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  1. So, I lucked out and got the tier 10 camo on my 5th bundle. Being that you can apply this to any normal tech tree ship, does anyone have any inkling to whether or not saving them for free application to subs is possible? I know this is a very hypothetical question but figured I'd ask it. Also just an idea for you people looking forward to subs.
  2. Nah, the german battleship line as a whole is just more difficult to play than people give it credit for (as well as having a 19 point captain is mandatory). Until you hit kurfurst and gain 4 guns, the accuracy and reliability of the guns even in ranges less than 10km is absolute crap. However, this is what is overlooked: the line has the most utility out of any BB line out there. Your hydro is invaluable for any map with heavy island cover, your secondaries allow you to set reliable fires and do damage to pretty much any target. I wish the line had more torp protection given its nature (perhaps give it more torpedo protection on the nose of the ship? would certainly lend itself to an aggressive playstyle without being broken). Hang back until you have the advantage (or know exactly where the torp ships are), push with your team as any BB should do.
  3. worth it for the benham (i dont have time to dedicate to the missions these days)
  4. Buying the Admiral's Bounty pack twice will net you 25,000 doubloons to buy containers 25 containers with for the same price, PLUS give you 60 days of premium time. Below is a link to my imgur album where I opened 50 rogue wave premium crates: either I was very unlucky or the drop rate for the permanent camos is very low. If you are looking for a specific one it might be better to just buy it with doubloons! https://imgur.com/a/PWEvAPn
  5. Dragon_GN

    Space Camos

    Hey guys, does anyone know if the space camos are going to be removed from the armory with 8.3 or is WG going to milk them for a bit longer (no offense, I want to buy all of them but they are expensive af)? I'm currently hoping to get some money to spend in the next week and would be very sad if they are fully removed tomorrow. But, such is life sometimes. I just haven't seen anything official on that.
  6. Dragon_GN

    Bionic Skins

    Someone in my clan mentioned that if you completed all of the directives this month you'd also receive the Henri/DM bionic skins for free in HoF. Any truth to this? or is it just a cheaper skin because its new/less stylized? I can't find any documentation on it, so I'm dismissing it.
  7. Dragon_GN

    Sunray in the Darkness Issue

    did the other magnu heal more than you? also check this sucker out https://imgur.com/a/8eIBZYe
  8. Dragon_GN

    Saving Pvt. Parks

    Well, I did it. I pushed Parks into the breakwall at the beginning of the Op, after a minute or two this seemed to reset him and he followed along with the rest of the convoy for the rest of it. Its been a year, and still WG haven't come up with a medal for saving Pvt. Parks. Sad. Also, you still only get 4 stars because you never trigger the "Save 7 civil ships" objective (triggers when parks dies). Anyway, give me some funny Operation Dynamo/Saving Pvt. Parks stories.
  9. Dragon_GN

    I am disguted and feel cheated by the game

    without even looking at a replay, and as someone who has only played dds the entire time ive played the game up to tier 9 so far: you missed your torps, he turned left at full speed and pulled his keel outta the way.
  10. the only thing i dislike about the rng containers is that the only way to do several of the directive missions (which will make your life way easier, if you are farming for cossack) is to get either insanely lucky with these first free containers, or buy them. on the opposite side, great incentive for people to buy them.