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  1. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Weekly Combat Missions: Black Friday

    Oops, my bad. But I thank you for your input. Hosho, fo sho, make it B. But feel free to add other ships. I like the idea of black. We might be on to something. You know, not many goths play this game. It would be nice if they have something of their own. Tribal Tattoos on BBs, etc. I am not goth by the way. Arcane maybe, Pre-Victorian possibly, or I may be just a player that can't stand bright lights and tangled webs weaved. Then there is the Furries. They want a plushy boat, Harekaze does not count. And a Minecraft BB that is impossible to angle would be hilarious to see in a special mode. We could call it Blockships. Even Tanks on an April fool's event, had that Ballsy game mode. So long as there are colors to see, we must put as many out to sea. The only limit to the human mind is their imagination and their courage to explore it. The adventure is finding out what you can create and nurturing it until it blooms for all to see. We too often do things we don't want to do because we are pressured to do it. But we also do things because we are insecure about telling the truth. I play this game too much it seems. Too much. Yep, a lot. 4 years and counting.
  2. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Weekly Combat Missions: Black Friday

    This should be fun, I have a good chance to get the other stuff since I have all the ships. But I do have a few questions? Why not offer new Black ships? Musashi(Goth Loli Yammy), Kii(Twisted Sister Kii), Salem(Bewitching, have black cats walk on her deck)), Benham(Darth Benham), or just about any premium in the other lines? Some players like the other tech tree lines. I see a lot of French and Italian ships. I even see that we are quite low on Commonwealth. And finally, West Virginia 1943-44, when? And who can not pass up the Sith one itself, Smolensk? Just because its coal, it don't have a dark soul. I know what you're thinking. "He is full of poop." But technically we all are...and ONE in particular has twice as much and won't give. I think that be constipation mate. (Throws Epic Shade.) "When a man tells a lie, he murders some part of the world." Merlin from the movie Excalibur, 1981. But when a women does it, she looses customers. Sticker shock or sticker hoc? Please WG, you must have something awesome coming soon. I have faith in you. For others, "I find your lack of faith disturbing." Darth Vader, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. I will be monitoring this game's progress slowly but surely. Be it known or should I say WG knows, my intentions and the full extent of the consequences. I support this game, but that can change with the wind. And right now it is a gale of fire and hail. And FYI, I will be chat silent. I have disabled chat in game. So be not offended, I just do not want to say anything right now. "Let them meet silence." Khan Noonien Singh. For those not in the know, you don't want to know and don't ask. I will not tell you. I have my reasons. "For it is the doom of men that they soon forget." Merlin.
  3. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Your Server-Transfer Invitation - Limited-Time Offer

    Anything in the Dagobah System I can transfer to? Something, Far, far, away?
  4. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Update 0.8.10 - Feedback

    It is a wee bit glitchy during battle. Most notable is a flicker that lasts about 2 secs and also a flicker that sends you back to desktop, but you just click back to the game from the launch bar. I ran updates and checked the game itself. Hopefully it is resolved.
  5. Welcome. But did ye pass the Vegemite test yet? I once put Vegemite on a rat trap, but the rats called the health department on me. I am glad you are not that "Timmy" that always goes in C alone and we never hear from him. All we find is a raft with questionable reading material and a couple of Pusheens.
  6. SteelRain_Rifleman

    One Day Only - US Marines Birthday Mission

    That is copyrighted by the USMC. All US Military copyrighted their emblems so the services get paid for its distribution license. This was recently done, so I understand why we can't have it. Happy Birthday USMC. While I myself did not have the honor to serve, I did join the high school version ROTC program. To know the history, or should I say , Lore of the CORPS, is to know something special. To all those Marines serving past and present, Semper Fi! (For those not familiar, Semper Fi, "Fidelis" means Always Faithful. As we remember our veterans, we should thank them all for their service. Never forget. All Freedom was won by baptism or fire and blood. Some made the ultimate sacrifice and serve as a reminder, that we must never let tyranny have its way with the world. I present to you all, the Marines Hymn.... From the Halls of MontezumaTo the shores of Tripoli;We fight our country's battlesIn the air, on land, and sea;First to fight for right and freedomAnd to keep our honor clean;We are proud to claim the titleOf United States Marine.Our flag's unfurled to every breezeFrom dawn to setting sun;We have fought in ev'ry clime and placeWhere we could take a gun;In the snow of far-off Northern landsAnd in sunny tropic scenes;You will find us always on the jobThe United States Marines.Here's health to you and to our CorpsWhich we are proud to serve;In many a strife we've fought for lifeAnd never lost our nerve;If the Army and the NavyEver look on Heaven's scenes;They will find the streets are guardedBy United States Marines. Hoorah! <o
  7. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Smolensk OP, please Nerf!

