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  1. learn from playing top league teams. My clan just played against SALTY tonight. We lost to SALTY we are in gale right now. But none of us came in here and complained about it. we learned and next time we face them who knows what will happen we may win or we may lose you chance of winning or losing is the same as the other team you face.
  2. What???? That's what ur going [edited] about.......
  3. I cant check since im at work right now but i believe i have over 2million in one ship.
  4. Bestow upon me knowledge Wizard, all-knowing, all-wise I want to rule my kingdom
  5. from getting containers, your 3 daily containers. also if there is any missions going that give u oil. but u earn oil 3 times a day by containers.
  6. I got most of my plane kills shooting down the scout planes. I took my flint out hoping to see cvs and what do u knw I get in t8 games with no cvs lol. hop in my kvg hoping for cvs and again no cvs. I did eventually get games with cvs but shooting down scout planes also counts. I got 20 planes use different ship except a cv, I play dds the most but I do have other ships. if your going to play just the ru dd then don't complain about the missions and grind up till u get to the high tier ru dd. the ognevio , udaloi and grozovoi can shoot down planes all 3 have defensive fire.
  7. I would have to agree with that lol. I guess he thought the salty dd players (oh I am a dd main by the way) would come out and join in his salt parade. I mean I do hate radar minos and would love the bbs and cls to rain down fire on them sending them back to hell. but oh well sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't.
  8. the ones I think are funny is when I play my uss black and I use radar and at least one game a day I see in chat "the black has radar?" ive played this ship in almost 800 games I would think it is known that it in fact does have radar.
  9. I hate when a mino has radar lol. But I do love taking by black and popping radar on a smoked up mino or Neptune which is so much fun. Or the other day I popped radar on a iowa who was under fire but retreated to a near by smoke. when I popped radar he was stopped and in chat I see "the black has radar?" its fun when I see that question in chat. But a radar mino is viable and its stupid if the mino capt is a good player and knws what he is doing. Its the radar mino capts who don't knw what the [edited] they are doing and yolo in and die. if a radar mino is causing u rage maybe don't play 8,9 or 10's anymore.
  10. BRAVO
  11. Radar isn't a hit the button and win. You do need to knw when to hit that button. If you hit radar at the wrong time we'll u wasted that radar. Now if hit the button at the right you will ruin and smoking camping ships day. But you still have to knw when to hit that button. I do have some experience playing dd's and using radar. If I see radar ships on the other team I'll play alittle more cautious and hope that those radar ships get spotted so I knw what I can do. I took a cap on one game with 2 radar ships near the same cap but I was able to stay out of there radar range. I also wasn't alone so it kept them from pushing closer to me. Radar just encourages team play. If your not smart about then you will get [edited] up.
  12. Yep. The radar the black is 20secs and u cannot sink a full health dd in 20secs with the black. Only way u can is if u have help or hit it with ur torps. 10sec radar will not be the great game breaker. 20sec black radar isn't a game breaker either. 28 sec black radar is getting into game breaking. You can push the duration to 28secs with the radar mod.
  13. Hope the radar stays. It's fun to have a dd with radar
  14. I'm close to unlocking the monarch but not sure if I want buy the ship. I like the kgv but heard bad things. So not sure if I should skip it and just keep playing the kvgame till I unlock the lion. Is the monarch worth spending the credits on?
  15. Mine with top 3 in each class Battleship: 1180 total Montana- 279 Tirpitz- 221 NC- 182 Cruiser: 1532 total Flint- 177 Des Monies- 157 Cleveland- 150 Destroyer: 3829 total Black- 682 Benson- 391 Gremy- 298 Carriers: 488 Essex- 106 Shokaku- 92 Siapan- 91