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  1. The 100 Club

    DDs Black- 1026 Benson- 454 Gremy- 436 Gearing 251 Khab 231 Fletcher 222 Blyskawica 274 Kiev (t7) 321 Z-52 234 Udaloi 143 Z-46 113 Cruisers Flint 257 Des Monies 208 Cleveland 175 Konigsberg 217 Charles 117 Hindy 101 BBs Monty 354 Tirptiz 216 NC 214 Sharn 222 CVs Essex 102
  2. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    it is one sexy ship. wish i had the extra $$$$ to get . wish i was popular enough someone would just gift me one LOL. i caught myself staring at one last night in game when i should have been shooting at the enemy lol.
  3. Team Special Forces will be taking part in the upcoming King of the Sea Tourney. Come sail with us in the open seas if your interested in casual play we got you covered. If your interested in comp play we have you covered. Check out Team Special Forces teamspeak here www.team-sf.com/ts3-auto.sf check out our website team-sf.com
  4. i like the commenting of the overall game ply for the ranked games.
  5. To Much Radar

    MO radar range is 9.4k not 19k or 20k. The longest radar is like 11.7k on the choppy and Moskva is 11.7k or maybe 11.9 or something. DM radar is like 9.9 There is nothing that has radar range of 19k. Only trying that sucks about radar, well couple things....it goes thru solid objects and u will have games with all the radar ships on one team. This happens in rank alot as well. 2 chappys, 1 NO and other side has nothing. That need to be fixed in randoms and ranked.
  6. I spent $50 on the mega and got camo, flags. The best I got from the boxes were the gallant and 180day prem time. Wish I got the bama but the gallant and prem time I think made it worth the money spent. But them again kind of wish I just bought the bama lol. Too bad I can't get someone to gift me one lol.
  7. 1. Hopefully get my overall win rate up to 60% 2. hit 1000 mark in battles with one ship and ships destroyed. Currently i sit at 901 battles played in the USS Black. I sit at 984 ship destroyed also in the USS Black. 3. overall just get gudder ships i love to play well obviously the uss black with 901 battles my next closes is the benson at 406. I also love the hindenburg and henri.
  8. the team that loses is the one that contributed more to the loss. all 3 choices can contribute to a loss. ive contributed to my team losing on my occasions. i didnt yolo, i didnt go afk, i didnt sit back and farm dmg. I just plain made mistakes.
  9. Today it Begins

    I have 1 t9 boat in port, the black. Wish it was t9 rank season then i could use my rank reward ship in rank.
  10. Ranked Rewards Nerfed- why?

    miss the days of what was it 10m credits when u reached rank 1, 5m for rank 2 or something like that.
  11. im taking the z23 into rank. wanted to run it in rank but then wg switched it up to t6 lol. if its cv heavy then ill bring aa spec benson. but i want to see how the z handles itself in rank. would have been nice to have the camo for the flint and the black. but since i only reach rank 2 last season i have to wait another season. thats if i rank out this time around lol.