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  1. I like the lines, except the RN Tier 7. Like you said, I think a refitted Admiral class would fit better, as it fits in progression with J3 and K3.
  2. Not really actually. G3 has more than enough armor and speed it fight it out at Tier 9, upgraded shells and barrel linings would have upgraded the 16 inch guns to something better at Tier 9 plus there is also the 16.5 inch guns as well.
  3. Something like : Indefatigable - Tier III Princess Royal - Tier IV Tiger - Tier V Renown - Tier VI Admiral - Tier VII J3 - Tier VIII G3 or an F series design - Tier IX K2 or K3 design - Tier X
  4. The Battlecruisers weren't flawed in their design as much as the powder itself the British used was very volatile compared to the more stable mixtures used by everybody else besides the Japanese, who used powder similar to the British.
  5. The classic
  6. Fighting against Iowa's, they still eat broadside citadels quite easily, I've had similar experience fighting against Montana as well. As a Nelson player, no, leave their citadels alone.
  7. Do you realize almost all of Nelson's AA is short ranged too? The 40mm Pom Pom's and 20mm Oerlikon's in her 1945 refit are destroyed so easily that her AA power crumbles as fast as Hood, all of the 20mm and 40mm DPS is allocated to the 2/2.5 km range, the American Bofors only ads like 63 DPS at 3.5 km. Seeing how many times I've simply been focused and deleted by enemy carriers due to how sad my maneuverability and AA DPS are. It doesn't matter if you are sailing with teammates, if something like Saipan, Lexington or Enterprise decides you will die, you are basically helpless to stop them. Nelson is already extremely vulnerable to any ship armed with anything with 15 inch guns or above, meaning the majority of enemy battleships can simply lolpen you through your angled bow. Throw in the sheer amount of CL/CA spam you get and no, Nelson is not exactly an extremely strong ship. Heal or no heal, torpedo damage, citadels from Enterprise planes and battleships citadels don't exactly heal well. Easy to break but potent close range AA would be a good buff to Nelson, as it would increase her survivability against dive bombers.
  8. I'm not exactly sure, pretty sure they've changed premiums in the past.
  9. Another tick on the bingo card. That amount damage is acceptable seeing the normal sortie rate.
  10. Again, you are blowing the F-35's reliability way out of proportion. There has been multiple demonstrations and the USAF is either already or soon will be operating the first aircraft. You are aware the A-10 is completely useless against anything remotely close to a modern enemy force? That old bomb truck is getting long in the tooth, its main gun hasn't been able to kill tanks for decades. The A-10 is only good against sand monkeys or a military with all its antiaircraft weaponry destroyed, which is impossible.
  11. So I count five boxes ticked off with one sentence, not too bad. Everybody loves to jump on the F-35 hate bandwagon however, almost everyone who does is very poorly informed on the subject. The individual price of the F-35A is roughly $94.6m right now, decreasing to $90m later this year, roughly $85m by the end of next year/early 2019 and about $77m by 2020, so long as the project stays on track, which it is. The F-22 is still the most expensive aircraft by sheer flyaway cost. Keep in mind the United States spent $1.5 trillion on the F-35. This includes developing the aircraft, buying 2,400 of them and the next 50 years operating costs, not too bad honestly. Every other relevant NATO nation is buying them, that must mean everybody wants a garbage aircraft and are Lockheed shills amirite boys? No, it's because the F-35 is a perfectly fine and priced aircraft. But I'm a complete aircraft layman, so keep circle jerking away.
  12. "Hurr hurr F-35 is total garbage guise xdddd" I wonder how many I'll get to check off today.....
  13. Superchargers are just a larger amount of propellant used to fire the shell, giving it more range.
  14. When people won't stop focus firing you in Nelson.
  15. It's not a cop out this time, Vanguard was designed to carry and fire superchargers.