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  1. CesilTheDiddler

    Trying to improve from Below Average Joe

    From just looking at your stats I'd recommend working on your survival rate/staying alive longer, your current survival rate is quite low, the longer you're in the game the more influence on the outcome you'll have. If you'd like to post some replays it might give some more insight into how you're positioning yourself.
  2. CesilTheDiddler

    Favorite new camo in next update?

    The Atago tropical camo is damn fine, the Scharnhorst camo with the nose art is pretty nice too.
  3. Great group of guys, been with them for just over a year now, even though i haven't been very active within the clan for the last 5-6 months its been a joy to watch them continue to grow, looking forward to jumping back into the thick of it with them when life settles down a bit.
  4. CesilTheDiddler

    Haida Has Arrived

    maple bucks well spent