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  1. Done_Dirt_Cheap

    Be careful out there...

    Oh please. You can stop the audition for a vacant CC spot. Nobody who is reading this thread gives a ****. They put posts like this in this forum so it doesn't get seen by the majority of the forum users. Almost nobody reads the forum below General Discussion. (I ran several forums over the years, including one that was online for 15 years and had 30,000 members... I know a wee bit about this) As for being on topic or not, gimme a break! 90% of the posts in general are all over the map - topic wise. Lets just look at the first page right now... thread on a cheat thread on someone complaining about some sanction they got Someone looking for a new game, wants ideas Ya, none of those are directly related to the game. And neither were the gazillion threads recently on the CC **** show that have filled the forums in the last week or so. That's not technically discussion about something IN THE GAME. It's about administrative matters in the background. IIRC, one of the most popular of those CC threads turned into three pages straight of discussions on European beers. LOL Maybe - just maybe - it might be worthwhile to learn some information about something that is just a rumour at this point but can directly affect any player who plays this game - namely, is it safe to trust WG with your financial and personal details? Is that not important enough to try and get out to the most people possible? As for Microsoft - we're not talking about them, are we? We're talking about WG - you know - the people publishing this game.
  2. Done_Dirt_Cheap

    Be careful out there...

    Ya, didn't take long to get moved to the bone pile, lol.
  3. Done_Dirt_Cheap

    Be careful out there...

    I personally think it might be a really pissed off ex-player (tanks or ships) who has the means and resources. They probably got banned at some point, then heard some rumors about this investigation and ran with it. Heck there's even a domain specifically targeting tanks in it's domain name, run by what is obviously a rabid anti-WG ex player.
  4. Done_Dirt_Cheap

    Be careful out there...

    Hey guys, I quit the game last week and I have already uninstalled it and moved on to some new stuff, but I've been lurking a bit over my morning coffee just to see how this whole CC drama thing plays out and there's a PSA I thought I should throw out there. I'm going to try and tip-toe through a minefield here, trying to not get this post deleted or my tukus banned, so wish me luck, lol. Be very careful about what you believe in the so-called "news" and on other websites - about these supposed claims against WG, GlobalMoney and the EU investigations. Hey, I am the first person in the world who would believe that WG could do some shady stuff, business wise. It's almost an accepted part of their culture over there. Yet, several people have sent me links and told me so-and-so is happening (I won't post links or name names) and I looked into them. So far, i have found nothing that backs these claims up. And I am a pretty decent hand at finding stuff on the web. What I have found seems to be a concerted effort on someone's part to smear WG using dozens of fake websites - all of them professing to be "journalistic news" of some sort or another and yet they are all circular in their so-called facts. They link and refer back and forth among themselves and have no real references or facts. There are commonalities among all these fake websites... They are all simple blog-like cut and paste style They are all hosted on Cloudflare They are all registered using Privacy WHOIS filters, which is against ICANN rules as businesses are not allowed to shield their domain registration information They all use fake "journalists" as their sources and they link back and forth but never to any real or official agencies or actual news sites. They look like they were created as a template, but when you dig into the pages, it's easy to spot how they are fake. For example, they all have the standard social media links somewhere on the page (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc) and yet almost none of them actually link to any accounts. They almost all just have the website's root url or the page url as the link... sure sign of a template creation. Some of them are very similar to actual real professional news agency pages. For example, there's one professing to be the "New York Times Daily" - you think "Well, that's a legit newspaper... it must be real news" WRONG! The website is only similar. It uses the same font and word style and the real NYT could probably sue the pants off them but they are most likely registered in a safe harbour country and they hide behind their privacy filters and use cloudflare as the host. The fact that some of them are such 'valuable' domains (like above) suggests to me that there's some money behind this attempt to ruin WG's business reputation. This one above must be worth thousands of dollars for the domain name alone (again, I won't post a link but just put NY+Times+Daily together and you'll get there). It's a gold mine for people trying to cybersquat a reputable company. To use it just to push a fake narrative about WG seems like a targeted campaign by people with some resources. Reinforcing my believe that this is a targeted smear campaign is that theses sites, even the ones with valuable domain names, do not have the usual plethora of banner ads and other revenue generating garbage that most have. They are very tastefully designed - probably to make them seem more legit - so someone is leaving money on the table just to ruin WG's day. I'm not saying any of these claims are not real. I'm not saying that they are real either. Only that the "facts" I have seen so far scream that this is a fake-news smear campaign on some one's part. So keep your heads down. As for the game, if you want change - then use the only real power you have - stop giving them money! All the rest of the stuff on this forum is just a waste of oxygen, IMO.
  5. Done_Dirt_Cheap

    Starting to get that itch to UNINSTALL again..

