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  1. Guys,Gals and everyone in between

    I really need your support on my youtube channel. All I'm asking is for subs. It's free and it helps me so much on reaching my goal of 1000 subs so I can check one more box of prerequisites for becoming a CC.

    I really want this and have from the start and only you can help me. I'm just a disabled Navy vet playing a game he loves.

    Share my vids and channel....I don't care if you have to call your grandmother and have her sub....I need all the help I can get.

    If you have suggestions on what I can do to make my youtube more appealing I am all ears....( I really mean that...you should see these flesh flaps on the side of my head...hideous)...but that's beside the point.....

    I need help....and I can't do this alone. You my friends and soon to be friends have to push this and make it a reality for me.

    Every vid I make I try to do something a little better but I'm learning this on my own and possibly using the wrong software.

    Help me help you....I love helping people in game get better.

    Here is a link to my youtube.....please just click sub.

    I owe you......*Salute*