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  1. WaWingsFan_15

    Upgrades killing game play.

    list you computer specs. i am 100% sure that you will find ppl on here know more about tech support that WG tech support does. that tech support who responded probably couldnt find an answer and just said "need new vid card" because he/she was lazy. my computer is i think 6yr old now. i5-4460 3.20ghz 16gb ram NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 6yr old graphics card.
  2. WaWingsFan_15

    Somers or Marcue DD?

    z52 and gearing can do fine in rank. somers and marceau are not "op" it just depends on who is behind the wheel. if you suck then your going to suck no matter what you are using. if you cant make the z52 or gearing work then you going to have issues with somers and marceau. if you want an "op" dd work your way up to the daring like SAT said. that is a dangerous dd in rank. but again if u cant make the 2 u have work then your just [edited]. as for smalland i wish i picked that up. a fast dd, with fast firing guns, 12k torps and radar oh and a heal [edited] that SOB i hate coming up against in rank even when i play marceau or kleber.
  3. WaWingsFan_15

    Smaland NERF in 10.0

    guess WG forgot to tell you that smaland always had 12k torps.
  4. this is the 1st ranked season in a long time where i am actually having fun. dont care about getting in to gold. staying in sliver the last 2 weeks. rank is always going to be a cluster [edited]. WG will never have a rank system that pleases everyone, so get over it.
  5. dont care about the limit on when rank is available. the only time i had an issue was in the mornings i try to play rank and it says i have to wait 30mins before its available.
  6. WaWingsFan_15

    New Ranked has some issues

    this is the 1st rank season in a very long time that i am actually having fun. i have no intention of getting in the gold league, don't really care about it. i will just stay in bronze or silver(currently in now) and just get my rewards each season. Rank will always have issues that no one likes. i am just going to enjoy rank this season and see what changes come for season 2.
  7. the 1st sprint ends. if you didn't qualify for silver you will restart in Bronze. if you qualified for silver you will start in silver. the seasons ends sometime in Feb. then when the 2nd season starts everyone starts back in bronze and you work your way up again.
  8. WaWingsFan_15

    my outburst about this ranked

    i actually like the set up rank. i do not plan on qualifying for the silver league. i got my steel and crap made rank 1 in bronze played a couple qual games. but thats it. i have played like crap in a couple games, had some moronic teams. but overall i have been lucky with the teams i end up on. and now that i am not going to push into silver and i am enjoying rank this time around compare to other rank seasons. i may just stay in bronze this season and maybe get into silver next season, havent decided yet. i have not seen too many Kansas in ranked games. the games they have been in i have not notice them bad or good. and some people use rank to grind their lines. so what some took a ship that you dont like. i played all my t8 ships to grind out snowflakes. some of my ships people probably said "crapwhy bring that" just not in chat lol.
  9. WaWingsFan_15

    Somer question

    i just picked up the somers since i already had the stalin and no interest in any other steel ship. i am actually enjoy the ship but i do have to pick my gun fights. so i have to adjust my game play. but it is fun spamming those torps lol. and i do like how fast she is. i have not straight lost gun fights but like i said i have to pick my fights. but it will lose a gun fight if you are alone. if i went toe to toe with Your_SAT_SCORE or someone of his caliber while i am in my somers i would lose but dammit i would make them work for it LOL. i am confident that if i get in a gun fight i will make it hard for the other dd. but i also will not go hunt a kleber, marceau, harg, groz, khab and pick a fight. i would try and spot them so my back up can gun them down. she is a ship you would take if you have the steel ships you already want and have no interest in the others. have dd experience and confident your dd play.
  10. i know LOL. once i have 1 crate i open it right away. maybe this time around i will wait till i get all of my Santa crates and open them one at a time.
  11. WaWingsFan_15

    Clan Brawl flaw

    I think you can only have 1 merc right? i dont remember what the rule is for mercs in clan brawls. but regular clan battles you could only have one merc. so if the 1 merc rule is for clan brawls as well then that team with 4 purples and one non member could be a player who applied for the clan but cant join yet because he just left a clan and is on cool down. or just a friend and not in the clan. or someone who has no clan and the clan is using clan brawls as his trail/try outs.
  12. from the Jean Bart B prem shop page it says Owners of this bundle will also receive a special combat mission for Jean Bart says right there is for the Jean Bart, not Black Jean Bart. if you had any questions about it then maybe ask the question. its been posted many places that missions are for the non black versions of the ship.
  13. WaWingsFan_15

    need fast cash, which ship to sell

    Kansas is a tech tree ship so you can buy her back anytime without the ship recovery tool. that is for recovering sold prem ships. as for OP do not sell the Georgia even is you do not like BBs. with the upcoming snowflake she will earn you some steel just by playing her in a game. just sell any Tech Tree BB you have if you want to get rid of BBs. but i would hold on to t8 and above ships just to earn steel when the snowflake event goes live. but if you really want to sell ships sell tech tree ships keep the prem ships. because if you ever want to recover a prem ship with the ship recovery tool it will be a base cost plus 10%j example sell the mass for 9,562,500 credits and it will cost you 10,518,750 credits to buy it back using the SRT.
  14. WaWingsFan_15

    Minnesota Scam Ship What A complete JOKE !

    you know the minnesota is a tech tree ship and will be avaliable for FREE since it is a TECH TREE SHIP in the next update?????
  15. i linked my acct to amazon prime acct and twitch. i claimed the items and in game it said i claimed it but nothing showed up, no missions.