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  1. i see my ping jump to several hundred all the time. but then again i'm usually down...err no wait movie are usually falling off a passing pirate ship.
  2. a soviet union t8 cruiser. for the next FREE xp ship. Followed by a ROCN cruiser as t6. with that they will of finished out the ALLIES tin ww2, next should be ships for the AXIS powers, with IJN receiving a t9 destroyer, germany receiving a t7 cruiser, and finally itally receiving a t8 battleship (Littorio-class battleship maybe?) to finish out the AXIS superpowers.
  3. support couldn't help you because YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN GIVIN THE ANSWER. no, seriously you have a 35ms ping contacted the world of warships server that your game is currently on, the ping IS AUTOMATIC, it is sent with EVERY bit of data that the game sends out to play, when new data is received back from the server...
  4. \ Warspites vs bayern, dreadnaught medal and potential damagE? i mean warspite has the heal, but bayern has the armor, and turtleback.
  5. oh oh i know, highes potential damage in a warspite after earning a dreadnought medal
  6. i would love to know how stray dog got 106 citadels, but only managed 79 thousand damage that just seems extremely difficult (100 citadels from a fiji is 310,000 damage) i do believe the data gather method is not as accurate as it could be.
  7. I'm gonna laugh my [edited] off if some dude just grinding up though to uk ships happens to get it without ever even knowing about the contest rofl.
  8. Any critiques on mine? the actual full size entry is abvoe
  9. There is a special palce in hell for me, for shooting citadels above my weight class
  10. i swear that looks familiar...
  11. Oh come on @Mezurashi. haven't you seen battlefield friends? it's HUMOROUS, not salt, or raging, or any of that, and i didn't use profanity, i even said crap bucket.
  12. They usually won't if they find you used someone else content, it's a instant DQ
  13. even seasoned, because the woods are already in rounds, it's unlikely a carpenter or woodworker would want it,(as it has significant checkering) but the point is moot, i have a woodburning stove for heating during eh winter months (and for as hot as it is, we get zero temp during winter) so it's kinda a necessity for burning
  14. Any chance we can get a domestic payment server for the premium shop? i mean i got the 30% coupon and i was TOTALLY ready to use it to buy 6500 doubloons so i can FINALLY get the scharnhorst while it is on sale. the problem, my card is domestic use only, so my hopes were dashed quite expertly.