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  1. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Superships are a blight on clan battle play.

    Only for the player that it is oddly coincidental. I have made many shots in the dark, and let me just say, I never miss. LOL
  2. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Fighters Consumable

    Yeah, my fighters are like that too. I would rather have spotter than fighters. It is a wasted slot if it doesn't make an impact in game.
  3. SteelRain_Rifleman

    the end of one of those "special moments"

    Hmm, does that mean noob tube, Twitchy Streamers, and YouTube streamers will have big games and their economy sucks? Who would want to watch that? "Please watch my stream, I will win, I will sink ships, I will ship post, and I will lose money in game showing my lack of economic efficiency. Buy my bathwater, stickers, and see my only fans page where you see the exclusive chocolate starfish! Please! I need money! WG Warships is expensive! If only I was a .." CC (carbon copy to WG) , the economy earned by streamers lacking success without special help is detrimental to player viewership and the streamer survival is at risk. Because if a streamer can't be successful without special help, then what is the point of playing games in any mode? Because playing in Randoms will be just as exciting as playing Co-op on stream. You sink botes in either situation, but in Co-op you might be able to afford to sail again. In Randoms, you might skip that premium pet food for your pet so you can stream. Imagine sinking 3 in Randoms and you walk away with 10k? You think that streamer and the advice they provide will be relevant any more? But I am just one player of thousands. We will see what happens on release of the new economy. If it don't hurt me, then I am okay with it. But it may hurt others. We will see.
  4. The Burger King... That is likely since McDonalds, the Irish BB is likely to never show up either. LOL
  5. Incomparable is the Mighty Hood reborn into this world after being bored in Valhalla. Stalingrad was the beast back in the day, but it has lost its luster like a bad marriage gone sideways. I have yet to get Meckles. But will soonTM. Burgerking is okay, but you already have a tiered regular ship in the French line. You will get it if you want to train Captains on it. FDR..FDR...has no legs in my opinion because the plane attack reset timer is too long. You literally have to dump airplanes before you attack and only strike with one wing. That is so stupid. Players did that after Rework hit and it is a stupid practice in my opinion of how broken the airstrike capability is with Cvs in game. But WG will not fix that or the AA because I think they just simply don't know how. It is like making a change to your house where you saw off half your roofline only to have the angle all wrong. And you try pathing it with wood, but it gets worse and worse. Now the neighbors are laughing at your franken-roofline wondering: what sort of fooked up math did you ever conceive with that? The United States is actually more fun. Midway is more fun. But FDR is a bad deal. This quote sums up some ship types. Charlton Heston as Taylor in the movie Planet of the Apes: "You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you! God damn you all to hell!"
  6. SteelRain_Rifleman

    WG, we need to talk about Tone's aircraft.

    2 minutes...*hears the song "Love in an Elevator" by Aerosmith. That is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long. So, twice in an elevator would be more accurate. Aerosmith - Love in an Elevator - YouTube
  7. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Why the Kobayashi camo nerf?

    5-year-olds are playing Fortnight. They wouldn't give this game the time of day unless their parents are military enthusiasts, veterans, active members or Texans. WG is only at this point working on change, we will see the final product on release. If there is a problem, we all will say something. And WG will adjust accordingly. So far, WG has adjusted accordingly. Our feedback starts at the PT server, and it is continuous during live game release. If WG sends you a survey, then respond and actually write something down. Don't just click the boxes. Words, since the beginning of time, always carry more weight than any dreadnaught. So Say We All!
  8. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Why the Kobayashi camo nerf?

    The times I don't regret getting the Kobayashi camo: The day I bought it and the day WG buffed it at tier 10. And some players didn't like it... I bet they like it now. That camo is like drool inducing to some penny-pinching players. *Lincoln Screams "Stop it! That gives me a headache!"
  9. SteelRain_Rifleman

    WG, we need to talk about Tone's aircraft.

    Tone puts me in a bad mood. Makes me want to drink Funky Cold Medina and do the wild thing.
  10. SteelRain_Rifleman

    WG, we need to talk about Tone's aircraft.

    I noticed this. It takes 4ever to launch them aircraft. and once you do, it seems like half the game is over and by the time you reload, the game is over. At least Ise, you could launch them twice. But Tone, you might get them off the deck, but there might be only 1 ship left and it is surrounded by your teammates with 4 hp left. At that point you just sigh and wait for the inevitable.
  11. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Superships are a blight on clan battle play.

