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  1. Darkmouse24

    Oysters Why yes I love seafood

    The Skane, Oyster, and Holland are probably my favorite DDs at their respective tier.
  2. Darkmouse24

    Encouraging Growth, Game Rejects

    I remember when I first got the tier 6 Cleveland. I got deleted by a Tirpitz and pretty much quit playing cruisers right then and there for a solid chunk of time. The learning curve when you first start playing the game the strengths and weaknesses of each nations lines, all the different consumables you need to watch out for (German hydro vs all other hydro, American vs Soviet radar, etc.), and knowing approximate detection ranges of pretty much every ship is very daunting especially now with 7 different nations with tech trees and 10 total nations including premiums.
  3. Darkmouse24

    HE question

    thanks i didnt realise the 21mm was too thick. oh well
  4. Darkmouse24

    HE question

    I'm not sure why these shells shattered.
  5. Darkmouse24

    Yueyang? .....tumbleweeds

    I just play the Chung Mu instead.
  6. Darkmouse24

    Daring Cpt Question:

    Because I don't pay enough attention to events
  7. Darkmouse24

    Daring Cpt Question:

    This is my build, I do build most of my dd's as gunboats. If I wasn't cheap I should have AR over Expert Marksmen
  8. Darkmouse24

    Eternal Loading screens.

    This used to happen to me with my old laptops hard drive. Ever since I bought a new laptop and built a desktop i have had no loading screen issues. Should be noted both new computers use an ssd.
  9. Darkmouse24

    When the Red Team has no radar

    Too bad I didn't take screenshots of my ranked battle in my YeuYang that I did 200k damage in or my other one with 150k and a confederate
  10. Darkmouse24

    When the Red Team has no radar

    Looking at the teams I see the red team has no radar so I play very aggressively knowing the only way I'll get spotted is if an enemy dd gets close then I can just smoke up and hydro.
  11. Darkmouse24

    With all the doom and gloom about dds

    Yea forcing to adapt to the new radar surge has made me a better DD player
  12. Darkmouse24


    This ships pretty good
  13. Darkmouse24


    This ship is pretty good