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  1. 1. PT, PM or both 2. LS (must have imo), AR or both 3. BFT, TAE, SE, SI or DE ( these are up to personal preference, i have BFT, TAE and SE as its my Fletcher captain) 4. CE
  2. ill second wows-numbers.com, they provide quite a bit of detail in terms of personal progression that warships.today didn't.
  3. If the battle was domination i agree with you, having an extra destroyer in domination is a huge advantage, standard battles it doesn't matter nearly as much.
  4. If you're enjoying it so far the manga is definitely worth the read, the anime while extremely faithful to the manga will only cover about half of what has been written due to their only being 13 episodes in the season.
  5. Just a fair warning this anime/manga may seem innocent and fine for younger audiences, its not. That aside its quickly become one of my favorite series, best of this season and possibly the year as a whole.
  6. The Yamamoto campaign came out early August, its also permanent, i couldn't tell you why people are complaining.
  7. just repeat the missions that don't require a CV, simple.
  8. I've been using wows-numbers as of late, they offer a ton of detail in terms of tracking progression would recommend.
  9. the screen caps should be stored in C:\Games\World_of_Warships\screenshot or C:\Games\World_of_Warships_NA\screenshot, unless you installed your game files somewhere else.
  10. If i find myself in a rut i play a Cleveland game or two, if the rut continues i get off and do something more productive or drink some scotch.
  11. 12 straight is my largest losing streak, usually stop playing after 3 or 4 but decided to keep at it.
  12. you can still take smoke, you just need to sub it in for the torp reload booster.
  13. as others have mentioned kiting is key, the turret positioning favors angling away heavily, i take mbm3 mod instead of range lowering the reload to 8.8s combine that with AR and you have a heavy cruiser that can either pump out fires or shred anything giving broadside with your high alpha AP. Roon is an absolute monster at tier 9, by far my favorite cruiser at the tier, hope you enjoy her as much as i have.
  14. throughout almost all of closed beta i didn't realize there was a torp lead indicator, looking back i just kind of laugh.