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  1. Pirate Hunter Flag

    oh boy~
  2. Hey @Pigeon_of_War Can we have all the Azur Lane Starter Ships as premium''s with their Azur Lane captains and cosmetic for a little more money? PS: Them Loli-boats are the best~ >:3 Praise the Tsun
  3. Leningrad needs Buff

    Buff Soviet Ship Comrade
  4. Leningrad needs Buff

    What have I unleashed
  5. Leningrad needs Buff

    Not to mention a 2 second turret traverse time
  6. Leningrad needs Buff

    don't say that.. then wargaming won't buff her.. to be competitive against the khaba... ;3
  7. Leningrad needs Buff

    ssshh... don't say that.. Lenin needs buff ;) right?
  8. Leningrad needs Buff

    yea weird
  9. Leningrad needs Buff

    Lol i replied to that with that picture.. and thank you because i lost that picture on my other harddrive
  10. Leningrad needs Buff

    What about the ability to sail on land?
  11. Leningrad needs Buff

    Sshh.. maybe they'll buff it if it's a russian boat
  12. Leningrad needs Buff

    So here are some proposed buffs to Leningrad , a really sub par boat -shorter torp reload time -increase the speed.. needs to go faster it's a bit slow -lower concealment -higher HE chance -ap that can pen battleships -longer smoke time -10 km torpedo range -hydroacoustic search -hull heal instead of smoke -more hp
  13. WoWs Clan Embassy Discord Channel

    A way for players to find this... how about a giant sign... we could make it blink
  14. Work keeps people busy

    Including me

  15. twitch.tv/theradicalmomo   Join when you wish~~~