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  1. Lowmein

    That's it for me, screw this game

    When he finds out no one cares
  2. I never said being able to tank a lot of damage would not influence a game. I stated that the ships stated above are ALL good in different scenarios. not really is one better than the other. They are each good at the role they were DESIGNED to do. Facts.
  3. I wouldn't say better. Kremlin is very strong in closer fights since it can tank a TON of damage. But in long range? the thunderer would eat a krem alive. As far as the cruisers. very situational who would win vs who would lose. It really depends on the circumstances for any of the above mentioned ships.
  4. Lowmein

    Dockyard not loading correctly

    Its not im having the same issue and i dont have 4k
  5. Lowmein

    Player Harassment

    They are giving you good advice. Just block chat in game and move on.
  6. Lowmein


    You know, i never see anyone that got sunk by a pink player complain about it on the forums...its mostly/if not always the PINK player complaining that he didn't deserve to be pink... something to think about.......
  7. Lowmein

    Ideas on Sub release dates?

    i think you are probably close, but almost a year away? i bet they will be sooner then that. i suppose we shall see eh?
  8. Lowmein

    Ideas on Sub release dates?

    Nah, i disagree. I'm looking forward to them. I think they are taking the time to make sure they are balanced, besides I've watched lots of streamers on them and they don't seem over powered. Plus it will add a new aspect to the game, instead a rehash of the same old same old. Wows is getting kinda boring so this will be something new! and cvs aren't anymore powerful then they were before, if not less powerful. They are more annoying but overppowered? not at all.
  9. Lowmein

    Ideas on Sub release dates?

    Thanks! :) you to!
  10. I'm just curious what people are thinking for release dates? :)
  11. Lowmein

    Russian B**crapOP cruisers and battleship

    The whine about OP ships is so old...since the RN line ALL the ships they have made are op so honeslty it doesnt matter anymore. Get over it or dont play simple.
  12. Lowmein

    Confess, have you ever

    I did have a game where i was in my tirpitz with a 19 point captain trying to crush a poor t6 mass with my secondaries, I kept focusing my secondaries on him at 7km away and and nothing was happening...then i realized i was actually playing my NC xDDD
  13. So long story short I was playing a sprint ranked game, and got targeted so I cut left to get behind an island and cut another bb off in the process to get to cover. He got mad apparently and promptly turn all of his guns and unloaded a full slavo into my broadside. Of course it took about my half my hp from me and he turned pink. For the rest of his miserable existence in the game he continued to shoot me till he sunk himself. But of course now we were one bb down and I had less then half my hp, and didnt last much long because while he was shooting me he was also ramming me, so i couldn't get away from the Scharn that was flanking us. Fun times...and we of course lost the round. So I decided to be a good player and send the replay and a ticket to wargaming and this was the message i got back. Dear Captain,Thank you for contacting Wargaming Support and we appreciate you for bringing this to our attention.In Update 0.7.4. was taken the system for preventing misconduct in battle to a new level. It will affect both inactive players and those who deliberately attack their allied ships.When a user attacks allies, the system first simply prompts such players to think about their behavior and start playing fairly, while the player's nickname turns pink. The warning itself contains information about what the player was punished for.If, after the first warning, the player continues to violate the rules of fair play, the next step of the system will be to prohibit access to all types of battles, except for Co-op Battles, Clan Battles, and Training Room, while the player's nickname will turn orange—but only in the Port. To return to battles against other players and gain access to other types of battles, the player will have to take part in several Co-op Battles against bots. The player must still observe the rules of the game and contribute to the battle.Again, we thank you for bringing this to our attention and for your continuous love and support for the game.Please do contact us again should you have any questions/issues in the future. Thank you and have a great day ahead! The player KNEW he was going to turn pink, THEY DONT CARE. So he ruined a ranked game for 6 other players and gets to play more after. As long as they only do it once then play their 2 games nicely then they are free to do it again... The system is f'd...can we please find a new system that is more effective? Giving them a slap on the hand isn't gonna fix it. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3
  14. Lowmein

    Best premium T9-10 ship only obtainable from steel

    that was supposed to be in my previous post.......
  15. Lowmein

    Best premium T9-10 ship only obtainable from steel

    Hahahahaha thats the best advice yet, you may have won me over