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  1. ArcDogRob

    HP Points After Captain Pointed Out?

    You can use Elite Capt EXP to respec your captain OR doubloons; you don't have to use only doubloons.
  2. ArcDogRob

    Low frame rate with 0.8.9

    Yes, my FPS has been cut in half (from~80 to now 40fps) since latest patch. Only problem is this game; hence why im searching the forums. Last time this happened was about 1-year-ago when WG patched and broke ppls FPS; then WG announced the FPS problem was on their end and did a patch-fix. Using GeForce 2070.
  3. ArcDogRob

    When Does Current Season of RB End?

    If u scroll down to the bottom of the page in game under the "Tech Tree' window it will tell you. Currently it says it will reset in 19-days.
  4. ArcDogRob

    Upgraded to Win 10 Pro - a few items

    Thank you for this post; I will be upgrading from 7 to 10 soon after they discontinue support for 7 in Jan. I hate 10 (use it for work) but it is time to change, sadly....
  5. ArcDogRob

    NEW Weekly Code Announced

    Thank you! Worked for me
  6. ArcDogRob

    What are your professions?

    38, own a small archaeology (they call the profession Cultural Resources Management in the USA, Heritage Management in the UK) firm in California. Been playing WW2 navy online games since 2001 (Navy Field). Love the niche
  7. ArcDogRob

    CV Captain Skills Recommendation?

    Nope. DE is a 5% fire increase to DBs, and 1% increase to rockets. Its 2% for shells
  8. thanks for 0.8, i wasn't sure (ppl in match are saying .6, but i don't know) And .08 is still super small. Either way, this tactic is awesome; I just dont see the midway doing it. The way AA does not effect a run (with wide spread) is still a litttle suspect. Again, Im just saying Im getting at least 100k damage a game with this tactic today.
  9. No, its pretty bad. The detection of the Hak's 8km torps is almost non-existent, to the point ppl are calling it a glitch today at me in my matches. Second: you can drop 12 of them at a time, with no AA to wry about; then rinse and repeat. I dint know about this tactic until today, but its paying off for me BIG TIME. Every game is about 100k in damage, at least. I think the point is ur spamming 12 torps that ppl cant see, and AA is not a factor.
  10. Can confirm; the 'Flying Shima' tactic is OP. I read this thread this morning and decided to try the tactic. So far today, my average damage-output is hovering around ~100k (a vast improvement before i tried this tactic). You don't have to wry about AA, u can spam torps all day long, and the detection of the torps is almost non-existent. Here's is a screen of one of my games today; we lost, but i managed 4-sinks via Hak torp. Also, the tactic seems to work best with a BB cluster.
  11. ArcDogRob

    Please fix USS Black camouflage

    Maybe because the Black has its own unique camo that no other ship does, the Ultimate Crocodile. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/149934-here-are-the-new-flint-and-black-camos/
  12. Sweet. I just figured out how to play them :P
  13. Thanks! Not sure I did this right, but here it is. https://replayswows.com/replay/40459#stats
  14. Last night I had two 6-sink / Kraken games in my Des. The first game I was I was down to 355 hp, last ship vs a DD; we won on time. Id post the replay, but don't know how. It was the most intense random game I've had in awhile 20190121_175010_PASC020-Des-Moines-1948_15_NE_north.wowsreplay
  15. ArcDogRob

    A sad day in FL: Mass-shooting at Gaming Tourney

    Yes, this thread will likley be locked and thrown into the basement of the archives because it is 'technically against the forum rules'. But the tragedy today was a shooting at a gaming tourney; another mass-shooting in America, with the epidemic having no-end in sight. We NEED discourse about this social disease. Every online-gaming forum should be discussing this today.