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  1. BURN_Miner

    The Russophobia on NA

    Not left over cold war stuff, it's bleed over from World of Tanks and it's been around in World of Warships since I've been here (OBT). Now I have about 3 maybe 4 games in tanks racked up, but apparently there were some imbalances with that tank line over there. Even though Warships has a different team of devs, people used to and at times still do, point to the fact that WarGaming is one company. What they can't comprehend is the concept of different departments, different studios, etc. I've made several posts, even some pretty in-depth ones explaining where WG's HQ is (Minsk), and when they declared Independence from the Soviet Union in '90/'91... But honestly, those that claim "Russian bias" in Warships don't want to hear logic, facts, etc. The only thing they want to hear is drip fed sympathy for why they died in a match to a Russian Cruiser with the citadel the size of the Yamato and can be detected from space OR how they died to a Russian Destroyer with minimal range, horrible concealment, torps are for cosmetic...
  2. BURN_Miner

    Say hello to your new german overlords.

    Love the downvotes to this quoted post... Translates to: you won't break a written contract, risk x,y,z, all over speculation of a ship that is a work in progress for people you know nothing about... lol Gotta love people sometimes...
  3. BURN_Miner

    WG, charge me 14.99 a month........

    Pretty much this... But @Cirdane if you are looking for preferential matchmaking, judging by your last sentence, that will probably never happen in this game. If it does, paying not to lose 10 times in one day because you think it's rng will be the least of everyone's problems. Why? Because the game will be on life support by that time...
  4. BURN_Miner

    How long for Subs to be ready for Randoms?

    If anyone is in real estate, now would be the time to list... It's definitely a seller's market. Don't take this as me confirming or denying anything. To be fully honest, I know as much as anyone else does with regards to Subs. With that said, it's one thing to be optimistic about something, it's a whole different entity when speculation takes over to the point of guessing how far something has come in development, etc. when in fact no on knows if that aspect will even be implemented... On another note, Big Rubber Ducky's are balanced and fun for everyone. They've been in the game before, I think they need to make a return. :)
  5. You missed the sarcasm apparently... You completely assumed you knew my area and situation based on my "ping" and "connection I pay for". However, that is not always the case is it? I am guaranteed, according to my cable contract, only 80% of what I pay for. More over, I am subject to throttling. Yet again, you "assumed" based on not even on my true ping, but my "in game millisecond rating" that I had a completely fine connection all the time, more over that very few people were on the system. To use this same line of logic, can I assume that because you are in fact in a very populated area with more cable options, better cable packages that you Computer is utter trash because you have issues with your connection and it's been that way prior to their move? Here's my PC that I built a couple of years ago (it's still got some oomf in it): i7-6700k msi Z170A M7 MoBo 32gb ddr4 geforce 98o ti OS is Windows 10 Pro So no, I honestly don't need help in tweaking anything and I was being sarcastic because I truly don't like it when people assume anything. Have you thought that maybe your tweaking your router/modem/computer has caused more problems than fixed? It's like the backyard mechanic that wants to fix that squeak in the engine. They spray some "squeak fix" on the block, next thing they know a "ding" is happening. So to fix that, they use some "ding fix" spray. That works too, but now a knock has started. They try some knock spray, but it won't work and suddenly the whole block seizes because nothing actually got fixed. I've seen people have a very similar problem in the PC world with those "fix my PC" programs you see on T.V. because the person in the box told them they had a slow PC... So they download the program and next thing they know that program has invaded every square inch of their system, bogged it down even more and more often than not, is a Trojan. Now I have to go in an wipe the system and actually fix it. I guess what I am getting at here, beyond the don't assume anything is, are you sure anything on WarGaming's end was broken to begin with before you started tinkering?
  6. Smh.. lol So just because I say I'm on a "rural" connection you assume there aren't a lot of people on the system. Well, thanks for informing me of where I live. Might I ask you for some advice then? Considering that in my area we only have literally one cable provider, who might you suggest I go with besides my current provider? After all, all the businesses and residents in the surrounding 30 miles are stuck with the same pos connection (it goes out on sunny days for good sake). But hey, you know more about where I live and my provider than I do. Enlighten me please. /puts-straw-in-mouth
  7. BURN_Miner

    USD 90.00 for a Sub I can't keep?

