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  1. Missouri Removal Makes No Sense

    Wow, you really have a grasp of their business model, you just to realize it. What you stated is exactly how they make money. If they don't make money you won't have to worry about converting free XP or buying silver.
  2. Missouri Removal Makes No Sense

    And now you understand WG business model.
  3. The supercontainer thread.

    The best one I ever got was 30 days of premium.
  4. The supercontainer thread.

    I've had two in the last two days - one was a make engine boost last longer and the other 50 Halloween 2016 camos
  5. Jingles is right

  6. Arkansas Beta Still Worth Outftting?

    I have Seagal on my Ark B and the ability to switch between HE and AP in 7.5 seconds has proven to be very useful.
  7. WG has nerfed the the CV's too much because of all the complaining. I prefer matches with CV's, they add a third dimension to an otherwise two dimensional game.
  8. Battleship player attitudes

    Everyone is so cranky.
  9. Problems with Pensacola class in this game

    Once I figured out how to play the Penny it was one of my favorite ships. Hint, don't go one-on-one with a BB.
  10. How hard is this to get? [RANT]

    I always ask to see if there is a kind soul that will escort me when I am a CV. I find that is the best defense against both air and sea. I will always escort if asked when playing as a CA/CL or BB.
  11. I think you and I are saying the same thing. It isn't the game or the ship, it is person playing. The person playing needs adjust to the situation at hand. Not to totally let WG off the hook, they have done some stupid nurfs from time to time. BTW, you should be better than me. You're an alpha tester
  12. I tend do go with secondary range upgrade on BB's. It is a beautiful thing when the secondaries engage one target while you engage a second target with your mains. I have killed two targets doing that more than a few times.
  13. Looking at my own stats I play both US and German cruisers better than IJN. I have all three and will generally play them all during a game session. I personally think IJN cruisers are kind of weak and I really enjoy playing the Nurnburg when the engine isn't knocked out. After learning how to play the Pensacola, it is one of my favorite cruisers. There is a trend to blame WG when a ship isn't playing the way somebody thinks it should instead of adjusting tactics. All the ships are different and have pros and cons. You play to the pros while protecting yourself from the cons. It isn't rocket science.
  14. Bogue is to Op for a tier 5 CV

    Adjust your tactics and stop expecting WG to adjust the game to suit your single minded gameplay.
  15. Ridiculous Loading Times

    I put a cheap second HDD in my box, install WoWs on it and fixed the load time issue. WoWs just hits the HDD hard and it is competing with the OS on your primary drive. If anything it loads too fast and I am sitting there with 30-40 seconds on spare.