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  1. It is with great sadness that I am stepping away from testing, and doing the Warships Podcast. I had really hoped to have gotten the show to 150 episodes, but my life is in great fluctuation at this time. Since mid August I have either been out of the country, traveling up and down the coast. as well as flying some more, working odd hours, or occupied with something else going on. Now I am changing positions at work and will be training for 6 weeks. I just do not have the time anymore to give this game and community the attention it deserves. The crew did record episode 145, however I didn't have time to finish editing it and soon Wargaming made changes to some of the topics we discussed. As such, this episode is now outdated. I would also state that if Kelorn had continued hosting the show. I would still be in this position and having to step down. I was worried about this but really wanted to push on at least to 150 and assess my life at that point. Regretfully this will not happen. I want to thank the community and Wargaming for this opportunity and 5+ years of Warships' awesomeness. It was a great honor to represent the community and test for a company I admire and respect. Thank you to Aerroon and NoZoupForYou for helping me and supporting the community as well. I really and truly want to thank Kami and Kelorn. You two are amazing and this show we did was an amazing journey. I hoped to have honored you both by continuing what you two started but I apologize and am deeply sorry for not finishing on a better note. I will still occasionally pop in and sail the Fletcher from time to time, so don't fret. Thank you everyone, it was an pleasure. <3
  2. Episode 144: California Love feat Dr. Zoup & Tu'Air Runed Hi listeners! For this episode of the Warships Podcast, Zoup returns and the crew can set off going over a myriad of topics, events, and other news that has transpired since our last show. Topics include the following; the 4th Anniversary event, Clan Brawl, Ranked Sprint, King of the Sea, Italian Cruisers and a new Italian CO. More test ships like the USS California and USS Puerto Rico and the announcement of the British Heavy Cruiser tech tree line. Thank you all for your continued support, as well as our Patreon supporters who have helped so much. It was a pleasure to meet many of you out on the USS Turner Joy. We very much look forward to seeing you again on the next Warships Podcast! (Still learning how to edit. I am sorry I have not show notes to jump to the time stamps of each topic)
  3. Episode 143: We Will Fight In the Shade with Lord_Zath EPISODE SUMMARY Hi listeners! In this episode of the Warships Podcast, Lord Zath returns again to help aid the crew for the various news topics and discussions impacting the community. The crew starts off with the news of in game events and new dazzle camouflage bundles. As well as KamiSamurai becoming a father, Congratulations! The cast discusses the impact of VMF Smolensk, and touches on other test ships like USS Ohio. A break down of the current testing of Italian cruisers and its SAP rounds are held, and the team gives their initial impressions so far. The show ends on another discussion with Submarines and talking about the game play footage shown at Gamescom. We finish the show out with the question of the week from wifeaggro about steel reward ship selection. Thank you all for your continued support and a special thank you to the Patreons who support the show. We look forward to seeing you again on the next Warships Podcast! EPISODE NOTES 00:40 How we're doing in Ranked 01:45 Other events & dazzle camouflage bundles 03:20 Smolensk 20:20 Ohio 23:53 Venezia and other Italian cruisers 33:42 Paolo Emilio - Italian destroyer 44:04 Gamescom and Submarines 52:57 Question of the Week by Wifeaggro - Bourgogne, Stalingrad, or Somers? New Forum for the Podcast: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/307-the-warships-podcast/ Podcast Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/the%20warships%20podcast
  4. Vanessaira

    The Show Must Go On!

    We are recording one today. ;D
  5. Vanessaira

    The Show Must Go On!

    Absolutely open to it. Let me see in the next few weeks, with all the topics and news that is breaking.
  6. Vanessaira

    Episode 142: Dive Dive Dive!!! with Lord_Zath

    <3 Thank you ^ Absolutely. There are a ton of topics we talked about a long time ago that are now making there way into the game one way or another.
  7. Episode 142: Dive Dive Dive!!! with Lord_Zath EPISODE SUMMARY Hi listeners! This episode of the Warships Podcast is a somber one. Kelorn has decided to move on from World of Warships and to take a break from making content. The crew will very much miss having him around on the cast as well as sailing the virtual high seas. The show however will continue to go on, and NoZoupForYou is helping the podcast by being another mainstay co-host. The show will try to continue to be the same great podcast you have known and love, but we ask patience in the scheduling and release of podcast due to the nature of each host and quest busy schedules. In this episode the crew went over a lengthy discussion about burn out, as well as covered news topics with a new Ranked Season (Season 13) out as well as some notable new ships on the Super Test Dev Blog. A closing discussion on Submarines and their official addition to the World of Warships ends the show. Due to time restraints the cast was unable to get the question of the week in, but will be saved for the next show. Thank you everyone for you patience and support of this show. Please bare with us going forward as well try to set a good schedule going forward for everyone. We look forward to seeing you again on the next Warships Podcast! EPISODE NOTES 00:25 Kelorn has left the Podcast & Burnout Discussion 41:56 Brief Ranked Season 13 Introduction 44:16 New Ships on the Super Test - USS California 51:21 Submarines New Forum for the Podcast: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/307-the-warships-podcast/ Podcast Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/the%20warships%20podcast
  8. Vanessaira

    Question of the Week Submissions

    Thank you for your question. I will get it in our next recording.
  9. Vanessaira

    The Show Must Go On!

