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  1. Garbage boats you like...

    To be honest, and I've held this belief since before being an ST, I don't think there is an actual "Garbage Boat" in the game. If I find myself struggling in a ship, I know I have to adjust to its play style and not the other way around. It can't be the other way around because the ships are already in the game, have been balanced, for the most part, to what WarGamings vision of what they want the game, the ship line and that ship to be. And since Open Beta, the one thing I have noticed is (barring CV's), that pretty much every ship in the game can go up against any other ship within its Tier spread and most certainly within it's Tier. Then again, this is just my humble opinion.
  2. 20% win rate in 1st 25 games-Helena

    To the bold, this is not how statistics work. If that were the case, a 1 in 10 chance to win lottery, you could in theory buy 10 lottery tickets and have guaranteed win, but that is not the case unless the situation is one where the possibilities are closed off. Meaning there are "only" 10 possible outcomes and there are "only" 10 tries at them. However, if you flip a coin 10 times and it comes up heads the first time, what's the chance that the next flip will be tails? From what I am gathering from what I am gathering you are asserting is that because there are only two probabilities, it must be tails or after "X" amount of flips "it HAS to be tails". Well, no, it really doesn't. The chance to be both heads and tails is close to 50% and here is a fun little visual to help with that. If you scroll down past the table, you will see a working random "coin flip" and a corresponding (T for Tails) and (H for heads) as well as a count for number of flips, number of times Heads came up, number of times Tails came up and a track record for the likely hood Head or Tails will come up on the next flip. I flipped 500 simulated coins during this posted. There were times when the coin flip did indeed go back and forth. Other times there were small streaks of 3-5 Heads or Tails, but then it balanced back out. And yet, there were even greater streaks where I would hit over 15 in a row of either Heads or Tails and only get 3-5 in return of the other, only to have it balance later. As a result of my 500 flips, this was the result: In regards to the Match Maker, it has been said numerous times that Match Maker only takes into consideration what "ship tiers" are in queue and recently, tries to mirror each team. MM assigns each ship a numerical value based on said tier and some restrictions, etc... Well here, here is an "older" explanation from the devs themselves. Source was the RU server even and I snagged this from the EU forums, none the less it gives a great explanation of what the Match Maker used to be even though they have improved on it and are continuing to do so. What you don't see, though I hope you still don't think there is some Illuminati scandal to keep people from improving, is just that, a proverbial wall that keeps sub 50% players where they are and empowers +50%'ers to excel (just throwing numbers out). Honestly, that is ridiculous and would be counter productive, even from a business perspective. After all, who would spend money on a game they: 1) Know they are being intentionally held back compared to the other half of the player base 2) Had zero chance of being able to improve due to #1 WG is a business, I would think their optimal guideline would be to maximize profits while keeping as many people as possible. I can't see that happening if half or more of the population knows that they are being intentionally held back or knows that the game is that tilted.
  3. vote kick bad gamers

    This will not only result in turning pink, which some players think it not a big deal, but the system does keep track of how many times you do it and too many times will result in a ban. But, if you are already pink or if it's too much damage, it will reflect the damage back onto you and still turn you pink... So no, problem isn't solved and you just gave bad advice.
  4. BB's pushing

