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  1. Awesome, hopefully we'll get the chance to play her in game someday.
  2. 1. IT, specifically networking 2. Weight lifting 3. to purchase a house in the next year or two 4. CA/CL 5. lack of clan content
  3. If you decided to play a destroyer please do not drive into a cap, smoke and proceed to sit in said smoke, you are your teams eyes don't deny us sight if there is no immediate threat to your ship.
  4. it can burn battleships down at 19km, Atago cant do that.
  5. The Shiratsuyu is a ship of extremes, i do well in her but shes by far one of the most frustrating ships Ive played truly a love hate relationship.
  6. In terms of winning not great, still managed to have some great games though in terms of personal performance, the gaming community I'm a part of managed to raise 500 dollars for a fallen police officers family with a 24hr stream, and i finally hit my 2000th game.
  7. The Hunt for the Bismark happened.
  8. Wut

    time to rev up the Shiratsuyu
  9. I stand corrected, thanks for the info at least theres some kind of safe guard to prevent that kind of abuse, still needs a lot of work.
  10. you can hit tab open up the menu that displays members of each team, right click on an individual and report/comment from there, nothing needs to be said to be reported/complimented. pretty silly chat bans are tied to that system.
  11. Myoko loss from a while back over 2k base xp, only about 108k dmg, hardest loss I've had.
  12. I second at least getting to the Mogami, she is well worth it even if it takes you a while to click, the damage output is disgusting.
  13. Shiratsuyu, shes almost completely dependent on her torpedoes to perform some games you get everyone traveling in straight lines, other games you get two CV's and people who like to wasd.
  14. bought mine, may not fly it often but I'm a sucker for a good cause
  15. did you ask if you could rub his horn for luck?