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  1. lol thx for clearing that up guys...totally forgot about that...im retarded xD
  2. Oh, i didnt think of that...you are probably correct on that one...lol im stupid. I did play one previously and got sunk mid game so i left...thats it for sure
  3. i logged out and back in just to see if it was a bug...and i indeed lost a star...rip my precious star lol
  4. mhmm but when i left the screen and back to main screen it showed me losing a star
  5. So as you can see i hit the top of the score on this loss...but i still lost a star??? seriously? is ranked bugged right now? or did they change this recently and i just didnt know about it? I had 3 stars and dropped to 2 T_T
  6. Hmmmmm all these answers are extremely interesting! Cool to see what people like and dont like! :) My favorite ships for sure are the tirpitz (loved that ship since the day i bought her), love the musashi, the Richelieu, the neptune and the t9 pan asian dd (I forget its name and i can't wait for the t10) And for banes...i can't for the life of me play german dds, i just can't learn the playing style. And the poor pepsi cola...(Pensacola) Me and that ship have never gotten along. Infact it made me rage quit on on the USN cruiser line. It wasn't until the split that i started working on that line again lol. I had the cleveland so i got to skip! Oh and for whatever reason, I love the Richelieu and the Republique, but i just can't seem to be able to play the Alsace at all lol I know...i'm weird. lol