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  1. Even factoring the slightly over 10$ worth of dubloons they tacked onto the price tag, that's still a 50$ bundle just to ACCESS the campaign. I know it gives more rewards than just 4000 steel, but that's still quite a bit of buck to have to fill with bang to make it worthwhile to me. And I'm not saying that I think they should add more steel, I just don't know what the rewards other than steel are going to be. With that kind of price tag I'm just a little wary about how much else we're going to be getting out of the campaign.
  2. WyrmVonSturm

    Not Happy with "Go Navy" Containers Removal

    The loss of the camo I could have gotten isn't that big of a deal. I'm certain it will be available again. My issue is that the only notification we had about the boxes leaving the shop early was in the July shop article, buried beneath the NDJ/Boise sales, and not on the event rules article.
  3. WyrmVonSturm

    Not Happy with "Go Navy" Containers Removal

    Because of the way the event was set up, it was possible to get multiple camos with a small investment. Considering it costs 24$ in gold for a regular tier X camo, putting in a bit of effort everyday then spending 15-20$ to get a couple of them is a worthy investment for some people.