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  1. Gyphon_GF

    K. Albert

    Easy way to stock up on signals !
  2. Gyphon_GF

    K. Albert

    When I'm bored in the middle of the night and want to do some Gunther Lutjens training while not spending anything on signals. Yep... K. Albert fits the bill lol Oh and as far as I can tell this may be the second highest damage in this ship. Cool
  3. Gyphon_GF

    Flandre - Thoughts

  4. Gyphon_GF

    Flandre - Thoughts

    (I posted this on FB but wanted to post it here as well) With WG recently asking about Flandre....I waited till now to really say anything. I wanted a bit more time to play the ship before I did..so this is just a few quick thoughts off the top of my head. I really don't ever break down ships like the CC's and others do, my list is just from a normal players perspective and I'm sure there are many things I wont take into account. Bare with me . In a world without DE where will this leave Flandre which is already in an unfinished state? Lets think about this for just a second. Flandre could be a poster child for bbs post DE. I say this because this is the first premium where it flat out states it may be rebalanced in the future. You sign it to drive it off the lot. That being understood, overall Flandre has the possibilities for being a solid bb. As it is now ... not so much. Pro's as they are now. Ship is fast and handles reasonably well. Turret turn is manageable. The accuracy of the main guns "with" DE is okay at times? Lots of HPs for the tier. Lots of secondary's with good range. The stated AA numbers. Cons. Main gun reload is really bad at 33 seconds for the caliber of the guns. You DO NOTICE THIS...It actually makes playing the ship pretty unfun. The secondary's can't hit anything and when they do all you can hope for is a fire because they don't pen unless you have IFHE and that will knock your fire chance down by half.... I say don't do the IFHE because you don't hit anything with them enough to justify spending the points. It has 3 heals instead of the normal 4. So...Here is where I think WG has the chance to fix this ship and it be a winner. They have the go ahead from Flandre owners to change it...WG is already wanting to know how and now a skill that was really needed on this ship is being removed. hmmm The new skill of 10% speed when unspotted will allow this low detection BB to become a solid flanking bb "IF" some other things change. You cannot be expected to have a really fast flanking BB that is expected to rush to the edge only to hold it with secondary's that can't hit anything and main guns that rarely fire and can't hit anything because you removed DE. So....The main gun reload has to come down to the standard 30 seconds at the very least. Accuracy of the secondary's has be to increased no matter what and the pen has to start talking in a 1/4 German pen accent OR give secondary's the accuracy increase and at least another 3% fire chance. The last thing I can think of atm is...in a new world with DE being gone...and this ship really needing it. In order to make it viable it will need to be close for the secondary's to put in some work. In order to do that.... it will really need another heal. So you have a good solid base ship to work with WG. Tweak away but no matter what...Do all of us Flandre owners a favor....Lower that main gun reload time and increase the accuracy of the secondary's. I think you would have a sold ship if you did so. Not every "Next ship" has to be the best in the game. At least these changes would make it somewhat fun to play. Just my two cents... Oh and I don't give a rats [edited]about things like camera bugs. That will get fixed and it means nothing. *Salute*
  5. I tried to drop with Captn_honour at T5 in Kami R and ended up with Hapa and his stream div in a match. Manage First Blood/Die Hard/Double Strike before getting sunk....The funny thing is....I had a ramming signal on. Fun stuff and a good win .. Thanks Hapa.
  6. It has taken a LONG TIME to get another of these...few and far between. Such a strange ship to get it in as well.....smh This was a good match... I really should make a vid of this one.
  7. Gyphon_GF

    Kii vs Krem

    I cannot thank WG enough for this Kii... I was lucky enough to win it on one of the Vid drawings... It has been great so tytytyty. *Salute*
  8. It has been a bit. Hope you enjoy. *Salute*
  9. Gyphon_GF


    Was hoping for more vid material but maybe next time....
  10. Gyphon_GF

    Fletcher why have I waited so long

    Yes I'm a DD main with over 8700 matches in just DDs and I just decided to finish going up the American line. I just put Fletcher in my port and I'm ashamed it took so long... Enjoy...Because I am :-) *Salute*
  11. One I think you will enjoy *Salute*
  12. Crazy ship... Get it before it is gone.
  13. Yes this is the face of Gyphon_GF Shhhhh you didn't see me...lol Happy New Year Yes I've had a couple.. I earned it. We all did
  14. This ship is something else.