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  1. I think the main issue with the contest is the lack of visibility, furthermore the irregularity of the contests is also a big drain on participation, a idea i would have is a bi weekly contest ending on the 7th and 21 of each month,That include good decent medium tier prize, like premium time, doubloons, or premum ships up to t5, and a monthly contest (that runs the full duration of the month but requires more commitment by the player) that rewards big prizes like 10 days premiumm time, thousands of doubloons, and premium ships up to t8.
  2. where is this discussion about clevland moving to t8?
  3. You strike me as the type of cap who as your ship is sinking below you who will make yourself a glass of scrotch. Start a stoegey and say..."mistakes were made" with full gravitas
  4. Did you catch the part where you just necrod my reply from the july corgi fleet...not the most recent fleet where i was actaully a corgi...
  5. East coast being flooded, and the west coast being on fire, (my normally clear skies are brown and smokey as [edited] in CDA idaho) what team were you during the team competition a while back? furthermore, is it the end times?
  6. i didn't kill a single corgi.
  7. p[rize go out 7 days AFTER the event ends...
  8. these seem to be more regular than annual. last corgi fleet was just a few months ago.
  9. Can confirm being a corgi was fun
  10. But i AM playing it like normal play style is recklessness take em down with me gameplay
  11. T4 Battleships choo-choo
  12. Here is a list of all known corgi streamers for this corgi fleet.Think you have what it takes to snipe a corgi, try your luck. Captain_Corgi_186 Captain_Corgi_44 Captain_Corgi_116 Captain_Corgi_243 Captain_Corgi_37 Corgi_Captain_131 Captain_Corgi_153
  13. Damn i so want to start early, silly 5pm start time...why couldn't it be like 2 pm start time. oh well gives me time to update my streaming software and ALSO stream me getting wrecked all in the name of giving out doubloons.(man i could totaly use 1500 dubloons to, the molotov calls to me rofl.) i shall be streaming on
  14. · Corgi Fleet Members must not use the Corgi Fleet accounts before or after the event in any mode. Corgi Fleet members are allowed to log in and prepare their ships before the event.
  15. what can i say, when a target ccome along i must kill it, i also sunk wargaming like 11 times during the april fools bathtub event rofl