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  1. HallaSnackbar


    If you get enough BB's stacked in a single spot a super secret cap appears that gives triple points and once capped spawns a corgi fleet ship. True story.
  2. HallaSnackbar

    T8-10 operations

    Please make this happen. I love operations, I love my high tier ships. I would like to have both at the same time, please and thank you.
  3. HallaSnackbar

    Georgia T9 Premium Battleship Thread

    Love mine
  4. HallaSnackbar

    Yup. I still hate CVs

    I think you are missing the point, the continuous AA of a ship when AA is sectorized is say 70% higher on one side and 30% on the other. This is an unavoidable damage over time. Yes it attacks planes not in the drop formations until the remaining planes in the squadron are dead however the damage is still being done to one plane at a time and how much is pre determined. I will break it down in simplified numbers. 4 ships combined do say 100k per min. If all are sectorized 70k per min is on one side and 30k is on the other. Now because damage is sequential all that damage is applied to one plane until it's dead then on to the next one. That means the individual planes being attacked is the only hit point pool affected. Unlike previous patches (pre 8.6) where the damage was randomly spread out over the entire squadron which allowed for what you described to happen. So what you are saying is these planes individually had enough hp to survive 70k per min on approach but died flying through 30k per min on the way out. That is not numerically possible. I can also tell you I have been in the same CV with a 19pt Alexander with SE and lost entire TP bomber squadrons to fewer ships that were grouped up while using the heal and having taken no flak damage prior to approach. Like I said, I am not calling you a liar I am just pointing out there is no way it happened the way you remember. As for which planes being attacked first by aa not being logical. Well the game is not a simulator and quite frankly the way they cycle in as they die it is a mute point anyway. As for the point of AA being to stop an attack, again this is not a simulator. AA is a deterrent not an end all be all I win button. They can't make something completely unavoidable that there is no counter to regardless of skill. That would in fact be unbalanced. Precisely why I mentioned what happened being a bad trade. Just like deciding whether to stay bow in and get some damage but mitigate most incoming damage versus going broadside to do maximum damage but taking more damage in return. It was a bad decision on the part of the CV in question and repeated decisions like that will quickly leave him deplaned with zero ships killed. Just like choosing to focus a single dd that is smart. It will take half the game to kill him and yes that dd will be miserable however the CV is not making best use of his resources and if playing against a competent CV it will cost him. Post 8.6 a CV'S ability to do well has more to do with how well the enemy team know how to play against him than it to do with the CV commander's skill. If CV'S were as grossly overpowered as some think you would have more of them with higher win rates than surface ships. This is simply not the case. I am pretty good in some of my CV'S however I have some surface ships that are much more influential and if I really need a win it is not a CV I am climbing into nor to I care if I see a CV on the opposing side. More so I welcome it because I know how to best counter it.
  5. HallaSnackbar

    Yup. I still hate CVs

    Rocket planes and dive bombers would never have survived the initial drop. DB'S fly too slow on approach and rocket planes have less hp and neither have the heal tp bombers have. Still based on personal experience I am calling [edited] on those planes flying through all that aa. Not calling you a liar just saying I don't believe it could of happened the way you remember it.
  6. HallaSnackbar

    Yup. I still hate CVs

    So you are saying all those planes flew through all that sector as without a single loss then they all died while flying through the weakened aa in the off sector side. Due to the sequential way damage is applied to planes that is not numerically possible. What likely happened is planes were being shot down and replaced by the other planes and just managed to have enough in reserve to have 3 still alive at the time of the drop. Again, that small amount of damage versus the loss of that many planes is a bad trade on the CV's part.
  7. HallaSnackbar

    Yup. I still hate CVs

    I have a Midway, fully upgraded and properly built. I can tell you I have lost an entire squadron prior to getting torpedoes away against a DM and GK that were next to each other. Not lost to flak, lost to the unavoidable continuous AA. The only way what you posted above could have happened was if the ships in question failed to sector their aa and/or they had already lost a considerable amount of aa guns to damage. The only other scenario would be if the CV was able to use land to line of sight the AA up until the last second. Even if what you said happened, the midway lost an entire squadron to get a single drop off. He likely got 10k damage at the cost of nearly all his torpedo planes. At that rate he will be deplaned in a few minutes and not sink a single ship.
  8. HallaSnackbar


    Well this goes for all ship classes so.....
  9. HallaSnackbar

    Will WG nerf OP premium ships ?

    Well this tactic worked to get CV's repeatedly nerf'd so why not give it a shot.
  10. HallaSnackbar

    How to make manual fire control for secondaries work ?

    Sounds like you could benefit from getting out of your scope in between shots. Get in the habit of zooming out, checking your minimap, check map positioning, checking targets and assigning secondaries then zooming back in. Sailing around zoomed in is something new players do because it's about all they can concentrate on, unfortunately it leads to zero map awareness and yoloing to an untimely death. Gotta realize there is a lot more going on than just what is in your crosshairs.
  11. HallaSnackbar

    Competitive Montana build

    It is on the screen lower left corner
  12. HallaSnackbar

    Gunther Lutjens: Best Line Fit?

    Mine is at 19 points and is in my scharnhorst. I trigger the secondary hit buff regularly. I don't have any German tech tree ships, just a few premium dd's cruisers and BB's. I enjoy the scharny the most so that's where I put him. As for the cost versus the cost of the thunderer, I have enough T10 ships and frankly don't enjoy T10 unless it is in clan battles or I can play with a full division. T7 and 8 are more fun playing solo.
  13. HallaSnackbar

    I Give up capping and spotting

    Looking at T10 the audacious is 50.4 I believe, the others are 49%. The fact that they are all so close either means they are balanced in relation to each other or they are not as influential as some may think. If you look at CV stats for individuals who play them they are far less dominant than some surface ships. I am interested to see their stats from 1v1 ranked. I played some and I am usually pretty good in a CV (63% in my Saipan) but did not fare well against surface ships in a 1v1 format due to low alpha and small maps.
  14. HallaSnackbar

    I Give up capping and spotting

    Considering average win rates for CV's are below 50% it would seem your statement is inaccurate.
  15. HallaSnackbar

    Competitive Montana build

    I have been running the build recommended by Notser since getting the legendary module. For randoms it is great with all the he spammers out there. https://youtu.be/SuuEyTxggTk