    Hint: your not buying the boat... Move along now and pretend time is over.
  8. Huh, Im on the west coast and what's funny is that I'm on a rural cable connection (100 dl, 15 up) I had a 35 ms when they were in San Jose. Now that they are in Chicago, according to you, I'm at a whopping 35ms... Crazy I know...
  9. BURN_Miner

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    This is why I love you Mouse. lol Seriously though, not only am on board with everything you said, but I bolded the portion that I feel really needs to be driven home. Far too often some people will point to their win rate, solo or not and lay claim that they are the upper echelon for a ship type or even the entire game. Unless that player has, for example and I'm throwing random numbers out for the sake of the thread, a 65% win ratio for 250 solo games in every ship of every tier of every ship type, then well, they aren't the all knowing embodiment they think they are. Are they a good player? Perhaps, it depends on how they choose to spend their time. If they have a 70% win rate at Tier 4 and a 40% win rate from Tiers 5-10 with a total amount of games played of 10k and the percentages working out properly to have a 65% win ratio, I would say they are an excellent player up to Tier 4, but needs work and advice (if they want it) above that. However, we know that isn't the case most of the time. Personally, I chose the New Mex as my baby to relax in. At 1,500+ games and a 58% solo win ratio (for the most part solo, above 95% of my games in her are solo), sure I'm an "ok" player in her. I'm well above the server average and can make some pretty good game changing plays regardless of Tier. However, I am not above learning new things in her and I fully recognize where my weaknesses are. Those being higher Tiers, Destroyers and some Cruisers. I don't know why people have a problem with acknowledging their weaknesses, especially in a video game. If a person can see them, they can learn from them and become stronger. By ignoring them it only strengthens the weakness. Anyway, have some of the finest cheese on the house. Just have them bill it to me. :P
  10. BURN_Miner

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    Ah, thank you sir, I stand corrected. How could I forget the Cruiser without a citadel, the second highest average damage, 3rd highest win ratio and kill/death ratio, not to mention a subjective tied for first (Harugumo is there as well) pain in the rump Destroyer. lol, but yes you are most certainly correct.
  11. BURN_Miner

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    The same way... "Wait 30 seconds to fire the correct round to damage every other ship in the game *properly*, then commence playing" Are you done with the junior high labeling? That got old in 2015, I thought they brought out the big boy table, I must have been mistaken.
  12. BURN_Miner

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    Not taking sides on this, but to translate your statement for you considering it doesn't appear you speak Battleship, what you said was: "Wait at least 30 seconds to fire the correct shell if you want to do any substantial damage to a Destroyer. In the meantime, that same Destroyer should be able to *Yolo* into your Battleship" With regards to the bold and underlined, you are only referring to lower Tiers as I can't think of 1 Destroyer that has a shorter range torp than their concealment in the 8,9,10 range. Even the Shimi when they "choose" to go with 8km's still out conceal their torp range. Heck, even the Zao out ranges it's concealment as well as the Atago, though the Zao out ranges all Radar as well.... With all that said and to further counter your point, I hope you are aware of the Torpedo changes and the guaranteed damage they will inflict. "Now, when these areas are hit, the ship will receive guaranteed damage of 10% of the maximum damage that can be caused by such a projectile or torpedo." Just some spitball math looking at the Benson, Khab, Gronz and Shimi, the damage ranges if all the torps hit will be a guaranteed minimum of around 16,633 Benson (10% 16,633 = 1663 x 5 = 8,315 x 2 = 16,630 guaranteed minimum if all hit) to Shimi's **type 93 mod 3's ** (10% of 23,766 = 2,376 x 5 = 11,880 x 3 = 35,640 guaranteed minimum if all hit). So this is not really a "yolo" as much as you think it is, it's an undoing of the paper/rock/scissors balance that this game used to be, had lost sight of (yet, minus CV's, the game has become a pretty balanced game), but is starting to lean back towards a "Ship *A* is counter to Ship *B*, Ship *B* is counter to Ship *C*, Ship *C* is counter to Ship *A*" and although if any of the ships have friends then and only then can they put up a fight among their counters. If not, they are dead." Stipulation being that their counters aren't playing with their pants on their heads. I get that DD's get hurt by AP, I really do. I play DD's myself and I enjoy them tbh. However, I rarely get hit by AP, let alone I have never been annihilated by it to the point of death in any Destroyer I've played. The only times I've taken severe damage is when multiple people have been firing on me and I've been paying more attention to either other DD's, Cruisers or both and out in left field a Battleship smacks me. Sorry, but in that instance, I'm not supposed to tank everything being fired at me, heck I'm honestly surprised that I can get through what I actually get through and still live. Engines knocked out, repair, only to have it get knocked out again Rudder stuck, repair, only to have it get knocked out again On fire (brought out of visibility) Getting torped by another DD and LIVE.... This one always cracks me up regardless if it happens to me, a teammate or the enemy. I mean really? And they say that WASD is only a Battleship thing... lol etc. etc. etc. This is not me picking on Destroyers, but putting this into context especially with the listed changes that are coming. The proverbial pendulum is swinging and Destroyers rejoice! However, be prepared when the hard data comes back and who knows, the rug just may get yanked from under your feet. It's up to you if you want to have it be a short fall or a face plant.
  13. BURN_Miner

