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  1. Vanessaira

    Community Contributers have higher odds of Supers.

    I did not get a chance to talk about my crate openings on the show yet, but I got 5 ships, 3 Krasnys, 1 Gascogne, and 1 Kronshtadt. I have almost every ship in the game, but yeah. Frustrating because I don't play French of Russian ships much if any so I got a bunch of 10 point captains for nations I almost never play.
  2. Vanessaira

    Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    Without speculating too much here. The situation is a little different here. It could be in their eyes that USS West Virginia is still being released to all and not a select few like USS Alabama. Apples to oranges if you will, but again I am speculating and please do not take this as gospel and direct from WG. Just me trying to illustrate a possible counter point to that argument. I cannot go into the internals of how WG works but I ask you again to keep feedback positive and constructive. Doing mass flame wars, calling WG names will not get anything accomplished.
  3. Vanessaira

    Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    I would continue to drum feedback based on this ship needing to be USS Maryland instead. Main reason being history and the possibility of a post Pearl Refit. Wargaming may or may not know. It's a big reason why there are CCs STs community managers and systems in place to get more feedback directly to the Devs. Many of which do not speak English or understand certain cultural or historical significancs of these things. So I ask again, to keep up positive constructive feedback.
  4. Vanessaira

    Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    Many of us in the CC Community are actively trying to get the name changed to USS Maryland. But we will need more feedback from everyone.
  5. This is another great idea, but I would still push for my campaign idea and use camo in my system as a way for WG to make up cost. Either or. These ships need to get in game.
  6. Does that matter??? They are still clones. Washington would more or less be a clone of a tech line ship.
  7. That's pretty much what I was thinking for awhile now. I've been sitting on this idea for about 8 months now. Just been waiting on Massachusetts... Furthermore, to address aurguments about flooding the game with ships. That did not stop WG from putting out how many ARP clones of ships??? And to address the issues of premium or shop flooding and worthwhile effort for WG. How about this. Campaign for the ships and IF you want to make it like other premiums. Then add a pricey bonus camouflage pattern. We're WG could make up cost there. Make it so opt in or just play the ship like any other techtree ship.
  8. Vanessaira

    Friday Debriefing - Ranked Battles Season 9

    Thank you for the compliment. Very kind of you and sorry for the delayed reply. I hated this season, and it made me want to pull my hair out. I would do great, succeed, and fail, and have no effect what so ever, and it just royally pissed me off to no end. I'm sure if I would have stayed at it, I could have ranked out in another 300 battles, but I don't think I could have handled it from a sanity point.
  9. Hi all, I wanted to talk to you all about something that I (and I know others) have felt is a glaring and important omission from this game. Thats right, USS Washington and HIJMS Kirishima. Two historic ships that took part in one of the last direct surface actions in history. These ships were in part, tied to the larger conflict that was the Battle of Guadalcanal. It resulted in some of the most horrific and savage naval combat in near modern history. The battle between Washington and Kirishima was the last one on one battleship v battleship action and was the last time a battleship sunk another battleship as a direct result. Not withstanding support form other ships. Why do I bring all this up? Well USS Massachusetts is in her public ready to release form and she offers something a bit different from the rest of the USN Battleship line. Massachusetts is a brawling USN BB with enhanced secondary batteries, that are aided by increased range, rate of fire, and accuracy. Her setup is not that much different to her sister USN battleships if one sets them up for the standard BFT/AFT AA builds. While I am not going to go into a crazy in depth review, (I'll save that for LWM cause she does a much better job then I ever could) Massachusetts is a fun ship and a battleship that I rather enjoyed testing. Most of you know that I am more of a Destroyer and Light Cruiser player so when it comes to battleships I often have a hard time producing that same results as many of you. However with this ship, for the first time in a long time I was happy sailing about in a battleship. Rough preview and review: USS Massachusetts is similar to USS Alabama though she trades notably trade main battery firing range and lower accuracy sigma (it is a bit noticeable at range), slight variations in AA defense more mid range less short range, slightly less torpedo defense, but most notably. Massive Secondary Battery range and accuracy improvement. She handles similar to Alabama and is quick on the rudder and agile to boot. 11.3 Max Secondary range. 11.3!!! and they hit often and well even with no Manual Secondary Fire Control and the negative penalties from Secondary Battery Mod and Secondary Signal. With this setup and high concealment, you could virtually get close and when you were spotted, almost be in range to start showering people with ridiculous amounts of 5 inch shells. It makes lurking and stalking into an advantage position fun and when the battle gets going. Well, I think Sabaton did a great cover of Judas Priest "All Guns Blazing" and yeah. I'll leave it at that. Massachusetts may not be the ship for everyone or hardcore USN BB fans, but many of those USN BB players. Tend to often use their concealment to their advantage and close within at the right time to annihilate their victims. So we established that USS Massachusetts is a fun and different ship that has a close quarters brawling theme to it, but again why do I bring this all up? Well, IT SHOULD BE USS WASHINGTON!!! Not to lessen the importance of Massachusetts contribution to the war effort, but if any US Battleship should be released and setup in a unique way conducive to close quarters and brawling. Then it should be none other then USS Washington, which did so actual. Should I even mention the fact that we are starting to see Night Fighting Action in game with the Co-Op modes?!? That then begs the question of, well how do we get this ship in game??? I here in present to you my idea for accomplishing just that. I feel an eventual campaign system featuring two ships (Washington & Kirishima)for players to acquire would be the most ideal way to go about this. It could avoid the premium shop or be released in a similar way that Graf Spee was while being in both the campaign and shop at the same time. At the end of the long campaign one could earn both ships. Wargaming could test the waters and see if this could be a good way to add future historical ships without the crazy feeling that there are too many needless sister ships in game. In fact, I would argue that having sister ships allows fans of that class of ship to really enjoy the most of that type while maximizing premium and bonus'. KMS Hipper and Prinz Eugen not withstanding, I feel that if Prinz Eugen would have been a campaign ship and not just a premium clone "at ship launch" would this even be an issue??? To address those who want unique differences. Many of the player base have suggested that Washington could come in game with the 14 inch gun setup. While unique, I would hate this for historical purposes. A compromise here would be to at least offer both options. All I am really asking for is to copy the USS North Carolina with small super structure changes, but pick a year setup for Washington and make slight changes based on that year. (Late 42 would probably make the most sense ;D and radar <.<) For Kirishima, a unique Night Fighting ability could be somehow added if WG wants to go there with future iterations of night time action. Now I know many of you will probably go, well Van, you just want Washington because that's your home state. Well partly but I think history speaks for itself with this ship and I would still argue just as stronly if the tables were turn historically for Washington and Massachusetts, or say even USS Indiana, etc. I strongly feel that historical ships and ships of note like USS San Francisco, USS O'Bannon, and USS San Diego could be added in this way. In closing I am going to place up a poll and I want to ask for your support, or at least understand my position. I am not asking that WG drop everything they are doing and immediately release these ships. However I do want your support so that WG knows that this is something that people want in the future. With your help, we can have Washington, San Diego, O'Bannon, San Francisco and more, plus I believe that it can be done in a way that casual or non historical interested players wont cry, "NOT ANOTHER TIER 8 USN BB IN THE PREMIUM SHOP!!!" Thank you <3
  10. Vanessaira

