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  1. SteelRain_Rifleman


    There is also inertia involved. I had a game last year where an NC was ramming me at 1/4 ahead , but I was in my Yammy reversing. Due to the timing, I had zero damage, as he literally glided, gently touched my bow and we both moved together briefly. It took a shot to sink the ship but still no damage. That is about as rare as it gets. Sure there is some math involved, but I think it's based on speed of impact, point of impact, and whether that object resisted the force or yielded some of it.
  2. SteelRain_Rifleman

    What is RNG

    RNG or random number generator to put it simply, is a 10 number dice roll. To keep things simple z I am using this example. Usually a math formula that takes your maximum dispersion number and randomizes it from 1 being spot on for a shell to 10; the dispersion max. It uses a sigma value to denote how tight the 1 value is, but can involve a floating point decimal value for the generator itself. Each value 1- 10 just as an example , has an assigned part on a table to denote the different dispersion radius of the shell. The sigma determines the smallest radius. It could be 1 meter to 5 meters. From there the RNG plays with that radius. It is different in the ellipse calculation as well because certain guns shoot at various velocities. And shell weight, spin, weather, Earth's rotation, quality of powder, and the human element. Like stated before, it's a means to simulate variations with real world situation. However, it's also utilized to keep it arcade like because some artillery seldom missed based on manufacturer. Artillery technology has not changed much. USS Iowa has the last known accurate artillery computer our there. However, real world physics does affect that as well. Most artillery based games have to be made this way because not everything is always true. Just like when you toss a ball, there are variables. RNG is the closest to simulate chaos. And chaos rules the battlefield. And that also means that anything is possible no matter how improbable.
  3. Topper: "Hot Patches Part Meh coming in Hot." Tower: "Are you going to make it, Topper?" Topper: "I don't know. I will give it a go. There goes the graphics card. Now the other one is smoked. Lost the backup drive. Monitor is getting hot ๐Ÿ”ฅ. Motherboard just cracked. C drive is melting but I was able to apply the patch." Tower: "Did it work, Topper." Topper: "Negative, negative, crash, crash, BSOD, BSOD, Tango Uniform, Alpha Mike Foxtrot, PC is DOA. IAF confirmed." Tower: "PC RESCUE ONE, Topper is down, Topper is down." Topper: "My precious D drive has paid the ultimate price. I lost my precious... Photos..yeah, photos. My collection is gone. Feels sad." WG: "Ooofff, that had to hurt." PC RESCUE ONE: "PR OMG! Topper confirmed down. He looks like a Kremlin Citadeled his PC. Oh the humanity, the devastation, that PC had a horrible end. We got Topper, but he is inconsolable. He may be in shock. Get medics ready when we get back. It could be fatal, his PC is out of warranty. " And so yet another successful manual patch is applied. WG: (Facepalms) "Wow, just, wow. Okay, we work on hot patch. Coming soonTM."
  4. I think you won't be disappointed. The Russian players for instance, just go in like they don't have all day. It's a war in the ring. They don't say much but they speak loudly with their guns. And they just love coordination. Especially with a CV. I got complimented a lot for being a team player. You will find quite a few that do support well. Just communicate your intentions and don't be afraid to heed their advice. Most of them have been playing quite a while. So their experience is quite a gem. I only stumbled upon this time frame because I work night shifts and get off at 3 or 4 am. But it suits me fine. I even did great in ranked until my hand got hurt. So have fun out there. <O
  5. SteelRain_Rifleman

    No Spotter Plane for Goliath?

    I think most cruiser, DD and BB captains just want some CIWS and maybe a surface to air missile for the tier 10s. Kremlin would be happy with goalkeepers. But missiles, Da. So long as Texas gets hers. I am okay with that. LOL ๐Ÿ˜†
  6. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Excellent Choice!