    Now come on... This is a bit if a misconception. Even as a BB/CA main, I can and do push caps early in any DD I play in, even when in my Kiev and their are Worcester's, D.M.'s or Moskva's in the match. I do not get insta-gibbed either, sure, I may take "some" damage for trying to cap either, but on the flip side, so does either the other DD that is in the cap (either he takes damage or he's dead) or if theirs no DD in the cap, the Radar bearing ship takes heavy damage or is gibbed. With regards to your second paragraph, you took the individualistic path in that, not me. I was asserting in my post that pushing early in a Battleship was a bad idea. I was not leading to "pushing a cap in a Battleship at any point in time was a bad idea", there is a difference. Far too often and I mean far too often, people forget that each match is allotted 20 minutes to complete. Forget points, caps, etc. for a minute, we get 20 minutes to complete each and every match. So if I'm in a Montana and we have 14 minutes left, the score is tied and teams are even, however I am focusing on one of their cruisers to ensure the safety of 1 of our DD's before I push (to commit to the cap mind you - again, another difference), what is the hurry? Or even waiting for a minute or two for their Destroyer to come out? After all, I tend to hang out just far enough from the cap to have my secondaries hit about half way into the cap, so that means my concealment in a T10 BB is well past the furthest point of the cap, but this allows enough time for me to maneuver and avoid incoming rounds and torps. This may sound like me complaining, but it's not, however the above paragraph results in players chewing each other out a lot and unnecessarily all because player (A) "thinks" player (B) is "camping". So lets dropped the extremes and try to humble the conversation. This really boils down to impatience and either miscommunication, misunderstanding or people not caring what is happening on either side (DD to BB to CA and all the combinations between). Though as I said, look up any one of the "campers" people complain about and you will see that they in fact play Destroyers, Battleships, Cruiser and even, that's right, Carriers.
  5. BB's pushing

    Just to play devil's advocate here, I've been raged at for being what another player considered "too far away" and "camping" (despite me moving), but at a range of 8km from them, they were in a Destroyer. Moreover, I don't think people quite understand a few things. First, pushing a the very beginning of the match in higher tiers in a BB, typically results in a quick trip back to port. Second, "secondaries" can reach up to 11km+ depending on the ship. That, in and of itself comes at a price, no "stealth builds" for that BB. In turn, that BB becomes a focal point for the enemy team. Which again circles back to the early push comment. Bottom line is, people are going to play how they want to play, period. However, if as a Destroyer or a Cruiser one cannot grasp the concept of the long game of high tier Battleship play, then perhaps people should not just level one, but perform well in them (solo). I say solo so that people will be forced to rely on unknown teammates for help AND more importantly, get berated, hurried, pinged to death for something that they are quite aware of and already enroute to but are restricted by speed/ manueverability of the ship. Don't take this as me defending the G.K. snipers, but there are just as many G.K. snipers as there are Shimikaze "gun boats" that refuse to spot, Gearing's that are "torp boats" and refuse to contest a cap, Cruisers that well, just do w/e... How do I know this? Because they are the same players, all you need to do is look some people up now and again and you'll see that "x" player who plays a Montana, also play ls a Shimikaze and he averages 3.1k damage in each ship....
  6. Seattle is pos, worst t9 cruiser

    I'm curious here, outside of the RU's, which CA/CL's can or should stay bow/stern to everyone on the map? I can't think of any to be honest, nor can I think of any CA/CL's that don't get virtually deleted from a Tier 9/10 BB in a single volley if they are being presented a nice, big ole juicy broadside from a Cruiser or even bow cit'ed. USN CL's T9/10's can open water, though the Worcester is better at it due to the maneuverability, smaller turning radius, etc., they can snuggle up to a mountain or island and still get their rounds over the top, but this isn't new as this has been the ongoing niche of the overall USN Cruiser line since Open Beta and the original Tier 6 Cleveland or better yet, Tier 7 Atlanta. Makes great use out of any and all cover. Another line that plays similar is the UK CL, though they have better starting and stopping abilities, they come with a smoke or radar, slower rudder shift ties than the USN Tier 9/10's, but both Tier 9/10 UK CL's have a better turning radius.Also come with torps and have decent concealment. Restricted to AP only. Gets good use out of island when smoke cool down is up. IJN CA's, stealth, torps, high chance for fire setting, low cit profile, recent buff to Zao's torps (12.5 optional) makes it a stealth torpedo'ing CA if wanted, decent rudder shift. Makes good use of cover when stealth has been broken. France CA's, high cit profile, fast - fast- fast (can chase down destroyers easily) making it a versatile ship that can maneuver across the entire map, long range, etc. Needs to keep distance from enemy, however it comes with torpedo's just in case anyone gets too close. RU CA's: Long range, high cit profile, fast traveling rounds, long distance radar, high fire setting probability, can make use of cover, but distance and maneuvering is optimal. German CA's: turtle back armor making them harder to cit (not impossible, just harder than other CA/CL's), fast traveling rounds, decent fire starting ability, good AP punch, flat traveling ammo arcs, short range torps for close engagements. Can make use of cover, but distance and maneuvering is optimal. So what I did here was give just a brief rundown and yes a humbly opinionated run down of the CA/CL's in the Tier 9/10 realm. I say humbly opinionated because I based it off of how I play them and how I see others play them, which I am not saying is correct nor the end all be all, but it can work from time to time, I'll pit it that way. lol With that said, given the situation, all of these ship lines can make use of islands and camping behind the, but it would depend on their distance from them. On the flip side, all of these ship lines could open water fire the entire match, if they had the right amount of support as well as knowing when to go dark and had the cover when needed. None the less, every CA/CL in these lines is susceptible to being insta-gibbed by a Yamato, Montana, etc. if the situation presents itself. I understand you did say that the USN CL line wasn't your play style and that's all good. All I was trying to do here was point out that they really don't play too differently than the other Cruisers in their tier, the only difference is the timing.
  7. Seattle is pos, worst t9 cruiser

