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    I'm up for pretty much ANYTHING, interesting stories, movies, games, playing any sport, i'll try anything atleast once impulsively, and then again if i think about it.

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  1. Atom_Alchemist

    "email of a gift"

    I checked the in game prem shop and out of game premium shop, no bueno. This is teh email i received
  2. Atom_Alchemist

    "email of a gift"

    I got an email saying I received a mystery box gift, and that i had to log in to get it and that it would contain atleast 7 days of premium time...i log in, theirs no box anywhere and i do not see any way to redeem teh gift.
  3. Atom_Alchemist

    WANNA WIN $10,000? - Recruitment Rumble

    Since my post has been glazed over how the hell do i get the bloody invite link, or send the bloody invite email? I click invite player AND NOTHING [edited]HAPPENS!!
  4. Atom_Alchemist

    WANNA WIN $10,000? - Recruitment Rumble

    Where can i find my recruitment link? I click invite players but it doesn't give me a link to send out to some old friends, and new ones.
  5. Atom_Alchemist

    CV can still cross drop you PTS

    i'm confused...if he TRULY is on the test server. how come there are THREE torpedo flights in flight right now? (remember cv can only control one flight at a time now.) i'm 95% this is on the live server, ranked sprint to be sure.
  6. you do understand that the client has a population counter in game...
  7. Atom_Alchemist

    PSA: The Christmas in game doubloon sale has STARTED!

    Well, i went with the huanghe and the z-39, i'll save teh remaing 3k doubllons for next year
  8. Atom_Alchemist

    PSA: The Christmas in game doubloon sale has STARTED!

    she's not available in game for doubloons.
  9. Atom_Alchemist

    PSA: The Christmas in game doubloon sale has STARTED!

    surprise me, i play everything except CV,
  10. That said, What ships should i get, i got 10,950 doubloons to burn
  11. Atom_Alchemist

    how to cure the triple torpedo drop cancer

    the console specifily doesn't have cv./..
  12. None of my replays ever get picked, but i will be damned if I don't say congratulations on successfully running such a series for a year, thats a fantastic achievement.
  13. Atom_Alchemist

    christmas in game sale

    Is there not gonna be discounts for the doubloon purchasable ships this year?
  14. Atom_Alchemist

    Internet providers?

    i work customer care for a internet provider. the issue is likely NOT your internet provider... it's your WIFI connection that you are likely using because you don't understand that wifi is a technology of convenience and you should NEVER play a game over said network.