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  1. Playing and addressing some issues Enjoy *Salute*
  2. Some fun from this morning. Enjoy *Salute*
  3. Gyphon_GF

    Tirp vs Tirp New years eve

    Just a random ranked match I had....be careful this evening. Want to see you all back on the seas. *Salute*
  4. Gyphon_GF

    Phew....HAHAHAHA what are the odds (with vid)

    PFM (Pure Friggin Magic) lol Actually going to make a vid of this
  5. pucker factor activated.... Nuff said snicker Here's the vid
  6. Decided to check some things out myself. Hope you enjoy. *Salute*
  7. Gyphon_GF

    GC training

    New skipper onboard...lets have some fun *Salute*
  8. Gyphon_GF

    Alsace WTH just happened?!!

    Thanks for the tips...I'll try and keep that in mind. obtw Some times the square peg does fit in the round hole... just sayin
  9. Kinda tossed in this match and was low tier... *Enjoy*
  10. Gyphon_GF

    Alaska Was this a first

    I've had the Alaska for a bit and while it is a "good" ship..I have never done really well in it. This was a pretty good match and hope you enjoy. *Salute*
  11. Good match and I think the most fires I've ever started. *Salute*
  12. Gyphon_GF

    Alsace naked

    How do I play after forgetting to do something simple.....
  13. Gyphon_GF

    Alsace the beast

    My favorite bb Enjoy *Salute*
  14. Gyphon_GF

    Tirpitz 3 Torp kills +

    I have a match or two in that class...lol Thanks..Yeah it's a fun ship