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    Clan TinCans [TCANS] looking for players

    We are recruiting new members. If you are interested, please contact me or apply in-game. TS3: ts84.gameservers.com:9133
  2. TinCans is looking for players to join our clan. We strive to recruit talented players who are willing to work as a team. We are seeking team players who will fill their niche and complement each other’s strengths, to be receptive to constructive criticism, as well as bolster their areas for improvement. Membership Requirements/Considerations: a. Must have the ability to communicate on TeamSpeak. Being able to coordinate in real time is a must. b. Your “Average Damage” and “Average Experience” should be above average or, after playing with TinCans, show an upward trend during the probationary period. Stagnant or mediocre players are not who we are looking for. c. The probationary period is dependent upon how often you play and will vary in length. We understand that not everyone can play all day every day. The more “stick time” you have with clan members will give us a better sense of the calibre of player you are and what strengths you will bring to the clan. Your advancement in the ranks of TinCans will depend on your interaction with our current members and your level of investment in the Clan’s performance. We use TeamSpeak3 for communications. Our TS3 channel is: ts84.gameservers.com:9133