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  1. Wrong Answers Only: 05

    Looks like a luxury cruise line ship to me. Little "pool" boat sitting behind it is a dead giveaway.
  2. Thank you for the info everyone, we're looking into this.
  3. Why you like your username?

    The 17 because I was a dumb 12 year old who thought by adding 17 it would make me sound older. Ya.
  4. Since you are an admnistrator I am extremely curious as to what you would say in response to the thread linked below. 

    Also, as a concerned, frustrated iMac player, we haven't seen nary a peep of developer answers or responses on the official iMac support forum for months. You and your colleagues have been leaving us in the dark, and it is not exactly the best way to treat customers, paying or otherwise. 

  5. I would like to know why the pirate voice problem is not listed as a known problem ?    Half of the time the pirate voice speaks Russian now.

    1. SHELLBACK_2


      AS of today  2/8/2018 the latest patch    0.7.1  HAS DONE IT.      THE PIRATE AND ARP VOICES APPEAR TO HAVE BEEN FIXED. TY   Wargaming coders and devs.

  6. Yay made it to super purple

    Congrats on the achievement! No cookie for you though. I'm all out.
  7. HELLO once again


    ''''''''''Maybe I have Found A issue in Revolution Is My Name''''''''''

    I think the hit counter for base XP is failing to report to the tracker for Revolution is my name.


    please check and l;et me know?

  8. Hmm sent you some messages if your busy think you could consider my request?

  9. Mods are almost always the issue, hence why I ask players to remove them before even posting here.
  10. Do you have mods installed?
  11. No progress was wiped, it's only a UI issue. simply reset your game client/run an integrity check/remove any mods you have. If you're not progressing, you're not meeting the next stages requirements. If you feel you're meeting the requirements please provide screenshots so I can investigate further.
  12. Note your current filters. will it do the same when you remove them?
  13. Try to run an integrity check of your game client.
  14. You didn't earn 1600 Base XP. Base XP is the value of XP before any modifiers including premium time. Meaning you earned 1456 Base XP.
  15. Please exit your game and log back in. Let me know if that resolves the issue or not.