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  1. Haida Krak...check this out

    I think you'll all get a kick out of this. *Salute*
  2. Premium Ship Review: Kamikaze 2.0

    I have 19 pt Yams as my main capt for my Kami R. I use basic but not advanced. I get first blood so often I skipped superintendent.
  3. 261k in Kami R and 300k in Alsace
  4. Just posted to YouTube....I think you will enjoy this if you like Kami R *Salute*
  5. Kami R 8 kills NA

    Think you'll enjoy this night out clubbing..lol *Salute*
  6. Asashio - the two-faced murder cow

    Great topic and one I covered over on a post in the World of Warships Admirals Locker FB group a bit ago and I'm always posting vids on my YouTube channel. I'm only running an 18pt capt but working on it. I honestly don't know if I'd change any of his skills. I think the release of this ship and its long torps even if Torp Acc was to make this ship even more viable were the prelude to all the new ships with radar they knew were coming and at lower tiers causing a different direction in game play. It's a good ship but my "main issue is the initial torp reload time".......... but one that can be overcome by your fantastic detection range is the ships ability to spot and call targets before the first torp reloads are ready. Once the big guns are spotted and after you have called out what targets you could by calling out the radar cruisers and whatever red dds that have been spotted for one reason or another...***Launch everything you have***... Falling back to pick the cap you want to go after since most ships will have been spotted already. I win more guns fights with dds than I thought possible and I think that is because they have already been engaged and have lost health by the time I spot them (go after them if possible) and finish them off. I'll post my stats here...not to brag as I'm not great in this ship but because I see different builds and results of such. *Salute* my friends
  7. There's just too many bad things that are not TK related that treat you as such. I usually have some answer but not sure where to go with this one.
  8. In two matches today (one at the very end after we had won but before I saw the scores...and one after I hit the button to enter the match) my router had issues and had to be rebooted. I get back in and both times I was penalized and was pink for a total of 4 matches which I quickly worked off and was back to normal. This was not intentional on my end and I got back as soon as possible....but somewhere in a database it adds up against me. I know I can't be the only one this type of thing has happened to. Is these something that can or is being done against such misplaced (you're a bad guy) punishment? *Salute*
  9. Where have all the DDs gone???

    I have no complaints at all......just have to adjust to the wave of cruisers to go away..lol
  10. Where have all the DDs gone???

    I think the PA line may be the way to go on this one. I've been grinding the Asashio which has the range to stay out of harms way but just not the same.
  11. Where have all the DDs gone???

    Pure hell....but at least with so many cruisers....they can cap...Pfft..hahaha
  12. Where have all the DDs gone???

    I may be a DD main...but after looking at the que yesterday. I switched to BB to pop cruisers like zits...lol *Salute*