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  1. Gabriel_LXIX

    Russian Light Cruiser Tech Tree Guide

    Three of your line guides happen to be three of my favorite lines (German Cruisers, Russian CLs, US CAs).. Thanks for the insights
  2. Gabriel_LXIX

    Military Month Contributor Flag Bonus

    Ive never once looked at the flags another player has on his ship lmbo
  3. Gabriel_LXIX

    New CV WIP

    Saipan is my favorite premium CV, Wish this would just be a skin
  4. Gabriel_LXIX

    New Ranked has some issues

    There is always an assumption that WG wants ranked to be some accurate indicator of individual skill or some sort of leaderboard. ELO systems have been around forever and WG already uses it for clan battles. They could use it for ranked, and they have choosen not to. I'd argue ranked as is, is in line with WGs goal - another game mode that allows players to earn rewards individually, instead of as a clan. Nothing more.
  5. The highest levels of competitive play involves so few people it's essentially irrelevant to how the game should be designed.
  6. Gabriel_LXIX

    WG alienates their biggest supporter.... Again..

    What I find curious is that for such an easy class to play, most CV players are trash.
  7. Gabriel_LXIX

    Smalland? (Solved)

    what else are you gonna do with the fxp
  8. Gabriel_LXIX

    WG is closing the gap - unicums vs potatoes!

    I don't trust people who use the size setting.
  9. Gabriel_LXIX

    Time for a camo overhaul

    Agree on most points, especially the permacamo point. I think I've seen the Type 1 and 2 camo maybe a handful of times in thousands of games.
  10. Weird how its always Rigged for someone to lose, but if you have a winning streak its just pure skill right
  11. Gabriel_LXIX

    What tier to stop at?

    Tier IX,
  12. Gabriel_LXIX

    Premium Ship Review: Dunkerque & Strasbourg

    I think she would have been fine at 22s , all else being equal.
  13. ran•dom răn′dəm ► adj. Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective: synonym: chance. adj. Of or relating to a type of circumstance or event that is described by a probability distribution. adj. Of or relating to an event in which all outcomes are equally likely, as in the testing of a blood sample for the presence of a substance.
  14. Gabriel_LXIX

    The reality of AA fire in WWII

    Bascially, the USN late war ships and refit should be no fly zones and everyone else mostly free damage.
  15. Gabriel_LXIX

    Top performing tech tree ships 4th quarter

    I'll have to disagree with that one. Her 20 second reload made her a menace to cruisers and fairly effective at HE spam vs BBs - she was faster than LOLorado by a silly amount of could outpace Nagato, her secondaries and torpedos made brawling very comfy. If you were in a tier VII match lord help the red team. Now a days there are so many threats and tier VII MM is so bad I won't even sail her outside of events or snowflakes. She was a beast though