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  1. Good by Sims

    The Sims will stick around for the reason that it's probably going to cost 50% or 60% or Kidd
  2. how about a summary for those of us who play video games but still find the idea of watching a 54:00 video a complete waste of time
  3. Changes for CV damage con coming

    Go overhaul or go home
  4. Look!!! Who we have here?

    this is cool and all but the most important question is - what ships do i need in port to get free stuff
  5. So Where Is the USN CV Rework?

    As a stop gap they should replace 202 with 211 to at least give a semi balanced build to Ranger and Lexi
  6. So basically you are saying

    sadly, there is none
  7. Where's the Union Jack Camo?

    year of our lord 2017, I find myself siding with a furry in a forum about pixel ships because some overly sensitive manchild needs his safe space protected all hope lost
  8. Where's the Union Jack Camo?

    Haven't you people done enough colonizing
  9. Pick The Italian BB Line

    reason enough to go RM
  10. Is there a plan to fix the US and JPN BB lines?

    All the metrics available to those of us without Wargaming's internal data show your first statement to be objectively false. If you ignore the ARP ships, NY is 7th of 7 ships in both WR and damage, with -1~1.5% and -2~3k dam of the next closest ship. "Great" and "worst performing" don't mesh very well. Best guns? Really good armor? I'd ask you to instantiate those directly,
  11. A question of ethics

    If you actually enjoy tier 1 gameplay you may want to consider some psychotherapy.
  12. Is there a plan to fix the US and JPN BB lines?

    They don't though? Have you tried gitgud?
  13. Is there a plan to fix the US and JPN BB lines?

    The American dreadnoughts are just in a bad place right now. NY, NM, and CO used to be simply the worst option out of 2 or 3 ships. Now they are behind every other nation's tech tree and premium ship. God bless any poor sucker grinding through NY right now. Tier 8 and up are ok imo.
  14. How do we judge over-powered?

    My definition of OP is a platform that has a low skill floor for above average performance. For instance, a low skill player (potato) can perform much higher than his personal average, or the average of similarly tiered/typed platforms. So the typical Cpt_Potato plays 3 tier V cruisers, and has a 48% WR and 15k damage average among the three. But when Cpt_Potato plays tier V cruiser #4, all of a sudden he's pulling 52% and 25k damage. If this trends for most players, the platform is almost certainly OP. How high the ceiling is I don't think is important for overall balance, because the truly skilled/competent players will always make up a statistically insignificant portion of the playerbase. Naturally there are caveats.
  15. Is there a plan to fix the US and JPN BB lines?

    "as an example of how the US BB line is fine, let me pick the best ship, tier for tier"