    I'm uninstalling now. Another long wait and crappy match. I've matured in my gaming desires. It's no longer acceptable to find that 2-3 hours has passed and I feel upset almost the whole time. Those really good games are getting fewer and fewer to find. See you all in another four years - although, to be perfectly honest - I feel this game won't be here in a year.
  6. ... and the main reason this time around? Bots. I didn't sign up to play World of AI Ships. And yet all morning, trying to bring up a couple of lines I left until now, I am in game after game with the majority of the team as bots. And I get to wait 5 minutes for these "fun" matches decided almost totally by some RNG on the server. Am I gonna get the super-aggressive and accurate bots? Or am I going to get the window licker bots that sail off the map's edge and do nothing? I don't mind losing because I played poorly or because (more often) the other team played well. I do - however - detest losing matches because there is not enough players to make a team up and my fate is now decided by RNG. Anyone who seriously thinks this game is healthy, needs to get their head examined. Between the nonsense that is CV's, the gimmics, the toxic management and the premium pay-2-win ships, this game is fast turning into a joke. I wish Skull & Bones would go into Beta soon.
  7. Done_Dirt_Cheap

    What was the WoWS update this morning?

    They did post something just recently. Saw it when I logged in a minute ago... Update Release Downtime
  8. Done_Dirt_Cheap

    What was the WoWS update this morning?

    It was a rather large update. Mine was downloaded and updated over the weekend. It's a few weeks too early for pre-loading 0.10.8 files, so I would guess this is to do with Ranked battles (and subs in them) which I believe starts Wednesday.
  9. Done_Dirt_Cheap

    Mouse's Criticsm of the CC Program

    A whole weekend of forum drama reduced to a single paragraph. Twitter should hire you
  10. Done_Dirt_Cheap

    Mouse's Criticsm of the CC Program

    You know what they say... there's three sides to every story... your side, my side and the truth. Honestly, I know nothing about the CC program. But I do know about NikoPower. And he is not the super nice guy you make him out to be. At least not ONLY that. I'm sure he was that way with you personally, but I had a totally different experience with him. I'll probably get banned again for this but it needs to be said. NikoPower is the reason I rage quit in 2016 and deleted a beta account with thousands of games on both WoT and WoWS. Why I threw away thousands of dollars in premium content and walked away from a game I had spent hundreds of hours of my own time promoting and creating content for. It started when he arbitrarily changed the rules on one of the forum contests he was in charge of. This happened more then once. And when i eventually pointed out in a post how the rules had been broken, he actually edited my post to make it look better for him. He didn't moderate it - I had neither said or did anything to violate the forum rules. He also didn't just delete the post or move it to the off-topic junk yard. Instead, he outright changed my words, using his forum admin access, and without leaving a citation. I know exactly how he did it because I ran an Invision IP.Board, like this one, for years. He got caught doing it because someone else had quoted me and had the original text. So when I confronted him about this, he slapped a perma ban on me in the forum. LWM, I respect your hard work and dedication. You probably don't remember, but you even gave me in-game advice on how to play back when I was still Dirty_Deeds. So I wish you well in whatever you decide to do. But I am under no illusions about WG. I Beta tested WoT and WoWS and I experienced several of their dumpster fire poop storms. I've been entertained by all this CC stuff only because it's like a Greek tragedy, playing out again and again. But I most definitely don't need anyone to tell me how to feel about playing or the company. I form my own opinions and even the best of people, like you, have your own preconceptions. I just couldn't remain silent while you put this guy on a pedestal.
  11. Done_Dirt_Cheap

    WoWs CC Drama: Can we take a real look at this?

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I think WG's lawyers are probably pretty busy already with all the money laundering investigations going on in the EU Our little poop storm here is not even on their radar, I would guess.
  12. Done_Dirt_Cheap

    Large update?

    Ya, it's I saw that in the game earlier tonight after the update installed. That last number usually means a minor revision or bug fix, if it follows general game version numbering.
  13. Done_Dirt_Cheap

    Large update?

    I sometimes have the same problem. I also sometimes see a spinning circle instead of prices on premium ships in the news articles on the website. I think it's because I run a privacy browser and pretty much block most cookies. When I accept the cookies, it usually clears up. Oh, and by we didn't have patch notes for 0.10.7, I meant on our forum here. I know they dropped on the website. But I believe this forum is temporarily without a CM.
  14. Done_Dirt_Cheap

    Large update?

    Hmmm... 0.10.6 was installed last month, on July 14th (https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-0106-dutch-cruisers-part-1/) 0.10.7 was installed just 3 days ago on August 11th (https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-0107-submarines-in-ranked-battles/) We aren't do for 0.10.8 for a few weeks yet. My guess is that they had a pretty large list of bugs after 0.10.7 dropped and this is partially to do with that and also getting ready for the new Ranked season, which - IIRC - starts this coming Wednesday (They said one week after the patch)
  15. Done_Dirt_Cheap

    Large update?

    We haven't even gotten the official 0.10.7 Update Notes yet, lol. At least not on this server.