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  1. PSA to all ships with a carrier in their team

    Aerial torps that can hit a friendly are always a bad idea, full stop.
  2. PSA to all ships with a carrier in their team

    So the guy actively fighting other ships in his 20-40kt vessel is responsible for your 150kt + planes? CV overhaul can't come soon enough
  3. Des Moines or Moskva?

    Moskva does better for raw damage but I enjoy DM games much more, Of course the real answer is the Battleship Hindenburg.
  4. Kronstadht is awesome.

    Anecdotes mean [edited] all, we'll see how the numbers shake out.
  5. Krondstadt OP, I want the USS Alaska!

    I'm quite anxious to see how she performs on the stat sites after a couple weeks.
  6. Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    Took 29 posts to get the butthurt bias)))) poster. Congrats all

    I like t6, Farragut my most played DD. T7 can be tougher because you see a lot of t8 DDs that get concealment on you because of the module.
  8. The Most Terrifying Ladder in Existence

    Why would a ladder need hand rails Do you know how they work?
  9. They seem to combine the fragility of RN cruisers (a little more stout) without the super heal or smoke.
  10. The CLs looks like crap #team8inches
  11. Best Days to Avoid Potato Teams?

    I never understood this crap. Are you implying teens are bad at video games? You old [edited]
  12. You watching any of Farazelleth's Ranked CV play?

    I just get jealous of his control, I don't even know how he uses the keyboard to select squads so quickly and effortlessly
  13. If you are asking what if you could only have one ship, Hmmm Probably Kutuzov
  14. Why the CV re-work is unnecessary

    ...and 11 other players should have to pay the Iron price