    Ishizuchi, only the kawachi has worse dispersion. Mikasa was free. And we all know why. When Mikasa shoots just two turrets and one shot is bowlegged, while the other sails over the ship like a golf ball hit by a sand wedge, then it's time to make it a secbat build. Ishizuchi is so bad, I am still dismayed WG still charges for the ship. I had one, got it back from a crate, and both times sold it. Never again! If WG accidentally hands one out from a crate, then call customer support immediately and ask them to swap it for a Musashi as punishment to them. I would only give one as a gift if I want to enrage that player so much that they hunt me down and beat me with a broom. You want to ruin your marriage to the spouse that plays this game with you, then I dare you to buy them one. You will get kicked out of the house. OP it's best to ask clan mates and other experienced players that you are on great terms with, about premium ship recommendations. Also look up LWMs review on these premiums. They are quite spot on. Most streamers that use these premium ships are also an indication. Because if they like sailing it, then they are using it a lot. All of them have favorites. It never hurts to ask their opinion too. Bear in mind, most ships are ideal with certain playing styles. What you like may not always be what the ship will do.
  7. If by tier, 6-8 is the best zone due to premiums that are efficient and effective. For MM times, wee hours of the morning around 5-7 am CDT. That's 3 am West coast and 6 am East coast. I don't know why, but maybe the sleepy heads up are easily laid back and the matches are interesting without salt. Also there are players from countries that are daylight or afternoon for them and for the most part rather polite. Most hail from Australia, New Zealand, and parts along the Pacific rim. You do get that occasional European player and CIS , because they have accounts in NA and are curious of what we do here and because I guess they like the atmosphere at that time slot. If anything, NA server players from North America specifically, might take a cue on attitude about game play from them. I rarely have met anyone rude. Funny yes, rude no. Give that a try.
  8. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Is it possible to consolidate accounts?

    It would be great to unify all accounts ever used across all servers and just use one for everything. This way a player can log in to any server to find better Random matches or other reasons I can't think of. The only fly in the ointment is stats merge, accounts with other games, and the gobs of data that would have to be compiled for some players. It would probably tie up a WG programmer for days. In my opinion it's too labor intensive. The hours to do it would take a week per player. And WG would not pay an employee to do this without paying for the cost of labor by the player. If I had to pay for it, it probably would cost about $400 US. And that is the presumption of 1 other account on another server and there's not much on it. Even I would rather leave thing's as they are, because any data merge could cost you something missing from errors in the transfer. As wonderful as the information age is, storage, transfer, and merge would still be too risky.
  9. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Mmmmm Smolensk.

    You just have to be careful in Randoms when a conquerer or Thunderer is around. The 416 and 457mm HE round can sand blast a Smolly easy. No guns and AA. It is a goner quick. The 457mm HE round can pen from bow on. And an AP round from US Navy 16 inches and above in the water below waterline triggers a citadel. Smollys have a soft below water line underbelly. So land a round in the water is enough to get a citadel because the round is slowed down by the water. No overpen. This phenomenon was actually discovered in real by the US Navy and even the IJN took advantage of the phenomenon with aiming at ships. The in game physics allows it. Most players make the mistake of waterline alignment to citadel a Smolly, but in that ship's case, you aim a little below. The round dips in the water and Bam. Try it in the training room, but you will have to get a player to shoot at you. Once you understand this you will be able to be careful. Basically, you can't ever be seen by a BB in an uncompromising position. I don't have a Smolly, but I have citadeled a few. Every time, it's where I aim, and it's consistent. The most recent developments is the rolling barrage on a Smolly firing in smoke. HE fired in a rolling barrage until a turret is hit. If two BBs focus The smoke and do it, then it's fatal. You might be able to set fire to a few BBs, but they only got to hit you once with large caliber HE while you smoke.
  10. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Improper Use of "GG"

    GG, * covers testicles with rhinestone covered cod piece and dives over thread wall, lands on CVs thread only to be set on fire by an angry Smolly player. Offff, hot, hot, ooohh that is hot. Me hairs got burned off. Hoooo. That's going to hurt a wee bit. Anybody got any burn gel?
  11. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Unsporting Conduct

