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  1. HallaSnackbar

    Ranked Sprint

    There is actually but it differs based on your ship. If you are in a Kidd, friesland, halland for example, turn aa off until planes are overhead then turn aa on, hit defensive fire and laugh while the planes evaporate. If you are in an asashio, don't be where the CV expects you to be. Stay within the AA bubble of friendly ships or close enough to get into it when you see the rocket planes in the air. It's all about positioning, map awareness and knowing your limitations. No most DD'S cannot ultimately prevent a CV from killing them if the cv wants them dead but a good dd will make it cost them a great deal of time and planes which if your teammates capitalize on it will also cost that CV the game. A couple examples of tricks I use are; In a low AA ship, I work the flank furthest from the CV, this means if he dies focus me I have lots of time between attacks and he wastes lots of time looking for me. If I am in a high AA dd i I position myself in front of flank pushing toward their CV but close enough that friendly ship AA hits planes before i am spotted. This keeps enemy CV from hitting me or friendly ships easily and makes every attack costly. Now toward the end of the game when there are few ships left and you are low health, no there is not much you can do. That is when the CV really shines. This however is not the fault of the CV but rather your team's inability to seal the win prior to this.
  2. HallaSnackbar

    How To Tell When A Match Is Lost Before It Begins

    That right there is why I run it. It gives me a rather reliable bit of insight as to who is on my team and what I should expect out of them.
  3. HallaSnackbar

    How To Tell When A Match Is Lost Before It Begins

    Unfortunately there are people who will blindly argue that having a player who is at the top of the leader boards in that particular ship will have no more impact on the outcome of a game than someone at the bottom of the leader board. If their performance was not quantifiable there would be no leader board to begin with. But we are not even making the argument about 1 good player, it is when you have multiple good players stacked on one side and multiple bad players stacked on the other side there is going to be a blowout the vast majority of the time. It has been documented and proven repeatedly. Somehow some people refuse to see it, the funny part is a lot of them are the same people that complain that CV are too influential and that which ever team has the good CV is going to win every time. In my experience, a div of good players on one side versus a div of bad players on the other side makes more of an impact that a good CV by a large margin.
  4. HallaSnackbar

    How To Tell When A Match Is Lost Before It Begins

    Not an alternative as it has been proven by multiple people using data from thousands of games even showing the accuracy at predicting outcome based on disparity between teams. I have not taken the time to collect data however the results I have experienced fall in line with those that have provided it.
  5. HallaSnackbar

    How To Tell When A Match Is Lost Before It Begins

    Crazy how a third party program can give you accurate and reliable info as to the predicted outcome of you game but WeeGee in all their infinite wisdom can't gather and implement such info into a matrix that at least prevents these ridiculously lopsided games. Before the haters begin hating, no it is not just win rate, no it is not just player rating or average damage and no it is not just stats for the single ship but a mix of info about the player and their entire account. It is prertty easy to tell if a player is a unicum or a complete potato by looking at the stats MM gives you. The good news is it is not the average players that lead to the blow outs, it is an over abundance of unicum or potatoes on one side. Given the info MMM provideds it is fairly easy and reliable to see who those are. Yes it would lead to longer wait times when a div of very skilled players want to join and yes it would be the same for a div or completely unskilled players. For the average player I don't see much of a change at all.
  6. I was super excited about the Massachusetts, then equally so the Georgia and finally the Ohio. All are super fun. As for DD's I was super excited for my Asashio and still really enjoy it. I was super excited for my Flint, now I am hopeful they fix it after charging me steal then hitting it with the nerf bat and telling us it will soon be available for coal. I am excited for the FDR, I hear it's crap but it sounds new and different so I am excited for it none the less.
  7. HallaSnackbar

    Enterprise Dive Bombing Damage

    Taking 17% damage from the Big E's AP bombs will do nothing to save the potatoes.
  8. As someone who plays all ship types and is above average in them I will say I agree with this 100%. I have suggested it before and think it is a much needed first step to balance. With that said, CV were not the only ship/class that was shown to be terribly OP through clan battles. Cruisers (specifically Stalingrad and Venizia) have basically made DD's and BB's obsolete just as much as CV have. So if we really want balance, CV are not the only ships that need to be addressed.
  9. HallaSnackbar

    Ranked Sprint

    Played some more last night, won I think 4 in a row then lost 1 won one lost one but saved my star. Finished at 5 with 1 star. Got quite a few compliments from my teammates and even one from red team. Teams seemed better balanced for the most part but I swear sometimes you get those teams that just fall apart faster than you can put them back together.
  10. HallaSnackbar

    The "worst" ships in the game

    Biggest problem with the Colorado is 90% of the time the person playing her has no clue what he/she is doing, the ship is bone stock and proceeds to sail (very slowly) broadside to every enemy BB in the game. I loved mine got my first kraken in her but I too was that guy that had no idea what I was doing for quite a while. As soon as I got to N Carolina then bought Massachusetts I never looked back. If I do play T7 it is in Flint, Scharnhorst, or maybe a DD. Too many other more fun options anymore.
  11. HallaSnackbar

    DD vs CV Change to be tested from Dev Blog

    I still think the best solution is to remove spotting ability for aircraft. Ships spotted by planes only should show up on minimap only and not be able to be targeted by surface ships and fighters should not be able to spot ships who's AA is not shooting at them. As for AA, DD's need to have one or the other, great AA or great concealment from the air. Doing half and half will either give great advantage to the DD or the CV. You can't have a ship like Halland that can leave it's AA turned off until you detect it at 2km then it just turns AA on and instantly blaps your entire squadron. On the flip side you cant give a DD 6km detection for planes but not give it enough AA to defend itself. Without the ability of a fighter consumable to spot stealthy ships (like asashio for example) it will be nearly impossible for a cv to line up an attack on it without spotting assistance. On the flipside a DD with great AA (halland for example) should have strong enough AA that it does not need to hide with AA off and ambush a CV planes. It's AA alone should be enough of a deterrent.
  12. HallaSnackbar

    Nerfed into Oblivion!!

    My CV runs on DD tears and downvotes, my all means keep them coming.
  13. HallaSnackbar

    Ranked Sprint

    Thanks, I will check them out. Don't think it was issues with my gameplay though (althoughthere is always room for improvement) , just more bad mm RNG. Average damage was over 60k (some games well over 100k) with plenty of plane kills and ships sunk. Hell, I manage better than 50% in my midway during normal ranked.
  14. HallaSnackbar

    Ranked Sprint

    Made the mistake of playing ranked sprint last night in my big E. Win 1 loose one, win one loose one, win one loose 3, win one loose 3 again. 12 games and still 8 with no stars. Potato fiesta. Friendly ships dying faster than I can do damage. I kill all 3 enemy DD's and our friendly DD'S go off chasing cruisers and CV and die. My team spreads out, enemy team stacks AA Ships sitting broadside to enemy, skirting edge of map, afraid of caps. Friendly DD's with no aa charging into caps, get nuked by CV then complains how OP CV are. I had a couple where I got out performed by enemy CV, did not matter. Top 2 nearly every match but saving a star is nearly impossible in a CV anymore. Year, sprint looks like it's going to be a blast. FML