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  1. Haida Has Arrived

    maple bucks well spent
  2. Losses, Losses and More Losses

    your survival rate is extremely telling, if you die early on your influence on the game is greatly diminished, there's nothing wrong with staying in the lower/mid tiers until you have a better grasp of how to influence the game before moving up.
  3. What mods do you use and why?

    I use a mod that centers my ribbons and one that displays the hp bars of my team mates and the reds on either side of the UI with the player/ship names. I just prefer the ribbons in the center, and the health bars make it easier to keep track of my team mates/reds health pools.
  4. Tier 6 Cruiser Review: Aoba

    The Aoba will always have a place in my heart, its the ship that essentially taught me the game and still holds its spot as my most played ship with just under 300 games, that being said i haven't taken her out in a very long time if i want to play a tier 6 cruiser i play the Cleveland IFHE is hilarious.
  5. Favourite type of liquor?

    Single malt scotch, big fan of the peaty stuff like Laphroig, Ardbeg, Laguvulin, working on a bottle of Glengoyne 18 currently.
  6. The Little Udaloi That Could

    nice game, the Udaloi is a little monster, love mine.
  7. whats wrong with like minded people coming together to accomplish a common goal? some people find fun in competition/winning.
  8. Ban the XVM mod!

    why not just ban all stats while you're at it, if someone is driven enough banning this mod will accomplish nothing as they can always look up a suspect players stats, defeatists will always find an excuse to not to put forth an effort.
  9. anything that's not a BB line, Brit DDs would be great.
  10. Torpedoes Yets annoy

    If you aren't sailing in straight lines at the same speed torpedoes shouldn't be to much of an issue for you, try putting up a plane if you suspect torps are on the way, spec your captain with vigilance.
  11. Torpedoes Yets annoy

    Don't sail in straight lines at the same speed.
  12. Selfish DDs

    play more destroyers, play them how you expect them to play. You can't rely on randoms and changing incentives isn't going to fix it because they couldn't care less about the outcome, you're still going to have the border humpers trying to take out the CV and the suicide yolo captains. I'm not saying don't change the incentives as good players would likely benefit from the change just it wont likely have the outcome you think it will.
  13. Cesare changes?

    Buff gremmy too pls
  14. Favorite in game player sike outs

    back when Shiratsuyu could mount both the smoke and torpedo reload consumable me and my buddy would just say "the wall" at the start of every match and every subsequent nuking of a red ship, lost a ton of karma lol.
  15. Good tier 8 Ranked Ships?

    Charles Martel has been a joy to play in ranked, the range of its main battery and speed boost keep things interesting.