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  1. Login Issues after Update

    @Pigeon_of_War Bro any news on whats going on on your guys end, like a DDOS?
  2. games A PAY TO WIN joke , Fu Russian inventors, fuuuuu

  3. Super League Season 7

    I'll be there tonight if there is any. I already have MarineDogtag and possibly TheRealTugboat coming too.
  4. I can confirm Manners Maketh Man can be obtained by not shooting and hitting team damage. In my experience with this achievement, it was unlocked around 10 - 15 matches WITH some Co-Op Matches (from getting Rise of the Machines). In my belief, Manners Maketh Man can be unlocked by: Complete 10 consecutive battles without inflicting any team damage. (Co-Op Could count towards this achievement). http://i.imgur.com/ob6dJDI.jpg http://i.imgur.com/NH6lG3G.jpg Additionally, Might I add that I did unlock King of the Party with Manners Maketh Man On another note, I Rise of the Machines can be acquired by both damage base (have X amount of damage to bots) and kill base (have X amount of bots destroyed)
  5. Doubloon Exchange Rate

    Here is a google docs that I made about anything and everything with Doubloons. Currently it is a work in progress, but I wanted to get it out sooner to help you buy the right amount for this Amazon Special. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13HcZqgs5Q5w-uhm7tWV2rA92801lvJwGUnWRiIhkCl8/edit?usp=sharing Happy Shopping!
  6. To get some background on the question, I did some research on HE shells and the probability of starting fires and found this formula: ("Ammo's fire rate" + Pyromania perk) * ("Ship's fire rate" * (1-(Modification from upgrade + Modification from perk)) -Source In short: (Ammo's Fire Rate) * (The Ships Fire Rate) = Chance of Starting a Fire [PER SHELL!!!] According to SubOctavian, the Creator of World of Warships, an HE shell's chance of starting a fire is: [Translated from Google Translate] Chance of arson [or the Ammo's FIre Rate] - a percentage which is the sum of the characteristics of the missile / bomb and commanding skills "Pyromania", if he understood. Features shells GK can be found in the port; As a rule, the larger the size, the more this is the percentage of the projectile. Description skill "Pyromania" is also available at the port: The security of the ship from the fire [or the Ship's Fire Rate] - a factor that is multiplied with the probability of arson in order to determine a realistic chance of a fire. The basic rate depends on the level / hull and falls with it.Roughly speaking, the 2-3 level, it is 1, the tenth level - 0.5. By the basic factor is applied by multiplying the modernization of the "System damage control mode. 1" and skill "Fire Work": To give a better understanding, Sub_Octavian gives us an example with a Fuso: [Take note that this was written back in May of 2015. The only difference that we know of is that the Demolition Expert Commander Skill has been changed from 5% to 3%.] For example, the battleship Fuso (a top case) base rate of 0.76, and after modernization it will be equal to 0.72. If you learn the skills, the total value would be 0.67. Finally, the final example: the projectile 410 mm HE Type 0 (probability of arson - 32% skill "Pyromania" has not been studied) hits the masthead Fuso: Skills upgrades and no risk of fire - 24%; Installed modernization "system damage-control mode. 1", the probability of fire - 23%; Installed modernization and skill "Fire works," the probability of a fire - 21.4%. Considering that the game ships not share individual shells, and volleys, make it almost all the major combat and at the same time, not all the shells from the volley hit the target, countering long-term nature. One-time on hit may not be noticeable, but in the framework of the fight he will be much more serious, not to mention the overall statistics of the ship. Equation: ("Ammo's fire rate" + Pyromania perk) * ("Ship's fire rate" * (1-(Modification from upgrade + Modification from perk)) (0.32 + 0.0) * ( 0.76 * (1 - ( 0.05 + 0.07)) = 21.4% Chance of Fire per HE Shell Getting back to the main question, Sub_Octavian mentions that Tier's 1-3 ships has a "Ship Fire Rate" of about 1 while all Tier 10 ships are upgraded to a "Ship Fire Rate" of 0.50. In his example, he tells us that the Fuso has a "Ship Fire Rate" of 0.76. In other words: Tiers 1 - 3 = 1.00 Fuso = 0.76 Tier 10 = 0.50 My question is, does anyone know what each ship's "Ship Fire Rate" is? I'm trying to figure out if the "Fire Prevention" Commander Skill is worth it or not among certain ships and hulls.
  7. This is exactly what I'm saying. Statistically, if you look at this game, you will see that an average win rate for a player is 50% (I'm not joking here, go look up anyone in "Find Player". Guaranteed you will find an average win rate between 40% - 60%.) If you take this average OF that average, just like warshipstats.com has done, you will find an average win rate of around 50% across a big pool of people. There's no way I can prove that 50% is strictly the average across everyone since Wargaming will not give out that information, but we can take an educated guess that, especially from a pool of 10,000 (TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE!!!) from warshipstats.com that around 50% is a more than likely average win rate. Taking this whole idea into consideration statisically, you are generally flipping a coin toss. There is no player performance. This whole Ranked Battles playlist DOES NOT care about your K/D, Accuracy, Teamkills, etc. It only cares about your Wins or your Loses. And when you have to deal with randoms with no VoIP and only text chatting, then anything can happen. This whole "Ranked Battles" playlist seems like a bottle necked version of "Random Battles" but only in Tier VI and VII and with only 14 players (7 vs 7). Again: No one here is competing against anyone. This Ranked Battles playlist is only about who can get lucky enough to reach more wins, or wining coin tosses, than the other guy.
  8. The point is, why bother with Ranked Matches being Win/Lose Ratio when the majority of the players have a 40%-60% Win Rate? I can look at each one of your stats right now: http://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1012956455-Revan10492/#tab=pvp/account-tab-overview-pvp http://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1002358436-dahdah325/#tab=pvp/account-tab-overview-pvp http://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1002247859-Higgle/#tab=pvp/account-tab-overview-pvp http://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1000417397-paradat/#tab=pvp/account-tab-overview-pvp http://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1004769394-Carrier_Taiyo/#tab=pvp/account-tab-overview-pvp And with this small sample, I can say that anyone in this thread (so far) has a Win Rate of around 50% - 55%. You can try this yourself and view other player's profiles. 50% average is common. Ranks should be based on the performance of either an individual or with a team of individuals. Why bother playing a ranked playlist when your entire team is consisted of nothing but random players, without VoIP, and uses text as the primary communication between teammates? No one here is competing against anyone. This Ranked Battles playlist is only about who can get lucky enough to reach more wins than the other guy. I know WarGaming kind of started a top tier system in the past back when Closed Beta was about to go into Open Beta, here.It wasn't even ranking between individuals or competitive. The only difference was that it was about the amount of battles played compared to the community. WG, if they wanted to, could easily change this to K/D ratio or some kind of player performance to make a more Ranked Battles playlist.
  9. I highly doubt that imo. Warshipstats is showing a pool of about 10,795 players. With about 13,000 players playing the game daily, I'd say this is a pretty accurate representation of player Win/Lose ratio, regardless if they are a new or returning player.
  10. Primarily looking for any recruiting clans that use only Teamspeak and are above Tier 7. Stats: http://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1012956455-Revan10492/#tab=pvp/account-tab-overview-pvp K/D Ratio: 1.73 Main Role: Supporting team with AA and using a kiting strategy for long range engagements.