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  1. Where are you getting this info? It sounds completely ahistorical.
  2. Given Salem, it could possible as another Tier X although I don't know what's up with Salem atm.
  3. Mouse herself says it's not a Lion or an Orion premium in an earlier comment, apparently it's a downtiered Conqueror? Unless we're getting bamboozled.
  4. I'm scratching my head pretty hard right now. Conqueror herself is basically a modernization/kitbash of I think one of the L series, so a premium would have to be a downtiered Tier IX. Having a fake premium doesn't make any sense at all when Vanguard exists. Really looking forward to more info about this thing or the review itself.
  5. It's alright, being in echo chambers like that can really skew peoples view of a situation. I was pretty bad as well at one time, you could likely dig up things from my post history that are purely untrue or hilariously bias now but it's a learning experience. As for South Dakota's "armor box", I wouldn't be so sure of that. As you can see here, I will quote the above mentioned 8 inch shell hit. "An estimated 8-inch AP projectile hit the shell at the second deck, frame 109-1/2. The projectile pierced the shell at a seam between a 25-pound and a 50-pound STS strake, furrowed through the 20-pound STS, second deck, pierced 10-pound longitudinal torpedo bulkhead No. 2 and penetrated the 12.2-inch longitudinal armor bulkhead to a depth of 7 to 8 inches at the top edge of the armor." An 8 inch AP shell penetrated through the outer skin of the ship and through the STS strake before stopping, that doesn't exactly bode well for larger caliber shells. As for Kongo, yes her armor is largely moot against everything minus cruiser fire due to it's layout and thicknesses however, Nagato isn't such a push over. While her scheme is old and could use improvement, it's layered system with turtleback armor does help her be a lot more durable than the Kongo's. Keep in mind Iowa's armor isn't exactly great, it's good enough for most engagements but it's not exactly ideal. If we're going two Kongo's + Nagato + Yamato vs the two Iowa's, I think even the two Kongo's are serious trouble for the Iowa's, let alone the other two. Iowa with a fleet behind her is a lot more likely to win. The only time I'd put Yamato ahead of Iowa is in a drag down 1v1 BB engagement and even then, it's more of a give and take.
  6. I love some good USN wank as much as the next guy but some of this stuff is blatantly irrelevant or untrue. The STS wank about it being some decapping magical super armor slathered over all US ships is hilariously absurd. Other nations had similar materials in use such as Ducol or Wotan Hart. While the Kongo's are generally the weaklings in this engagement, 14 inch guns are still a threat. Ignoring the fact that an IJN 203mm shell "hit South Dakota in the belt and penetrated the hull skin (decapping crap), multiple bulkheads and approximately 9 inches into the 12 inch main belt." Writing Nagato and her 16.1 inch guns off too is hilariously biased, she was mildly fast and while her armor scheme was questionable, trying to dismiss a platform carrying 16 inch guns is not fair in the slightest. The USN would have won however, I can't help but acknowledge the bias in your post.
  7. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    A real shame to hear this. Me and dseehafer have had a wavering relationship in the past but I'm happy to have mostly made peace with him long before something like this happened. He was a great and knowledgeable source for anything Kriegsmarine and I admit to bouncing information off him more than once. You will be missed my friend o7.
  8. I can't speak for the Japanese mounts however for the 4.5 inch BD mounts on HMS Renown, there is a fail safe lockout system that will not allow the guns to fire directly ahead at a low enough angle to damage the turret in front or behind the firing gun, however this system was noted to fail at one point. I'd imagine Nelson and Rodney had a similar system. "On 8 May 1941 while Renown was engaging Italian torpedo bombers, a fail-safe lockout system malfunctioned and her P3 mounting fired into the back of P2 mounting, killing six and wounding twenty-six crewmembers. Angle iron frameworks were erected by the ship's crew around the mountings to prevent a repeat episode. The fail-safe gear was overhauled during a refit at Rosyth later that same year."
  9. Dev Blog - Cossack changes

    Haida was rebuild with those 2x2 102mm guns along side a much more advanced electronics, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine suites to more properly fill the role of an escort and anti-submarine warfare ship, the roles the RCN itself was filling post WWII. She could indeed work in that layout if WG wanted to go that way.
  10. Germany still makes bad ships

    Sealion almost anywhere valuable in the Home Islands would have been a colossal failure in almost all aspects.
  11. The Derpiest Warships of the Battleship Era

    I knew Phoenix would show up when I saw the Pola post
  12. Germany still makes bad ships

    We're talking about WWII and inter-war era Germany, WWI era Germany made very fine ships while the Kriegsmarine....eh....well yeah. The Design Boards got gutted by the post WWI treaties and filled with useless idiots and blithering soldiers/politicians. 2.) Bismarck sinking PoW is debatable however if you are going to call Bismarck's rudder a lucky shot, Hood's magazine was one as well. Bismarck taking that much fire is due to her turtleback and the damage to the ship/sea state both working against the British shells. Bismarck's turtleback did exactly what it was designed to do in the exact situation it was designed to do it in, not exactly what I'd call amazing design but it did it's job well enough. Literally any other ship similar to Bismarck in her situation would have performed similarly, very poorly. When it comes down to it, Bismarck and Tirpitz were perfectly fine ships for the tasks they were designed for however, they weren't exactly what I would call the pinnacle of battleship design. As with most German ships of the time period, they were riddled with questionable choices thanks to the meme levels of incompetency displayed by the leaders and designers of the time. The myths of Wehraboo invincibility are thankfully starting to clear away so people can objectively look at the ships themselves.
  13. To be fair, it's blatantly obvious that Cossack is just a testbed for WWII era Haida.
  14. 2.) I don't see length being a legitimate way of measuring ships, as even WWII era cruisers were longer than the WWI era Dreadnoughts. Hell, Frigates are rapidly becoming destroyer sized/tonnage. 3.) While I'm not expert and fully well might be wrong, I'd rather see modernized Iowa's than some LHD VLS system. Having SAG's with an Iowa class at the center would definitely be a boon, the ships are in relatively good condition and a modernization could be possible, likely much more practical than something like Zumwalt or a new concept ship. Maybe modernize two Iowa's and use the other two as parts bins, potentially drop nuclear reactors in and trade off the 5"/38 guns for VLS and modern 5 inch guns. Battleship Surface Groups are a proven concept from the 80's and they are better than the old Tico's currently at the center of the surface groups. But again, I dunno, just brain storming here.
  15. I mean JohnPJones is right, the USN could develop 16 inch shells with those capacities however why would they? The USN could bring back two or so Iowa's and modernize them, why would they? I mean it's a better idea than building new battleships however, neither of those are perfect ideas to start with.