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    I'm up for pretty much ANYTHING, interesting stories, movies, games, playing any sport, i'll try anything atleast once impulsively, and then again if i think about it.

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  1. So the aigle misison chain

    Is it broke? i did my 2 on teh weekend and I did the one on monday, but tuesday had no mission, what gives?
  2. Graf Spee

    You could end up doing things like this
  3. How did I get this ship?

    if you haven't played ina while, they gifted alot of the players who haven't played some premiums.
  4. And here I was under the impression that WOWS MM was not SKILLBASED, but rather merely evened the playing field in regards to the SHIPS and tiers of each team.
  5. insane loading time and massive GFX load

    So as of yesterday i notice my wows client is using alot more of my GFX card power then it has ever used before. in fact maxing it out, I now get severe stuttering in game and massive framerate drops when wows is the only game running. furthermore my load times have bene fluctuated highly since yesterday as well, including a game that took nearly 6 minutes to load today...any idea's?
  6. limit the stockpile to where if you activate it, it activate ALL the premium time.
  7. Also I'd really wish these in game contests were posted on the launcher, i've been playing like mad to ger my duke, and haven't been on teh forum much so i JUST now saw this contest.
  8. fyi the color of your text is damn near impossible to read with the dark theme...
  9. Tier 9 remake of Graf Spee

    ...Thats a horrible idea, the graf spee doesn't have the speed, the armor, or the guns to work anything higher then t7
  10. the problem with consistent fire starters is that fires do significantly more damage to battleships than any other class not only because it's ship health % based and bb have the most health, but setting multiple fire sections on fire is easy because each section is so damn big. as a bb i can get get 3 fires set on me very quickly from a single high rate of fire cruiser firing over an island, i can put those fires out and as soon as i lose immunity boom three fires again taking 54% of my total ship health in damage, even if you insta delete the cruiser if he manages to get even 2 fires on you after your damage control that's 36% of your health gone, with zero way to counter it. i'm not saying fire is over powered per se, but it is unbalanced against battleships. I think it is in desperate need of a overwork.
  11. What is the point of operations?

    enhanced PVE content,,thats it.
  12. change to High Caliber

    you do know...there is this fancy button on your computer...known as prt sc..or print screen...it has a use you know.
  13. Bull$&#¥ pink status

    5 pings is excessive...30 pings is excessive...this is not a exclusive club bro, both can be excessive...
  14. Bull$&#¥ pink status

    i never said i couldn't deal with excessive pinging, you seem to be projecting...but it's still excessive and not even really related to why op got his pinky status...