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  1. WaWingsFan_15

    Web Server Unavailable

    well removed aslains and now it works fine. so something with that broke it lol.
  2. WaWingsFan_15

    Web Server Unavailable

    anyone else have an issue trying to select different battle modes. click on random battle and it does not take me to the screen where you can select the battle type.
  3. WaWingsFan_15

    Calling Colbert Captains........

    i love plying the colbert. i have been plying colbert and austin more recently, i think because i am bored with other ships lol. i take one of these ships out just for the fun.
  4. WaWingsFan_15

    Another Battle Pass not worth getting.

    i will pass on this BP this time around, passed on the last one as well. only spent dubs on the 1st one (and those dubs were free from events) and that was the final reward ship was not a tech tree ship. i passed on this one and the last because the final reward was not worth it for me. i dont really care about the other rewards as you progress through each phase. i have the steel ships i want and if another one pops up ill just wait till i earn the steel to get it. putting a tech tree ship as the final reward is not a reward for me. i can wait till the line is released and get the ship. 10pt cpt not worth it for me as well.
  5. WaWingsFan_15

    How many OG Players are still left?

    still here but not sure for how much longer.
  6. WaWingsFan_15

    Worthless camos

    whatever perk they provided are now baked into the ship itself. so now they are pretty paint for ur ship which too some is not worthless. some people like the pretty. guess you missed all the news about the update to the system.
  7. WaWingsFan_15

    Upper tiers have lost their appeal

    here is a game i just played, no credit boost except the clan boost. not a great game but still made credits. i do have prem time right now but if u look at the non prem side of the credit/xp shot u see i still made credits.
  8. WaWingsFan_15

    Any Good DD Black players, I need input.

    1. smaland will beat a black all day every day 2. capt of that black probably was just bad. especially if the black was full health and still lost to you in a benham 3 and 4 just like #1 those 2 t10 dds will be a black straight gun fight. black should really only fight them if 1. those dds are already hurt hp wise 2. it can smoke up and use radar 3. gearing is smoked up and black can radar it and fire without being spotted. black really does need some help when it fights other t10 dds and even some t9 dds(kita, mog maybe even adriatco however u spell the t9 IT dd). it is a good dd but i would not spend dubs or coal on it unless you really want it cause u collect boats or you have everything else and the coal is burning a hole on ur screen everytime you look at your resources.
  9. WaWingsFan_15

    Replace Karma

    karma is useless now.
  10. WaWingsFan_15

    Do you guys think Dalarna is OP or overhyped?

    lets see what she looks like on final release. only super ships i do not like are the carriers. they should not have ss cvs at all in this game. the other super ships can be dealt with.
  11. WaWingsFan_15

    Black Event Cost Breakdown

    personally i wouldnt pay cash for this ship. i might spend the coal needed but who knows. i already have the ship, got here back when she was a rank reward ship. when i got her i play the crap out it. it is my most played ship, 1k plus games. i played it because it was t9 prem so it was how i earned credits. it had smoke and radar and at that time it was strong. but now it is not as strong as it was before, still fun to play but i have not played it as much. i do not think it is worth the cash/dub price or the coal price. but i can see why ppl would spend money or coal on her.