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  1. Haida never had a "stock RN version", she was built and commissioned with the 4 inch gun and differences to her AA armament.
  2. Questions About The USS Zumwalt

    It doesn't make a difference what shell you take to the bridge, you are gonna have dead staff.
  3. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Aaaaaaand nobody is surprised, Canadian procurement is about as reliable as an LCS. Good thing we have that one AOR to share between coasts
  4. Really, the Dresden myth again and again? Why do people keep spouting this drivel? Dresden contained industrial areas, a railway hub and vital communication equipment. It was defended and a perfectly valid military target. I mean if you want real terror bombing, take a gander at the Germans themselves. Frampol, an actual target of little strategic significance which was undefended with no military facilities at all. The Germans literally used it as target practice due to the towns grid layout, strafing civilians as training.
  5. I don't know what fallacy you are trying to cling onto. The fact that since the Japanese scuttled their ships for no reason? No, they scuttled them because they were effectively mission killed far from home with enemies still in the area. Do you know why they scuttled them? Because the USN bombed the ever living hell out of them. Nobody is arguing the Japanese scuttled the ships however in the end, the US did enough damage to cause the Japanese to sink their own ships. Either way you look at it, the US caused the Japanese to sink their own ships. That's a win win. But no, scuttling doesn't count so Japan actually won Midway and Bismarck was a tactical victory.
  6. Hmm, I guess the Japanese just sunk them because they felt like it, not like there was any reason they did so.... Oh wait.
  7. That point is factitious. Those ships are on the bottom because of the US attacks, it's essentially the same stupid logic Wehraboo's use to defend Bismarck. US attacks caused those ships to be scuttled, regardless of who pulled the final trigger.
  8. Scuttling not sunk my dude, chuckles in Bismarck wank Also, Dresden was not an atrocity as the city was a perfectly valid military target.
  9. Oh poor old innocent historic Dresden, it's not like there was a railway hub transporting vital war resources through the city and production areas in said city.
  10. Classic "whataboutism" at work. Nobody is free of guilt however, comparing Nazi Germany/Imperial Japan to the US is pretty questionable. With all of that being said, this isn't the thread to derail.
  11. Questions About The USS Zumwalt

    I would personally say at this point, either try to revive the LRLAP program and drop the price or develop a similar project with cost effectiveness in mind. There really isn't much I can see them doing, anything as drastic as removing the 6 inch guns.
  12. I know you weren't haha, I'm just saying lol.
  13. Keep in mind you have incidents such as Scharnhorst and Gneisenau sinking Glorious and her escorts, even though there was significant damage to Scharnhorst, she was still able to keep herself at high enough speeds to flee the area alongside Gneisenau without rending any aid to the crews of any ships sunk. This was before the Laconia incident. Sometimes you just cannot stick around however, it's illogical to point fingers when everybody was guilty at times.
  14. It's not exactly common practice to jump into rescue operations in the middle of the night with enemy ships in the area already rendering assistance to said ship. The Japanese really have no room to talk when it comes to rescue operations, neither to the Germans for the most part.
  15. Vanguard?

    People forget that soft stats such as sigma, shell dispersion, krupp and reload buffs can easily make Vanguard more than viable for Tier 8.