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  1. numbskull_2

    Lexington-class CC Model Circa 1941

    They would be my prime choice for this refit, but I don't recall any refits with the 5"/38 before the war. They seemed to only be going to new construction until after Dec 7th. Not even all of the Brooklyn's got them, only the last two of the St Louis sub class. And they were all completed in the late 30's.
  2. numbskull_2

    Lexington-class CC Model Circa 1941

    I don't know about that. From My reading they had a habit of upgrading older ships first as they came in for overhauls. The Navy did not seem to like having to many ships down for maintenance at the same time.
  3. We read it on the internet. It must be true.
  4. numbskull_2

    Total number of players per side

    It's hard enough to get a few people to work together. Do you think more would be better?
  5. numbskull_2

    10 containers?

  6. When update 0.9.1 hits the server, I think next week.
  7. numbskull_2

    Help Me Box

    I don't have access to the game right now. I seem to recall a check box in settings.
  8. numbskull_2

    Help Me Box

    There should be a spot in game settings.
  9. numbskull_2

    The hype is real! It's underway!

  10. numbskull_2

    Could Guns Use International Ammo?

    I never read that. That would have to be some honking bad dispersion.
  11. numbskull_2

    Could Guns Use International Ammo?

    Another example would be just the different US 5" rounds. We had several different types. 5/25, 5/38 and 5/51. All completely different shell casings.
  12. numbskull_2

    Could Guns Use International Ammo?

    There could be issues with the length and weight of the shell as well for naval guns. As far as your question about tank shells, probably not going to work.
  13. numbskull_2

    Commander XP

    After getting to 19 points, the captain earns elite captain exp that can be used for any captain.
  14. numbskull_2

    Chat Bans.

    I think they pulled up the op's chat logs and saw he has been a bad boy.
  15. numbskull_2

    When the Game is on the Line.....

    The Helena. My most played ship and it works for me.