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  1. Thanks for the follow.  :Smile_Default:

  2. Hunterthewusky

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    My goal is to attempt to collect all Battleships in game eventually hard to do since some are extremely rare like the Nikolai I.
  3. Hunterthewusky

    Feedback on ...What you like about WoWs!

    I love Battleships mostly and the history and since this game lets me play them i love that fact. Also that graphics has really gotten pretty amazing.
  4. Hunterthewusky

    Ship Horns: Stay or go?

    I ment the hohoho one and you say necromancer?
  5. Hunterthewusky

    Ship Horns: Stay or go?

    How do you get that horn I just heard it today in battle
  6. Hunterthewusky

    Funniest usernames that you've come across?

    I haven't seen anything funny yet but I seen a lot of players who just go by player_######...#(being a list of numbers) why is this