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  1. wacko17

    how to play this on ps4

    Hey Hey! you can come check out the Legends conversation in our discord! https://discord.gg/zvxDs7A If you registered and didn't get a code, then unfortunately you will have to wait until April 16th as there only a limited amount of Closed Beta codes. But you can start playing on April 16th as that is when we will be heading into Early Access.
  2. Hello, I am very sorry to see that this was the response that was sent. The CS manager had asked me about this case in particular and I specifically gave instructions to ask about more information. This was not the way this ticket was supposed to be responded to and the CS manger is dealing with the CS staff now. I am terribly sorry for your loss and the loss to the World of Warships community. I am currently unsure why this response was sent out, but we're investigating now.
  3. wacko17

    Wrong Answers Only: 05

    Looks like a luxury cruise line ship to me. Little "pool" boat sitting behind it is a dead giveaway.
  4. Since you are an admnistrator I am extremely curious as to what you would say in response to the thread linked below. 

    Also, as a concerned, frustrated iMac player, we haven't seen nary a peep of developer answers or responses on the official iMac support forum for months. You and your colleagues have been leaving us in the dark, and it is not exactly the best way to treat customers, paying or otherwise. 

  5. I would like to know why the pirate voice problem is not listed as a known problem ?    Half of the time the pirate voice speaks Russian now.

    1. SHELLBACK_2


      AS of today  2/8/2018 the latest patch    0.7.1  HAS DONE IT.      THE PIRATE AND ARP VOICES APPEAR TO HAVE BEEN FIXED. TY   Wargaming coders and devs.

  6. HELLO once again


    ''''''''''Maybe I have Found A issue in Revolution Is My Name''''''''''

    I think the hit counter for base XP is failing to report to the tracker for Revolution is my name.


    please check and l;et me know?

  7. Hmm sent you some messages if your busy think you could consider my request?








    1. HAMMER_AR




  9. Have played three games since the time it should have been fixed, still no signals. Can you please check and advise?


  10. Wacko - no flags received based on total missions played. Wyvern and such. I do not believe anyone is receiving them. Might want to notify someone ;-) 



    1. Herr_Reitz


      Got flags late yesterday, thank you. Still waiting on the GK SC :fish_cute_2:

  11. Hey there, want to thank you for the help you did provided :)

    i felt i needed to do it after receiving a disapointing generic impersonal copy and past from another person :(


    this little thing earn you lot of respect from me 



  12. Hey Wacko17  JedMad here glad to make your acquaintance.  It looks like one of my fondest wishes is finally coming  true, the appearance in the game of the Yorktown class Aircraft Carriers.  I hear that the Enterprise will be a premium ship, no problem, it should be.  I would still like to see the Yorktown come in as an alternative Carrier at Tier 7 or 8 so those of us who cannot afford to spend actual money on the game can enjoy running one too.  I am a disabled Naval Vietnam Veteran living on a very meager pension, so the only way I can get into the higher tiers or get some of the newer ships is if I can earn them.  The other issue I have been concerned with is the non-historical plane load outs  on the American CV's.  The typical load outs are either (1F,1TB,1DB);  (0F, 1TB, 2 or 3DB); or (2 or 3F, 0TB, and 1 to 3DB).   Historically, No US Carrier at anytime was operational without any Fighters aboard  and smaller Carriers  in particular switched from carrying Dive Bombers to Torpedo bombers with a fighter squadron aboard as the war progressed.  You have accurately reflected this in the case of the Saipan.  Something similar should be an option with other carriers starting with the Bogue.  It would make Carrier play much more enjoyable and realistic.  What do you think would  help to rectify these matters?

  13. wacko17

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    If you have still been using the Game Center, it should be updating automatically for you whenever there is a new update available if you have automatic updates enabled.
  14. wacko17

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    Unfortunately, we don't officially support Ubuntu or Mac in our normal launcher, these are both developed by 3rd party teams. As such, we currently have no plans to develop for these OS for the Wargaming.net Game Center. It will be up to those who develop the 3rd party applications like the Mac wrapper. While my opinions on mods are well known in the office by now, (you should always run a clean game client to prevent errors) you can in fact run mods with the Wargaming.net Game Center. The Game Center will be opened up to the Public Test in the near future.
  15. Hey guys, I was able to get some information on the main issue that many of you seem to be having, which is the data obtained from the update service is incorrect error. This has been passed around a bit, but we would like to say that this does in fact seem to be one of the main fixes for this issue. 1. Open game folder 2. Open wowslauncher.cfg with text editor 3. Change string: <supported_chains>**f0**</supported_chains> to <supported_chains>**f11**</supported_chains> 4. Save these changes and close .cfg file Please do keep in mind that this is all still in the testing phase for us here at Wargaming, and while we may not have any answers right away, we're still pulling your information and providing it to the proper teams for further review.