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  1. Giulio Cesare - no longer available

    I took the GC out needing the 8 cits and in one match got 6...next match I finished it
  2. Giulio Cesare - no longer available

    Need cits for a mission?.....GC is the way to go Just saying :-) *Salute*
  3. Thanks LWM and all that had something to do with these time consuming reviews...it is VERY appreciated. *Salute*
  4. Admiral Graf Spee? Premium. Advise.

    After reading this I decided to hop in my Graf and see what I could do...I forgot what a beast this thing could be and I only have a 12pt capt in it. Granted I can't speak for the team but I held my own. *Salute*
  5. Tier 5 is weird. Yes.

    I guess I'm either just strange (most likely) or just enjoy my T5 mm in Kami. People call it seal clubbing at this tier but I have to constantly explain that this is where the money is and that I play against 7's more often than not. Meh!! My bank account laughs at your tries at making me feel bad...lol *Salute*
  6. Premium Ship Review: Kamikaze 2.0

    That is all I hear...constantly
  7. I just love the GM

    I play it as a gunboat that is just looking for a chance to toss torps in the right direction. Not quite sure what you are asking with the "average damage breakdown between guns/torps" Forgive me I just woke up and am slogging my way through my first cup of coffee..lol I only have 51 matches in the GM so I've not unlocked its true potential ..here are my stats so far if this tells you anything.
  8. Premium Ship Review: Kamikaze 2.0

    Sorry to dig this up but yeah....I agree on the little monster..lol *Salute*
  9. I just love the GM

    Had a pretty good match the other night...Damn I enjoy this ship at times :-) *Salute*
  10. Mutsuki or USELESStsuki

    Muts sucks and always has...don't care what the stats say
  11. Kami R's 5000th Kill NA

    Yes....quite a bit of time invested in this one ship. :-)
  12. Kami R's 5000th Kill NA

    A few actually :-)
  13. Kami R's 5000th Kill NA

    Honestly I see more 7's than 5's. Since I run with LadyTorpida all the time and her favorite ship is the Fubuki...I find myself facing 8's quite often and can hold my own for the most part. :-)