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  1. Gyphon_GF

    Smolensk, Yeah that says it all lol

    I've never had 32 fires in one match before. Crazy
  2. Gyphon_GF

    Smolensk, Yeah that says it all lol

    I wont be finishing the dockyard but I'll do what steps I can. With that said I saw I needed fires/fire damage in a cruiser so I hopped in Smolensk and into co op we went. lul
  3. Gyphon_GF


    Oh and that was a special Krak
  4. Gyphon_GF


    That was a newer match. I have 3 external hd's filled with vids that need editing and posting that go back to beta. More than a thousand I'd be willing to bet I was actually thinking about making a series and putting them on my YT
  5. Gyphon_GF


  6. Gyphon_GF


    Tbh I hardly ever play Kami and I'd bet don't have 100 matches in it in the last couple years.
  7. Gyphon_GF


    Hey Ahskance, Nice of you to stop in. *Salute*
  8. Gyphon_GF


    Funny when you see them roll in like this I was watching Sithkittens stream and she was playing Mikasa. I was bored and knew it had been since the snowflakes that I played it. Here ya go. I've never seen 11 awards before. lul
  9. Gyphon_GF

    Is a bad match in JB even possible?

    I've tried to give everyone a thumbs up. Will catch up later.
  10. I'll be the first to admit that my play time is way down. When I sat down to play something here a couple minutes ago and after seeing a post about playing French ships for something or other I loaded up the game. Hmmm what to play that can earn me some credits and knock out whatever French stuff they have going on. Lets do some JB. (Hits Battle) Good choice.
  11. If a player manages to sink not only all the other teams dd's, their sub, a bb and a cruiser and to end the match killing the CV. There should be an award. Just thinkin out loud.
  12. Zoup did this replay of mine. *Salute*
  13. Signed up Always love these events so thank you for bringing them back.
  14. Gyphon_GF

    This is how everyday should start

    Hahahaha That's why I logged out right after. I'm not as think as they dumb I am :-)