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  1. What is your Karma score right now

    I've played against LWM over the years both as a regular player and as an ST before I withdrew from the program. She is a very good player in all Tiers ( I wouldn't weigh stats on any ST,CC, etc too heavily for "reasons" ), but she is also a great observer of ships and more so mechanics of the game itself. This despite my disagreeing with her on certain ships, ship lines or whatever it may be, opinions differ. I have no doubt that her Karma is real, which will bring me to my next point or question rather. What would "sucking up" to a CC do for anyone? The heads of the ST, CC programs are unknown (for good reason), but "sucking up", as you put it, to any single one of them or all of them has no weight on who WG ultimately picks to enter the programs. On another note, the karma inflation from Clan Divisions or even friends does happen, but that is regulated to 1 vote per 1 person. Meaning, if I hit "Plays Well" for someone AND "Good Manners" their Karma goes up 1. I know because I've asked people. I can only assume this was a small measure put in to curb abuse. So yes, a 3 person Div could bring your karma down or up by 3, but no more than that in a single game and their Karma is limited per day, as is all of ours. Bringing us back to Mok's question about being "legit karma", how many Div games would any ST or CC have to do to really have their karma "that" inflated considering the amount of limitations put in place? They would have to play a lot, and all of the games would have to be positive karma outcomes with no negative karma side effects. It's easy to see that how many matches Lert, LWM, Zoup, Zath, etc. etc., have played put up against their karma, that math with the thought of being way over inflated is false. Especially when they do in fact receive negative karma for simply testing ships... As the person I quoted pointed out, "sucking up to a CC", there is a misconception still within the community about these players and that's just on the forums. In game, it's worse, at least when I was in the program, but as a player now I haven't seen the attitudes change towards these individuals. They still get harassed by all of us "players" and have to maintain silence about the ship they are testing or changes coming. Believe it or not, a lot of people dislike the radio silence, simply don't understand it or are possibly jealous, who knows, but that's where the negative karma comes in. Bottom line is, they earned it and their karma isn't as inflated as people think it is. lol Sorry this was so long winded. btw, mines 110
  2. Who have you seen in game

    I've seen quite a few actually. @Quemapueblos, Niko (when he worked at WG), Pigeon_of_War, Sub_O, even some of the Seattle guys when they were doing their streaming events on Friday nights. Now, seeing people like Zath, LWM, Lert, Zoup, etc. etc., that is rare for me. lol
  3. 2 ships in game same name

    Pretty high I would guess considering this. lol When I scoped out some those especially number 6, the Co-Op was the primary focus and very little Random's played. Another one was the same, but they had either bought or won a Graf Spree. /shrug I guess people take this rerolling thing serious. Though admittedly I rerolled once.... Yup.... I started a second account.... On the EU server back when I was in my first clan and that was only because we had members over there... So my stats were obviously higher there than here because I had already learned the "growing pains" so to speak. However, I didn't buy any premiums, lol.
  4. Who have you seen in game

