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  1. Pretty decent character design, I personally can't wait for the Kancolle team to get off their rear ends and add more Allied ships.
  2. Please no, now I'm having War Thunder flashbacks again.
  3. Wow, I'm really looking forward to grinding through three extremely similar ships at Tiers 7, 8 and 9! Damn it WG, put Nelson back at Tier 7 with PoW as a Tier 7 premium alongside Rodney.
  4. Rodney supposedly made 25 knots for short bursts as she steamed to intercept Bismarck.
  5. Germany could only win an air battle of Britain, a naval invasion would have been nearly impossible and is wanky beyond all logic.
  6. I'm pretty sure there is some errors with ship models, one ship had fully enclosed turrets and a cage mast, something unseen on such early destroyers.
  7. Haida never had four dual 102mm guns, she had two dual 102mm guns mounted forward, one 76mm Des Moines AA gun and a bunch of 40mm single AA guns. Her Korean war layout would be a piss poor choice for wows.
  8. I knew this thread was going to be a crap storm but holy god guys
  9. I never once said deck parking would have been used in the Atlantic in actual combat, I'm talking about WOWS, which is a game. In order to make British CV's more viable, they will likely also have deck parking as well. We already have this in WOWS as Kaga uses her stored and half disassembled aircraft to boost her capacity from 72 to 85. This comment of reddit here helps shed some light.
  10. Graf Zeppelin had a similar hangar sizes to Lexington, throw in deck parking that WG sometimes uses for carriers and the number they have isn't that crazy. German carriers were 'designed' with small airwings because of the strained relationship with the airforce, no point designing a carrier to have more planes than it would get, even if it can carry a lot more. Another thing was her catapult system, which limited the amount of aircraft you could have in the air at short notice.
  11. Wait, Monarch is Tier 7 and KGV is Tier 8 now? I thought it was the other way around...... Everyone give a hurrah for two nearly identical ships back to back in the tech tree!
  12. I'm not sure that would work out, since Haida's guns will have USN tier gun arcs and a secondary 4 inch gun. Not really a sniper.
  13. I don't agree about Vanguard, that ship screams Tier 8 premium with a Tier 9 hull, Tier X AA but Tier 6 guns. Put ether 15 or 14 inch KGV at tier 8 and Nelson at tier 7, dump this Monarch trash.
  14. So Monarch is literally just KGV with 15 inch triples, betteR AA and masts? Hell yeah, three extremely similar ships in a row!
  15. I find it extremely disappointing we will have two extremely similar ships at Tier 7 and Tier 8, 15-C "Monarch" isn't much different than KGV. Yawn, put Nelson back at Tier 7.