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  1. Nelson should be slotted into Tier 7 with Rodney replacing her as a premium. Tier 7 KGV with HMS Mongrel at Tier 8 is pure WG memes. Great post as always!
  2. No? Not even close. The Tribal's weighed at most 2,745 tons compared to something like the Dido class, weighing at bare minimum, 5,700 tons. There's also the fact the Tribal's gun armament is nowhere near even the most badly armed CL's with 5 inch and 5.25 inch guns. Heavier guns? 4.7 inch guns were rather standard for RN DD's, she was only special in how many guns she carried and even that was made irrelevant when refits removed their 'X' turrets. She can be called a DL however, she's nowhere near CL levels.
  3. Heavy Destroyer? That designation is completely made up.
  4. It's even more hilarious when you realize Des Moines main battery guns fire faster than her secondaries.....
  5. I haven't seen the game itself however, a good majority of the art seems ripped off from other games (Kancolle, Warship Girls etc) or just really questionable in general.
  6. I haven't heard that. Pigeon told me he was working on it about two months ago and there was a Naval Legends episode filmed. Hopefully that isn't true.
  7. I was hoping for Haida until I saw the "Kidding part" Hopes and dreams crushed once again.
  8. I'm personally not a fan of using made up fantasy ships, it's jarring and a bit strange to throw such an OP ship alongside the regular ship girls. A girl loses a lot of her personality when she's completely made up, as half of the fun of these fanfictions to me is building the characters and their interactions with each other based on their service records. Maybe that's just me but I just don't like the concept, sounds too science fiction for my taste, ironic I know when we're dealing with reincarnated warships as girls. Besides the concept itself, your writing itself seems more than up to par, some chapters seem a bit short but otherwise, the mechanics of the story itself seem good enough.
  9. Tier 7 premium BB easily
  10. I don't see where you are coming from here honestly. T-61 is quite a bland and boring ship, something like ZG-3 or ZH-1 would be leagues above it in terms of an interesting premium. ZH-1 saw all of her service with Germany along with ZG-3, who also saw the majority of her service with the Germans. Wolfgang is very similar to the Tier VII we already have, I'd rather see a more unique ship myself than another generic German DD clone.
  11. KGV at Tier 8 would work fine with certain changes. The standard 32mm bow upgrade along with an buff to 64,400 HP (Based on Anson's 1945 tonnage) alongside AA buffs. Changes to her 14 inch guns (Superchargers, another quad) or the proposed 15 inch guns would work more than fine. The 28 knots of speed could also be improved on as most ships of the class exceeding 28 knots.
  12. Inb4 people saying for months KGV couldn't be Tier VII
  13. Tribal's should be premiums tbh, they don't fit with the rest of the tech tree with their single torpedo tube, something like the J-class would fit Tier 7 much better. Something like Haida and maybe Cossack.
  14. It's mostly because Sackville was a Corvette with a rather uninteresting service record while Haida was a destroyer who served in multiple wars with the longest kill list of any Canadian Navy ship. Just sayin'.
  15. Nice try there buddy. That was one of the largest issues, ammunition handling and the powder itself. British powder was very volatile compared to other nations, that alone is quite a cause for concern.