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  1. Dunk_Master_Flex

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Don't quote me on this but I'm pretty sure the reason the FREMM ships are much cheaper is because they intentionally cut the lifetime repair/maintenance costs out of their offer unlike the others like the Type 26 which has it all included, hence the massive price tag.
  2. Dunk_Master_Flex

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    https://www.thechronicleherald.ca/news/local/failed-warship-bidder-sues-to-scuttle-deal-261443/ Seems like the Dutch aren't too happy about Lockheed being the preferred choice for the Canadian Single Class Surface Combatant Program.
  3. Dunk_Master_Flex

    [ALL] Maple Leaf Forever - The Essential Haida Edit

    The version of Haida we have in WOWS is the Haida straight from British dockyards, you can tell by the tripod mast. Later in the war, she made her first trip home to Canada where she received her cage mast and metal maple leaf on her funnel, as per regulations of the RCN. Kind of lame WG decided to take the lazy route and give us what amounts to Cossack with a turret gone and AA upgraded when Haida could have easily been visually different.
  4. Dunk_Master_Flex

    Canadian Surface Combatant, which design is ideal?

    Again, broken procurement system, not a lack of funding. $42B+ is more than enough for such a class, no clue what you are praddling on about. I sense a bit of bias here.
  5. Dunk_Master_Flex

    Canadian Surface Combatant, which design is ideal?

    We planned on purchasing the two Mistral class ships from France however, political kickball meant Egypt snatched them first. We have one AOR operational with two ordered. We're ready to drop upwards of $42 billion on a 15~ ship class, money isn't the issue, a broken and stagnant procurement system is. The Iroquois were converted into AA destroyers however, we're looking for a handful of dedicated AA destroyers while the rest are general purpose ASW tilted ships. The proposed Canadian variant does not come with the Sea Ceptors, only the 24 cell VLS system, so we're looking at 24 cells. Anything is a quantum leap over what we have now, our Halifax class are solid ships but they are relatively under armed and are getting worn out at a high pace. I'm betting the Type 26 will be chosen just due to it's commonality with other nations plus BAE's apparent pull with the RCN however I've heard musings that the Spanish option is the most preferred option from within the navy itself. But keep in mind that's from sailors, so it could very likely be [edited]. The Type 26 in it's Canadian proposal really rubs me the wrong way, size and armament wise. The flexible mission bay is helpful but how helpful for such a price point and and on an unproven ship at that. I'm personally agreeing with you, the Dutch ship looks like the most solid choice for the RCN.
  6. Hey everybody, I'm somewhat unfamiliar with modern warships but I'm curious about something. Given the Canadian Surface Combatant project to replace our Halifax class frigates and the decommissioned Iroquois class destroyers has just finalized the approved designs, I want to get some other opinions. The British Type 26, Dutch De Zeven Provinciën and Spanish F-105 frigates were all accepted for future review. On paper, the Dutch and Spanish offerings seem relatively reasonable, both having the capacity to provide ASW and air defense due to their fair number of VLS cells. However, the designs are relatively old. Mind you not very old however, not spring chickens. The Type 26 however worries me. It has a relatively low number of VLS cells and given it's large tonnage which worries me. I'm aware future proofing is a good thing however, the ships seem extremely empty in the capacity department compared to the other offerings. The Type 26 is the newest of the offerings but it's also untested. Given the state of British shipbuilding as of late, I'm hesitant to say the process will go smoothly, especially after crossed with Canadian shipbuilding/procurement and that mess. The submitted Type 26 variant, note the very small VLS complement compared to her size.
  7. Dunk_Master_Flex

    Premium Ship Review #106: Nueve de Julio

    Looks to be in the 60's or 70's however it's a bit hard to tell due to her armament never changing over her service. It makes sense historically to make her different than Boise and Helena, as the Argentinian Navy wasn't exactly the most competent bunch.
  8. Dunk_Master_Flex

    Premium Ship Review #106: Nueve de Julio

    Due to the ships age and relatively poor upkeep in Argentinian service, she could only make 30 knots.
  9. Dunk_Master_Flex

    Haida confirmed July 1st, Eh?

    I'd imagine either sold in a more expensive bundle or given as a challenge reward for July 1st.
  10. Dunk_Master_Flex

    Haida confirmed July 1st, Eh?

    Well boo that's a real shame. Whatever, I'll take her either way
  11. Dunk_Master_Flex

    Haida confirmed July 1st, Eh?

    I'm not 100% sure about the funnel leaf, this photo may show evidence to the contrary however, every single other photo I have come across featuring tripod Haida does not have the funnel leaf.
  12. Dunk_Master_Flex

    Haida confirmed July 1st, Eh?

    Just a question Mouse. The Haida model we've been teased with has the as built tripod mast and camo scheme, which I'm pretty sure was both replaced in her 1944 refit which also added the maple leaf to her rear funnel. Are we getting the 1944 cage mast and funnel leaf or is that just them being lazy and keeping the Cossack model? 1943 Haida without the cage mast and rear funnel leaf. 1944 onward Haida with cage mast and funnel leaf. Would be a shame if WG didn't model Haida with the cage mast, as I'm pretty sure that would make her unique from Cossack due to 4x2 Cossack never having a cage mast or funnel leaf. Although the maple leaf skin and leaks kind of point to the latter. Although I do have one image of Haida above with her tripod and something that resembles a leaf on the rear funnel, so I honestly have no clue. I don't assume you would know however, perhaps it's something you could bring up next time you happen to throw feedback at any devs, as having Haida with her funnel leaf/cage mast would definitely be small touches that add onto her personality.
  13. Dunk_Master_Flex

    Haida confirmed July 1st, Eh?

    It's not a massive change at all. Haida trades the .50cals and single 40mm Pom Pom's for six dual 20mm Oerlikons, the 102mm DP gun and quad 40mm Pom Pom stays. If you look on the bridge wings, you can see one of the 20mm dual mounts.
  14. Great photos! Hopefully I’ll get out to see her someday! Hope she arrives in WOWS soon, we haven’t heard much lately about her besides the naval legends.
  15. Dunk_Master_Flex

    One Good Thing About Haida's Extended Development

    There will be no near identical tech tree ship, the Tribals are premiums only.