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  1. gregoire_bo

    Test Ships and Free codes with Major

    I just got my code and it was a code of camo @Ozium In addition @Ozium why you have 124 posts and only 139 battles...are you the talking type.... (Talks the talk DOESNT walk the walk)?????????
  2. gregoire_bo

    Summer Sale: Daily Deep Discounts

    I am not paying NEW money as well. I expect my doubs to have value. They discount premium ships for REAL money but not for doubs in the tech tree....ok, my wallet has just closed
  3. Lol, without discord they cannot coordinate us. Stop moaning like a 13yo boy full of .....
  4. Few days ago I have been wondering when the next event wiil be !!! AND here it is! event_turkey_188 and event_maskarado_188 reports for duty!!!
  5. gregoire_bo

    Do you feel WG doesn't Care about us?

    If you are unhappy at the moment...take a brake. WG can't keep us ALL happy (especially when had to deal with all of our desires or expectations)
  6. Looking forward for the stream
  7. 1.5 years ago a friend came by my house to pick me up! He saw the WoWs poster in my room, he got curious. When we were out he aked more, I show him the site in my smartphone, he became addicted to the idea! I invited him via the recruitment program! Now he @papporos is a better player than I am (lol) I would like to choose number 90
  8. gregoire_bo

    WINNERS - Battle of the Philippine Sea

    @TheURLGuy can u plz clarify this for us? How about a victory which comes with a 500 base XP? Do I get one TeamPoint for the victory or none cause I didnt get the 750 base XP?
  9. gregoire_bo

    The Kill Trio - 6th - 13th

    In a tier 9 game...
  10. Hey @Femennenly event_turkey_188 here, reporting for duty! If you want volunteers which are gonna have many battles, I am your guy!
  11. That's my first attempt 76,389
  12. gregoire_bo

    PSA: Random Twitch Container?!

    I got one, a couple of hours ago and I wasnt sure why I deserved it! Nice!!! Thanks to WG and Twitch for this!