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  1. HallaSnackbar

    MM is still broken fix NOT working

    I played 12 matches last night in different ships while completing navy battles. Of the 12 matches I was top tier 1 time, middle 3 times and bottom 7. A good number of the matches were one sided blowouts with divisions of unicum players on the opposing side.
  2. HallaSnackbar

    How to play the CV ship?

    With the new improved auto pilot it is much easier. Typically I pick an island large enough to hide behind close to the action on the side we have the most ships. It will increase your damage but it requires a lot of map awareness and always plan an escape route.
  3. HallaSnackbar

    First time in 4 years of playing this game

    Agree 100%, I would much rather loose a game like this than win a one sided steamroll. Much more exciting and fun!
  4. Never knew a Draw was possible, I guess this is as close as it gets. The part that made it a real nail biter is every other tic they were up by 2 points toward the end so we had a 50/50 chance of loosing.
  5. HallaSnackbar

    Using your 19-pt Captains on low tier battles?

    It is advantageous to have a 19pt captain in any ship you play regularly. This is the case not only for the strategic advantage but also the fact that when you play a 19pt captain, all xp earned by that captain becomes free captain xp which allows you to build up more 19pt captains.
  6. HallaSnackbar

    Ohio? what is this?

    If these ships were made to be historically accurate the Iowa would mop the floor with the Yamato due to its superior speed and accuracy while moving. Yeah, the Yammy had the biggest guns but she was also a big target. Besides that if we are going that direction CV'S would be the most dominant force in the game.
  7. HallaSnackbar

    California HYPE

    All I have to say is if the California does not come with a 10 round magazine limit and isn't run by a bunch of looney tunes it is not geographically accurate.
  8. HallaSnackbar

    Halsey In Georgia?

    The two basic skill buffs are as follows; 1) expert loader 1pt skill - reduced time when switching shell type between he and ap which only affects main guns 2) expert marksman 2pt skill - increased turret traverse speed The other buffs are purely situational and as such are not guaranteed. Also keep in mind the basic skill buffs only work if you spend the skill points to activate them when you build your captain. With that said if you do not plan on running both EL and EM I would not use Halsey for that ship. I use the same captain for my Massachusetts and my Georgia. I used to run an ifhe build but after the announcement of planned nerf to ifhe I have taken advantage of the free respec to try different builds. The one I am enjoying the most at the moment is as follows PT, PM, EL AR BFT, SI AFT, MFCS As you can see Expert marksman is not on the list so I am using Halsey elsewhere. I know everyone plays ships their own way and as new as the Georgia is we are still learning her quirks however I find she does her best work in the 9-11 km range just like the Massachusetts. At that distance her standard traverse speed is more than adequate imo. The added buff to reload time from adrenaline rush is much more beneficial.
  9. HallaSnackbar

    What are your 5 favorite ships?

    1) Saipan (rts and pre 8.5, she was my first premium) 2) Massachusetts 3) Georgia 4) Ishizuchi (uses my 19pt Musashi Yamamoto captain) 5) Umikazi (has it's own 19 pt captain) If we are only including tech tree ships it would be 1) Colorado (got my first kraken in her) 2) North Carolina (actually learned proper bb play in her and the first ship I played ranked in) 3) Helena (the first cruiser I truly enjoyed playing) 4) Worcester 5) Umikazi (because a tier 2 dd with 8km toros on a short reload with Radio location is just a dirty thing to have)
  10. In my experience getting to 10 is an ugly one. A mix of highly skilled and not skilled at all randomly thrown together to hash it out. It tends to smooth out after you get to 10, by then those with no skill and those with no patience tend to quit.
  11. HallaSnackbar

    3 losses in a row...and exit

    If I get a string of 3 losses in a row I just switch ships or tiers. 5 losses in a row and I whip out the 19pt umikazi.
  12. They will have a hard time balancing CV/AA interaction so long as they continue to treat planes as a finite resource. They need to start treating planes like ammo and AA like armor. If a ship angles it's AA correctly (whatever that looks like) it will defend itself and mitigate damage by destroying aircraft just like it could with incoming fire. Limit the range or flight time of planes so the CV can't simply fly around until it finds the right approach. This will limit spotting and make positioning of the CV more crucial to effectiveness. As someone who plays all classes of ships frequently i think trying to balance this with AA damage, plane health, plane reserves and plant a regeneration is going to be a loose loose scenario.
  13. HallaSnackbar

    Carry harder

    I went through and found some post battle details (1 for my highest game and 2 90k games) here they are. Looks like on average my secondaries are good for about 1/3 to 1/2 of my damage.
  14. HallaSnackbar

    Carry harder

    No unfortunately I do not however I can tell you just under 1/3 of all my Massachusetts kills are by secondary battery. Here is my best game to date in her. It is my highest damage game of all time. Admittedly in a T8 match IFHE has zero benefit. I do however find it really useful and forcing t9 and 10 cruisers out from behind islands that my main guns cant get to.
  15. HallaSnackbar

    Carry harder

    This ship is fun even when you loose. Game was pretty close, got good support form teammates on my side, other side just could not pull off the push. My ship build is as follows; Captain - PT, PM, AR, BFT, AFT, MFCS, IFHE Ship upgrades- Aux arm mod 1, damage control mod 1, secondary Batt mod 1, steering gears mod 2, concealment mod 1 Here is the link for the replay if anyone is interested. https://replayswows.com/replay/59511#stats