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  1. aboomination

    Anchors Away Tour FAQ

    Tried my best - twas interesting for me as well, being from GER
  2. aboomination

    Bits N’ Ships - How to and FAQ

    @Femennenly Since this is a sticky'd thread and you're kind of a perfectionist at heart: Two graphics are missing in your OP
  3. aboomination

    Make me a: Map - 11th to 18th

    Name: Red Dawn What is it?: Brawling and action oriented epicenter map for lower to mid tiers. Problems: Splitting up the teams might lead to vulnerability vs air attacks, but lower tiers are vulnerable anyway. Classes should ideally be evenly distributed between the spawning locations. And a lot more. I'm not satisfied with this (did start working on it today), but couldn't put much time into it. Still, someone might see potential. Originally I wanted to toy with how point gains work, but (you guessed it) ran out of time. The map looks wild, but (trust me) every single island has originally been placed for a reason. Players can go anywhere on the map without going through the center, but it'll take way longer and isn't any less dangerous if the enemy notices it and sets up an ambush. It's intended that three 4vs4 occur and that the survivors will then fight over the center. But this is not how it has to go down, there should be enough options so that the players don't feel patronized. This map should provide possibilities for any type of ship to be played to it's strengths - at least that's what I intended. Ultimately I wanted to encourage more players to go for the center of the map by limiting crossfires. Which is also why this map is most suited for lower tiers, as at higher tiers players want to use map awareness and skill to their advantage...I assume.
  4. @lameoll No comment But GL, I need a div mate ;)
  5. aboomination

    Make me a: Meme - 25th to 4th

    ...when I first saw this topic, I was super hyped to make the OP a meme... lol
  6. I guess nobody knows at this point. "Crew Announced: Mar. 6 in Forums"
  7. Realized that these are separate event accounts...and I just unlocked Kongou for this - I'm such a potato
  8. sauce: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/masque-raid
  9. Probably not on purpose But yeh, that's unfortunate.
  10. Omg, yes - this would make my time on NA so much more exciting, I'm ready for the aboose!
  11. aboomination

    So whats your favorite OP?

    I was a HUGE ops lover once (like many players I know). Not anymore...but I guess that's off topic.
  12. You forgot to specifically check if Fem is behind you If Fem happens to read this: You're still among the best, don't hate me for this