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  1. SteelRain_Rifleman

    All Ocean after 11 at night.

    That would be fun.
  2. SteelRain_Rifleman

    This has bugged me for a while, now...

    Yeah, that feature is probably on WG's to do list. Just don't expect it fixed right away. At least when I open a supercontainer, I don't get 100 detonation signals anymore. *but is nervous to check next week now, because that is when the detonation signals usually shows up, then I hear laughing from the page that sounds like Jabba the Hutt.
  3. I cook in advance. Burning a steak is a sin. I cook for myself all the time. The trick is to not log in until you had finished cooking. Now eating a steak and playing requires multitasking.
  4. SteelRain_Rifleman

    New Ops needed

    Yeah, Cherry Blossom was nice. New OPs could be called Orange Blossom, Death Blossom, Bloomin' Onion(Outback's lawyers would like to speak with you Steel, outback.), Raging Blossom, Strawberry Blossom, Raspberry Blossom, Mushroom Blossom, Blossom versus Six, and the Blossom of Dangerous Curves. Maybe add OPs called "A Fistful of Yamatos", "The Magnificent Seven Colorados", "Texas last stand", "12 o' clock High", "Gunfight at the BB Corral", "Torpedoes, Torpedoes, Torpedoes", "Pew, Pew, Cruisers", "Trafalgar 2.0", "More Better Battle of Jutland", "Father Goose" (You have to escort all the AL/ARP/HSF ships to a safe port while dealing with their enemies. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it for all Weeb kind." "Ragtag Fleet" after the bots slaughtered everyone in Randoms, you lead the few players that are left to safety through troubled waters and misadventures. This sounds too familiar, but the idea was submitted by a player named Cyrus Long. *hears a clarinet playing in the battleground...that sounds familiar......
  5. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Deadeye is gone, how about the rest?

    Devs do wander into the NA server every now and then. Mainly to "test" something that they can't test anywhere else. The reason it can't be done in other servers is fighting styles or unique players specific to the testing parameters they want to get data for. Not all servers have a good spectrum of players to test things and I have run into at least one. They never admit who they are, but they play really good just like you say. They never pass up a good spot by a DD or a CV. They usually employ a more team oriented assault. If I met one in Randoms, I am sure it was entertaining. Because they were testing, it was usually not pretty for me. One caveat players often overlook about Devs playing is that if they so choose, they just click a box on a tab, and you are in trouble because all the safeties are off on whatever ship they are in. I can only imagine, but I never seen it in person. But it is most likely to occur if you insult them. LOL They hold the keys to the kingdom. They can make it better or worse. So, if they entrust you to test something, and you do exploit it for personal gain, then they will never forget it. They have their own ways to punish I am sure. They want a balanced game, but a ship has to fun too. That is always hard to do. Like you say, they probably know which is OP and UP on any ship, but they run it by a select few unicums just to see if they are honest or not. And when they know they are not, Dead Eye. Cruisers get punished and there are clans that make a living off cruisers. Purple ones at that. For those clans to deny that as punishment would be hilarious, but they can't really know can they? But a few of their players probably do know what they did to trigger it. IDK, Devs do what is necessary. And whether they test themselves and then let STs test only to not take their input at all seems weird to me. I think at some point the Devs did value the STs opinions, but a betrayal of sorts occurred and the relationship is in a state of distrust. For a ST to think that "I am testing this, but my opinion will not matter because WG Devs don't trust my opinions" , well that is a waste of ST time don't you think? Does WG consider their input or not? Or do they think any data from the ST is corrupted? That is an interesting question. Right now, WG will test what they have, use live data to see if they need to adjust, and patch it in. Current data probably shows Dead Eye is OP, but only WG sees that data. They apparently want more before a major change, but a change is coming. But I do know this, any major change is a free re-spec. Because if it is major, and many skills get taken off or modified, then we will have a freebie for sure. We just play as usual and do what we do. Play the game. If Randoms is bad, play Operations or Co-Op. I have seen Randoms players play Co-Op. It is nothing new. If Ranked seems to drag you down, then don't play it. Save your resources, play what is comfortable for you, and let the data speak for itself. When your favorite secbat build BB is languishing, then show it in the numbers. Even if it is painful, WG has to know. Refusing to play, not logging in, or just being rude to Devs will serve no purpose. They respond to facts is my experience. And you struggle through games doing what you do is how they see the facts. It is the only way they will listen because they report to their boss with numbers too. Their boss wants facts. And opinions don't count. Only numbers make bosses raise eyebrows. I enjoy the debate. You made some valid points even I did not consider. Have fun out there. <o
  6. SteelRain_Rifleman

    All Ocean after 11 at night.

    Tears of the desert looks like the Grand Canyon after Canada melts and drains into it for some reason. I keep imagining wayward Canadians complaining about global warming in tiny canoes paddling around that map, making campfires on the shoreline, and even a sasquatch running around. (Only it is not a sasquatch, it is a Canadian running around naked that ran out of razors.) And MacGyver is on the top of one of those mountains with his jeep building a plane out of cardboard, shipping containers, Molsen kegs, hair from sasquatches, construction adhesive, and several hockey sticks.
  7. SteelRain_Rifleman

    All Ocean after 11 at night.

    Because BB players hate islands. I play BB at that time. Most players prefer to play BB at that time because of a long day and some have a bout with alcohol. They don't want to muck about in a slow paced battle of rocks. They just see the ships, open fire, and done. This would be for the hangover crowd. Last night I saw a Henri do a 180 degree turn at start. I am pretty sure that player had 10 too many.
  8. I propose that Ocean map be only map used in co-op after 11pm local times for players.
  9. SteelRain_Rifleman

    You Whales Ready For The Auctions?

    IDK, that is kind of cheap. For that amount, his goose is cooked.
  10. Arrrrr! Patch day! Put on your patches everyone and join the festivities! *Puts eye patch over eye patch. Aye am ready for me closeup Mr. DeMille!
  11. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Game no longer supporting left handed mice.

    That just ain't right. *shoots gnat's gonads off with a paperclip and a rubber band."
  12. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Colorado turret change.

    The Freddy has googly eyes mounted on the directors in remembrance of the days when it "could not hit the inside of a barn with the doors closed." Just kidding of course. Or am I?
  13. SteelRain_Rifleman

    You Whales Ready For The Auctions?

    For sale, one slightly abused Chihaya Gunzo. Been abused by ARP Takao, AL Nelson, Azuma, Iona, Yamato, and Yukikaze. May be slightly tired. But otherwise capable of gameplay. Habitual womanizer, so keep him from your ship waifus. 19 points. Will take bids starting at 4000 doubloons or 100000 steel.
  14. SteelRain_Rifleman

    You Whales Ready For The Auctions?

    I am proxy bidding for proxy bidders and they bid 5 doubloons.
  15. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Monitor Glitch

    I will try another monitor when I can actually afford one. Right now. I can't. I will just deal with it. As for thermal issues, I solved that one easy and it was not my card. It was a software issue. It comes and goes. It hardly interferes with gameplay. I have been looking at new monitors for quite some time. But this particular issue does have a certain...coincidental reaction based on specific things I would rather say is... too coincidental. I dismissed it for some time because I didn't want to believe the coincidence. So eventually, I will try a new monitor to rule out the coincidence. What can I do about the coincidence you might ask? Not a darn thing. It is what it is.