r Library/Application\ Support/Wargaming.net\ Game\ Center/ Start WGC and install WoWs again
  14. Are you one of the WGC testers? One of the test version has a bug so only way to fix that is to remove that folder and to redownload the game from the scratch: "Library/Application\ Support/Wargaming.net\ Game\ Center/"
  15. Hello everyone! I am back. How is 3.3.0 version of the wrapper? Is it better than 3.1.12? We remember about issue with Catalina+Steam. This one should be fixed till the end of the week. Sorry for inconvinience