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  1. I take my burger turrets with 3 guns a piece thank you
  2. Don't use actual money for the ability to go 21 or 23kt.
  3. Well This puts me in a pickle. I live near her and have visited. But I want Missouri for maximim freedom and I'm not spending that much on burgerships.
  4. As a casual naval history guy I am always amused at how absolutely invested/passionate/identified with ship designations/classifications people can become. Graf , Alaska, Scharn etc As if being called X or Y made one iota of difference as to their actual capabilities.
  5. I dont get this stuff about pop of certain types. 12 ships a side (usually no CV) 4 BBs 4 CA/L 4 DD Everyone's ok. But 5 of any in one match OMG LOOM AT ALL THE BBS/DDS RIOT
  6. only reason I havent bought Atlanta is because the Sims provides the same basic service and I plan on getting a Flint....eventually
  7. I do feel like the secondary memes are ...well..memes.
  8. Every time a battle has 4 or 5 DDs , a couple of those are nuked from each side in the initial skirmish in my experience.
  9. This reads like poetry
  10. I'm rather pleased by how tight her groupings are. I've probably spent too much time in freedom and bmw BBs.
  11. No one likes getting colonized every 3 seconds.
  12. I wouldnt pay 40 for a t7 but that's me go Tirpitz ,,,
  13. My choices of ships to buy are : Izumo Iowa Roon FdG Yugumo Ibuki but i have 4 other tier IXs i havent even finished grinding
  14. As a BB you can devastating strike cruisers flying 7 different flags. That's plenty of variety.
  15. Outside of really liking a ship/divs Is there any Mission/event/campaign that requires IXs specifically?