    This made me lol simply because it reminded me people who said that they hated how slow the Wyoming through New Mexico were, but were OK with how fast the Colorado is. Some information on that, the Wyoming, Ark Beta, New York, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona start at the max speed of 20.5 knots (Wyoming, Texas, Ark Beta - obviously at top tier for Wyoming) and 21 knots (New York, New Mexico, Arizona - again at top tier where applicable). What makes this hilarious, at least for me, is that some how, some way, those people that think the Colorado is so much faster that all of the above, well the Colorado's top speed in its top tier is
  8. Seattle is pos, worst t9 cruiser

    Yup, and +1 sir. While I liked the Seattle, it did come with its struggles and I never downplayed that when debating people. I did however add that it was a nice setup for the Worcester and was almost like a proverbial payoff for the Seattle. None the less, playing through the Seattle, in my humble opinion, helps with learning how to play the Worcester. Positioning, firing arcs/travel times, etc. I mean heck, even my frumpy bum did well in her, not over the top, but above server average.
  9. Seattle is pos, worst t9 cruiser

    There was a debate that started back in July about the Seattle and compared it to the Cleveland. People called it worse simply due to the Seattle having the same "guns" as the Cleveland and trying to assert that the Seattle and Cleveland would have the same overall average damage. Back then the Cleveland had around a 42k average damage per and the Seattle had about a 53kish, though both had few games. At the moment the Cleveland has, 39,659 and the Seattle has 50,137. I highly doubt that the extra upgrade slot gives a 10k boost in average damage... More over, the Seattle doesn't see Tier 6 unless someone has div'ed a Tier up, the Cleveland will as part of it's normal que cycle (spare me the 95% of the time Tier 8's are in Tier 10 matches, that's not apart of the argument here and if that is the stance, the Seattle falls into that category as well, so the argument is D.O.A. anyway). The USN CL line is a great CL line, though like any ship or ship line in this game, it comes down to personal preference. If someone doesn't like something, that's fine, that is their opinion. However, that doesn't make it "trash", "faulty", "broken", "under powered", the list of verbs goes on. All that means is that a player doesn't like it, period. With this, you don't like it. Cool, but in no way shape or form does that constitute your claim of "The Seattle is the worse Tier 9 ship".
  10. Amazing? Well, that depends on your definition of what amazing is, an I amazing in my game play? My first 200k game was New Mexico back in 2016, while playing solo in an equally Tier'ed match. I have not one, but two solo warriors, latest one is in a Destroyer at which the time simply ran out. However,my first one was similar to my first 200k game, it was in my New Mexico, it was a hard fought battle and I earned it. I have more stories and my win rate has fluctuated as well. The difference is, I don't see myself as "amazing", "great" or even above anyone else. Nope, I never have in this game (nor in real life, but that's a different subject), I simply see myself as "average" with always room to improve. Ya, their are going to be days where it seems like the MM is out to get you and only you, but if you think about it with a logical stand point, what about the other team? Did you forget about them? How about the guys who truly do hold those 60% to 65% win rates over 10,000 games AND have an average ship tier played of 8+? Those guys are clearly doing something that you and I aren't to maintain their win rates and most likely, average damage, kill ratios, etc.. What you won't hear out of the majority of them is them making over exaggerations, laying blame on anything and everything except themselves and so on. Personally, I don't over exaggerate nor do I lay blame on my team or some proverbial "MM God", or in other words look for some excuse as to why a loss or event happened. Why? Because sometimes no matter what you do, how well you play, you will not win. That is called, "life". Look for a solution within rather than an external one and you will see better results for the energy you're putting into it. Being upset, putting up ideas (not down playing ideas by any means - though some people demand, get really angry, etc.) will yield nothing more than a short jolt of venting relief and a thread on the forums, but what did it really fix? This is what differentiates the 60-65%ers from us. They spend time finding the solutions, whereas, well and I can only speak for myself, but I can only spend so much time on the computer due to health issues with my heart/low b.p. So what time I do have I spend playing ships I enjoy and leveling lines I want to progress, which I always do poorly while progressing because I grind them out. But like you said, you barely have time to play anymore, so what do you expect? Do you expect to maintain a 65% win ratio (sorry, but I think this is a bit skewed in either ship dependant and/or a lower amount of games) while not having enough time to put into the game? I wouldn't and I don't, but then again that's me.

