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  1. As Much As I Look Down On Asashio...

    I'm having a blast in mine...and I'm pretty much playing one handed because I had surgery two days ago. You can play it in different ways depending on the make up of the enemy you face.... I like that. *Salute*
  2. Meta Killing. The Asashio sobs

    This is a good ship and here is a match I recorded after I just got it.
  3. Am I getting all I can out of Kami R

    The wide spread isn't as valuable when you only have 2 torps per launcher I know....but it does allow for the stray torp to caught every now and again. Over all I do agree with you.
  4. Am I getting all I can out of Kami R

    Spooooooooooooooon Nice to hear from ya :-)
  5. Besides some aiming issues (which has never been my strong point) What else in my Kami game do you see I'm lacking? I'm always one to try and get better so maybe you'll see something I'm missing. Thanks.... *Salute*
  6. Alsace 300k :-)

    Yeah I'd be willing to bet there were some bad words said in their coms about me. Honestly I didn't even pay attention to that till I saw the results after.....oopsie lol *Salute*
  7. I've gotten a few of them from ranked and SC as he said ^^^
  8. Trying it in my Alsace as we speak
  9. Alsace 300k :-)

    I would say I spread the love around a good bit Every once in awhile you just find that magic location where you can pummel the reds and no one pays attention to you while you are in the middle of everyone .......lol
  10. Alsace 300k :-)

    ty ty
  11. Alsace 300k :-)

  12. Alsace 300k :-)

    It is worth all the trouble getting.....you'll see
  13. HAHAHA...that's awesome oh hey this was my latest match
  14. Alsace 300k :-)

    Yeah but what can ya do....
  15. Alsace 300k :-)

    Love this ship!!!!