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  1. Aaanndd done.. :) Thank you WG!

    3x3$ worked for me 2 bouquettes of 3x3 brought me a Blys an Indy 1000 doobs and 120 camos Just few minutes ago! Thanks for the idea!!!
  2. Win Rate Please?

    The best and most concentrated way to advance. Good Job CapnCappy!!!
  3. Same story here. I am not that good too. But I entered ranked cause I like competition. I had good matches, I had bad matches, in some point the cursing made me sick! I ve reached R5 but I have played 11 matches the past 3 days cause I find no joy in it anymore. I totally agree with the performance rating. WG give us the season 3 joy back!
  4. Sooooo true!!! As I rank up, people geeting bitter and bitter! If we were having a "battle" to CEO in a big company I would understand! BUT no, it's only a game. I personally play it for fun. My blacklist has become sooooo long! What if they get the FLINT??? soooo???? P.S. Is there a way not to match with people that we have added on our blacklist? Personally I prefer not to be able to match in a ranked battle than to play same veeeery salty persons.......
  5. Fix Ranked MM immediatly

    You, my friend should think yourself lucky, I have been battling for 9 1 week now, I had a free fall from rank 10 with 4 star to rank 12. I lost 11 matches in the row (thank god rank 12 is irrevocable)!!! OK, maybe I suck in my Hiryu, with my 17 points captain, OK, maybe the Saipan with the 3-0-1 layout is way better vs a Hiryu, BUUUUT 11 matches in the ROW??? Not once my team could stop my fall? This season's rank is taking the joy away. I decided I play very very cautiously, Get one star every day and then return in Random Battles! P.S.: I am sick and tired call NOOB after circa 1,500 matches in CVs!