    Hi All! As the title states. The Warships Podcast will be continuing, though there may be some interruptions and changes with schedule and timings of the show release schedule. We plan on EP 142 coming out maybe tomorrow 17 Aug 2019. However with trying to get guest on the show and working around everyone constantly change schedule has been a difficult to say the least. However we are staying the course and will continue to sail through these troubled waters. Serving the Warships Community joy and professionalism. Thank you all, and thank you to everyone supporting. THANK YOU! To our Patreons for you support and patience with us! <3
  10. Episode 141: SeaRaptor Tells Us About the "Fight for the Flagship" Tournament and a Few More Things EPISODE SUMMARY Hi listeners! For episode 141 of the Warships Podcast, Sea Raptor & No Zoup join the show again to talk a myriad of topics including a massive Patch 0.8.7 Developer Bulletin that released just before the shows recording. The cast discusses the bulletin touching the new French Arc for destroyers, Ranked Sprint, UI and Battle Chat changes, Matchmaking changes and a big discussion on the upcoming Anti Aircraft fire improvements. The team continues sailing along with the recent change to the Naval Training Center, now known as the Research Bureau. No Zoup recently did a video on this subject and the crew discusses it and the continuing test ships of the USS Ohio, HMS Thunderer, Colbert, and KMS Siegfried. Rounding out this discussion, some of the new Italian cruisers are coming on the Player Test Server (PTS) in conjunction with the Research Bureau. The new Semi Armor Piercing (SAP) ammo type is covered on the Developer Bulletin as well as the fuel smoke ability called Full-Throttle Smoke Generator. To close the show, the cast discussed two questions of the week from HoldMyBeer on the WoWS forums and INSHUNTER1948 from Facebook. Thank you kindly to every supporter of this show and thank you to our Patreons. Your help is instrumental! We look forward to seeing you again on the next Warships Podcast! Aerroon: I hope there aren't many sync issues. I tried correcting them (IT TOOK A LOOOONG TIME), but I'm not sure if I got all of them. Vanessaira: Sorry it took an extra long time to post. I just got access to all of the programs and information necessary to be able to do this. EPISODE NOTES 00:51 Fight for the Flagship Tournament 04:15 French Arc 18:21 0.8.7 Developer Bulletin 20:00 Matchmaking Changes 26:52 AA Changes and Carrier Chat 49:02 Research Bureau 1:00:44 Colbert, Ohio, Thunderer 1:15:23 Italian Cruiser on PTS 1:23:14 Question of the Week from HoldMyBeer 1:30:17 Question of the Week from INSHUNTER1948 New Forum for the Podcast: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/307-the-warships-podcast/ Podcast Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFs8t5v-yXYl9utoiJyPHkQ
  11. Vanessaira

    Question of the Week Submissions

    See if we can get this in this week.
  12. Vanessaira

    Community Contributers have higher odds of Supers.

    I did not get a chance to talk about my crate openings on the show yet, but I got 5 ships, 3 Krasnys, 1 Gascogne, and 1 Kronshtadt. I have almost every ship in the game, but yeah. Frustrating because I don't play French of Russian ships much if any so I got a bunch of 10 point captains for nations I almost never play.
  13. Vanessaira

    Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    Without speculating too much here. The situation is a little different here. It could be in their eyes that USS West Virginia is still being released to all and not a select few like USS Alabama. Apples to oranges if you will, but again I am speculating and please do not take this as gospel and direct from WG. Just me trying to illustrate a possible counter point to that argument. I cannot go into the internals of how WG works but I ask you again to keep feedback positive and constructive. Doing mass flame wars, calling WG names will not get anything accomplished.
  14. Vanessaira

    Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    I would continue to drum feedback based on this ship needing to be USS Maryland instead. Main reason being history and the possibility of a post Pearl Refit. Wargaming may or may not know. It's a big reason why there are CCs STs community managers and systems in place to get more feedback directly to the Devs. Many of which do not speak English or understand certain cultural or historical significancs of these things. So I ask again, to keep up positive constructive feedback.
  15. Vanessaira

    Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    Many of us in the CC Community are actively trying to get the name changed to USS Maryland. But we will need more feedback from everyone.