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  1. I seem to have bork'd my combat missions.. I have a bunch here that says no progress on them when I know I've completed them. Like the Kii for example, I already have the camo. I restarted the game, and that seemed to fix it.
  2. We got to figure out how to edit a wiki.. i think it's a little statue right.. so we must do woodwork on the wiki statues.. It's obviously the easiest option.. Seriously, I nominate Doomlock for community service in making a corgi discord during the corgi event, also for historical knowledge posts.
  3. Bahaha.. you can still use smoke to hide people... just don't shoot.. it's simple
  4. Yea.. because it's a crime to like things that are really cute.. maybe you all should..
  5. I demand a peach :3
  6. Keep Posting, if you're ignored the notifications will pop up.. Remember He can't request the thread be closed if he can't see that people are posting things on it.
  7. Bye..! Have a great time!
  8. There's no advantage in having my ui look like an anime, well there's the moral advantage in that I'm cheerful.
  9. Such OP, I see they're still working great for you Grey... *notices stats*
  10. XD lol
  11. yea.. it says that.. well the mission will be unlocked in 11 months..
  12. Wow, Grey's defending you.. You're confusing, "people who say ban all mods" with "people who don't use mods." Those are two different things.
  13. Do you write those click-bait articles? Why are you capitalizing all the letters in certain words? I wasn't talking about the people who don't use mods as a whole.
  14. Someone make a where's waldo meme for yamamato
  15. uh. what? cause my anime loading screen makes me a seal clubber... yea that makes sense last time i checked, the "no mods allowed" crowd was minority.