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  1. WyrmVonSturm

    Mouse's Take on the Short-List Fiasco

    I don't know, people in this thread seem to be proving that wrong with alarming regularity. Considering Mouse is a Community Contributor that puts out content reviewing premium ships and game mechanics that hundreds or possibly thousands of people read, it may be possible, just slightly, maybe...that people asked her what her opinion on the fiasco was? I mean, I could be wrong and she just decided to come out and say "Hey guys, I think loot boxes are terrible and scummy and you shouldn't buy them looking for ships." In which case it sounds like the countless other threads warning the same thing?
  2. WyrmVonSturm

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    If, for any reason, a branch had gaps with unresearched ships, these ships will not receive a bonus for a victory attained on them. You can research any ships you skipped before resetting the branch in order to earn the maximum number of Research Points. I understand that most of the xp/credit costs are going to be at tier 8-10, but really? If I get a mission for a line and get to start on say tier 7, I'm going to have to grind up to tier 7 before I can reset the line and get research points. What? I'm already resetting the line and having to grind from the beginning again, now I have to grind half the line BEFORE I grind the entire line? Yeah, no thanks.
  3. WyrmVonSturm

    Fly Strike Win and patch

    Did I miss something? Website has patch preparation starting at 6 AM Eastern/3 AM Pacific. Fly, Strike, Win was supposed to run until 8.3 drops..... Yet, the event banner is gone as of 5 AM Eastern time. Am I crazy? Or did I just miss somewhere they were going to pull the event an hour before patch drop?
  4. Uptiering is BRUTAL. I had issues enough with the Kaga and her stock planes. Maybe I'm crazy, but it was always in your best interest to snuggle up to a decent AA suite ship when a red carrier was in play. Now though, the red carrier has to actually think if it would be worth the time to devote to throwing away squadrons as opposed to "well I'll lose a couple of planes but I'll still be able to outright delete/cripple a high priority target the rest of the game" From other posts on the forums you would think that it's the end for DD's in the game, and the game is ruined. I find while playing DDs (I'm not a good DD player by any metric) that if I play a few km outside of friendly ships if I do suddenly get attention from the red CV, I can survive a few rocket /bomb salvos and get back to friendly AA. I think a shift in gameplay is going to be warranted for DD players until the CV apocalypse dies down and we see more reasonable numbers of them in matchmaking. Choice A: Be spotted permanently by a squadron that the red CV can have auto-follow you wherever you go until you get to allies or the friendly CV actually thinks it is worth sending a fighter squadron to cover you Choice B: Be spotted while the CV drops on you with munitions, then become unspotted while the squadron returns to Carrier and you have 45s to a minute to get the hell out of dodge or find a friendly to snuggle up to before his next squadron arrives. I know which one I prefer.
  5. AA values across the board are having issues. Ships that used to have respectable AA are having issues shooting down planes, while ships that used to be considered 'food' for CV's are able to swat planes from the sky. Add into the fact that RNG can play a factor in medium and long range guns and you have an issue where everyone is getting frustrated.
  6. WyrmVonSturm

    DD mains are in trouble. I had no counter to rockets.

    No. Let's not give DD's more power by making them invisible to aircraft. Realism aside, aircraft spotting is a needed check against DD's being able to run amok on unsupported flanks. This is really the issue. Even two ships with mediocre AA within 4-5 km of each other can make attack runs iffy at best, even with tier X planes. DD's just happen to be the class that operate alone most of the time, making them more appealing as targets. Even if it is a lot more difficult to hit them with bombs/rockets, you can usually make multiple attack waves against a DD. Something that you may not get attacking a Cruiser or BB right now.
  7. WyrmVonSturm

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Made the mistake of playing the Kaga. Stock tier 8 planes were just being chewed up by bots. An attack run on an Atago with DB's goes awry immediately by losing 3/4 of my planes to unlucky double flak bursts right in my squadron's face. I won't be playing her again for a while. If ever.
  8. Even factoring the slightly over 10$ worth of dubloons they tacked onto the price tag, that's still a 50$ bundle just to ACCESS the campaign. I know it gives more rewards than just 4000 steel, but that's still quite a bit of buck to have to fill with bang to make it worthwhile to me. And I'm not saying that I think they should add more steel, I just don't know what the rewards other than steel are going to be. With that kind of price tag I'm just a little wary about how much else we're going to be getting out of the campaign.
  9. WyrmVonSturm

    Not Happy with "Go Navy" Containers Removal

    The loss of the camo I could have gotten isn't that big of a deal. I'm certain it will be available again. My issue is that the only notification we had about the boxes leaving the shop early was in the July shop article, buried beneath the NDJ/Boise sales, and not on the event rules article.
  10. WyrmVonSturm

    Not Happy with "Go Navy" Containers Removal

    Because of the way the event was set up, it was possible to get multiple camos with a small investment. Considering it costs 24$ in gold for a regular tier X camo, putting in a bit of effort everyday then spending 15-20$ to get a couple of them is a worthy investment for some people.
  11. WyrmVonSturm

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    Funny you say, but my best DD killer recently has been the NorCal. it's been almost comical as I can't seem to kill a DD in my cruisers anymore, but charge in with a tier 8 BB and they start dropping like flies.
  12. WyrmVonSturm

    Premium Ship Review: Flint

    I want this ship so badly but the thought of playing another season of ranked battles makes my eyes bleed.
  13. WyrmVonSturm

    Premium Ship Review: Krasny Krym

    Another problem with this ship comes to light with the proposed changes next patch to tier 4 cruisers getting preferential MM. The Krispy Kreme is still going to see tier 7 battles, while the Svietlana will never see higher than 5 with similar guns. Ouch.