    Well it may or may not be OP. But not unsinkable. I found 2 citadels today. The rest was gravy deleting it.
  8. Corrected. that did throw me.
  9. Peter the Great left his thrown to explore Europe. He did leave someone sorta in charge. He wanted to see the world. He worked on ships as a sailor. No one knew who he really was. He wanted to see the world from the perspective of a man rather than a Czar. He would hear how his own country was viewed by others. (he would hate Reddit if he were alive now.) He studied clothing, customs, and other things of the west and adopted a lot of it when he returned to his throne. He IS the Founding father of the Modern Russian Navy. He also ordered fines be imposed on anyone who wore a beard. He did not like beards. (Philigula would be in trouble for sure.) Peter wanted to modernize Russia and he did so with absolute certainty. It is without a doubt, that among all the Czars, despite them being deposed by Communism, that after all this time, he is revered by the Russian navy and its people. He was a visionary. He wanted to take his people out of agriculture based economy and diversify its capabilities. It is no doubt the most pivotal moment in Russian History. Without Peter the Great, no one would really know the Russia we see today. <0 He is Russia's first Great Advocate.
  10. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Hair care by a guy who has interesting hair

    Okay, apparently you have way too much testosterone Nugget. I would say cut back, but that is not only impossible, but most likely why you are probably too hot for the ladies. Maybe in your case, having hair would be unfair for the rest of us. Well, my bad. I meant you eat them. I usually put a few from a can in to an omelet with a few veggies for something for breakfast. Just a few. 1 tablespoon. No. Please do not do this. That is a cool beard. I am jealous. And you apparently need no help with hair issues. That beard says "Porterhouse, medium. And I will take the grilled Salmon to go. just put it on my Trident. That's how I roll."
  11. Many players ask me: "Steel, how do you make your hair so awesome?" "Did it hurt when you fell down from Heaven?" I reply: "Why nutrition of course." I do not answer the second question because I am waiting for the Tylenol to kick in. It starts at the root. The root of any hair problem is how does it grow? Well, keratin is the building block for hair, nails, and skin. Keratin is also the protein that protects epithelial cells from damage or stress. (As in no stress, no ..wrinkles) That be a CLUE. So you can either take supplements or you can get it naturally in your diet. Proteins or specifically protein derived from red meat, legumes(beans), tree nuts like almonds and blueberries have the much needed building blocks to help with hair. Oysters are also a good source. A good bowl of regular pinto or black beans is ideal, but it is all up to you. To keep the hair healthy after it grows, you will need something oil based that is able to make it shine. Omega 3 does that well. You can get that with tuna, salmon(wild caught), or supplements. You only need 1000mg of Omega 3 per day(it is a caplet that you swallow) to get results in a few weeks. Usual benefits are strength, and it prevents dryness. You hair may curl if you normally do but in a superman forelock sort of way. The way hair is sustained is to always provide a fresh supply of building blocks with protein. Hair needs natural oils, but omega 3 will also enhance any natural oils you already have by making them more water proof. Certain shampoos can be too strong and just a tea tree oil based one will not harm the hair. Omega 3 just makes the hair look awesome. And no, you will not smell like a fish. The really cool benefit of omega 3 is it also acts like a bar bouncer for bad fats taken in your diet. It just shoves those out and makes your arteries squeaky clean. The earlier you start, the better off you will be. I started at 27. And much to the dismay of medical, I am squeaky clean artery wise, and I do have awesome hair. Other things to consider with nutrition: always seek a balance. Anything that makes your metabolism run faster than normal affects cell processes. If it runs at 210%, then it loses 210% of that much nutrition. That also means that you damage more than you rebuild. That is my last hint. Avoid anything that artificially speeds up your metabolism and instead try more B vitamins to do it naturally or with exercise. But always remember to water the flowers and lay down the fertilizer, or nothing grows. The Star that burns twice as fast, only lasts half as long. I will now resume my other job, battling evil in many dimensions with my awesome hair. Good luck captains.
  12. SteelRain_Rifleman

    How do you get rare ships like musashi?

