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  1. TheRadicalMomo

    Update 0.10.10 - Superships in Ranked!

    The tweaks to submarines. When receiving info for tweaking submarines, did you take from players who actually played 50 games in a submarine? Tier Ten Submarines, it's really hard to be effective even before this tweak. Unguided torps are nice if you can really think, but being targeted by depth charge bombers while next to two of your own AA cruisers is really not cool. I had four to five depth charge planes dropped on me.. Is there someway you can make those easier to shoot down for my friendlies to cover me? when I'm engaging in a knife fight with an enemy submarine. I know these things would be dissuaded from happening if friendly fire was a thing, however I believe a lot of subs would be team killed then... Ever since the friendly fire was removed. I've seen more reckless behavior like swarming of seagulls. Submarines were fine before the patch, they were hard to play with everyone getting on top of you, but now it's unforgiving to play with those depth charge planes.
  2. TheRadicalMomo

    Update 0.10.7 - Submarines in Ranked Battles

    I just played a high tier BB at Tier 8. The Aerial drop is as overpowered to subs as radar. Imagine if two North Carolinas are one team and a two Salmons on the other. If the sub even gets spotted, that's 4 aerial drops on one sub, sinking it. plus the reload on that depth charge aerial drop is super low. I really feel the time of the reload on that needs to be adjusted. Two charges are good and all, but spamming them on a subject that's not engaging you on the other side of a map, while your team is on top of the enemy sub anyway is not good. I've noticed this happening a lot.. Things wouldn't happen like this every game if team damage was still on.. it's like bullet hell with an area of effect.. What I'm not saying is taking it away.. but having a time between the use of charges and a longer reload time would be better, than spam airdrop a position. As a Sub, I've had more success on deleting cruisers, dds and other subs, than bbs or carriers. A 100-140 seconds would be better. Another solution would to be decrease the area you can launch to the BB's vicinity, not across the map, for "axe throw csgo yolo ability" I would also suggest that Russian BBs get more ability to deal with subs, their repair parties are limited
  3. TheRadicalMomo

    ST 0.10.7, changes to submarines

    can we have the german subs make the scree noise from greyhound when they surface?
  4. Well, now that Friendly Fire has been removed from the game. Let's Bring back Kitakami. <3 I need torpedo love in my life.
  5. Completed the Mission with five stars on stream.. within an hour... not that hard guys.. just got to take the lead... also two ships in the circle at all times..
  6. TheRadicalMomo

    Pirate Hunter Flag

    oh boy~
  7. TheRadicalMomo

    Leningrad needs Buff

    Buff Soviet Ship Comrade
  8. TheRadicalMomo

    Leningrad needs Buff

    What have I unleashed
  9. TheRadicalMomo

    Leningrad needs Buff

    Not to mention a 2 second turret traverse time
  10. TheRadicalMomo

    Leningrad needs Buff

    don't say that.. then wargaming won't buff her.. to be competitive against the khaba... ;3
  11. TheRadicalMomo

    Leningrad needs Buff

    ssshh... don't say that.. Lenin needs buff ;) right?
  12. TheRadicalMomo

    Leningrad needs Buff

    yea weird
  13. TheRadicalMomo

    Leningrad needs Buff

    Lol i replied to that with that picture.. and thank you because i lost that picture on my other harddrive
  14. TheRadicalMomo

    Leningrad needs Buff

    What about the ability to sail on land?
  15. TheRadicalMomo

    Leningrad needs Buff

    Sshh.. maybe they'll buff it if it's a russian boat