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  1. HE only? Okay lets give this a go.
  2. Gyphon_GF


    Some peoples kids *Salute* Ships too mean to be called Jean
  3. Turn it up *Salute*
  4. Gyphon_GF

    If you hate planes you will love this match

    Amazing isn't it
  5. I'm going to try and upload a vid per day Not a promise but I have enough matches where it wont be an issue. Some will have voice over and some will not so let me know what you prefer.
  6. Gyphon_GF

    What do you think?

    I've decided to try something new. Check this out but take the link to yt and read. Appreciate you.
  7. Gyphon_GF

    Something new

    Lots of negative in this world. It being in the game and in this thread doesn't surprise me. You have to learn some people are just ugly and ignore them.
  8. Gyphon_GF

    Something new

    Enjoy Appreciate you
  9. Gyphon_GF

    Here is something ya don't see everyday

    Yeah from what I saw he spent a lot of time near their cap. I was kinda busy so didn't pay much attention lol
  10. Gyphon_GF

    It had been awhile since I took out GC

    Ah gottcha
  11. Gyphon_GF

    It had been awhile since I took out GC

  12. I forgot to post this right after it happened. What are the odds of two matches back to back, different ships and different tiers. Yet doing the same amount of damage and getting the same exp? Unless I'm reading this wrong lol *Salute*
  13. Gyphon_GF

    Kutuzov question and Merry Christmas

    Right back to ya bud. Kutuzov is a cruiser and one of the ones that they yanked and is only available in crates. I won mine in a CC container from greifer.