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  1. As with all of the others... Friesland is still trying to figure out how to carry out the "torpedo attacks" listed in the DD tooltip.
  2. HallaSnackbar

    NoZoupForYou officially removed from the CC program

    Nothing to see here, just more ridiculous cancel culture being used against those others disagree with.
  3. HallaSnackbar

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Cruisers

    Yeah, that's kind of why I am torn. I really was able to get all of the skills I wanted with 16 points. Perth aa is garbage so no real use wasting points in any of that. For me it was not really a question of if it was worth 4 points as I have points to spare. It is merely a question of is the limited added he pen worth the reduced fire chance. The AP works well against most cruisers it just seems to struggle against some bb's. Sometimes setting fires and getting lucky torpedo hits are her only way to get any real damage on the more heavily armored targets. Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to respond. I had asked about post commander rework builds in the cruiser forum a couple weeks ago but got no response.
  4. HallaSnackbar

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Cruisers

    @LittleWhiteMouse I am about to get my perth commander to 21 which will give me 4 more points to work with. Just wondering if IFHE is a good investment at this point.
  5. HallaSnackbar

    Secondary Dispersion List

    That sounds about right. Nerf existing secondary ships in game then fix it by releasing new ships that perform like your old ship did before they nerfd it. Yeah, F weegee, I am not spending another red cent on this game until they fix the ships I already purchased that they broke with this rework.
  6. 8.7 http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Update_0.8.7 The way they changed priority sector significantly increased the damage output of aa for low aa ships like musashi. At the same time aa values were tweaked for higher rated ships to compensate for the increase in damage output of the new system. The patch notes don't have the exact values however if I remember correctly the live stream they did explained it.
  7. Correct Ark b has zero however a few patches back AA was buffed considerably on ships that traditionally had very poor AA (musashi for example). At the same time AA was weakened on ships like Worcester. I am all for going back to the way AA was but you have to put it all back, not just buff the nfz ships.
  8. I don't mind some ships being no fly zones as long as there's other ships that have no AA at all.
  9. HallaSnackbar

    Every class has a range limitation except CV

    Not "everyone" hates cv. I enjoy them, I enjoy playing them and I enjoy playing against them. I suggest you find a game that does not have cv if you hate them so much.
  10. HallaSnackbar

    10.3 patch

    It would make more sense for those who hate cv go play a game that does not have cv and has not had cv since the beginning.
  11. HallaSnackbar

    CV tips and some Dark Side points

    If you make a habit of stripping down to your undies 10 minutes after arriving anywhere. Mmm just gives everyone around you a heads up in regards to how good/bad you are prior to you actually confirming it by how good/bad you proceed to play. Mmm when used correctly is a great tool that provides useful intel regarding everyone on both sides. Banning it because someone is tired of people knowing they are terrible really only hides that fact until the match begins.
  12. Ah yes, I forgot about that one.
  13. There are 4 ways to win; In standard battle (the one with only 2 caps) you can win by gaining control of both caps. This will get you the win regardless of point or ships still alive. Kill all ships on the enemy team. This will grant you a win regardless of caps or points. Have the most points when the last surviving ships from both teams die. Ex. Only one remaining ship on each team and they ram, killing each other. The team with the most points wins. Have the most points when the timer expires. This is why of you are way ahead on points and caps close to the end of the match timer, running away and staying alive is often a better option. Dying takes points from your teams total and can swing a close match to the red teams favor.
  14. HallaSnackbar

    Improving Average Player Skill

    Make more operations that showcase the unique qualities of ships and make them rewarding to play if played correctly.
  15. HallaSnackbar

    NA Waterline stream with Shonai and Hapa_Fodder

    Fix the accuracy of my premium American bb secondaries. That is all.