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  1. Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    Funny you say, but my best DD killer recently has been the NorCal. it's been almost comical as I can't seem to kill a DD in my cruisers anymore, but charge in with a tier 8 BB and they start dropping like flies.
  2. Spent 30$ total, 15 commander and 5 captain From the Commander: 100 Zulu Hotel 100 Zulu 150 Papa Papa 18 Ocean Soul 1500 Dubloons From Captain: 100 Equal Speed Charlie London 3000 Dubloons (from 2 Emdens) 20 Ocean Soul I wanted the rarer flags and camos. Instead I get flags I already have hundreds of and Ocean Soul camo.
  3. Yup, tier 5 gets shafted now. The tier 4 limited MM and everybody whining about queue times have pretty much killed it. Unless you're in a destroyer line, I would just suggest free xp past tier 5.
  4. Dear DD captains...

    But when I do, it's fantastic. Remember a recent game in my Sims where I smoked up in front of a NoCal and he proceeded to stop and block all the HE spam they sent into the smoke trying to hit me. It was glorious.
  5. Krispy Kreme. As bad as some of the other premiums are, they are at least enjoyable. The Svietlana was a decent ship for tier 4. This thing....just no.
  6. Crossing my own T is Stupid

    Your argument for the Arizona is invalid, as it was sunk by bombs, not shell fire. (Multiple people beat me to this one...sigh) Also, while the actual cause of the catastrophic explosion that sank the HMS Hood is unclear, all of the generally accepted theories do not attribute the explosion to plunging fire. The Hood and Prince of Wales are understood to have been somewhere within 15 km of the Bismark and Prinz Eugen's position (accounts vary on the exact distance, though since that would be a pretty damn important figure to have for gunnery I have no idea why it varies by over a kilometer.) At 15 km the shells of the Bismarck would be hitting the Hood at an Angle of Fall between 10.5 and 12 degrees. To achieve a hit against any of the magazines in the aft of the ship, at those angles the shell would have had to penetrate the armor below both armored decks of the Hood. A diagram to illustrate the point: The myth that the Hood was a victim to it's own armor scheme that made it vulnerable to plunging fire is just that, a myth. Vice Admiral Holland was well aware of the shortcomings of the Hood's armor when he engaged the Bismarck and Eugen and took steps to minimize the weakness. As for the rest of this articles points, since I was just talking about the Bismarck I can use this handy little graph http://www.kbismarck.com/38cm.html which shows the calculated penetration values the Kriegsmarine used for the 38cm guns mounted on the Bismarck and Tirpitz. Note that deck penetration values are absent or n/a for angles of fall less than 19 degrees because shots at angles less than that were not expected to penetrate even minimal deck armor if they even managed to HIT deck armor. Sources for the data can be found at the bottom, if you'd like to see more data than just those two graphs http://warships1discussionboards.yuku.com/reply/340859/North-Carolina-BB55-vs-Bismarck#reply-340859 the PDF links in this post have the data on various ww2 german naval guns, the 38cm is last on the list.
  7. Ever been called a.......

    My favorite was being called a useless [edited]because I wouldn't turn on my AA guns to help the friendly carriers two squadrons of fighters deal with a single squadron of enemy fighters. In smoke, in a Farragut.
  8. Premium Ship Review: Flint

    I want this ship so badly but the thought of playing another season of ranked battles makes my eyes bleed.
  9. Premium Ship Review: Krasny Krym

    Another problem with this ship comes to light with the proposed changes next patch to tier 4 cruisers getting preferential MM. The Krispy Kreme is still going to see tier 7 battles, while the Svietlana will never see higher than 5 with similar guns. Ouch.
  10. Rank 10 here, still struggling but with each passing game I find myself wondering more and more why I'm spending the effort to try to rank out.
  11. Didn't help that NA server never seemed to have enough players to fill PvP matches, even in what would be considered peak times.
  12. Teammates when you answer the question "Where are we going?" When I play certain ships Every. Single. Ranked. Game.
  13. I liked WT for a while, before Gaijin wrecked their own game with terrible BR changes and then banned people who complained. Or an E-50M
  14. Just now learning about the ship rewards thing. After dropping out of ranked battles for not wanting to deal with the salt/unsportsmanlike conduct for a flag, I find it aggravating that they are NOW telling us that the rewards from previous seasons are needed to get a premium ship. Well thanks WG, that's not dirt in the eyes at all.
  15. USS Saipan Review

    That doesn't mean premiums won't be nerfed, they're just as susceptible to overarching nerfs as any other ship. Look at the Atlanta, people raged about the Atlanta for months because if you got within range of one they could light you up for days. With the changes to HE and saturation mechanics a while ago the Atlanta has been relegated to hunting DD's and providing AA cover, as HE will only perform up to a certain point, and her AP is weak unless you're at suicide ranges.