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  1. Gyphon_GF

    USS Hill... Maiden voyage and initial thoughts

    I'm thinking a tool is only as good as the person using it.
  2. Gyphon_GF

    Fear the Marauder Kiev

    Probably the best match I have ever had in the Kiev exp wise and it was while a Marauder. Thank you very much for the opportunity to get to do this event. I got to meet a lot of great people....I appreciate it. Enjoy
  3. I've never been a part of any of these from the being chased side...lol I just smoke them..haha
  4. Understood Fem Thank you :-)
  5. Has the list been posted somewhere?
  6. *Salute*
  7. Crazy match Enjoy *Salute*
  8. Gyphon_GF

    A video I was forced to make

    You and I are different people brother. I was in the Navy and wont put up with sh*t. If you think I should have done different...that's your opinion. Not mine.
  9. Gyphon_GF

    A video I was forced to make

    Which is the only reason I fired
  10. Gyphon_GF

    A video I was forced to make

    I was more worried about the ship I was hunting than the mistakes made by the ship behind. Little did I know.
  11. Gyphon_GF

    A video I was forced to make

    If WG decided to pull this down so be it....it will be seen.
  12. Not my 13000th in Kami...lol Total.... only like 4600 in Kami..hahaha