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  1. We already did that over 20 times. Still nothing. We have 3, 3-man divisions that are stuck in queue. Its our entire clan that's having the issue.
  2. If you think that's bad, a couple of clans can't even get into any battles at all. We've been waiting in queue for over two hours!
  3. Revan10492

    Clan Brawls

  4. Our entire clan, (R-F) Rouge Fleet, has 3 3-man divisions waiting in queue. None of them have been able to connect to any Clan Battles Brawl games tonight. We've tried restarting our clients and making new divisions. So far, no luck. Will post a screenshot when we rereach the 5 minute queue mark.
  5. Our entire clan cannot connect to any Clan Battle Brawl games. Anyone else having any issues?
  6. Revan10492

    The Coo of Boom Flag

  7. games A PAY TO WIN joke , Fu Russian inventors, fuuuuu