    A team DD sailed just in front of my citadel shot while in my BB. He was close enough to have the shell rip through the top of his bridge windows and in to the BB for a fatal citadel shot. I did say oops, but before I typed that I doubled over laughing because I am sure had there been a captain in that bridge I would have parted his hair and most of the bridge crew dumped their shorts. The player shrugged it off but realized that that was a crazy shot. It was full salvo broadside through the windows of the DD and in to a BB for a massive fatal citadel deletion. I can't remember how many citadels but it was a Kremlin. About 90% health barely a scratch on it. It was just absurd how the shell flight went through that DD because the shock wave would have blown off the top of that bridge. I thanked the player for the compliment. It was nice and gracious of them to say that. I had to play 3 to get the pink off. OP, you would be surprised the funny stories of accidents or Tks that occur. Like everyone before. It happens. Just say sorry or oops. It's my default thing now. Now if I can get team destroyers from not hitting me in the goodies in my BB. That would be nice. I seem to get that one player that dumps at least one rack suddenly from in front or behind. Sometimes near fatal. Others not. I am considering adding more torpedo protection. This is getting ridiculous. It's like you are just walking around minding your business and suddenly someone out of nowhere kicks your privates. I get it about 2 times average per day and over 10 times on VDay. I don't know the exact number on that day, I lost track. But your experience is mild compared to just about every here. Mine is jacked up. LOL ๐Ÿ˜†
  12. SteelRain_Rifleman

    There is nothing wrong with divisions in this game

    Teamwork is great. This shows coordination and Real Time Strategy. Comms, having a great spotter, and great gunnery. Yes division and win. But I wonder, if WG got rid of divisions and they instead added PR based MM in Randoms, how quickly would there be less steam rolls and more long dragged out matches between two unicum teams. Imagine the skills being thrown at each other on a daily basis? Would win records be still intact? Would PR stay the same? It would be like KOS every day. Somebody has to lose. So would the elite of the elite, the creamiest of the crop, want to slug it out with their peers every single Random battle every single day? And when the dust finally settles, there can be only one player or clan on top. Would the other clans go along with the idea of being blasted in stats because there are no lopsided fights. No divisions, just solo warriors in a battle royale? I would pay to see that. Alas no, WG fosters team play. Divisions make things safer. Use of your brain and a good microphone that does not make you sound like Darth Vader is required. Yep team play. Works for me. But the above stuff is an idea I came up with to create Kaos by bringing KOS to the game every day, but skill based on some PR thingy and wins of course. I myself would rather team up once in a while. But my idea would be just fun as heck. Imagine those matches purple vs purple until after a few months many of them become orange or whatever denotes not being gud. It would be a true test of your culmination of a lifetime of game play right. Depends on how many lives one lives eh? I am a team player and I have been doing the spotting thing without divisions and I have done okay. Now I know I can spot a fleet in my Hakuryu and help an entire team, then swoop in and slam a few torps and bombs too. Thanks for reinforcing what I knew from the beginning. Spotting kills and nobody does it better than CVs. I will be doing this quite often when I get my arm healed and I will maybe find a few players that like to div that I already know can shoot. This should be fun. The sick feeling of red being seen in the first 5-7 minutes should do it. No ship will be safe. Smoke won't help you if a CV knows when you did and drops a fighter right when it expires. It's not like I have a table of smoke times of ships and a reliable chronometer with me. This is quite enlightening. โšก๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒช๏ธ๐ŸŒ€๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  13. SteelRain_Rifleman

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    See he gets it. WG needs to up the ante and make them more wicked. If it's too wicked, just pop over a mosaic over the bits. Who would not want 3 shimakaze players dancing around with spears over the flaming cracked wreckage of a Midway. Zath would and ...hmm, there is another.... A 4 ft 11 in tall vampire.... There is at least two. I think there could be more. It's like catching smolly players, playing with matches. LOL
  14. SteelRain_Rifleman

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    Yeah, turrets flying up in the air and landing on other ships would be cool. A mast breaking off a sunken ship that lands on a live one would be cooler if rest of game you dragged it along like a trophy. I would think shimakaze players would like to see Midways explode with bits stewn about and two or three shimakaze players take a selfie next to the doomed Midway. IDK, maybe Zath and I are a minority for devastating damage being shown. Even an undetonated torpedo stuck in a Conquerer's stern would be quite a screenshot and a load of laughs to the DD player.