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  1. Go Navy Event Clarifications

    got my tokens from the sharks and left them today.
  2. Ugh First Thing I See Logging On

    is it really that hard to click on the team you want? if people want to switch who cares.
  3. How many times have you "died"?

    battles: 9812 died: 4995
  4. nope and each mission was avaliable for only a couple days at a time. once that has passed you are SOL.
  5. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    Just imagine what would happen if WG announced this ship is only available for steel
  6. Most games played in?

    Black- 1000+
  7. Now the USS BLACK for FREE

    how does this ship take less skill than others? because it has radar? the ship is fun to play. some may agree , some may not. just not sure how you get that this ship takes less skill to play.
  8. Now the USS BLACK for FREE

    the torps are deadly once you get use to the speed. i worked at grinding for the flint and the black but no big deal if you can get it with steel now. It will take awhile to build up steel to purchase the black or the flint. its still a grind just like it was playing rank to earn the 2 ships. Dont see a reason to get worked up about it now being available for steel. stop the [edited] because there is another way to earn a free ship.
  9. What are you grinding out?

    i have the T10's i want and may buy the midway once the cv rework is done (i might be dead by then). Only lines i have not finished and probably wont is the IJN lines (at tahio, t7 dd , i think im on t4 crusier and t2 on bb), British bb (at the lion), german bb( at the FDG). currently just grinding xp on the cleveland for the new line. after that im just working on hasley and indy missions.
  10. When will the worcester arrive?

    When it shows up in the game
  11. Recent Dev Q&A Regarding Rank

    if the rank rewards past r10 were like what they were back in in the earlier rank seasons more ppl might play. I did rank for the $10m credit reward you would get for reaching R1. When i hit R1 the 1st time and got the 10m credits thats how i bought my 1st T10 (gearing). after the rewards began to suck the only reason i kept it up was cause i got the flint and earn the black.
  12. Where's the U.S.A. and Canada Soccer Patch's?!

    How is it disrepectful? They didn't qualify so you can't cheer them one. They need to get gud!!!
  13. Where's the U.S.A. and Canada Soccer Patch's?!

    They didnt qualify for the world cup
  14. Possible Solution to Radar

    since the new cleveland, pepsi , no and buffalo dropped i havent played my z52 or yy. I will play the black but its been a pain in the [edited]with all the radar. I have been taking my russian dds out more now especially the khab cause khab aint got no time for radar. i am hoping after the rest of the new usa ships drop radar will calm down. I am hoping cause with 4 or 5 radar per side there really is no reason to play other dds.
  15. i did the 2 kill mission with the khab. but i had a couple games before that had 2 kills and team was on the verge of winning but ended up losing. It was frustrating. I think it took me 3 games to complete the 2 kill mission. i sunk a shima and torped a GK that was running from me and fighting my team. he ended up behind an island where no one could shoot at him except me and he was in torp range.