    Poll about adding my Subs

    Exactly, the second part of the poll if you vote no are loaded answers, thus forcing either a yes vote, a pre-ordained answer or not voting at all. Sorry OP, your poll whether intended or not, is coming across as heavily bias.
  14. Wargaming's worth about $1 Billion... I think they may know more than you, but that's just a hunch.
  15. @Linger_ale As others have said, you need to make sure that the client is in fact not corrupt. This can happen in any download of any product believe it or not. However, prior to that lets look at your system first to make sure everything is up to date. Not knowing your system specs, I'm going to have to give a very generic layout of what to do. Ensure that your GPU (graphics card) is up to date. *if you don't know where to look, you can always Google your GPU and go to the official site, look for the latest version and compare it to what you have on your system* . If you do go to uninstall the GPU driver, even the WG CS department will recommend using this, it's a complete "Display Driver Uninstaller" or DDU. However, make sure that you have your new driver downloaded first before using the DDU, just don't install the new driver. Ensure that your CPU, Motherboard, Ethernet adapters and all other drivers are up to date - if applicable. I say "if applicable" because if you're on a laptop or a pre-fabbed system, most of the time they come with an all inclusive "update button" which will update the key components of that system. **Important note, if you are unfamiliar with updating your BIOS, do not mess with it. I cannot stress this enough as it will turn your system into a literal brick/paper weight** Make sure that Windows is up to date - sounds funny, but sometimes that does hang things up. Reason being is that Windows will try to update, fail to update and keep going. Next thing you know, you have 5+ failed updates stacked, 3 of which are critical and now you're trying to play catch up. If you're feeling "Froggy" (ambitious), you can check your HDD or SSD (Hard Drive or Solid State Drive) for errors as well as your memory. Starting with your Drives, "Right click" on which one you'd like to check, "Click - Properties", "Click - Tools", and then the option to "Check" will be there. **For you Memory, "Open the Start Menu" (or if you have the search on your Tool Bar) and type " mdsched.exe ", a popup will show up, Click "Check Right Now" and your system will reboot. When it reboots, you will be shown options on how many "passes" you'd like to have your memory checked. 2 (TWO) passes will be fine and trust me, it will be a long process at 2. If no memory issues are present, it will reboot to Windows after it's done. And to be honest, I don't know what will happen if it finds actual memory problems as I've never found any in all the times I've run tests. When all these are ruled out (again the Drive and Memory tests aren't that big of an issue), make sure that you perform a broadband test to check your internet. You can use your ISP's one that every company provides, but that will show you what they want you to see. I like the site " Testmy.net " . There you can obviously test your download, upload or both on an automatic setting. Make sure you reboot your Modem and Router, this is a regular maintenance thing as well. If you haven't done so, make sure the client is error free. **If you are still running the old launcher, the game settings are in the upper right hand corner.** If you see the Client download and repair something and your game still throws errors like this, it is a decision you'll have to make if you want to download a fresh client. Now, if everything has failed up until this point, go to the search box again and type " dxdiag ", Click the box option for WHQL Digital Signatures and then click "Save All Information" (ensure that you save it to an area you will have easy access to). At this point it's time to open a Ticket with the Customer Service Dept., however the reason I had you do this is because I took out a huge chunk of back and forth conversation/messages between you and the C.S. Department. The steps above saved a lot of time and frustration (I've been there as a player on the waiting end, not so much the frustration, but the waiting part). Make sure that you have your system specs in hand, if you want to find them, go to the Search area on your PC again and type "system". They will want to know the following when you file the Ticket: Operating System Graphics Card Amount and type of Memory (for instance mine is 32Gb of DDR4) Amount of Hard Drive/Solid State Drive space you have Then tell them every step you've taken prior to contacting them, walk down the list and number them. Upload your DxDiag Be as concise but specific as you can and if they ask you to do something that you've already done, be polite and ask if they want you to repeat that step again and point out that you've already done it prior to contacting them. I can't stress enough though to be polite and that the adage "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar" truly applies here. They really do understand that you are a customer and they do care about your problem, but it is a two way street to a degree that who knows how many people they have had to deal with that have literally flipped out on them over something minute. So if you can, just be patient, it can take up to 24 sometimes 48 hours to get a response if you end up having to file a ticket, but the folks there are indeed good people and helpful. Good luck to you and hope this helped.