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  1. DD players, for the love of all that is sacred...

    Is what OP did before he posted
  2. Why the CV re-work is unnecessary

    This is worth quoting, especially in bold. I've only played to t7 in CVs and am doing well in them, but I find them extremely taxing from a focus standpoint. Your team is very dependent on the decisions you make and how well you play against the other CV, and this can be a draining/unfun feeling. CV play feels more like a public, high pressure performance than just a game. And if the enemy CV outplays you the frustration level is off the charts. So I'm looking forward to any changes that narrow the skill window.
  3. Pan-American nation in!

    Good move Very big South American playerbase, an interesting mix of ships from American/British/German shipyards.
  4. Tier 3-4...your favorite cruiser?

  5. There is no satisfaction in "out playing" a bot,
  6. Is CE worth getting for 4 skill points?

    stupid game to play 18km GK baits everyone into shooting and revealing their positions, can use 4 points for FP or AFT or something else 13km GK tries to sneak into positions while his cruiers get blown to crap, gets deleted by a Hak or has 4 fires going, etc etc
  7. I know there are many people with info that is NDA'd. What about for the rest of us? All I read is something about being more "action" orientated and I don't know where I read that.
  8. Tachibana L

    RIP any actual noobs playing tier 2 for the next week or so,
  9. New Tier 8 Cleveland doesn't get a range buff?

    There are plenty of near stationary BBs to hit.
  10. Massachusetts Changes - Yesssssss!!!!!!

    I don't like that the same secondaries on sister ships will have different RoF and range because, you know, flavor.
  11. Tactical Tip Tuesday - Catapult Fighters

    Using double fighters to slot hydro is some next level meta
  12. Cruiser Gameplay

    Baltimore had crazy detection , you can essentially sail open water and fire on occupied ships and go silent after 20s if they target you.
  13. I Love the Republique

    Seeing them in ranked
  14. Lookin' sharp there, handsome!

    Windowed wows Disgusting