    USS Seattle

    So we have a new image showing a break down of the USN cruiser split, and one of these new cruisers on the light cruiser line is the USS Seattle at Tier 9. Since this is a paper ship and not a real historical lead ship class, it got me thinking and speculating as to what it might have and possibly contribute. So USS Seattle. Got to have torpedoes because well, fish, and we have good fish so they have to be overpowered. Yep, and well our guns. Totally going to be cheesy, because they will grill everyone. The cheese and fish would also be delivered promptly since you know, you have to have a Prime Membership to couple with your Premium Time. Any captain you put on the ship will get bonuses to High Alert. Drink that much coffee you should be... Ship handling, to borrow a term from Yuro. Epic Sound System. Yeah we got music lots of eclectic music so ship will be great for torpedo beat'n. Now as far as ship options go. Smoke, yeah totally going to have smoke cause Washington legalized the stickiest of the icky so good smoke. Seattle should have a spotter plane too, and it will be some paper monstrosity like a Boeing B-17 on floats or something crazy cause hey, if it ain't Boeing, I ain't going! It would also have to have a crazy good AA consumable because well Seattle Defensive would just intercept everything, and Wargaming could go over the top and draw silly animations of Sherman tanks being launched. They would be many, Legion if you will. Lots of Booming going on. Even if you did manage to get close to hitting USS Seattle, it would just scramble and score hits to your citadel. Finally USS Seattle would have a cool premium camo bonus. Clouds gather and at the start of the match rain falls, the rain turns off when everyone else is sunk or exits to port... So yeah, funs and puns aside. Interesting choice for ship name and light cruiser choice at this tier. Looking forward to seeing and testing this ship when Wargaming brings it out. Curious if it will actually have torpedoes because USS Buffalo does, and when you have the Tier 8 mirrors with USS Baltimore and USS Cleveland. Could Tier 9 be mirrors as well??? Would also be shocked if we get this line split before getting a USS Washington premium. Of all potential USN premium BB options. That one should have been one of the first. Anyway, anyone else curious as to what this ship might entail? Go Hawks!!!
  11. Vanessaira

    Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    This is an incredibly good write up Mouse. Superb job!
  12. Vanessaira

    Master List of Podcast Episodes

    Link to discussion and summary thread for Episode 26.
  13. Vanessaira

    Master List of Podcast Episodes

    And here is the brief summary and the discussion thread for Episode 23.
  14. Vanessaira

    Master List of Podcast Episodes

    Looking forward to it!