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  1. TheSteelGeneraI

    Should I get a Friesland?

    Thanks for all the input! I had forgotten about Alaska as an option, and I do like American cruisers......decisions decision.
  2. TheSteelGeneraI

    Should I get a Friesland?

    They are going to make these ships into premiums? Sounds bizarre, why would they do that? Do we know when?
  3. TheSteelGeneraI

    Should I get a Friesland?

    I finally saved up 1,000,000 free XP points. Now, what to do with them? I like gun-boat DD play so the Friesland does appeal to me. Is it known how much longer they will be available for free XP? Is it known what the next free XP ship might be and when? Is there anything I should consider doing with all these points?
  4. TheSteelGeneraI

    Thoughts on Hawkins?

    Just started playing the new British cruiser Hawkins. After a few games I find I'm struggling to do damage with the main guns. The AP seems to have no penetration and the 14 sec reload is painful. This is in stark contrast to Exeter, who's 203mm guns are citadel machines and have nearly the same reload (15sec). The guns are bigger than Emerald (190mm vs 152mm) but if shooting HE is the best way to do damage, then the long reload really hurts. The torps hit hard, but are slow and having only two per side makes them easy to dodge.
  5. TheSteelGeneraI

    No Damage?

    OK, thanks for the explanations. Maybe they need to add a new ribbon, like "module damaged".
  6. TheSteelGeneraI

    No Damage?

    It's the opening minutes of the game. I'm driving my Yamato and for my first salvo I target an enemy Yamato that has just been spotted for the first time. I let loose at max range with all guns and I let the camera follow the shells, so I see where they land. The shell I'm riding (ala Slim Pickens) lands smack in the middle of her foredeck, just in front of her forward turret. Another shell also struck the target, I'm not sure exactly where. I received two "Penetrating Hit" ribbons and ZERO damage. How can penetrating hits deal no damage? Even over-pens do something. Ricochets, torpedo-belt hits, no damage is understandable, but what really happened here?
  7. TheSteelGeneraI

    Ranked Sprint - worse than I even thought

    Both about 36% WR.
  8. TheSteelGeneraI

    Ranked Sprint - worse than I even thought

    I sorted them by win rate. The Bismark, while popular, only won at 53%.
  9. TheSteelGeneraI

    Ranked Sprint - worse than I even thought

    From na.wows-numbers.com Top ten ships in Sprint Ranked battles by win rate so far. Notice anything that these all have in common? A surprise to nobody I know, but disgusting PTW IMHO. Sprint was lots of fun though, I ranked out using a Bismark as I don't have any of these premiums. popularity win rate ave damage Tirpitz Battleship 15.6% 68.64% 57 308 Massachusetts B Battleship 3.2% 68.04% 60 257 Tirpitz B Battleship 3% 66.65% 57 380 Massachusetts Battleship 6.1% 66.44% 59 787 Enterprise Aircraft Carrier 1.7% 65.97% 43 817 Graf Zeppelin Aircraft Carrier 2.6% 65.64% 42 945 Prinz Eugen Cruiser 4.3% 64.42% 43 174 Kii Battleship 1.3% 63.72% 55 357 Graf Zeppelin B Aircraft Carrier 2% 61.48% 42 213 Le Terrible Destroyer 3.4% 59.19% 33 928
  10. I don't play CVs, so I am somewhat handicapped in understanding how to counter them. In the old game, the torps use to be dodge-able, but a good CV player would drop them such as to force me to turn broadside to his team and I had to decide which was worse, taking the torp hit(s) or turning my weak side to the enemy. That strategy aspect of the game seems to be gone now. It doesn't seem possible to dodge them anymore. In a DD maybe, but in a CA I'll always take 1 out of 3, and in a BB probably 2 or 3. Any tips here? I've tried turning either way and slowing down without much success. Should I just give up and ignore them? I launch my fighter plane when I see them coming and he'll shoot down one or two, but it doesn't stop the attack. The fighter also times out very quickly and the cool down is way longer than it takes for the next wave attack to get to me. Is the DCF captain's skill worth taking? I press "O" as soon as my AA opens up, but that doesn't stop the attack, and will time out before the second wave. The second wave will strike and leave before it comes off cool down. Bombs sometimes miss, but rockets never do, even in a DD. Does turning make any difference in how hard I am to hit? The CVs never run out of planes. Does shooting planes down hurt the CV at all? Even my friendly CV seems powerless to help me and I don't understand how their fighters work. They can drop fighters, but this seems only to happen early in the battle and the fighters don't prevent attacks. Do they run out of fighters? In the end game, with one or two ships plus a CV per side, the CVs never seem to have fighters. The fighters just cover one small area? Can they be moved? Can they be assigned to cover a ship as it moves around? I don't think I've ever seen that happen, so I guess not. I have one or two ships with really good AA, i.e. Des Moines and Cleveland, and they can mostly hold off air attacks, but are still somewhat vulnerable. I shot down over 50 planes in one game, but they just kept coming and eventually killed me. Does everyone spec every ship for added AA now? I don't hate CVs, I like that they are in the game, but I need some counter strategies to make them interesting. Otherwise, they are just a continuous pain field, like Fortnite. Pressing "O" isn't very effective or interesting and it seems the only real tool at my disposal. I notice that the manual AA captain's skill is gone. wth? At least that was an active thing I could do... Tips appreciated!
  11. TheSteelGeneraI

    I tried a Tier 4 game today

    Having recently returned after a long hiatus from the game, I was really disappointed at the state of the low tier game. Not a lot of players at the time I was on (NA server, 1pm EST), after a wait I get a match with 8 ships per side, three of which are CVs. As a DD all I could do was steam in circles near other ships and press "O". Some ships had no AA at all. Once all the non CV ships were dead, the six CVs fought it out. Things are seriously broken IMHO. Why would new players hang around to even see higher tiers?
  12. TheSteelGeneraI

    I shot a friendly

    So they should take out the mountain icon?
  13. TheSteelGeneraI

    I shot a friendly

    There I was, scoped in and shooting at a long range target, when a friendly steamed by very closely and I blew a hole in his boat. Oops!! My Bad! Not that big a deal, damage wasn't severe and the fine was laughable. I'm sure it has happened to everyone. But my question is, if they can put an icon on my screen to warn me that my shot is blocked by a mountain, why don't they do the same for a friendly ship? Wargaming? Hello?
  14. I only play to rank 10, it's not worth the aggravation after that.