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  1. why_u_heff_to_be_mad

    Guide: Filth by the Numbers

    I think this is the best filth/time unless you can run a 3 BB div efficiently , which I cant, having no fronds
  2. why_u_heff_to_be_mad

    Wargaming, you need to "all-stop" on the Super Cruiser concept (long).

    OP thanks for using the correct, original definition of a Battlecruiser. So many use the term so incorrectly
  3. why_u_heff_to_be_mad

    Halloween filth isn’t fair

    I don't even care about filth at this point I just wanna get a triple BB div and pirate plebs at the portal
  4. why_u_heff_to_be_mad

    The Italian Cruisers are PATHETIC

    Which is why Japan at one point had the clearly best BB, CA, DD and CV at X K
  5. why_u_heff_to_be_mad

    Just how historically plausible is WG's Battleship Odin?

    The Germans were planning an even more under armed Bisko Lol
  6. why_u_heff_to_be_mad

    Thoughts on Perma Halloween camos

    can someone barney style for me the most efficient way to farm filth
  7. why_u_heff_to_be_mad

    An early assessment of Clan Battles

    What if Kléber has the high ground
  8. why_u_heff_to_be_mad

    It's time for Wargaming to add battlecruiser trees.

    We already have straight up BCs (yes, I'm using BC), Myogi and such, along with some uparmored/refitted BCs. I wouldn't make them their own class, just alternate BB lines ,
  9. why_u_heff_to_be_mad

    St louis, is it worth getting CE and concealment mod 1 on it

    A properly played Saint-Louis or Henri IV is going to spend as much as the match possible between 14~18km of the main enemy flank firing every reload, keeping the pressure on the BBs and CAs. You have the armor scheme, firing angles, speed (you are using the Speed boost Mod. right?) to WASD tank millions of potential damage. You WANT them to be firing at you, and you want to keep your guns hot. These ships aren't bow tankers or stealth cruisers or island huggers. SGM3 gets your rudder shift down to 6.1 all on it's own which lets you run Propulsion Mod for really making the WS part of WASD really effective. Yes, there are situations where having 1.3ish more concealment will help in the late game, but that is not the strength. Opinions will differ with some of course
  10. why_u_heff_to_be_mad

    St louis, is it worth getting CE and concealment mod 1 on it

    CE skill yes, for random battles take Steering Mod over Concealment,
  11. why_u_heff_to_be_mad

    If you were to get 1 which is better to get? Bayard or Friesland?

    183k CXP gets you a 10 pt captain
  12. USS Massachusetts was smaller in person than I thought it would be. The Gearing class next to it was bigger than I thought it would be. The Balao class was exactly what I imagined.
  13. That's an extremely reasonable post from Octavian. No one should have issue with it,