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  1. gregoire_bo

    Deduction: 16,000 doubloons

    Wait and see what the customer support has to say about it.
  2. gregoire_bo

    40 big santa containers

    @Toxygene you wiil return next patch to collect the steel everybody does so...cry cry cry and then... BACK again have fun and stay safe the 2 weeks until you re-install
  3. Dear @Ensign_Cthulhu, regardless of how many doubs one has in his account it was really expensive and I had fallen in WG's trap... I started thinking that the 15 first bundles are practically for free (since you get 7.5k when getting the captain through the campain) and then after reaching the 20th I felt trapped cause I already had spent 10k. I ended spending 27.5k for a captain Well done WG and silly me! :(
  4. Commmon guyz, it was cheap!
  5. I strongly believe that if some people pays 59$ for the early access on Puerto Rico, WG knows that they are few and do not affect the economical policy. After all, companies want many players to give few dollars and not few players to give MAAAANY dollars In addition at the end of this event numbers (they never lie) will talk, Wg will know if it went good for them and if it did , this kind of events will become a norm...
  6. Thats the civilized way to deal with it The more harassment to Puerto Rico players, the greater the complex levels of the harasser ...
  7. gregoire_bo

    Can not join a battle

    Cannot either and logged off!
  8. gregoire_bo

    Test Ships and Free codes with Major

    I just got my code and it was a code of camo @Ozium In addition @Ozium why you have 124 posts and only 139 battles...are you the talking type.... (Talks the talk DOESNT walk the walk)?????????
  9. gregoire_bo

    Do you feel WG doesn't Care about us?

    If you are unhappy at the moment...take a brake. WG can't keep us ALL happy (especially when had to deal with all of our desires or expectations)
  10. Looking forward for the stream
  11. 1.5 years ago a friend came by my house to pick me up! He saw the WoWs poster in my room, he got curious. When we were out he aked more, I show him the site in my smartphone, he became addicted to the idea! I invited him via the recruitment program! Now he @papporos is a better player than I am (lol) I would like to choose number 90