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  1. of course, and that skill range cannot be indicated by a players WINRATE because it takes a TEAM to win half the time, and the other half a single well skilled player in the correct ship class can CARRY a mediocre team.
  2. and you are obsessing over the statistical probability. the fact is statistics CANNOT come into play at this point because it REQUIRES effectively that each scenario, while ISOLATED from eachother is still fundementally the same, aka 20 people flipping qaurters, but the fact that a game's player can be spread out over a feww million different possible combiniations of ships and class and tiers, means you have 5 people flipping qauters, 5 people flipping hundred dollar bills, 5 people flipping canadian pennies, and 5 people rolling d20 dice.
  3. you know now i'm not to sure, I could've sworn i had earned a permanant camo for the cleveland somehow someway, but i don't have the any of the new years 2016 camo for any other ships, and that seems to be the only other permenant camo out there for the cleveland other then the default premium camo.
  4. was it the Frosty camo then? I could've sworn my cleveland had a permanant camo from some mission chain or another
  5. i'm talking bout this camo. the Cleveland USEDto have it
  6. statistics has no relevance here because the variables are too drastic, if the teams were EXACTLY matched, with the exact same ships every match, statistics would come into play, but because not only can the number of ships of a specific class change, but the very ships within in that class and even the number of PLAYERS can change.
  7. yes, it is not available to be mounted on the cleveland , or on the pepsicola I checked the depot, I have no permanant camo's available or any american cruisers now. the type 12 camo was a special permanent camo released for 6 ships as part of one of the seasonal mission chains/campaigns, i beleive it wwas teh same seasonal event that got my Graf Spee, it is NOT the normal permanant camo you purchase with doubloons/cash (but it had all the bonuses of said permanant camo)
  8. winrate is a garbage stick to measure by, as that puts the TEAMS performance over the individual players and certain ship classes cannot carry the team, while other ship classes can completely carry the team to victory themselves.
  9. Shouldn't the type 12 Cleveland permanent camouflage of come with the ship when it was upgrade to t8? I do NOT have my type 12 anymore for the ship and it was not transferred to the Pepsicola when the ship took my Cleveland place at t6. appearently, i may not of had such a camo...damn me for not having played in a while, feel free to ignore this post and carry on with your lifes.
  10. Spaceships not showing in port

    To be fair unless you look at the combat mission, the space battle splash page does NOT include the unlock requirement, it makes it sound like you can just hop into battle.
  11. So the aigle misison chain

    Is it broke? i did my 2 on teh weekend and I did the one on monday, but tuesday had no mission, what gives?
  12. Graf Spee

    You could end up doing things like this
  13. How did I get this ship?

    if you haven't played ina while, they gifted alot of the players who haven't played some premiums.
  14. And here I was under the impression that WOWS MM was not SKILLBASED, but rather merely evened the playing field in regards to the SHIPS and tiers of each team.
  15. insane loading time and massive GFX load

    So as of yesterday i notice my wows client is using alot more of my GFX card power then it has ever used before. in fact maxing it out, I now get severe stuttering in game and massive framerate drops when wows is the only game running. furthermore my load times have bene fluctuated highly since yesterday as well, including a game that took nearly 6 minutes to load today...any idea's?