    Well, SCs and Christmas containers is probably the only way to get one. But to increase your likelihood, it is best to make sure you have every other premium. LOL In my case, I think I don't have Friesland, Smolly, Wichita, and that damn tier 4 IJN BB which I did get like 3 times. Once I bought, then sold it, got it two more times, sold them again. I will likely get that ship a few more times. Technically, if you make sure you have every ship but the one you want, theoretically, the holiday containers will get you that ship. It is how it worked last time. WG had set it so if you already have a ship, you got the next one on a list of available ones. The catch is that your ship has to make the list. SC's is still a crap shoot. But WG could change the holiday container parameters anyway. It is not like they can put every ship on that list. Last year they left a few out. Wait and see. The odds are not in your favor on SC's. But the holiday containers might be your best route. Just read the release notes to see if Musashi is on the list and if they will give it to you provided all other ships on the list you have. It is all in the list. They always have a list. Sometimes it lists port, sometimes starboard. Just make sure you are listening. Or you may become listless. Okay, I am all punned out. Somebody take over....
  13. These are always great. So long as you do use the service. I do not have an account with Twitch, anymore. It is nice though. But I will not be creating a new account just for that. It is no big deal to me. Still, for those that would like to try. I urge any of you to explore the plethora of Warships streamers out there. Not only do they entertain with some being super casual, but many are well experienced with certain ship types that just watching would be worth your while. It will be a learning experience and you get a drop just watching. I have recommendations in no particular order based on what I used to watch, so bear with me, some may have changed ship types or hair color. ASHLEYakaASHLEY - Casual gamer, but also, rather skilled oddly in many ship types. She is what you call a dark horse. Driven by objectives, and a laugh that has no equal in the 9 realms. If you are a Midway player, I pity you. Her guns glow in the presence of Midways. TMGrunty- Destroyer expert, and that is no joke. He narrates his thought processes as he plays, and even explains key tactics for winning. He is a fierce competitor, but you will learn how to DD from him. He also has branched out to cruisers and maybe BBs. So he is worth a watch just to get your skills down. NoZoupforYou or Zoup as many call him is by far the BB main guy I know, but he dabbles in other ships. His take on each ship and his analyses of many ships is a very useful resource. Mejash- A very skilled Warships player and has quite the following for being laid back. I would mention the EU ones here, but I did watch too many back then. There are also more NA streamers that I watched off and on. Each one gives excellent insight and entertainment. You want a good time, watch all of them. I would mention a couple others, but I may be accused of being biased. But I will mention 1 of the two only because ya'll need to see for yourself. Karmat1ka. Yep, the animal loving, horror genre playing, and shooty boats player that works here. First time she blpapped a ship wiuth a Battleship, she went super excited. She is a child trapped in an..ahem..person older than 21..(OOFFF, DODGED THAT ONE). Happy Belated Birthday Tika. A pro tip, always use the one candle. Nobody needs to know.
  14. SteelRain_Rifleman

    ST, Co-op matchmaking, 14 Ranked season and other improvements

    9v9. Nice. I can finally break my Colorado and Kii record of sinking 7. I think I did that about 2 or 3 years ago. Kii was most recent. And in Honor of BB35 Battleship Texas, I posted her stats. She may be over a hundred years old, slightly worn down from time, but she has seen the most experience than any warship that still is around today. While the Iowas and other BBs in parks across the US get a lot of attention, she has had seen better days. She is the last dreadnaught. She has an engineering marvel of a very well studied and cherished reciprocating steam engine. During the last event I was in, I spent so much time looking at the engine, that I missed out on WG swag. They ran out that day. It was a very big turn out. I donated at the store and I mailed a post card to a veteran that was turning 100 years old. Joe Cuba of Wichita Falls. I eventually went about the ship. I was about 8 to 10 last I was aboard. I remember the bofors, and the 5 inch guns. I could be there all day as a kid. So many memories. I urge all of you to pay her a visit. Old as she may be, maybe she is not the prettiest, or the flashiest. Maybe many see her as too old. She has withstood the test of time. She is the epitome of endurance and determination. Her crew from the day she set sail to the day she arrived at the park, loved being aboard her. I can understand why. Covered in rivets and plates so thick it hurts just to smack it. Welds from refits in the 40's to the searchlight that has the distinction of having been mounted on the USS ARIZONA. To the funny story of the bear named Ursa that was raised aboard and when it got too big, they placed it in the brig. Eventually Ursa found a new home, but nobody can ever recall anybody ever spending time in the brig. Never lose sight of the past. Thanks WG for adding more variety to a really fun game. <o
  15. SteelRain_Rifleman

    Semper Fortis - Always Strong - 7th - 14th

    Okay here goes, it was a crazy match. But some speculate I am crazy. I will neither confirm nor deny that. I will only say I sink botes, a lot. I am a leaf in the wind. But when it comes to Benham, I drive it like I stole it. Pay no attention to the pinky stuff. They were mostly bots in my way to victory, mostly.