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  1. aboomination

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    one of those 1k+ bxp co-op matches
  2. I'd remove it's need to make money. I know that's not realistic, but it's the root of all evil in this game.
  3. aboomination

    Signal Flag Shenanigans

    I have all the lines unlocked - but considering the implications of the NTC, I felt like voicing the above concerns.
  4. aboomination

    Signal Flag Shenanigans

    It's a way to drain our flag supplies. They started selling certain flags like Hydra in the store, gotta streamline that process (and make fxp ships more expensive in return). It also eases the grinds that hit us more and more frequently. Basically a second layer of premium account.
  5. aboomination

    Orkan is worse $$$ version of Lightning

    They are ways to ease the corresponding grinds.
  6. aboomination

    I am sorry, but this game is getting too expensive to play

    You tried to be funny? Oh, ok!
  7. aboomination

    I am sorry, but this game is getting too expensive to play

    What he said is 100% objectively right and you try and counter that with personal attacks? I guess you lost this debate, pal.
  8. aboomination

    We dont need more fantasy russian ships

    Speak for yourself or do you need to artifically boost your "argument's" credibility like that?
  9. aboomination

    Losing money on games

    Guys, no need to use his stats to shame him. I genuinely just pulled them up to prove a point because this literally is the answer to his question.
  10. aboomination

    Losing money on games

    https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Base_Earnings "The rewards for damage is determined by the percentage of the target ship's hit points removed, not the amount of raw damage done. Removing 90% of a destroyer's HP will generate the same base earnings as removing 90% of a battleship's HP at the same tier."
  11. aboomination

    Losing money on games

    Those stats are obviously the OP's. Why would I pull up some random stats? It may not be nice but there's his answer, end of discussion.
  12. aboomination

    Losing money on games

    No you don't - your average dmg is way (way) too low. The game rewards raw dmg when it comes to credits. Aim for at least 60k average at t10 (with premium account) to break even.
  13. aboomination

    The what did you get from the T6 ship crate thread...

    Almost heaven for me.
  14. Had this happen in ranked...yeah, any other ship can completely lose their strike potential, but CVs are for some reason excluded from than. (I mean, premium CVs...well, this one)