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  1. Corgi Event new one?

    +1 and signed!!! I miss Niko and the Corgi events, but a Pigeon of War and a Great Coo would be an epic replacement. Btw, I do hope Niko is doing well with whatever he has going on.
  2. Depends on the MM and what ship I am in. Generally though it's neither when I am detected nor when I am just within range, but it's when I am within the BB I am in's sweet spot. For instance, the New Mexico's is between 10km-14km, so if possible, I will wait until then and when I can get a good angled target (doesn't matter the ship - even DD's). Though as another poster said, if I am out tiered by 2, depending on if I am comfortable in the ship, I will tend to hesitate on my opening rounds until the Heavy Hitters have unloaded their first salvo's (that's if I am undetected of course - of detected, well it doesn't matter and I go for the most opportune target).
  3. Request: Forgiveness ability

    If it's one thing I am not, it's a liar. The fact you are trying to assert that I am merely to prop yourself up and try to justify your own mistakes is simply pathetic. As I said previously, but you seemed to miss that whole point, and I'll quote myself " In all honesty, I have earned a ton of respect in the past from Supervisors when I have come up and said hey, I screwed up, this is what I did, this is what I've done to try to correct (whatever). " I have zero problems admitting to my own mistakes and copping to them, not only on some digital video game/platform, but in real life. Doing so actually earns more respect than trying to make excuses or covering the mistake/s up. So in fact no, I can truthfully say that I have not caused anyone to turn pink by me turning into torps or running into them right before they fire their main batteries. Again, brushing/scraping paint, sure I've done that, but again not to the extent of turning someone pink. More over, in most cases, regardless of whose fault the collision actually is, I will apologize to the other player, why? Because I should have been paying better attention to where I was and doing everything to avoid the other player who wasn't paying any attention at all. Can you not see the difference in play style nor and as I say in my own household for my children's sake "P.O.O." or "Powers Of Observation"? I don't know and maybe it's just me with regards to this convo between us, but I am not injecting hopeful falsehoods about you and your game play in order to hopefully further my point. Whereas you simply called me a liar based on the fact you can't pay attention for 20 minutes, at most. Which, another point I'll reitterate for you that you haven't addressed, it's not guaranteed that anyone turns pink simply by firing on them. lol Are you done or are you going to try to make something else up about my game play?
  4. Two Supercontainers in a Row!

    Nice, grats! And yes, my Magic 8 ball says to go buy a lottery ticket, but also said that experiences can vary depending on user.
  5. Request: Forgiveness ability

    So not only do you necro the thread AND over look my response (beyond the mentioning of the necro, you know, that part where I said it's not that hard to work off nor is it guaranteed that someone will turn pink), but then you throw in an overused political cliche.. Tisk Tisk Tisk Now your trolling. Nationalality doesn't matter, but ya.... Keep in mind that I did actually answer/give an opinion to your necro'ed statement. The fact you got bent out of shape is on you. I was going to ask what page this was on, but I found it after searching a bit. It was on page 140 or close to it. Have a good one.
  6. Request: Forgiveness ability

    2 post necro? I smell something suspicious. And it is what it is. 1) Not hard to work off. 2) Not even a guarantee that someone will turn pink.
  7. DD XP....Seriously?

    Sorry, but you are incorrect. Don't believe me, that's fine, try it out yourself. For 2 games, one game go all damage, another cap and damage, then compare.
  8. I never said it crashed twice in the same instance did I? But you assumed the extreme to attempt to make a bloated point it appears, though if you were being humorous, sorry as it didn't come through all that well in the text. Also, typing in a password, in today's age where people generally don't have to look at the keyboard anymore, heck I don't and I turn 40 tomorrow, I mean come on. So yes, I can completely reboot my system, after a crash, reload windows 10 Pro, Click the launcher, type in my password, have the game launch and get back into the game in under or about 1 minute. If you care to look at my system specs, the entire specs are listed in my signature and I even posted pics of it which are on shipcomrade.com (in the same post as my specs). EDIT: Just checked and yup, the specs and pics are still there, though a poster whom I had replied to, his post is no longer there for some reason. So it looks like I am responding to no one about a PC issue. lol
  9. You're probably not going to like what I am about to say, but I am trying to be helpful believe it or not. I'll start off with that if that had happened to anyone, in the length you were gone, they would have been pink as well. Second, and this is just my experience which is not down playing yours, but I have only crashed "maybe" 3 times in the 3 years I've been playing. When I have crashed, I've been able to load back into the game immediately and without penalty. When I say immediately, I am referring to two crashes requiring a reboot of my PC and reload of the game, all of which from the time of crashto loaded back into the game was right around 1 minute. A solid state drive helps immensely with load times as it's not just raw CPU, GPU, memory nor internet to make things run smooth or fast. Without knowing what programs you had running in the background as well as what your PC specs are, I don't think anyone can really help you. I know your thread was about being pink after crashing and coming back in, but that aspect isn't going anywhere, at least anytime soon. So the next best solution is to prevent it from happening again.
  10. Although I have a few 19pt Captains in specific ships, Yamato, Zao, New Mexico (this was my first 19pt Capt. and actually the original Capt. of the ship iirc), Des Moines and trust me, just because I have a few 19pt Captains and some 18 pointers, doesn't mean I am good or even give me an upper hand. lol If anything at times, it hides my "gimpness". Anyway, I find that I am lacking a lot of Captains in my mid-tier ships from leveling the 16-19pt Captains up. So it's going back through my roster, looking for the 10 pointers, reassigning them and starting the process again.
  11. New mouse suggestions?

