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  1. WaWingsFan_15

    What did you do with your Coal?

    Camos, containers and just got the jean bart.
  2. 247678 coal. not sure what im going to do with it. no interest in ijn bbs and on the fence about the salem. would like to have another prem t10.
  3. they also said u will only get 48 of the 50 needed. they never said it was going to be free (earn the 50 you need).
  4. WaWingsFan_15

    Most played ship recently?

  5. WaWingsFan_15

    Anniversary All-Out

    i just got 60 of each. 12k+ battles and i knw that isnt all random battles.
  6. WaWingsFan_15

    Anniversary All-Out

    60 of each flag they are giving, cool.
  7. WaWingsFan_15

    Anniversary Crates are the Last Straw

    U knw u can sell 3 dups to get 1 that ur missing? So 4 missing equals12 dups.
  8. WaWingsFan_15

    CV Rework Feedback

    i do not think they reload mid air. they attack with 3 planes at a time from what i saw. You have 12 planes so for waves of 3 at a time. once they are done then they return to the ship. correct me if im wrong.
  9. WaWingsFan_15

    Stalingrad taken from my port

    yeah i thought u could only get steel from rank, cb and super containers. Didn't think any containers that you bought would give you steel.
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  11. WaWingsFan_15

    How do Dasha captains' voiceover sound?

    ah darn. i may just get the British Dasha anyways.
  12. WaWingsFan_15

    How do Dasha captains' voiceover sound?

    nice was thinking of getting the original version. her native tongue, Russian. put her on my stalingrad or maybe get british dasha for the british dds
  13. WaWingsFan_15

    What to do with 1000 won doubloons?

    gift them to me....hehe
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