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  1. Submitted a Ticket, no response. Emailed, no response. Well, They must be handling a lot of concerns from the players. Patience is a virtue. Moderators will delete this, I know.
  2. An I had played this game for 3 years without even a single complaint until now. So even if they will ban me for life, I am ready.
  3. I know but they never even tried to reply via their Support Ticket.
  4. WG haven't even answered a complaint and when you post it to forum, the moderator will just delete it.
  5. KaiserDoydi

    The 12 Days of Warships (carol)

    Let the LSS begin... " And an Admin in a CV."
  6. KaiserDoydi

    Saving Transylvania may be a pain...

    I got the Magnu-S permanent camouflage for the Tirpitz and it looks cool. Most of all, I was able to get five stars during the first try. Kudos to the people that composed the team I was on. Many thanks guys.