    The only balance is at tier 10 and 11. Supers have their own MM set up and I rarely see anyone ever complain about them from my perspective. If I am under tiered, I shoot at the supers because I get good XP. Sure, I might die if I am careless. But in all battles, I have seen, everyone always shoots at the biggest ship. Has no one seen a Godzilla movie? A supervillain is seldom attacked until the last chapter in that movie. But Godzilla is focused like a hot tall curvy blonde in Daisy Dukes at a fighter pilots bar. Bring down the beast! Captain Ahab had just as much fun attacking a big white D***.
  12. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Proposed changes to co-op economy are awesome.

    I applaud WG for the economy adjustments. It also points out that a premium user will not suffer as much on a bad game. Which makes good business sense. But the adjustments also help free to play players in that the main factor to actually break-even is to try to get that cap or get that cap challenge ribbon. It also points out that a simple investment one time on your favorite ship with a perma camo that reduces your costs or increases your gains is modest at best. I would try to always get the perma camos so long as they didn't look weird. It always helps. But players are often going into Co-op from Randoms without thinking about the smaller things getting payouts as well. In Randoms, you just have to land shells near a ship, and you might stay in the black. If you sink a ship there, then that is gravy. If you also happen to sail until the end of match at 20-minute mark, then that is the best outcome. In Co-op, the emphasis is on acquiring more ribbons in addition to the minimal requirements in Randoms. Sinking ships and lasting until match ends is the gravy. Special note: If you are the only one close enough to sink the BOT CV and you have good AA, then try to shoot down all the planes first, then sink the CV. If you have a secbat build and you are the only one that can sink the CV, then let your secbats sink it and don't use main battery. Rate of fire, hits and plane shootdowns pay well. That is why Co-op mains build their BBs to secbat builds. Because main battery reload can really suck the fun out of a match if you don't get that alpha damage right away. Some BBs can be sebat builds, others not so much. The factor is the 10km rule in range and the rate of fire has to be fast. Enhancing the damage potential or fire rate is always a plus. Cruisers do well in Co-op because they have rate of fire, accuracy (good alpha), and are faster ships in general. A key factor in using them in Co-op. DDs have stealth and do major alpha with torpedoes, but their guns sometimes may lack damage potential. The fix for DDs is that if you can't make fire and you have high rate of fire, then make contact with AP. Hits (With AP or HE) all count. And the more you land is just like how pro boxing is scored. You want a high number of any kind of hit. Of course, DDs should try for that cap or defend ribbon. But you can get multi defends against 1 ship if you AP at long range, then go for the kill with HE. It is about timing. CVs should spot, but spot damage is rarely a lot. Although, if you don't drop a fighter, those points are never gained. Better to get something than nothing. Push in if you are a CV but do it smart. Get ships to sail next to you or use an island as a blind spot. Blind spots form based on the re ship's perspective in relation to the island and your position behind that island serving as the visual obstruction. Think of a pyramid cone emanating from the island from the direct line of sight from red to the island you are behind. Unless red pops a plane up, they can't see you. Stay in the cone. If a CV has secbats, then go for it. Don't be that Ranger or Saipan player that suddenly realized they can't dish it out or take a hit. Know your bote! LOL
  13. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Superships are a blight on clan battle play.

    The concept of super ships and super Cvs is that you had to have ground up with a great deal of game experience. So, if say you played a very long time and you have all the tier 10s done, then you could get one of these. That is because you did the hard work. Now the only player that typically complains, and this may or may not apply to you, (I wouldn't know about that would I?) is a player that took the easy way up. Easiest ways to get tier 10s in game and tier 11s eventually: 1. You coined all your pooled XP to free XP. 2. You bought signals and played 99% randoms battles because it pays more, but again, to farm XP. (see point number one above) 3. Your Grandpa passed away. You found out that he had a Warships account and he meticulously ground up all those ships. You found his password in an old Penthouse Centerfold in his favorite magazine by his bedstand. You suddenly Realize, Miss September is Grandma. Now you question all those funny looks Grandpa had for Grandma every Christmas as the two grandparents would casually go upstairs while you are opening your presents... 4. You are a patron of a Norse God, and he bestowed upon you good looks so you can sell your bathwater on the internet, and eventually pay for all that XP conversion. If I hit the nail on the head with any of these, then I must have a really good hammer. I know how I got the supers. I was worthy. *Puts Mjolnir away.
  14. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Hypothetical Ise Battlecarrier redesign

