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  1. HallaSnackbar

    Game not logging in

    It is now 04:51 pm Arizona time and I am still getting the same message.
  2. HallaSnackbar

    Is Hornet really worth it?

    I have played a few games in it, feels like an Enterprise with stronger torpedo bombers, slightly weaker ap bombers and the special HE dive bomber consumable in place of the now all but useless rocket planes that used to make the Big E so great. Torpedo planes are very maneuverable during the drop like the Big E and if you land all 4 it feels like they do more damage than landing all 3 from the Big E. Not Saipan levels of damage but descent. AP dive bombers do well against heavy cruisers and BBs that are typically easy targets for ap bombers. If they don't cit they don't do much. HE bomber consumable, does great against ships typically vulnerable to HE bombs (USN BB's for example). Reticle is round making drops easy to get hits but you cant improve the number of bombs that hit by improving approach. - Low skill floor low skill ceiling kind of thing Slower planes are her weakness, it affects her influence on the entire map. HE dive bomber consumable has no fighters which limits your ability to protect ally ships. Of all the other T8 CV's she is pretty easy to play and is fairly forgiving. Kaga is easier and can be more influential IMO but this ship is probably the next in line for easiest to play. I personally see her as a fairly low skill floor low skill ceiling ship so far, your mileage may vary. If you are newer to CV and wand a T8 USN CV she is going to be the best of the 3. Enterprise is just not that great post rocket nerf and Saipan is likely the most unforgiving CV in the game.
  3. HallaSnackbar

    Feel the Bearn

    Her skip bombers can delete DD's at will and her AP dive bombers wreck BB's and heavy cruisers. I am not even a CV main and I have an 80% wr in this boat. The only thing she is not good at is farming damage if you have poor target selection.
  4. HallaSnackbar

    Things in the game that make you feel like a winner...

    Taking 3 20km shimikazis into derby.
  5. HallaSnackbar

    Current Meta: Unplayable?

    Anyone who thinks the current meta is "unplayable" or not fun needs to go buy an asashio and play a few games. There are enough oblivious players in jucy BB's sailing in straight lines and sitting still to make even losses entertaining. Seriously, I am not a DD main by any stretch of the imagination and this is like fish in a Barrel.
  6. HallaSnackbar

    Ships you hate to see...on your own team.

    Omaha, Colorado, North Carolina and Iowa. All great ships but more often than not played by new and inexperienced players.
  7. I definitely have no problems with winning and do it often enough (moreso in my CV). Interestingly enough the CV's I have that are best suited for killing DD's have the highest WR. It is different at T10 where some DD's can be a pain to kill but at T6 and T8 most DD'S are easy pickings and some are very dangerous when left alone so focusing them is a priority especially if they are the only unicum on the team. T6 is a great example as most unicum players I have seen are either in CV or DD at that tier, my Bearn which is exceptionally good at both killing DD's and stopping red CV from killing my DD's has an 80% wr.
  8. This is entirely dependent on the type ship said unicum is in and the ship you are in. If I am in a CV and the purple guy is in a DD I will be on him like white on rice until he is dead.
  9. HallaSnackbar


    My GA has over 60% wr, it is by far my favorite t9 bb (I have musashi also). If you don't like her it's probably because you are using her incorrectly or her playstyle is just not for you.
  10. HallaSnackbar

    Bullying a Kaga, and DDs, with Bearn :)

    I an really enjoying this ship. It seems to work really well with a div of friendly DD's. I spend the first 1/3 of the match creating a no fly zone for my div mates and helping them kill the opposing DD on our flank. Once he is dead the red flank starts to collapse and scatter opening up for lone, low aa targets which this cv needs due to slow fragile planes. Damage output is very dependent on using the right tool for the right target.
  11. HallaSnackbar

    Get a coal ship vs. get Lutjens?

    You can't buy special captains with anything but coal and a single special captains can be used for multiple premium ships and 1 tech tree ship. Most coal ships are either already available for dubs/real money or eventually will be. I'd go commanders until you have all the commanders you will use, then get ships.
  12. HallaSnackbar


    Lopsided games end much faster which equates to faster turnover and much higher use of valuable resources such as flags/cammo. But hey MM is entirely random because there is no incentive for WG to engineer blowouts right???? Nor is there any reason for them not to modify MM to prevent blowouts either right??? Clearly this problem will continue on because it is impossible to predict how player will play based on statistical data gathered over thousands of games that is readily available through 3rd party programs.
  13. HallaSnackbar

    Suiciding CV

    Until there is a way to punish players for being terrible (talking over 5000 battles and a sub 45% wr) and choosing to play T-10 anyway (which there will never be) there will be no way to punish players like the ones you mentioned. In the end they are all intentionally throwing games with their presence.