    Just spotted @Gneisenau013 cruising around in a shiny new Boise. Sadly, on the other team and wouldn't ya know it, first match in my Gnevny, about 2 minutes in and I detonate. lol Ah well, gave me time to get some screenshots of the Boise.
  5. Exxxctly... About the time 1 salvo pops 3 fires (not even talking from a Conq.) and they pop DCP. You wait a few seconds, I generally do a rough count of 10 after another salvo to ensure the DCP is on CD, then watch them light up like a burning Christmas Tree in January. THAT usually gets things moving as the first thing they generally forget is to "Stop, Drop and Roll". lol
  6. You couldn't/can't, simply due to the fact of divisions and their influence on Win Ratio. If it's a solo win ratio, that "could" be apart of the equation. More over, take my favorite ship, The New Mexico for example. It currently has a server win rate of 50.82%, however my personal win rate in that ship is 58.54%, it goes on into Average Damage, Plane Kills per match, etc., but it doesn't get into "the meat" of the stats if you will. For instance, Main Hit Battery: My personal in the New Mexico is averaging 26% over 1,444 battles (going off of World of Warships own Player Stat page). WoWs-numbers does not have that, though if I recall (and correct me if I am wrong), Warships.today used to, but the Warship data aspect of the site has been down for quit a while now. This is just my humble opinion, so take it for what its worth. When looking at a ship, any ship, you have to look at what its purpose is, sure we all want to win, but we also have to recognize that we can't win them all. So win rate aside, what is Ship "A's" purpose. Is it meant as a mid-range support? Mid-range support being more along the lines of a CA/CL, fast moving with optional AA/Hydro - possible torps, depending on the line, is it a flame thrower or an AP slugger? BB's are now HE slingers as well, depending on the line and even the situation. Though, as more BB's roll out, we are seeing "options" to them, so rolls are changing a bit. The same with Destroyers and their option arsenal as it wasn't too long ago that we all would instinctively turn off our AA at the beginning or ensure it was off of each match, this isn't the case anymore with certain DD's and set-ups. So, as rolls change, win rate fluctuates. As people, like me, like new players,etc. try new lines, level new lines, win rate fluctuates. Power Creep will always be a factor unfortunately and even the devs (I think it was Sub-O, though it may have been someone else) said a long time ago, this is inevitable. Power Creep sucks, it truly does, especially for an old goat like myself who loves the Vanilla ships, but there's nothing like sinking a shiny new line or even a Premium in my dusty rust bucket. Long and the Short of it is, Win Rate is a volatile aspect of the game, regardless of if it's players or it's ship. It will go up or down on a huge number of factors without the ship in question being nerf'ed or buffed. Other ships being nerf'ed or buff'ed just out of the balance factors in place now could have a direct impact on one or every ship in the game. If you really want a good measure of a ships performance, a server average is a good place to start, but the places to look would be Main Hit Battery (this would take into account how each turret is hitting for the "average player" - yes for some of you that don't know *not you Kombat*, each turret is individual), Average Damage Done (solo match exclusive), Win Rate (solo match exclusive), depending on the ship Plane Kills Per Match (again, solo match exclusive), depending on the ship Average Fire Damage Done (solo match exclusive), depending on the ship Potential Damage Avoided (divisions do not matter here, at least not that I can see having a major impact, I'm thinking of BB's/armor/etc.). There are more, but you can see where I am thinking of the "server average" numbers for ship balance. Some numbers we see and some we don't. Some numbers include divisions, but most do not. The reason for excluding divisions should be self explanatory, but I'll list one main reason, it's pretty easy for a division to load up on certain ships and roll a game or boast their personal numbers. This is why "Win Rate" could be included as part of the equation you are thinking of, but only a part of it and would have to be as a personal/solo aspect and divisions excluded. Anyway, just my opinion. Interesting topic Kombat.
  7. New Game Modes ARE Coming!

    Alternate Mode 3 = Paying homage to the real HMS Campbeltown? Nice info and heads up, thank you Zoup!
  8. Recently got premium Arizona and....

    Nice game Herr, Here is an oldy but goody from my New Mexico. The Tabs on the reports shows just how old they are, lol, but on the flip side no buffs or nerfs to other ships had taken place yet. I didn't manage to keep or snag the credits tab (one of the two) or from the looks of it, that feature wasn't in place yet, something... So in its place, here is a main page and credits report from a 179k game I had in the New Mexico (on premium time).
  9. lol It happens to most of us, regardless of what some people say.
  10. Favorite battleship

    The New Mexico... Starting way back when it was just the IJN and USN lines, the Fuso was supposed to bee "the best" because "the numbers" said it was. I worked my tail off to find out why the New Mexico was supposedly inferior. What I found out was, people weren't playing her correctly. And after 1,440 battles in just that ship, I still love playing her.
  11. Recently got premium Arizona and....

    My favorite of all the Tier 6's is the New Mexico. I've had very long drawn out debates on it, including number crunching, stat comparing, side by side comparisons, etc. even with the Arizona. Even though the Arizona has its benefits, it does has its drawbacks, one important one being a lack of AA (I do own both ships). Another is the rudder shift time A.Z. is at 11.7s and the N.M. is at 10.8s, with both having the "All or nothing" armor scheme they both have great AP "skipping" abilities when angled, so in this department the A.Z. is OK with regards to the Rudder Shift Time. However, where it falls short in comparison is in dodging torps and the ability to reduce the damage ie: torp belt. N.M. has the best Tier 6 Torp belt hands down at a 42% reduction and the A.Z. sits at 39%. 3% may not seem like much, but it is quite a bit when you find yourself being surprised by 2 full spreads from behind an island at 4km and living - yes, it's happened and I laughed while I killed the DD... lol I'm not saying that it is any better, but despite what the "average" damage (I hate that word when it comes to a video game tbh), says on a 3rd party site, the N.M. is truly a hidden gem of the Tier 6 line up. All it takes is some time and patience to learn where her sweet spot is (10-14km), positioning, angling, when to jam on the breaks and power through, what kind of damage to take/when to take it, etc. Out of the 8,311 total games I have played on WoWS, 1,442 have been in the New Mexico (17.35%) even though I play other BB's, DD's and CA/CL's up to Tier 9/10 as well. I didn't scope out your profile, but if you haven't put any time outside of leveling her, I suggest dusting her off, dedicating a Captain just for her and having some fun. Even when she is thrown into a Tier 8, she can more than handle her own, you just have to play defensive, like any other Tier 6 ship in that situation.
  12. Recently got premium Arizona and....

