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  1. WaWingsFan_15

    More Codes, come get free WG stuffs

    all worked per the site except for CAPQU1X0TE20000 i havent checked in game if i got anything
  2. WaWingsFan_15

    Destroyers should seek cover

    no you do assume all that until you confirm otherwise. but you also find ways to work around that. you cannot assume that radar or hydro is not on and just blindly go into a situation. i assume all that is happening when i play my dds no matter what dd. that kind of helps keep you alive. you make one big flawed assertion by not assuming everything on that list.
  3. WaWingsFan_15

    The Kleber is a JOKE

    ah that make sense. i love when that happens when i run my kleber lol.
  4. WaWingsFan_15

    The Kleber is a JOKE

    maybe dont run broadside to a kleber so that he can use ap and reload booster.
  5. WaWingsFan_15

    Who ranked out

    i stopped at 10 or 9 didnt feel like trying for more.
  6. if you were that close to the 2 ships and the friendly balti was able to get in between ur torps and the other ship then that means he was right there next to you. if you have a friendly that close you do not launch torps. only way you should launch is if you let the friendly know what ur plan is. from how close the balti was he was planning the ram the whole time. i have launched torps with friendlies near by but i have always let them know to move backwards or stop moving forward and if they dont then i do not send those torps. Your torps your responsible for them.
  7. WaWingsFan_15

    Something has to be done about the Smolensk.

    if it was OP then the thing would have a 100% win rate. the ship isnt op. its only OP when ppl run away from it and leave it alone. if you didnt suck you wouldnt think the smol is OP.
  8. WaWingsFan_15

    Ranked and the rare Klebers

    ive run my kleber in ranked and so far so good. I also avoid cv games if i can. if you play it smart you can have successful games with it. i will see what happens as i get up in the higher ranks. currently at 10, started at 11. so havent play many games.
  9. yeah i did not like them when i got the t5 and t6. but after a few games and now that i am on the t9 i am liking them more and more. the 1st 10k salvo i got in the t8 i actually stopped playing for a couple secs trying to figure if that was real or not lol
  10. WaWingsFan_15

    0.8.10 interface buggy and incomplete

    you can teach a software testing class but didnt think of checking if the mods you have installed (if any) was affecting your UI???????????
  11. WaWingsFan_15

    torpedos lmbo

    yeah maybe dont launch torps from behind people.
  12. WaWingsFan_15

    Stop giving me rentals I already own

    ah possibly. i havent seen that appear for me so didn't know about that. only rentals ive seen are the clan battle ones.
  13. WaWingsFan_15

    Stop giving me rentals I already own

    the rentals are for clan battles. You cant use them in random or coop games.
  14. WaWingsFan_15

    Your first T10 ship

    mine was the gearing because the 1st ship i played was the Sims. i bought the sims when i 1st heard about the game. Then i worked my way up the USN dd line. my next t10 was the Khab because i also bought the gremy. So i worked my up the RU dd line after that. My 1st prem t10 was the Stalingrad. Got that when it was released as a clan battle reward ship.