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  1. TimmyGuy

    Izumo's buffs

    The more I play her the more I like her. And when I started the 'grind' I absolutely hated this ship, but my scoring avg is going up now that i'm past the first say 10+ battles needed to get used to the steering and gun layout. It seems to burn easily so I've had to keep my distance.
  2. Seems like its more my expense than anyone else AND some matches have become big winners thanks to my diversion. Also, I said I rarely do it. Your comments make you sound like the troll. Have a good day!
  3. TimmyGuy

    Unable to Spot While in Smoke? Ships CLOSE!

    Thanks for the reply! Like smoke is any good anyways LOL After this post, and all your kind educational points, I realize...Unless there is a CV in the game using planes to spot me and bomb me, I use smoke as a diversion tactic or to help a struggling teammate. Maybe late in the game when you can sit in smoke without fear of RADAR then you can fire from smoke and enjoy all the easy firing. Thanks!
  4. TimmyGuy

    Why Do I Get So Many Bounces?

    I for one, applaud you sir for using HE in a BB. And you have some sound advice there as well as I have the same experience with the accuracy part. Usually, my teammates and some REDs will give me all kinds of hell for using HE, but it can be the better choice at the right time. I'm wondering, do you think using HE when shooting at a bow facing ship is a good idea? Many times, when facing bow-to-bow, AP doesn't seem to inflict much damage. At least HE would cause a fire. Thanks!
  5. Not about to defend a CV moving forward like that on any map, let alone 2 brothers. However... We are supposed to have fun...right? So I take my BB up the middle on 2 brothers every once in a while...for fun. I don't care about any argument against it, I do it for fun and I will support that decision by anyone to death (which is usually quick LOL). BUT, if you are a skillful player you can do some serious damage and/or be used as a diversion. The diversion part should really get your brains clicking here. It works if the team will support, usually by overloading one side and destroying the REDS while many are busy with my BB in the middle (camping if you will xD). Thanks and have fun!
  6. TimmyGuy

    When the match starts. Things to consider.

    Thanks for the post OP. I think you've got some sound advise there and those who need it should read it! One pet peeve that I have that pertains to the topic: Plan? Let's go A. Wilco! Wilco! I speed quickly as I possibly can to A, usually in my sloooowwww BB, then I double-check the map and wth? I'm nearly by myself and all of a sudden the REDS are all over my side. I react but I'm in my slow BB so I usually end up running for away while trying not to MELT as I escape. I canNOT tell you how frustrating this is...please, pretty please, if you are reading this, don't say I'm going A and then not go. At the very least, send a message stating that you changed your minds, hell, I might even read it :) Thanks again OP!
  7. TimmyGuy

    Unable to Spot While in Smoke? Ships CLOSE!

    Thanks for all the replies and helpful info! I did and still do watch videos, read articles, etc to improve my gameplay. I still dunno how I missed the smoke spotting disadvantages LOL Regardless, thanks again all!
  8. TimmyGuy

    Unable to Spot While in Smoke? Ships CLOSE!

    Really..geez, How did I not already know this. Thanks!
  9. Hello..I'm a newbie to the forums so please forgive me if this has already been addressed/answered. I did search but no luck. I just played and while sitting in smoke very close to an island 2 cruisers (I believe, maybe one was a BB) sailed right past me within like 3-4km. I could NOT see them and I knew they were close. After popping out of smoke, because it was ending, I immediately spotted both ships and of course they spotted me 2 so I died. It was almost as if neither team knew each other even existed, they didn't turn and run away or rush smoke or anything like normal. This is not a line of sight issue either, the island was NOT between me and them when they passed. However it was when I smoked up. They sailed past as if there was no smoke over here/there/close by. This has happened a couple times but I thought it was a me or just a one time glitch. All other times while in smoke I can spot ships much further away and/or just as close. Am I missing something? Seems like a line of sight glitch---there was NOTHING between the ships when they passed me, but I did activate smoke when the island was between our ships. Is this expected behavior? Thanks to any replies!