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  1. WaWingsFan_15

    Thanks for making Khab a useless ship

    i notice that i played it better after the nerfs. i played too much like a regular dd when i 1st got her. still doesn't change the fact that its still a damn good ship.
  2. WaWingsFan_15

    Thanks for making Khab a useless ship

    nothing changed, you just cant play the boat that's all. move along now.
  3. WaWingsFan_15

    So how much do you have???

    33.082m Black my most exp ship with 5m
  4. WaWingsFan_15

    Warships Leading Ladies - 3rd - 10th

    i like american Dasha cause well im from the good ole US of A. i also like the Russian Dasha, just so nice to hear her speaking sweet nothings into my hear while i sink ships!!!
  5. WaWingsFan_15

    How are the new Ruski BBs?

    That sounds like user error. that sounds like alot of user error on the borg and kurf side.
  6. WaWingsFan_15

    Developer Diaries: Soviet Battleships

    yeah new ships!!!!
  7. WaWingsFan_15

    I'm going to quit WoWS until WG finally fixes CVs

    bye, bye now
  8. WaWingsFan_15

    Present and Future Grind Plans?

    grind the french dds when they are released and maybe grind the russian bbs. other than nothing working on nothing special.
  9. Oh damn my clan was the lucky ones to gain from a bad mistake.
  10. WaWingsFan_15

    The Real Issue With CV Play, And A Solution

    im going to play my midway
  11. WaWingsFan_15

    Deleting forum posts to hide the discourse?

    BOOHOO " ive spent all this time and money so my post should stand out above all the rest" get over yourself. your post was moved into another forum where it belongs.
  12. WaWingsFan_15

    Your very first Premium was?

    Mine was the Sims and then the gremy.