    You wouldn't believe me if I told you...
  13. Question about Ship Stats

    Just wondering what happened to the ship statistic part of these sites? I'll use the Asashio (latest ship I looked for a few days after it was released). Now, I'm not overly familiar with this website as I started using it after Warships.today started giving me this whenever I would try to click on the ships tab: Has WG stopped releasing up to date info on their ship data? Player data is still current or at least "fairly" current, but the ship data, which to me should be in the same batch download - Player "X" plays Ship "Y" on Server "Z" - batch gets downloaded/mined/whatever, but that isn't the case it seems. What am I missing and where can I get specific ship info that's current these days? Thanks in advance.
  14. Ashio gone?

    I absolutely love this assertion, it insinuates that the rest of us are "bad", "faulty" or some other "absolute", when in fact that isn't the case. Personally, I can only speak of my experience and that has been that, in the right hands, the Asashio can devastate Battleships to the point where there is no "dodging torps like a phantom". In the right hands, the Asashio can control and area and ensure no Battleships approach it, freeing it up for other ships - so it does need support. In the right hands, the Asashio when it has no targets left, can spot and not be spotted, back cap or for-cap due to its concealment. In the right hands, the Main Batteries do provide it with some self defense. By no means is it a Benson, but it isn't meant to be and that is not the ships purpose. So when people go to the extreme of saying "the main batteries suck" based on an observation that it isn't a Benson, Lo Yang, etc., they are trying to say "it isn't the best at everything, therefor it sucks". However, in the wrong hands, I have seen torps come at me with a 5km -7km spread between a narrow spread with spotters out in front of me, leaving me with enough room to get between the incoming torps. This is not how the ship is utilized to it's fullest and I too can "dodge the torps like a Phantom", heck I can even dance if I wanted to. But the same could be said with any other Destroyer who was piloted by that specific player. The same can be said about any ship in this game piloted by any player that fires blindly and without care. Sure, they will hit something sometimes, but not with any sort of efficiency. No ship is utilized effectively in that manner and anyone who knows their own ship can "dodge" any incoming damage they may face. I think that has been established long ago... So please, and when I say this I say this with a small bit of tongue in cheek (not much as your post tended to put down the entire BB community as if W,A,S,D was a clear solution to a "competent " Asashio player), but spare me the "your BB's can dodge the torps like a Phantom" bit. Anyone can when the ship is "in the wrong hands", which is clearly who you have been facing given the statement you've thrown out.
  15. Nice @Herr_Reitz I did my grind to Rank 10 in the same amount of games (40), although I took a break off from the entire game for quite a few months while I was sorting some personal issues out and in turn, missed Season 8 - so I started at Rank 23 unlike previous Seasons where they would start you off at a bit higher rank if you participated and got to a certain rank, etc. Here is my Summary: I had bought the Bama because it was once again on sale and I missed it the first time. At the time, I didn't have many battles in her, so obviously my performance was severely lack luster and I only averaged (not shown in the SS's) 64k of damage in the 3 battles I played her. Then again, the Asashio was on sale as well and with that, I decided to break out my Tier 8 go-to, "The Atago". Despite it not having the damage output of the Charles nor the Kutz, I am not only more comfortable in it, but I have a 19pt, concealment spec Capt. for her. Not to mention can DD hunt with her as well, which is what I felt was most needed in those ranking brackets at the time due to the over abundance of Asashio's and other DD's. True, I could have relied on my Benson with an 18pt Captain, but with the 2 games in ranked (both wins), after being accused of "yolo'ing" when I wasn't (I was merely taking a cap at the begining of the game, got radar'ed/focused and died quickly due to the opposing team using a lemming tactic, which in all fairness, one can't predict, but in my lack of DD experience I very well could have been out of place in that situation), it was clear that I probably should stick to what I know. Anyway, you are correct good sir. Time and patience is all that is needed, as well as the ability to know when to step away or even call it good for the season if one wants to avoid frustration or even frustrating others as I did. I played 3 Tier 10 games, all of them horrible performances on my part... I stepped back and re-evaluated my game play, comparing my damage output stats (not in ranked, but in randoms), win ratios, ie: all the stats that would matter in a rank setting to those of my Random "Overall" stats. I found that my Tier 10 game play is horrible and that is something I needed to work on, so I stepped out of rank and have been doing just that in randoms. You know what, it's been working too.. My average damage in the Yammy has gone up, not to mention her Win Ratio and I survive longer (she's the first ship I am really focusing on).