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  1. I want a convoy intercept pve mission.. like scharnhorst hunting freighters. But then you find out that the freighters are bait and have to try and escape.
  2. Xmas containers ?

    f River is the absolute best
  3. Is the game rigged or not?

    If we play on a computer and most people call the platform upon which you game a rig. Doesn't that mean all games are rigged?
  4. I am going to hell.

    Wow.. that's FLAT out terrible.. all those poor boats having a fiery death..
  5. Lewds

  6. The Billion credit club

    Time for you to sponsor a giveaway?
  7. What Am I Allowed To Talk About?

    Anything that GreyFox says... just try to laugh and move on.. On a more serious note.. there's a terms and conditions.. if you have more questions.. you could always talk to a moderator.
  8. V-25 Death Race

    Eepp.. Senpai mentioned me... *squeaks with delight* Oh it was fun detonating main too..
  9. 0.6.13 Bug Reporting

    Official Voice Overs are missing
  10. MM tweak

    Wow.. .. The sheer... amount of NO one must give to the greyfox forum troll..
  11. The Coo of Boom Flag

    We got to figure out how to edit a wiki.. i think it's a little statue right.. so we must do woodwork on the wiki statues.. It's obviously the easiest option.. Seriously, I nominate Doomlock for community service in making a corgi discord during the corgi event, also for historical knowledge posts.