    It's not just these games, look at all MMO's, RTS', etc. and well, at least the more successful ones, introduce completely new "stuff" into what was already successful. While writing this I was thinking of games like WoW, Warhammer, etc. Don't take this though as me being onboard with subs. At the moment I really dislike the idea and have for as long as I can remember. The fact that they threw a metaphoric bone to the community about subs, whether people are for them or against them, isn't really a good thing at this point (just my humble opinion). I think it will cause more harm than good on the forums and even in game and, more importantly, the CC's really need to keep personal bias out of any reviews on an issue like this type and only give black and white facts. Calling something "trash" because someone can't play it will sway every one of their followers to some degree and stating "it's over powered and everyone needs to get it" will do the same. In other words, their videos will make or break whatever happens, which to be honest, is why I only watch one person from time to time on reviews (really middle of the road guy who tries to hold personal judgement and looks at most things from various aspects) and well Zath for his epic replays. But, as the saying goes, only time will tell and it is what it is.
  12. It's funny though, only the most frustrated players see it as "thier situation" or "only happening to them" etc. You may lose 9 games in a row for 9 days in a row, but here's the question, did you stop after the 9 games or 9 days? No, no you didn't and your win ratio proves that. Had you actually had that situation, your win rate would be upside down (sub 50%).... So yes, you are exaggerating somewhere because your story isn't adding up. Have a good one.
  13. Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    It's right on par with literally all American Battleships from Tier 4 through Tier 7, so it's something you will have to become accustom to if you are looking to delve into the USN BB realm. The only difference in the following ships: Wyoming Arkansas Beta New York Texas New Mexico Arizona Colorado is 0.5 knots. This is not saying that their slow speed is necessarily bad, nor do their numbers on stat sites do them justice. I know I am bias towards them, but I do try to keep a level playing field when making statements about the various ships. While they are slow, they do offer (imho) tremendous skip shot abilities and if I recall, have the best rudder shift time or close to it. Not to mention, I think the New Mexico has the best torp belt in the Tier 6 realm (last I looked) and is something like 3rd overall in game with a 42% damage reduction. So don't let the sluggishness of the mid-tier USN line fool you, they do offer other goodies to compensate for their slowness.
  14. Server overloaded? 13k players?

    Same here, but I'm in the infinite loading death.
  15. Ah, well that would make sense. I was thinking, sheesh, I've been here since they released OBT and I've never heard nor seen the Ibuki viewed as having a "wall of skill". lol