    Here's what I use OP, the Razor DeathAdder. It runs just under $50, has 7 buttons and a lengthy cord to give you plenty of room to plug into the back of the PC. It's also got an almost braided type cord to help prevent exposing wires from excessive use/movement. Not to mention, the last time I checked on my Razor synapse (program that comes with it and helps with keep track of use, ie clicks and on what programs/apps, etc.), I think I was well over 500k on my LMB, most of it on WoWs. Some people don't like Razor, but I haven't had a problem with their products at all. When I thought I did, it ended up being an issue with the USB drivers conflicting with Windows 10 back in 2015.. Yup, I've had the same mouse and even the same Razor keyboard for that long. lol It boils down to what you feel comfortable with though. If you can, try to make it to a Fry's electronics store or even a Best Buy as I know they have a few different makes and models on display. GL on the hunt
  12. why am i so bad at this ship

    @TitanicMan2 I took a quick look at your profile stats, hope you don't mind as I was curious as to what your main hit battery looked like. It's spot on for the Missouri and tbh, well above for most BB's. So hitting your target isn't an issue, which is great! As others have said, it sounds like it may be an issue with positioning and/or getting caught broadside at an inopportune time. Pushing with the Missouri can be a tricky thing to do, especially when one is just starting out learning how to do it as the Missouri is more of a ranged ship rather than a brawler. However, if you are aggressive with her, before pushing make sure you have an exit strategy. The MO can be light on her feet with regards to having to make a quick 180 turn, but timing is everything and highly situational. To do this, you have to know the reload time of the BB's you're facing (hopefully they are above 25s and not like the Yamato, which is 20s) and set up for the turn/start turning right after they fire a salvo. They'll see you broadside and that timer is ticking, just keep turning full speed. When their reload is about up, hit the "S" key, but keep on the turn and you should be able to avoid a citadel. Keep in mind that this is not a Fail-Safe manuever, but it does work and can get you out of an over-extension if need be. All in all, just keep at it. You seem to have the grasp of the ship, honestly. But like me, it sounds like you have a tendency to be a little over aggressive, which can bite you in the end. The one thing that I had to drill into my head above Tier 8 was survival (ie: later game play - post 10 minute mark) was more key than pushing hard in that first 5-7 minutes. Anyway, I hope some of this made sense and helped. GL and o7
  13. holy crap seattle sucks

    Um, you made two extremely lengthy posts, one of which referred to racial and sexual disparities of centuries ago from different ethnic groups and tried to boiler point my premise into a "git gud" statement (mind you, I never stated anywhere to "git gud" nor anything of the sort). Having tried to decipher your point and seeing in fact your reference to "sjw'ism", it is clear to me that nothing is off the table with you. Meaning that you will go to any lengths to prove you are right "just because", regardless of whatever racial, sexual or even health background one has. That is really sad as this is nothing more than a video game... Again, if and as you put it yourself "rage" due to this, a friendly suggestion is to walk away. You and I are at a crossroads here. Do not mistake this as me conceding anything. However, I will not be apart of a conversation that drags the sort of references you are trying to bring into it. If you truly knew anything about them, you would rethink a lot of things. Like I said, being a cancer survivor myself, I do personally know this first hand, which is why I would never and have never referred to anything in a video game as any form of health condition, let alone anything racial, sexual, etc.. With that, I hope you choose your future words more wisely. Regards, Miner
  14. holy crap seattle sucks

    @Guardian54 Comparing a video game to real life health problems as you just have is way over the top... You and I can disagree until the servers shut down, but as a cancer survivor myself, Tisk Tisk Tisk. I can only imagine the same about someone who has aquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Neither are "funny" nor fit anywhere in your reference. If you are personally "that" mad at this topic to throw out both of those references, I suggest walking away from it.
  15. Time to update to 2018 standards

    Even as a BB "main" if you will, there were a couple of reasons IFHE was introduced and good ones at that. The reduced fire chances on BB Captain's made it difficult for CA's to lite us sometimes, well outside of a Zao that is, got to think of the timeline and IFHE took away "some" (2%) chance to start a fire, but at the cost of 4pts. However, there is still saturation with fires, but IFHE can help pen(?) that, for lack of better terminology, thus increasing their usefulness and allow them to not immediately get steamrolled by BB's. As it sits now, they still get annihilated if caught making a mistake, though rightfully so. Just as a BB will get sank if wandering off trying to be "Capt. Win-the-day-solo" and that too is rightfully so. The DPM hasn't gone up as others have said, the balance has started to come in line and what we are seeing "now" is probably an indication of what we are to expect later... Think of 8-12 months from now when the possible CV changes come out. The entire meta will change and when that happens, you can't change every ship in the game all at once, it would take months of gradual changes before CV's get "reintroduced".