    The only Battlecarrier concept design I thought seemed feasible was in a game called Warship Gunner. There it was a dual flightdeck design that had the island in the center splitting the flight decks. That centralized island would be elevated above the flight line and the guns mounted centerline like any other BB. The hull bottom is like a supercarrier hull, but wider to accommodate the dual decks. Each deck was equipped with catapults and elevators. The emphasis of the design is the island stayed in the middle to prevent balance issues and also to get rid of the slanted flight deck designs of the past. It would be easy to fire the main battery as flight operations on that side could be suspended either port or starboard and still be able to capture aircraft and launch on the deck not in the gun firing wake. The hangers would not be in the way of the weapons magazines as space is vertical for the center island. If I wanted to send missiles out to the external AA and Anti-ship missile batteries. I could use a tunnel system branching out from the center island and an adjacent redundant system on the ship's perimeter should the ship take damage and a tunnel got cut off. All ammo would be safely stored in the thickest part of the ship. The flight decks being external would also act as a blast buffer should a missile strike occur. This design was a free design starting with the base hull in that game and it was up to the player with unlocked tech to equip the ship. I equipped with various conventional guns, but later went with rail guns. I also utilized the unused sides of the flight deck closer to the center island bridges with vertical launch missiles of various payloads. ASW was easy to install as a result (ASROC). I could also equip with RAM (Rolling Airframe missiles) and CIWS (Close in weapon systems). AA missiles, and side mounted Anti-ship missiles were also included. Even at a loss of the entire air wing, (Both flight decks damaged) this ship could still use standard weapons to counter. Let's just say, I built quite an interesting supercarrier as it was akin to the Battlestar Galactica in its overall defense and offensive capability. Of course, this game was made during the gaming dark ages. Before internet PVP. So, I went up against highest difficulty AI enemies (NPCs). Would WG build such a ship in this game? The short answer, no. Because my ship concept was far past WW2 tech. Now that also means WG could introduce such a concept in a modernized game version. But it would be a separate game. The one thing I liked about Warship Gunner is that you could lock it in WW2 mode tech and it would still be fun without the new tech making your ships OP. Going full new tech actually made it boring in the end for me as my final designs were just OP A F behemoths that any Admiral would drool over. I pushed those designs to the absolute limit over 3 years on each game title Warship Gunner cranked out. If such a game came out now with that free design capability, it would be astounding how the players of this era would react. Because there would be no excuse but your own imagination on how you designed your ship. And some people are too egotistical to admit that they lack imagination. And I know that I am not the only one who played that game title to the point of perfection. So, be warned. If you lack the imagination or the weapons knowledge to play such a game in this era, then maybe you should not play it. Because my generation has quite the imagination and we all built our ships for every contingency as if we were actually sailing the ships ourselves. We imagine, we built, we tested, and we redesigned as such that I know there are some original designs (not just by me, but by thousands of players) that can be considered Brillant. But no Nation, no matter how much money they have, can ever build any such ships my generation could conceive. Because it would bankrupt any nation that dared to try. We, the many thousand or so, that played that game, built these ships to win decisively. If my Supercarrier existed, nations would throw their hands up and surrender at the sighting. Because I had many tricks up that ship's sleeve.
  15. SteelRain_Rifleman


    ^^^it may have a use known only by WG Devs. But for the general player base, nope, absolutely nothing. Sometimes good karma is suddenly getting that dev strike on a bad-tempered player immediately saying something inappropriate. And sometimes bad karma is standing on a hill but realizing it is a very ginormous fire ant mound and your foot just poked a good size hole that you went in up to your hip. At that point, you pull out the zippo, and your cheap bourbon, and make your final stand on fire ant hill. If you have a radio, then you call in an A-10 to airstrike danger close with napalm. If that don't work after you are set on fire, you stopped, dropped, rolled; then you hope your camp mates brought enough fire ant killer to at least make the fire ants tired. Because fire ants are a very stubborn race of ants and are determined to eat a human if not sting the crap out of you for threatening their queen. That is why, when I am on a park trail, I see a mound, I go to my truck, and spread the fire ant bait so others don't suffer the terrible fate of bad karma. Special note: Just because the shoes look nice in your favorite color don't mean they are good for hiking. They are good for blisters.