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Halo everybody~~ i'm Battleship H-44 the ''would be'' largest battleships in the world if the German did consturct  me, i would be larger then both Montana and Yamato. But sadly i cant be make and that is really sad TwT

But if i and my sisters~ (H-39, H-40, H-41, H-42, H-43) did get made then we would give the Allies rough time, but to create one H class ships is nearly impossible for Germany at that time~ so we are just paper plan ships haha~~ Although i really hope i can appear in WoWs as Germany tier X BB!. Then i can show you all how powerful the H class is!!!!

World of Warships dev say that they wont make any ships that have displacement over 70k

H-44 displacement: over 100k


well i guess my sister H-39 can appear *go cry in the corner*

thanks for reading *sniif sniff*


Oh no that not the end 'v' as you know H-44 is a very big ship so i need to have 3 mental model to control it to full 100% of course that is when shiet get real if not then only 1 mental model need to control it whatsoever

name of 3 mental model

Hidenburg: the scary smile

Himmler: the genius

H-44: the sniper